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Love Poems About Rights or Rights Love Poems

Rights love poems and/or love poems about Rights. Read, share, and enjoy these Rights love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Rights Poems.

Poem Details | by Dr Mohammad Golshani niya |
Categories: health, humanity, peace, rights,

True love is Peace and Human Rights

True love is Peace and Human Rights
For you and for me November 16th 2016
Please bring Peace and Human Rights to Asia , world and ....
Human heart is peace
Human soul is peace
Every of Us is in peace
Human heart is human rights
Human soul is human rights
Every of Us is human rights
Our God says peace
Our world says peace
Our books say peace
Our God says human rights
Our world says human rights
Our books say human rights
My main philosophy of this
Peace and human rights is keys of health and welfare
Your friend Dr Mohammd Golshani Niya, Peace active

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: beauty, dark, imagery, love, rights, youth,

Night Sky

soaking in the hot pool at Breitenbush
watching young lovers passing on the trail
Perseids streak across the dark skies

Poem Details | by Gaurav Sharma |
Categories: loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, miss you, missing you, race, rap, religion, rights, rude,



Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: age, analogy, body, care, caregiving, courage, health, humanity, life, love, mental illness, old, parents, passion, relationship, rights, strength, stress, woman,

My Window

I see life passing by trapped inside I try to find words they are lost I know what they ask my heart knows where are my words I know my name my birthday what year is it and the month they all pass so fast the president who you ask is that important I don't remember yes I ate yes I had water I am not dizzy this is my life leave me alone gazing out my looking glass
Edward J Ebbs - November 12, 2016

Poem Details | by OMAR JABAK |
Categories: allegory, emotions, first love, love, rights, romantic, word play,

First Sight, First Right

I fell in love at first sight.
I knew it was my first right.
I heard some say I had no sight.
I heard them say I had no right.
They said they saw no such sight.
I think they have no such right!
To reject love at first sight.
Or lecture us on what is right!
Those who love at first sight.
Prepare to live their first right.
I knew she was a great sight!
She granted me my first right.


Poem Details | by Victoria Nunoo |
Categories: inspirational, love, mother, tribute, woman, rights,


I walk
I talk
I possess an image
That image
I am the woman

The woman who is 
In absolute possession
Of the courage
As brave as a warriors staff
The woman who knows her rights 
And fights for it
I am the woman
With the “man”

I feel 
I heal
I possess a heart
That heart
I am the woman

The woman with 
An inner child
With an overflowing joy
With no worries bigger
The woman whose gleeing spirit
Brings hope to all
I am the woman
With the “womb”

I make
I create
I possess an art
That art
I am the woman

The woman herself
Stringing together
All pieces of earth
And soothing the broken
The woman whose arms
Wraps those she loves
I am the woman
That woman…

©Naa Takia, All Rights Reserved 2012

Poem Details | by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: analogy, body, care, caregiving, confusion, courage, cry, culture, dedication, desire, devotion, feelings, heartbreak, humanity, identity, journey, leaving, life, loss, lost, love, parents, rights,


watching one you love
fading into something less
tortures your spirit

Edward J Ebbs - July 12, 2016

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: absence, age, courage, environment, forgiveness, growth, hate, hero, hope, howl, identity, introspection, leaving, loneliness, lost love, memory, miracle, mythology, nostalgia, pain, passion, philosophy, poets, rain, rights, sad, science fiction, sky, space, stress, travel, voice, wisdom, world,

Flat Canvas

Flat canvas;

Bubbling brown ridges strike 
The confining dimensions in a hostile yawn: 
Upwards, Outwards.

Walk the world no longer, an ending beckons, 
A precipice builds moments where swallows wager wings 
On new seed: New breeds.
Falling buys the assurance of seconds
From a sinking well. 
Oh well.

Remember us when the globe begins to slip,
Bang drums for our pity:
Our crescendos mean less than meaningless.
And then, when spheres crack, continue 
On the whorl of a thumb, 
Stretching hope to nothing.

Poem Details | by Keith Narne |
Categories: birth, change, creation, hero, lost love, men, rights,


A tidal wave of civil liberty—a Great Revolt A deep kinship of prominent peak Afresh breathe of repose and bold Inhaling optimistic Exert men wrapped with invisible chain Time awakened mankind by chance Oh trapped on this alien land A mind playing game Fire the dough for the living dead The heart desire still unknown A cycled of rotten bread Inverting the throne

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: christian, faith, god, light, love, rights, truth,

Within the night

I bow to the word 
a servant of the honest truth 
secrecy is held in the eyes of the beholder 
not one single soul can relate to an individual's suffering 

To go against the church
is to go against God Himself 
to dishonour the Shrine of Justice 
filled with misery it cares no more 

Father it was never my intentions to offend You 
holding the cross forgive me my sins 

I will defend the truth until my last breath 
if it were to be condemned for being right 
when the time is getting shorter
that should be your dawning age of wisdom

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: abortion, abuse, forgiveness, hate, heart, hope, love,

Order of rights

Where gossip hits a sudden death 
when it enters a wise person's ears
Your words are displeasing to me 
choice has two characters 
one that hates the other's love 
I can taste the bitterness of your soul attacking 
forcing your opinion as having direct value 
over something you know absolutely nothing 
The targeting of the innocent 
is the acts of a bully cornered

Poem Details | by Emily Pascale |
Categories: betrayal, confusion, depression, heartbroken, loneliness, missing you, rights, sad love,

miss you

I see your face in my mind all the time.
I picture your kind blue eyes staring back at mine.

I remember your slowly caressing touch.
I crave your tight long hugs.

I long to hear from you.
I wish you felt that way too.

I miss your kiss.
I miss your sweet soft lips.

I dream of your smile.
Even though its only been a little while.

You loved me, left me, and broke me.

You're a monster, a heartless imposter.

So why do I still miss you?

Poem Details | by Emily Kroeger |
Categories: faith, family, forgiveness, hope, inspirational, life, loss, love, mother, passion, people, recovery from..., sad, son, sympathy, teengiving, me,

I Signed My Rights Over

I know  it’s the RIGHT THING to do,
When I look into  MY BABY’S big brown eyes.

I’m giving HIM up, handing him over,
Telling them, I’M an  INCAPABLE mother.

I thought I could be his MOMMY AGAIN,
But his WHIMPER proves me wrong.

I’m giving him up, handing him OVER,
Telling THEM, I’m an incapable MOTHER!

And today I’m signing my RIGHTS OVER.
I had a SECOND CHANCE, but I gave my baby back,
I DECIDED he was the one that DESERVED a second chance!   

So, I gave him up, HANDED him over,
And TOLD them I was an incapable mother.  

This is not about me. It came to me so I wrote it.

Poem Details | by Jerry Wells |
Categories: love, rights, softball, sound, valentines day, wife, writing,














Poem Details | by Nick Ruff |
Categories: love, rights,

Love Won

Yesterday, love won – 
An end to a long but fading storm
That fed on scared and hateful souls,
And marred the skies of liberty
Like Jupiter’s swirling mark

Yesterday, love won
For those who had the ears to hear,
And those who had the eyes to see
The tearing of the temple veil,
And crumbling walls of inequity

Yesterday, love won
As hardened hearts and minds gave way
To the unyielding march for human rights,
And granted those who hoped for change
With dignity and pride.

Poem Details | by Tykeia Lake |
Categories: imagination, life, love, mystery, passion, peace, people, sad, sympathy, teen

Play Your Cards Rights

Changing my ways
Looking for hope
Wishing for peace
Releasing moap

Crying for help
No one hears
Trapped in someone's body
Retrieving all fears

Nobody understands you
You cant open up
You lie to yourself
Though you're hopeless enough

Capturing the attention
Of all that stare
You cant defy the hate
Your heart still makes you care

You think thoughts of anger
Combobulating for love
Dreaming big dreams
Flying away with the doves

You dont take life seriously 
Although you try hard
Life is a game
So be careful how you play your cards.

Poem Details | by PJ Gongora |
Categories: heart, hero, love, relationship, rights, sad love,

Love and Right

Dispute arises between love and right
Two things I always display at each side
For a belief that both produce delight
When balanced fairly below my high pride.

But these two that I maintain underneath
Dare to rise above reigning boundary
Breaking the settled standard requisites
Diverging from constructed summary.

And with reasons of love, right yield a win
So one can have a right without loving
While the other love of no right within
But serving broken heart full of grieving.

Right is given as a package of love
Of a person not loved, no right to have.

Poem Details | by Joy Reinhardt |
Categories: love, relationship, rights, sick, teen, true love, youth,


"Amor deliria nervosa;
Society's most formidable disease,
Shot up in her veins with no caveat

Years spent alert and sensible, 
All washed out of her consciousness, 
Every cell obliterated with the disease

Three months were too late, 
Symptoms too strong to maintain, 
Even with a dose of the cure, love wins

They abide in the disease,
Consistent immensely sick to eat
But the disease is an asset, 
Compared to those who are assigned

Those who feared amor deliria nervosa,
Were timid to its chemicals, 
Not the affection given off itself
Unrequited love was their inferior fear"

This poem was written based off the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Poem Details | by Nonhlahla Nonduma |
Categories: abuse, anger, child abuse, friendship, happiness, lost love, love,

I am a girl who knows her rights

            I am a girl who knows her rights
I hear the floor creek closer and closer towards my bedroom door,
I try to stay quiet hiding under the covers of my bed,
Though I know he will find me,
I hope he doesn't hear me breathing or hardly hear my heartbeat,
Hardly I'm scared,
I'm scared what if he does like last time,
Telling me to take off my clothes and then telling me not tell,
But if I tell he will kill me,
I still want to persue my career too,
No! I will tell and all that will wait,
I deserve happiness in my life,
I am a girl who knows her rights
I am a girl who knows her rights...

Poem Details | by Anil Deo |
Categories: angst, conflict, depression, freedom, happy, life, rights,

I love this truth about life

Life happened through you - not to make you happy - But to kick you awake - to attend and tend to light - eternally

Poem Details | by Kevin Tobias |
Categories: confusion, lost love, love, i love you,

Your Rights

Why would you say I love you 
Then tell me it was a lie
Why would you laugh at our emotions
Pretend yourself to cry
You and your little summary
Of words that make no sense
You and your sacred memory
Me losing my confidence
Too many promises broken
I've never hurt this bad
Across the way I chased you
You ran and never looked back
I made this fool of me
So distant and misunderstood
I chose to fight my energy
You chose someone else for good
You stole my rights to love you.

This is written from my ex's point of  view. I did hurt her and when I got it..too late 
was what she said.

Poem Details | by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer |
Categories: rights, romantic love,


If you were a handbag
I'd only carry you
when you matched my dress.
I'd sling you over my shoulder
and ignore you,
unless I wanted to get something 
out of you.

But you are not 
part of my outfit
or at my beck and call.
Nor can I put you away
when you do not suit 
my mood.

You are a person
of living flesh and blood;
So I wait for you
to come to me
of your own free will,
If you will...

Poem Details | by Esther Yau |
Categories: cry, desire, divorce, heartbreak, rights, sad, sad love,

Hard Heart

Behind the dead branch
She could only watch a sunset
down to the river