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Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

My Love

My love is gone, but he has not gone far.
I see his golden locks in waves of wheat,
the blaze of his blue eyes in each bright star;
in dewy blooms of red, his lips so sweet;
his smile in morning sun I rise to greet.
Oh, whether it be day or night, I swear
I see my wondrous lover everywhere!

His scent is with me too, for I inhale
him as I walk through woods of tall pine trees.
I taste him in fresh rain, and I can tell
that he is near me when a summer breeze
caresses me; my mind can be at ease!
For though he’s gone, I know my love will be
In beauty evermore surrounding me.

Poem Details | by John Hamilton |
Categories: absence, change, love hurts, missing you, relationship,

Autumn's desires

Autumn's desires

Your amber-umber eyes, penetrate me
as saffron sun sets on faces, ashen
Your suspicious mind raves with jealousy
as pumpkin winds chill our summers passion
your love transitions to winter's fashion.

Fire and ice keep flowing through your bold veins
Wild imaginations portend cold rains.

I dream of your ruby-red crimson lips
my mind won't rest until you have returned
the  touches from your ginger fingertips
we can rebuild the bridges that have burned,
then, we will laugh at all the lessons learned

I think of your flowing cinnamon hair
mem'ries of our home, and you being there.

John Derek Hamilton
September 16,2017

Poem Details | by Solita Reed |
Categories: love, visionary, me,


If you were to come to me Wow
In sight unseen before now
No longer just a vision of your smile

I would want to walk right up and
 wrap my arms around you

Sigh and say...
"Finally my life is complete"
I prayed that before heaven 
      we would meet

" I've Always Loved You 
    my precious soulmate"
You are my fate...

Oh your lips look so sweet
then you would sweep me off of my feet.

Solita REdge-Reed


Poem Details | by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: first love, love,

Robin And Marian

North of Nottingham, there lies a wood

Clothed with fern in Dartmouth green

A barefoot Beauty, There she stood

The likes of which, the worlds not seen

A man observes, but undetected

Concealed up in The Major Oak

She drops her hood, quiet unexpected

Gently slipping off her cloak  

This man, a thief, price on his head

Cannot resist his captive heart

In great danger, he gladly sheds

The massive tree's concealing art

You might conceive, this shocked the maiden

Confronted by a rogue so bold

But his eyes were so love laden 

She touched his hand, he touched her soul

He leads her to his camp in secret

On the ground lie jewels and gold

But his eyes could never leave her

The greatest prize he ever stole

Poem Details | by Dennis East |
Categories: crush, emotions, fantasy, fun, golf, i love you, sensual,

SPIDERS we can beat them

Have you crushed a spider lately - and left it in a pile,
And thought that you could leave it there - and go back in a while?
Then, on returning to the spot - to get it with a tissue,
And if like me – you found it GONE - we've really got an issue.

Could they be getting stronger - as I pressed with all my weight,
And it looks just liked I’d crushed it - but if acting, it was great.
It looked the part, except for blood - no screaming in my ear,
But laid there waiting patiently - for me to disappear.

I think the only thing that saves them - is the pattern on our shoe,
They’ve seen our souls have heavy treads - and know what to do.
For when our foot comes crushing down - they quickly form a shape,
That sees them safely in the gaps - and once more they escape.

It's either that, or they've evolved - into a stronger bug.
Who’ll one day soon, will grab your foot - and grip it in a hug.
They’ll lift you smartly in the air - and twirl you like a weed,
Then chuck you down the stair case - as they listen to you plead.

Then off to build a cobweb - that could catch a jumbo jet,
Or to trap a passing stallion - like it’s in a football net.
Or, is the answer to our prayers - to wear shoes flat and wide,
With smooth yet gripping bottoms - that leave nowhere left to hide.

So use your loaf and be prepared - and have a “crush rag” handy,
To squeeze them till you feel the pop - and make their legs go bandy
Though still the chance they’ve got real strong - so you should take some care,
Else, when you try to close your rag - they'll grab you by the hair.

Arghhhhh, I also bet they'll have a friend - who'll come out of the garden,
And you’ll have to bash them with a rock - make sure you choose a harden.
And finally, when home alone - best not to take a chance,
Be careful putting music on - I've heard, they frigging dance!!

© Dennis East

Poem Details | by Dan Kearley |
Categories: desire, kiss, love, night, sensual,

Passion Awaits

Beneath an amber shade with a translucent hue. Two hearts are joined as one under the light of the moon. Fireflies glowing, within distant sight. Landscaping beauty, on this cool summers night. Crickets are chirping in the fields all around. Not a word can explain the melody, of this hypnotic sound. On a blanket, under the stars that sparkle from above. In thee essence of the dew, I lay with you here my love. Our hearts begin to flutter from a long embrace. Upon the softness of your lips a warm kiss has been placed. Making love in the field, until the new morning sun. Then naked, hand in hand together we will run. Our passion, we will renew from all the earth has to give. In a moment set forth, from this time we now live.
Dan Kearley:12-4-14

Poem Details | by Mohammad Yamin |
Categories: allegory, life, love

The Obstinate Heart

My desolate heart, my obstinate friend
Do not be naïve, please understand
That glittering faces you mustn’t eye
Everything enchanting is not thy

You fret, fry, burn and agonize
Your cravings, wailing and your cries
That incessantly my patience try
Years elapse but do not die

You keep no malice and hatred I know
Your loyalty and fidelity and feeling’s flow
Your kindness, your benevolence is aglow
Your transcendent face your virtues show

Unattainable Stars and moon aspires
One can’t get whatever he desires?
The clouds, the sky and colors of rainbow,
The fragrant roses that beauty bestow.

Peace, tranquillity, serenity and more
All that is lost is knocking at door
Share with others or own and keep.
But to your maladies no one will weep

Take my advice although it’s tough
Love without seeking repayment in love

Poem Details | by john loving iii |
Categories: dedication, love,


love is something that you should respect
for of all emotions it's worst harm is regret
it gives freely with no thought to object
from one to another hopeful prospect
something sacred that one should protect
and with deepest desire one should accept
but the dark side of love is that one can reject
for to give love, one's heart has to elect
love is not a thing that you can easily eject
it's tangled strings will slowly egress
lest love use it's power to hate and detest
or worst of all be defeated by distress
no, no, no, this thing love i must redress
give up too soon, no i protest
all this time that i have obsessed
it is for good reason i make this request
i will contest till i conquest if that is what you will
but prove to you this one thing; my love you cannot kill

Poem Details | by John Streeter |
Categories: art, black african american, devotion, hope, inspirational, love, life, love, sin,

? - Finding True Love - ?

True love - In him was the breath of life given, now the Creator Greatest creation (man)
asorb's the life of a human being Being, from the image of an Omnipotent (GOD) from above.
Real passion - Let there be light, now the Creator begin's an unfallable phase of power
and passion He-he spoke into existence the foundation of his world, he take's dark-
ness and maketh day and then he say's the firmament that shall be the water of the earth 
he loved it so, that he place fish and whale's and all the creature's for the ocean, and it
gave him "Satisfaction".
Unity - In him (Adam) was there True Love bestowe unto him (Eve) and God (The Creator)
test their commitment to him by the will of obesience They fail, mankind is seperated
from the Unity of the Creator (GOD) plan's and Sin that even challenge's the explorata-
tion of an Omnipotent Order as it enter the temptation of man Adam as intelligent as
he isThe creator who hates sin so muchHas to come full force (In his own order) with the
"lust of the flesh", of his creation But he who is the All-Mighty his thoughts is above
mankind best thought'sHe employ's Noah for a mission of Unity And if you never
have experience true love in your life"Read About It", (Bible) I quarantee you'll find
answer's to question's that has put a bitter taste of confusion in your Boarder(limitation)
(E)verlasting love - Many of us think love is found lying on our back's Many think that
little piece of meat hanging between our leg's (Men's) is the source of true love.
But by the time one figure's out the "True Meaning of Love" Year's come and go, and
the sun will have shine upon your morning's over a thousand times Everlasting Love -
that Adam & Eve overlooked because of unbridle feeling's, that told them differently and
this manifested love, when it is found will smile upon you knowingly and with possitive
meaning Ressurrected love onto Heaven(and from the grave) can be seen in the beauty    
of a Dove"Finding True Love".

Poem Details | by Sophia Valentina |
Categories: sad love,

Rosaline's Revenge

Oh Juliet!  A memory of a love long lost in vain…
thy bridal song, a dirge of darkened madrigal becomes.
Yet thought of you, for me, brings more to mind of hate than pain
and all because you stole away the one who was my Love.	
Whilst all the rest swoon ‘Juliet’, their precious turtle dove,
I left my love to serve my Lord, but thou – a concubine!
for Romeo forsook his first and foremost, Rosaline.

Let none be fooled! So cold and cruel thy wicked heart disguised,
behind a face of snow white youth and eyes of clearest blue
resides a witch, a sorceress; I swear it, though surmised	
Thy tender lips with somber kiss bore poison drops of dew  
to steal my one and only love, my son of Montague!
Unfair the pair in Heaven will forever live in death,
whilst I, without my Romeo, yet he has Juliet!

*written from the point of view of Rosaline, Romeo's initial love interest before laying eyes on Juliet..

Poem Details | by Inner Whispers |
Categories: body, dance, desire, love, relationship, romance, sensual,


Share, discover
With lips and fingers and skin
Tasting, touching and feeling
With tongue rolling in the wet longing

Silent cry, pleading
Agonized shiver seeking release
Of holding back to get to higher heights, 
Reaching firm the nape
Closely arching

Wrapping legs around the hips
Reaching for each other's soul

Feeding the echoes of glory
Til ultimate unity entangled in rhymes
Squeeze me tight
Faster now, urging on and on.

Dancing in pleasure's rhythm
Lips locked and sealed, embracing.

Entwined, lurking in bliss of screaming wants! 
Wanting MoreMore..PleaseMore.

To stop this ragged breathing
Hands holding, entwining

To stop this trembling body
Gasping breaths so warm and teasing
She says, never stop
Joined bodies in unison moving.

Screaming like no one cares to listen
Spurting spirits release the final dance

Pounding hearts now the only sound
That join heavy blissful breathing
Holding on in embrace so tight
Hoping the next one comes 
When morrow's warmed by the sun

Inner Whispers

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: love, passion, romance, romantic, sensual,

Pleasurable Love

Please my heart, upon lips with just one kiss.
Embrace my body with sweet warmth tonight.
Caress me, without one minute to miss.

My eyes shall glisten in dark, shining bright.
My heart shall pound deeply in bold delight.

Love that we share, bares no witness ever.
Our bond is magical, blindly clever.

Our passion shall grow wild, end in great bliss.
Bound together, ecstasy our planned sight,
Pleasure shall take us, beyond the abyss.

Your eyes displace my soul, without a fight.
One slight touch of tenderness, just feels right.

We share a common goal and endeavor.
Elations we give will last forever.

written for
Romanticism In Rime Royal Free Poetry Contest

written by
Cecil Hickman

Poem Details | by Afroze Ali |
Categories: longing, love,

Will you come my love

Will you come to the great tamarind’s shade
When the noon sun sends cupid with its rays
To play hide and seek with every grass blade
I watch the path with a relentless gaze 
Come my love for the world is in a daze 
Wear not your anklets as you come my dear
Walk in discreet silence come have no fear

Will you come to the quick footed river
When the full moon lamp is vividly lit
yet in the clouds it seems to disappear
my feet in stream, I shall silently sit
holding a long bamboo flute to my lips
wear not jhumkas tonight, they interfere
with the tune I play only for your ears	

Will you come to that broken bullock cart
when dusk lowers its veil down to the field
we shall  then talk of matters of the heart
and bite gently into  sugar cane's yield
till our lips meet in love and softly sealed
Wear not your coyness leave it far behind
A heart full of love you will surely find.

*jhumkas are long bell shaped earrings often worn by women in the Indian countryside.

For 'Romanticism in rime Royal' 

Poem Details | by kashan fields |
Categories: forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, history, lost love, love, passion, sad

fool heart

Fool Heart

The problem was never your leaving me
It lied with your still being around
Too easy for us to cross pathways 
Too easy for me to hear the sound
Of your voice in my daytime
And it was even worse quarter past ten
Spending the day hoping not to see you
When the truth is I never wanted it to end
No one ever said it would be easy 
Complication is a an unexpected friend
How you scooped a cup of my heart
I wish it back you would lend
It seems you also hold all the keys
To the past we shared and how we lived
With such secrets I can’t see why
It’s impossible for us to even be friends
It’s good life doesn’t come with a roadmap
Many journeys have to be perplexed 
There will be sunny days & stormy nights
And relationships that will surely be vexed
I wish only for those sunny days
And the lessons I learned from the storms
To grow and prosper from our yesterday 
And reform this fool heart that was tore.

kashan fields ©

Categories: longing, love, missing,


If you see Catalina please w'ld you tell her
That a second without her is a Thousand years
It may be a minute down but it seems too far
Enough for a man to go pleading for prayers
I tried writing her some sort of a letter
But nothing could be enough to speak for my heart
You see Catalina is far beyond every logic of nature
The power of words can never reach the peak of her height
My feelings for her is behind such an ordinary measure
For she deserves love put in public light
Never had she Been a lady to keep in a hide
She's got far more than your ordinary bride
Her elegance speaks more than a flying dove
She's a thief of an eye, hearts and minds
And may be a robber with un beatable portion
You want it or not she divides the lines
In the nature of love she stands as the reason
For she turns you faster than a running wind mill
Of all, you place her as your first petition
Dying or living, she's the secrete to heal
As i told you once and now again
Catalina is a charming beautiful creation

Poem Details | by Daniel Cheeseman |
Categories: passionlonging, love, me, sensual,


Fill my night with your smile
Lay my side and rest a while
Press your flesh close to mine
And let me sip of love divine

Planting kisses on your breast
Of honey and starlight blessed
Tongue to trail that velvet skin
And release desire deep within

Pore to pore in sensual flow
In rhythmic moves feel aglow
Let inhibitions  leave the soul
Free passion, make me whole

Take this kiss from asking lips
Take my love in longing sips
Take this nectar from my loin
Take the fire as we join

Amidst the stars the word it spreads
Loves sweet odour will fill our heads
An angels chorus to fill the heart
A love profound and never part

Poem Details | by afolatoba saheed marshal |
Categories: first love,

I'm one, I'm two

i am one, i am two; 
i can do what you can do
i am three, i am four, 
i kow what it means to fall in love

i can dance, i can sing, 
i can beat hell out you in the ring; 
i am solemn, i am melody, 
that free the mind out of his recony

i am the wind, i am the rain, 
i am the young man in love that called the swain; 
i am the bread, i am the loaf, 
that fell from sky, above

i can cry, i can wail, 
i can shout to make you quail; 
i can walk, i can fly, 
i can talk till my siliva dry

i can sleep, i can slumber; 
till i wake up in the month of december, 
i write this in the month of november, 
to show my love to remember

that am one, i am two, 
i can do what she can do
i am three, i am four; 
i know what it means to fall in love

Poem Details | by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: desire, dream, joy, love, passion, peace,

Heart Of My Heart - Valentine's Collection

(Valentine's Collection)


Heart of my heart, in glory you do shine,
You are my bright stars and beloved moon,
the light of my heart, now my Valentine,
the song that I sing, to our love's own tune,
love of the Heaven's shall be coming soon,
lie within my heart, in love's sweet repose,
within my heart, you are the shining rose.

Heart of my heart, we are lost in our love,
lost are we now in the heart of a dream,
forever we sing in the stars above,
together we walk by the starlight stream,
around your glory, within starlight gleam,
stardust is falling, it touches your grace,
my beloved, we are in love's embrace.

Heart of my heart, you are glory sublime,
my peace and my joy, my eternal light,
you are the passion that sings for all time,
the desire in my core shining so bright,
the serenade I sing for our delight,
now you are with me, we shall never part,
together in peace, we stand heart to heart.


Poem Details | by Ara Epsorg |
Categories: love, mom, son,

A Mother's Unconditional Love

For I have renewed my patience only for you
And have come to terms with the fact that you will be doing what you do
For I have promised to love you for who you are and not what I want you to be
For this I employ
That for whatever it is that you will do 
I will just think that you are just a boy

..My little boy.

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: absence, daughter, devotion, first love, longing, mother, romantic,


O, my dearest, my dearest Juliet,
One day your beloved will come for thee,
Sweetheart, please do not cry and do not fret,
Dearest one, he loves you, do you not see,
My sweetest daughter, I heard your heart's plea,
For a gentleman to come take your hand,
Your every wish was always my command.

You stood there weeping on the balcony,
Your golden hair reflects in heaven's rays,
Your blue eyes gaze upon the rolling sea,
My sweetest, it will be your grandest day,
When he does come to carry you away,
Your mother still loves you, do not forget,
O, my dearest, my dearest, Juliet.

Written by: Kelly Deschler    February, 8th, 2014

motifs: fiction & romantic

Written for Isaiah Zerbst's contest - "Juliet"

Inspired by the painting, "Juliet" by Thomas Francis Dicksee
This was also inspired by my mother
Because, she is always concerned about my happiness.
Thanks for caring, MomLove always, Your "Juliet"

Poem Details | by Dakota Burroughs |
Categories: heartbreak, love hurts, teen,

a real relationship

I want a relationship that'll bring championships
I don't want to be reading fake scripts
I want something that's real
So my heart won't ever have to heal
I want that kind of thrill
Some people had said this
And still went on to have a fake kiss
I'm not like that
I like to chat
I'll listen
And I'm a Christian
I don't want a random companion
I want a companion that'll help me become a champion.
I want someone who shares the same beliefs and not someone who thinks I'm underneath
I want someone who can handle my jokes
Not someone who'll give me strokes
I don't want someone to change my personality
I want someone who can adapt to my family
I want someone to love
Not someone to shove
I don't want drama
That always comes with karma
I want a girl
And definitely not hurl
Maybe your that companion
Just let me shoot you out of a Canon to be sure
And let's see if your mature
Honestly I don't know where to go now
If you have a cow
I'll help you chow down
Oh boy I hope I meet clown.

Poem Details | by Shirley Long |
Categories: brother, caregiving, daughter, faith, family, father, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, husband, inspirational, life, passion, peace, people, uplifting, god, god, love,

Give Praise To God

Let us pray this very day, that God will surely come our way, to 
give us wisdom and knowledge from above, but most imporrtant his
precious love Oh give praise to God everyday for helping us along the way.

His love for us is so real, it is the kind of love that helps us live We share
his grace, love and his power all of this and more because he loves us so.
Why be miserable, sad and blue? when you should be giving praise to God who
loves you Why not praise God from the moment you rise, to thank him for
his sacrifice 

Praise God for love he shows everyday, no matter what we do or say, God loves
us anyway He blesses us daily with gifts from above, food, water, air, all of
this let us know he really do care So why not praise God  for his love, so 
jump, and shout, praise God without a doubt So let's praise God for his love     

Poem Details | by Michael Jordan |
Categories: devotion, love, wife

My Devotion

Devotion is a very special word to me
All of mine belongs to my wife
She is my very soul you see
The forever-true love of my life
She removed all my pain and strife
Speaking on devotion all I can say
She is my every second of everyday

For Trudy's contest

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: life, love,


                                            Water nourishes the tree
                                               as love fosters heart
                                             To keep the mind fresh
                                               Loving word is a part

                                            As sun shine drifts to cure
                                              sullen gloomy weather
                                         Hearty smile sends away such
                                              inspires to live together

                                                Life has no certainty 
                                             who knows when will end
                                          Without hurting needs to love
                                          if ruined there needs to mend 
                                            To cheer up the whole life
                                    no misunderstanding should be aware
                                            Taking care for each other
                                              means there’s no unfair 

Poem Details | by Ewatomi Bolutife |
Categories: beauty, desire, funny love, green, hip hop, rap, romance,


That kinda morning
Just outta bed and yawning
Had a cold night that got me snoring 
It really seemed interesting
Got down on my kneels and 
yea dats me praying

Walking out to the field for my morning jogging
Caught this dishy dude, somewhere behind me staring
Came up to me, 
And like hey girl how’re you doing
Ignored him like I don’t care 
And was just minding my doing

Hours later I caught myself up drooling
Not knowing what was happening, 
I heard my heart pounding
What have you done to me doodie,
cos of ya I’m going crazy

Come save me boy, 
cos of u I’m curled up shaking
So caught up in ur love, 
hey see me here drowning

I’m going head over heels
And do u know what that feels
Dude lets make a real deal
I’ll sure seal up all ur ideals 
I’ll show you v got the right skills
Then u’ll know I ain’t need no drills

Cos I got much love
Inherited from above
Ama show you here I’m the boss 
Hell no u can’t kill my runs
and if u try, u r gonna run at loss

   {can go on n on, but hey i hope u feel my rap::: just playing around with words}

Poem Details | by twanna Irisha |
Categories: black african american, dedication, depression, devotion, fear, forgiveness, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, life, lost love, love, passion, sympathy, uplifting, urban, me, love, me,



        I want you to love me from deep within,
      not from the love that going to hurt me again.
        Not the love the going to make me cry,
    because the guy I choose to have in my life.
         Not the love that make's me bleed,
     not the love that make me cry on my knee's.
         I don't want the love that blacks my eye's,
          and everyone has to ask me why?
     Why do I have to lie to my family, and friend's?
            Just because you hit me again.
            All the love I have gave to you,
           is this really the best you can do?
      I made you feel like the star you are,
      how come I can't be your shining star?
       I've loved you when you have yet to love your self,
           but I'm the one with the busted mouth.
             Having to feel the back of your hand,
                makes you even less of a man! 
          I want to see you hit a man in that same way,
         the way you hit and treat me every day!
   It's not going to be easy having to feel the way I do,
     when he takes your man hood from you!
      You make me regret ever ****en with you!
        Then you can come walk a mile in my shoes,
           when he straight *****es you!
      Remember revenge live's in us all,
      and I can't wait for the day to see you fall.
      Don't worry because you weep what you sow.
              What you do in the past,
        alway's come back to haunt your ass!
         If you don't want to get hit on,
          I advise you don't hit on me!
     Because someone is alway's bigger and badder,
               that you just can't beat! 
  If you a real man you'll step to a man in the street's,
   and stop hitting women you already know you can beat.
     You know deep down your a bigger ***** then me,
               So step to a real man,
            and feel the heat of defeat!

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, emotions, feelings, love, metaphor, passion, romance,

Sentiments of Love

Sentiments of Love

Our passion defines two loves now as one, 
And what we share now is life’s great treasure!  
Our emotions My Love burn hotter than any sun, 
Ensuring that our rapture as two is such a pleasure, 
And that a love so grand is truly beyond any measure!  
When we stroll together—and talk, embrace, and kiss; 
It’s like being in Heaven—something never to miss! 

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,  
May 9, 2015 (Rhyme Royal)

*Originally released in my new book of February 19, 2015.

Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
Categories: angel, best friend, boyfriend, chocolate, dedication, dream, emotions, fairy, fantasy, for him, friend, girl, hope, i love you, love, marriage, me, miracle, passion, romance, romantic, rose, sad love, together, trust, valentines day, wedding, woman,

Dreams - An iota of Hope

A poem based on relationship…”A girl in her own dreams” 
wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare :)

DREAMS - An Iota of HOPE 

“Waked up 7 :00 am in the morning..
saw my beauteous dreams transforming..
ohh yeah..with a drowsiness yawning..
Suddenly I found myself refreshing.
Excitedly Gone near by emblazoned window..
Fearfully Viewed a gloomy shadow..
Suddenly he smiled at me through haze of smoke..
Like a fantastic sizzling coke..
Soothing music on its full swing.
Like a glittering diamond in the ring..
He ought to give me red rose..
On his bended knees he bows..
He tickled on my pierced nose..
With which I got glaciatedly froze..
Like a tempting dark fantasy chocolate melting in the mouth..
We strongly decided and took a royalistic oath..
He Embraced his hand on my shoulders..
Which Got intact like file and folders…
Like the moon  shines in the sparkling night..
Enduringly felt to hug him so tight..
Dazzling  Eyes immersed  in each other..
Tuned together like a romantic lover..
Every nerve of  us conjoined together..
Because the love lasted forever..forever…

Suddenly a glimpse of sun came and shattered all my zestful dreams..
“”Ohhhh.ohhhh No..Not againNot againNo more illustrationsNo one can dwell my heart like youPlease come backNo more dreams please..””

 Yep this feeling arised at once and will be still till our last breatheLasting foreverJust forever..
 We trapped in each other’s heart and now no one dare to break our love-life’s part.Apart..

Love is the essence of life and it is measured not by the count of breathe we take..but by the moments we share together till our last breathe..

Wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.SuyogPagare

Poem Details | by Shola Ayanleye |
Categories: anger, betrayal, care, children, happiness, heartbreak, heartbroken, hope, love, poetry,



The euphoria of sorrow gathered momentum;
Anticipating the arrival of the streamlines,
No holds barred for imminent tears
Turning a happy face to a nightmare 

An iconic ace  control of its beat;
Pounding hard to beat the hit
Leaving medulla to works at its peak
Comporting the body from losing its ease

The agony of sorrow may weaken the ego;
Even nerves could only manage to control,
When the brain is restive and all alone
For inability to calm the body to compose 

The dept of love comfort the mind of sorrow;
Making mankind give and not borrow
Even when there is no hope tomorrow
Loving thy neighbour dearly to bone marrow;

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: lost love,

Faded Line

Looking back at a time
I envisioned you were mine
And now that I can see
I was viewing things blind 
Never did I read signs
I had not reasoning to spy
We were sadly drifting
Outside of that faded line
I know to have met you
Was something truly divine
For the life we let go
Never known until we tried