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Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: betrayal, conflict, depression, emotions, hurt, love hurts, remember, sad, song,

My Song

~Not Like Me~ 

When you were first put into my arms, 
I begged God, to make you nothing like me 
For my sins, ask for no transformation 
This is my song, my meditation 

Look at my face 
Where has it gone, 
You no longer desire to be part of my song 

Look at my life, 
The toll hasn't been paid 
I'm the one suffering every day 

The vengeance of eternal flames, 
   sit near the empty hearth 
Burning my needs to hold you once more, 
I need you more than you'll ever know 

Now, Look at me, at the age of 73 
I have nowhere to go 
Everyone I know awaits in a place of gold 
Unlike you, you're too busy, proud and bold 
------ A different song!!! 

I sing a song, that accentuate's the mind, 
I have no one to blame, I neglected all the signs 
Hoping the rain would slowly die off 

Today here I lay, wondering where I went wrong 
I implored God, to cause you nothing like me 
I have a heart that forgives, and tries to forget 
I kneel, and I give, and I treat others with respect 
My compassion, I measured in the poorest way 

I judged my life worse than the others did 
Why did I ask ---- Not Like Me! 
For my sins, ask for no translation 
This is my song, my speculation 

The dreaded conclusion of this song, 
All I can say, "Be careful what you ask for." 
In the end, all I can say, I got what I asked for 
Someone, who's Not Like Me.....................

By: PD

Poem Details | by Terry O'Leary |
Categories: lost love,

I'll Always Remember

I will always remember the moment we met.
(Haunting woodlands in springtime, your slim silhouette)
The glint in your eyes sparked a tempest at dawn
overwhelming the dreams of a slumbering fawn.

I will always remember your singular smile
(Fusing fantasies, fancies and phantoms the while) 
when I brought you a daisy, then fled from the room,
weaving dizzy designs on a mystical loom.

I will always remember first touching your hand.
(Like the wing of a sparrow, frail fingers were fanned)
With my heartbeat aflutter, I jittered with joy - 
on the surface, a man, though inside still a boy.

I will always remember the sound of your laugh
(Merry mermaid amused in a summer sea bath)
as we strayed 'long the strand, for a moment, alone,
with your tresses a’ tousle and tumbled and blown.

I will always remember your breath on my skin
(Seeking castles in chaos, a spirit in spin)
as you drew me aside and our tongues first entwined -
tangled twists of amour had begun to unwind.

I will always remember the fires of love.
(Shades of autumn ablaze in the tree leaves above)
Crazy passions ignited whenever we lay 
painting stars in the night with the dazzle of day

I will always remember the nightingale's tune.
(Divinations awash neath a ruddy blood moon)
When we kissed to its cadency, laughed as we danced,
lurking lanterns in limbo forged shadows enhanced.

I will always remember the shattering knell -
(Wanton words tolled in winter.. ‘Adieu, dear..farewell’)
just a note near a nook where so often we slept
which I read and reread and reread while I wept.

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: art, bereavement, body, care, death, death of a friend, dedication, devotion, emotions, farewell, feelings, future, giving, grief, heart, hope, how i feel, i love you, leaving, life, longing, lost, lost love, love, memory, miss you, missing, missing you, remember, sad, sad love, spiritual, strength, symbolism, tribute, trust,

Soul mates solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing
nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender 
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories 
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised 
pens - by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist's pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings
but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

Poem Details | by Alina Councilman |
Categories: for him, god, how i feel, love, remember, repetition, thanksgiving,

I think back

When I think back...
 I see your eyes on me across the room,
 The way your lips slowly curve into a happy smile,
 Your strong arms holding a child,
 And I think back...
 Do you remember being the "Big Man" on campus back then?
 Or the easy ways of the women you've held?
 The loving hearts that you've shuttered and broke?
 And I think back...
 Do you remember those secret games we once played?
 Or the silent pleas to the Lord that you've made? 
 The loving family you've had and destroyed?
 And I think back...
 And I think back to the way things are and smile,
 And I think back to the way you were and I know,
 And I think back to the man you've become and I love you,
 And I thank back...then I thank God.

Poem Details | by Lycia Harding |
Categories: assonance, autumn, heartbreak, remember, sad love, summer, winter,

When Winter Comes, Remember Me


When Winter comes, remember me 
beside you on lush ivory sand 
If slushy fingers beckon thee, 
arise and brush aside her hand

As you awake on shortening days, 
when Winter comes, remember me 
We'll pray that Frost forsake his grays 
and set arrays of color free

Light snow may fall so subtly, 
bright notes on parchment sheer as sleet,
when Winter comesRemember me,
that I might play each shimmering sheet

Short interlope of Summer gone, 
I'm owed no scope of memory 
but hope you will, from this day on, 
when Winter comes, remember me....


Poem Details | by Alyssa Waters |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, betrayal, bible, body, books, children, conflict, confusion, corruption, cry, dedication, emotions, eve, evil, faith, father, fear, feelings, first love, forgiveness, friendship, religion, religious, remember, women,


Does the past really matter?
 Does it set you free? 
I’m absorbed in the sin,
That is surrounding him and me

Lost in the curiosity,
Cold to the touch
Drenched in the poison,
With my dignity in his clutch.

Feeling like I was cheated;
I chose the evil instead of light.
I traded in the sunshine,
For what lurks in the night

I disobeyed his orders,
I gave up security to be unsure.
I went against the warnings,
Gave into darkness instead of remaining pure.

Once my bed was made of soft grass,
But now it is made of stone.
Was plump from all of the luscious fruit,
Now I’m starving to the bone

My curse is one of circumstance.
The punishment a crime,
I’m stuck inside this dampened cave,
For the rest of time
My world came crashing down,
The grief has not subsided.
My heart broke completely,
When my sons collided

My misery a token,
From the abandonment I earned.
Upon the time spent in sorrow,
There was a lesson to be learned.

Have I found the moral?
Only in time we shall see,
For all I did was eat an apple-
From the Knowledge tree

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beauty, dedication, for her, heart, remember, romantic, sad love,

Eucalyptus Longing

The rushing wonts of action render these happenings unmovable,
These feelings, passionately felt, to dull words ill and strained
She clings, my koala, with chocolate eyes pining for my green
Though each time she lets me go, she leaves me docile and pained 

Once before I claimed her; yes, she did not turn away from me
But instead gazed on how the breeze could sway my branches
I wanted my bark to secrete the sweetest tears,
So she would know how eternally I yearn for her glances

For it is she alone, who can consume and digest my poisons
It is she alone—besides the sun—who gives me reason to stand erect

Poem Details | by Cupids Arrow |
Categories: love, memory,


Remember that time Oh that smile that beautiful smile that little playful smirk tugging at my shirt waiting for me to ask you to dance That little blue skirt Cashmere sweater Your cheeks, bright red rouge batting your long silk eyelashes at me You were a flirt Remember that time My hands so clammy My heart a flutter Finally asking you to dance You took my hand Squeezing so tight Oh you were the perfect sight How can I not remember or can I ever forget that midnight blue polo shirt and that baseball hat It seems not long ago I wore flowers in my hair Ahh, that lavender breeze Close by, a carousel You raised your brow many a time I swear I caught you stare It seems not long ago but it's been thirty years or so when your steady hand got hold of my own And i never let it go I can still recall that winsome grin and butterflies churning within You asked me if I wanted to dance Stole my heart away and put me in a trance It seems not long ago but its been thirty years or so Your tremerous hand got hold of my own and I never let it go, no i never let it go

Poem Details | by Edward Orozco |
Categories: art, heart, heart, love, me,

A heart to remember

Cold words fall deaf upon the joyful heart
A memory keeps its meaning until death makes it no more 
Her brush always spoke to me, her canvas was my souls imagination
Her soft lips, her beautiful eyes never will I forget for with her I became a man
A nightfall always brought  dreams of holding her, I love her 
She paints to the song that plays over and over again in her heart 
I miss her more than ever
I weep to the heavens and call her name, yet she is absent from my eyes
All I have is the memories, which only God can pull from me 
Her kisses always rose me to the highest point of my self love
When she held my hand I floated carefree 
I love her, she is my heart and I will always remember

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: lost love, love, memory,

Remember Her

I always liked the way she played with her hair....
across from the vast expanse of the bed,
legs up, with her back against the wall,
I saw what she felt....
and she could hold me with her deep angel-eyes ----
oogle me to stare long, or leap upon her wondrous teases;

It was a time to play in some boy-girl laughing land,
some 'gentile' course devoid of the harsh of the world,
she too lovely for such petty,
too splendid with one wave, with one annointed gaze
my darker footsteps fade....
no pain to clutch in her most welcome arms ----
the world could wait....
ten thousand years,
I've longed such love more infinite with me (now soft),
she of fine recipes and finer whims to tickle the itch
in my soul,
the immediate meld of our hands,
shall need no other assurance

" I am here, always, " she breathed upon the cold steps,
winding through life crooked with doubt monolith her mist sifts sweet upon frozen winds,
and warms my sullied heart ----
that fades.....fades fast while she's amiss!
how empty this old urn without her ----
dead my able bones,
and the heart which my melancholy makes,
helpless, sick with deeper wans,
greater-goods shall not prevail this lame steed for long

Though I best remember her and smile,
and call the good of it my memory has found,
eased with her sweet-lovely ----
but too sweet for one mighty man,
and her wings swift with silken downs,
o'er the flowered hills;
she goes, this bird of gypsy will,
her flight crimson til dusk;
this dove she flew but once,
and her affections have been awhile....
the tear is long and its drip dire,
though I shall try to remember her
(and smile)

***Based on a movie I saw,(though some
of it comes from pleasant recollections(lol!)
very sad, but she returns in the end!***

Written in 2014

Poem Details | by Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly |
Categories: character, friend, god, love, remember,

Shopping List

"Shopping List"

Sister Kathy's going shopping and she's asked me for my list,
Needing LOTS of help, so I could not her, resist...

I have a Shopping List not too very long,
But the items listed must be sadly wrong.
My list was made awhile ago, still incomplete,
For it seems I'm shopping for things obsolete,
Or at the least rare, very scarce to uncover,
No longer cultivated, to find, to discover.

At the very top is Love, which should be everywhere,
But not so easy is it to find, leaving me in despair.
I can find ego alright, aplenty all around,
But humility?.So little to be found.
There's apathy and indifference, an abundant supply,
But finding empathy and compassion, the well's gone dry.
Everywhere I turn, there's justification freely spread,
Yet, no accountability found, as others are on, tread.

Truth and honesty are on my list, second from the top,
It seems though, they're out of stock every place I shop.
While lying and deceitfulness are generously promoted,
Handed out like candy, so sweetly, sugar coated.
Honour and respect have become out of season.
Patience and acceptance have lost all their reason.
Gratitude and thankfulness left with news of yesterday;
Now everything is about 'me' the headlines read and say.

Other things I've listed like kindness, hope, and caring,
Compassion and forgiveness, not many up for sharing.
Understanding's not in style, a fad of yesterday,
Passing judgement onto others now on display.
Modesty and privacy, their contracts have run out,
With ostentatious behaviour flaunted all about.
Consideration for others, indefinitely placed on ice,
Manners and politeness gone, along with friendly, nice.

All the many values to build character needed, 
Integrity and virtue, all practically depleted.
Principles and convictions, rocks on which to stand,
Have all but washed away, leaving only shifting sand.

I made my list awhile ago but without much success,
For all the shopping done has caused me great distress.
Even words I'm shopping for can't be found with ease,
Like, "I'm sorry" or "Thank you" or the one, "Please".
I never thought my list to be so arduous a task,
Until I went shopping and then I had to ask,
For items I thought to be to all near and dearly,
Their scarcity alarms me, saddens me severely.

Up and down I've searched, aisle after aisle,
A rarity indeed should I see a happy smile.
I enter every store, every shopping mart, 
Hoping just to fill my empty shopping cart.
I am lucky if I can find just one or two or three
Of the items I've been searching for in every shopping spree.
But the saddest thing of all on my list, at the very top,
Is that genuine Love is hard to find no matter where I shop.

What's so really sad you ask about Love in short supply?
Because Love is within all of us, but still we shun itWhy?
It does seem my Shopping List is much longer than I thought,
But surely ‘twould be nice to find everything I’ve sought.
It is my wish one day to find abundantly all of the above,
And shining in everyone’s hearts the item we know as Love.

Written by Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
All rights reserved.

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: cute love, desire, dream, meaningful, remember, sweet love,

Dear Memory Rays

You first held my hand in rapture's own sown, green honed land -

Shared time was easy laughter that rose layered throes thru joy-spiced air -

Your lips brushed mine with youth's stirred flair by a stream's calm stare -

We lost focus under night's starry skies as sparks dazzled our sighs -

No years shook my dear memory of our young frays sated in twilight rays.

Brain Strand / April 2019 Premiere 7

Jane 15, 2018

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: beach, daughter, i miss you, introspection, love, mother, remember,

A Scattering Of Sparkle

You were drawn to its contours worn smooth by the elements over eons of existence; cream colored and streaked with grayish blue ensconced in the sand with its scattering of sparkle - special amongst the many on the rocky beach a souvenir from the shore of the day we walked in its mist and the wind blew our footsteps this way and that way as well as our thoughts while we reminisced… now. it is where you left it; stoic and sentimental it stands vigil - on the small windowsill overlooking the pathway to my door awaiting your return my beloved daughter... it patiently endures it is the perfect representation of my heart Susan Ashley July 30, 2018

Poem Details | by Eric Morris |
Categories: love, me,


Im Crazy about you

idk wat you do

but i can't get enough

of you and the stuff

that im not going to say

because it makes me feel some type of way

but each and everyday

i realize

when i look in your eyes

that i could die

and be satisfied

knowing that i gave my heart

to someone who didn't tear it apart

and for someone who gave me in return

a love that could burn

through the end of time

through any different kind of rhyme

i love you i really do

its something you already knew

and i promise you never think anyone from your past

as long as this last

because im going the best i can be

so you won't forget me

so you will remember that day

when you came my way

Poem Details | by John Crowe |
Categories: imagery, love, memory, passion, remember, romantic, writing,

The Old Photo

I saw the young couple In an old photograph He was saying something She was in mid laugh He's making a gesture Her hand's on his thigh You see that she loves him That he is her guy A love story unfolds That small moment in time A captured emotion Stirred memories of mine Of the times in my life And there are just a few You're in love with someone And they are with you So, when I started this poem It was about how love dies But as I write these words I suddenly realize The young couple is gone But their love still survives When you look at the photo It then lives in your mind

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: absence, angst, cancer, change, child, courage, cry, dad, daughter, death, dedication, emotions, eulogy, family, farewell, father, father daughter, fathers day, feelings, first love, goodbye, grief, heart, heartbroken, heaven, hero, i love you, identity, inspiration, inspirational, journey, june, life, loss, love, memory, mentor, miss you, parents, pride, remember, sad, self, spiritual, strength, tribute,

I'm my Daddy Made Over

Dedicated to my Dad Jerry WNiday 3/20/1952 - 6/18/2013

I am who I am because of him
He’s the reason for my son’s name
He gave me my courage & my strength
To stand tall even when standing wasn’t easy
Stand for the ones who can’t
To think and fend for myself
I’m my Daddy made over

Taught me to fight back 
To never back down
How to pick myself back up
When I’ve been knocked down
Fight for what I believe
I’m my Daddy made over

He gave me my stubbornness 
Gave me my pride
Gave me my temper
Taught me not to take crap
To speak my mind to no matter who
Work for what I want
I’m my Daddy made over

How to keep my emotions in check
How to handle large amounts of pain
When in trouble he always had my back
He knew how my mind worked better than anyone
I got it from him
I’m my Daddy made over

Even though he’s gone
I’ll stand and continue on 
I may stumble I may fall 
May even get hurt along the way
But I’ll pick myself back up
I’ll dust myself off and stand tall
I’m honored and proud to say
I’m my Daddy made over

Sabrina Niday Hansel

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: absence, angst, best friend, cancer, courage, cry, dad, daughter, death, dedication, emotions, eulogy, family, farewell, father, father daughter, fathers day, feelings, first love, goodbye, grief, heartbroken, heaven, hero, i love you, identity, inspirational, june, life, loss, lost, lost love, love, memory, mentor, miss you, missing you, mom, pain, parents, remember, sad, sad love, sister, slam, sorrow, soulmate, strength, tribute, urdu,

We Lost More Than a Dad

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost half of how we came to be
We lost we four girls first love
We lost our Best Friend

We lost more than just a Dad that day
Our Mom lost her Soul Mate, Her other half 
Our children lost their Papaw
We lost our family’s foundation 
We lost the glue that held us together

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost the Strongest man we ever knew 
We lost the man we looked up too
We lost we four girls Teacher of many things

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We four girls lost our Hero
We lost some of our Light
We lost part of our Heart
We lost part of our Soul

We lost more than just a Dad that day
We lost some of our Courage
We lost some of our Strength
We lost some of our will to fight back
We lost some of our will to carry on
We four girls lost more than a Dad
We lost more than just a Dad that day

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: adventure, car, change, confusion, culture, cute love, destiny, lost, love, meaningful, metaphor, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, passion, people, philosophy, places, proposal, remember, romantic, science, senses, simple, smart, social, spoken word, symbolism, time, travel, true love, visionary, wisdom,


the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: brother, character, children, christian, dedication, desire, devotion, faith, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, jesus, life, love, relationship, religion, religious, remember, sister, time,

God Gave Us Brothers And Sisters For A Reason

God Gives Us Brothers and Sisters For A Reason!

God gives us brothers and sisters for a reason!
As children, we have each other, throughout the seasons!

We laugh and play together and do all sorts of things…
Often not realizing what the future of life brings!

As kids, we often share whatever life may give us!
And stick together, no matter what trials may face us!

But, as we grow older, too often, we part separate ways.
And lose any contact with each other for countless days!

I’ve seen all kinds of things tear families all apart.
Often, there’s some kind of
 unforgiveness of the heart!

If you, and your siblings, have reached a separation…
May you seek Jesus for
a Godly reconciliation!

As family, whatever divides, must be lifted up in prayer!
Where two or three are gathered…  God is there!

Just think about what the family unit has become!
The love of Jesus must be what binds us all as one!

Getting along as a family, is more than just a “feeling!”
The blood of Christ needs to bring an “inner healing!”

The family that each of us have,
 may not be here tomorrow!
Are you one who’s holding on to bitterness and sorrow?

May the words of Christ help us all to get along!
That through HIM, our families
will be STRONG!

By Jim Pemberton   10/20/13

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: kiss, muse, remember, sad love,

A Christmas Callgirl

Everyone has gone home
Where ever home is
The city is bare
Only me
And the call girl left
We share our secrets
In silence
Comrades in despair
The cold winter chills us all
So we two find comfort
In a passing moment
She kisses her past
I kiss my desires
Our tongues kiss our dreams
A Christmas carol plays in the background
Snow begins to fall
Madeline must now go
On another call

Poem Details | by Diona Finley |
Categories: black african american, death, family, lost love, peace, sad, day, day, love,

I Remember

I remember all the nights we use to play, 
but now I can't play anymore because your not here today.
Your here in my heart and that will never fade away.
Sometimes I would be a hard-headed child,
but in your eyes you saw an angle smile

I love you like God love the family, unconditionally.
I remember your brown eyes, gray hair, for you were wise.
I also remember when you had to leave, so your soul could be free.
See, I'm older; more mature, and understand what's going
on, but back then I was only four.

I still remember that day like it was yesterday
Well, you were buried that day and everyone had a sad face
I remember that day very well indeed, as I looked at you 
and pleaded that you wouldn't leave me
Now you’re gone and I have to be strong for both 
of us, so our love can live through people who love us.

Poem Details | by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: devotion, for him, i love you, remember, romance,

Your Girl

Take these old hands into yours
remember how they felt when
they were unwrinkled and belonged
to a young girl.

Take this tired smile honey I know
you don't miss and see the temptation
of passion that even now old, burns with a 
deep desire for your kiss.

Take my grey touched, raven hair
and let it dance through your fingers
as if you do not care.

Take these older hazel, green eyes
and see that when looking at you
they still youthfully shine.

Take this old heart for it is still yours
and lend to it the thought that I am
no matter how old, still the same,
your girl.

Poem Details | by Arlene Smith |
Categories: love, memory, passion, remember, romance, romantic,

I Remember You

I remember your eyes...
Emerald seas casting flecks of golden sun.
A lamb gently swaddled in strength of the lion's shadow.

I remember your smile...
Snow caps surrendered; the warm pulse of spring.
Night's ebony dome, shattered by light of day.

I remember your kiss...
Honey drizzles of sweet liquid amber.
Lingering soft clouds in sky's quiet still.

I remember your touch...
Feathers adrift lending whispered caress.
Love songs embraced in fireside glow.

I remember your passion...
Desire drenched in molten red; quench of explosive pleasure.
A feverishly guided brush; the masterpiece set free.

I remember your love...
Dreams manifested; unprovoked; the painted sunset.
Exposed, the rock unchanged through passing storm.

I remember you...

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, conflict, crush, dark, lost love, memory, symbolism,

I Remember Fierce Storm That Blew My Life Apart

I Remember Fierce Storm That Blew My Life Apart

I remember fierce storm that blew my life away.
Images burned into a sad, finely tortured mind;
reminds me of that epic and dark fateful day,
tears falling down but no good answers could I find.

So in love with my sweetheart but soon hope gave way,
when drug induced Nirvana flew into our home.
Easy now to see it in slow motion replay,
when I groped in darkness wherever I dared roam.

Raging clouds gathered within the uncertain West
as thunder spilled over into each haunting hour.
No joy in simply knowing that I did my best,
while I saw the destruction of my wild flower!

I remember fierce storm that blew my life apart.
Its massive crushing winds destroyed my aching heart.

Robert JLindley, 1-11-2016

Form- Sonnet, I used 12 syllables instead of ten.

Syllables Per Line:	
12 12 12 12 0 12 12 12 12 0 12 12 12 12 0 12 12
Total # Syllables:	168
Total # Lines:	17  (Including empty lines)
Words with (syllables) counted programmatically:	 
Total # Words:	124

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: adventure, best friend, care, celebration, celebrity, community, inspiration, light, love, remember, world,


___I'm glad you do___

I'm glad you feel me
I'm glad you free me
I'm glad you do help me
‘o sing again.
I'm glad you move it
I'm glad you roll it
I'm glad you do pop it
‘nd make me whole.

In the history, those days won’t soon be forgotten
‘till this time, your words still worth a fortune
They will go nowhere; they will be with me forever
Those nights we shared, they will grow in me as ever.

I'm glad you feel me
I'm glad you free me
I'm glad you do help me
‘o sing again.
I'm glad you move it
I'm glad you roll it
I'm glad you do pop it
‘nd make me whole.

As ever, you're the light I use to see
You're my savior, the one that set me free
You're an angel, that angel at the fore
You're a heroine, that heroine of the war.

I'm glad you feel me
I'm glad you free me
I'm glad you do help me
‘o sing again.
I'm glad you move it
I'm glad you roll it
I'm glad you do pop it
‘nd make me whole.

You set me free and still stay by me
You let me feel… the fresh of where I be
You succor to the battle you do not begin
You let me live… though you do not commit a sin.

I'm glad you feel me
I'm glad you free me
I'm glad you do help me
‘o sing again.
I'm glad you move it
I'm glad you roll it
I'm glad you do pop it
‘nd make me whole.

You're my light, the one I use to see
You're my savior, the one that set me free
You're an angel, that angel I met at the shore
You're that queen, my queen for sure.

I'm glad you feel me
I'm glad you free me
I'm glad you do help me
‘o sing again.
I'm glad you move it
I'm glad you roll it
I'm glad you do pop it
‘nd make me whole.

I'm glad about what you do
You make my heart brand new.
I'm proud of you
I'm glad you do...

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Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: love, relationship, remember,

Autumn Reverie

As autumn begins her slow journey
leaving brilliant colors in her wake,
        I think of you.
It was a crisp day in autumn that I was
first drawn to your smile, do you remember?
        Your long 
dark lashes lowered in a shy tender way
My gaze was fixed on you as I breathed in your
        sweet scent.
A wisp of your raven hair fell across your brow.
I wanted to reach out and brush it back for you.
        Suddenly I
felt a rush, a blush bloomed on my face,
and just that fast, I fell in love.
        A week
went by until I saw you againI could barely
contain my excitementWe made plans to
        have coffee.
After our rendezvous we walked in the park
with autumn displaying her brightest hues,
        our enjoyment
of the colors only surpassed by our first kiss
It wasn’t meant to be that we would stay together.
        And now, 
looking back at all those years ago, I remember and
*everything carries me to you.

© Connie Marcum Wong

Note* The last line of my poem is borrowed from Pablo Neruda’s
Poem “If You Forget Me”

Poem Details | by Raina Hutchins |
Categories: confusion, destiny, fantasy, imagination, love, lust, romantic,

Will You Remember Me

I know I haven't seen you
I know we’re miles apart
I know I cannot hold you
But I feel you in my heart

Is it wrong to think of you
And you to think of me
Trying not to want 
What we know can never be

Wondering, should we start this 
But it’s already begun
Unable to undo
Potential damage that’s been done

Torn between what’s right and wrong
And what I feel inside
Knowing what will be there
When I look into your eyes

Feeling so confused right now
I find it hard to sleep
I know I’m standing on the edge 
Of something much too deep

I feel you all around me
I feel you in my soul
Two strangers who connected
Two halves that made a whole

Destined for one night of love
One night that we will treasure
One night filled with ecstasy
Where we will come together

But when our night is done, I wonder
Will you set me free...
Will you let me go...
Will you remember me...

Poem Details | by tina rossman |
Categories: caregiving, faith, family, love, heart, heart, love,


When the world is bitter and cruel
remember my love i will comfort you.
When your heart is broken and lost
remember my love i will find you no matter what the cost.
When you have lost the will to go on
remember my love i will be the rock you can stand upon.
When the worries of  your heart become too much to bare
remember my love i will always be there.
with hope in hand and i will always love you no matter the cost
remember my love you will never be lost.

Poem Details | by cherie thomas |
Categories: love, relationship, remember, world,

Just Incase,,,

Just incase...
The world should end 
Ive made a few friends,
Some relationships came and went.
Some endured to the very end.
Other relations could not mend.
No animosity, to any of them.
Its just life, how things begin,
And often end...

Just incase...
The world should end.
I dont have alot, of worldly possession's
Just some earthly aquirements,
Attained along the way.
Physical attachments, that will astray,
When my life has withered away.

Just incase...
The world should end 
I hope one-day we Meet again.
This flesh, we do not own.
Its just a vehicle, that transports the soul.
Until, it finds a place to go.

Just incase...
The world, should end 
I need to say, one more thing.
I need to let you know, how much I truly cared.
How sometimes, my own ignorance,
Ruined the love, I could have shared.
That my own fears, have often shattered my faith, &
How ive struggled, to find the right
Words to say.

Just incase...
The world should end.
Please know, I will always love you
Till the end.

Poem Details | by Lyric Man |
Categories: angst, fear, heartbreak, longing, love, remember, romantic,


A man could never love a woman more 
And to see her hurting rocks him to the core
But through the pain she finds her smile 
Oh, the beauty of her face
Like a warm, intimate embrace 
Charming him is just her style
She is his life
His amazing grace

So she leans in to kiss him tonight 
She's holding all their memories 
On mountain tops and darkest seas
True love wins!

They could never explain the feelings held inside
Of their forever love that has no goodbyes
How even in the night they’ll find the day
In difficulty.they don't despair
No matter what comes, together they'll share 
Though all the heartbreak and every trial 
This is their life.This is their prayer

So he leans in to kiss her tonight 
He's holding all their memories 
On mountain tops and darkest seas
True love wins!

This crazy, messed up world 
Is growing more absurd
But he still knows her every thought 
Without a spoken word

One glance at him is all it takes 
Like love is beginning new again 
This is the story of their lives.
True Love Wins!

~Lyric Man

Note: This is a song of commitment written to my wife when there were still many unknowns in our lifeWe were both painfully broken and suffering from incredible loss, but not yet fully defeatedI had found the God she knew, but I was a baby believer (and I had lost a lot of trust)All I knew, and all we had in those days, was true loveWe learned in our deepest valley, true love is enough!