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Love Poems About Red or Red Love Poems

Red love poems and/or love poems about Red. Read, share, and enjoy these Red love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Red Poems.

Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: passionred, love, red,

Crayon of Bright Red

Red is the crayon that I love to use.
So vivid and bright without any abuse.
I color so lively and make each stroke count.
Even making the water red in the fount.

In my pictures the hair on everyone's head.
Yes you guessed it, they're all a bright colored red!

The seasons of summer and winter and fall.
I color them all red without any appall.

So if you're an artist you plainly can see.
Everything will be red if you depend on me.

If you've heard like me, as it's often been said,
That "Passionate people always love red!"

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beauty, love, passion, red, sun,


She indulges in sensorial delights
Marked with the color of ecstasy
The passion she drinks is diluted with eroticism
The moon melts with her gentle gaze
Honey drips from her luscious lips
Like ruby flames sweeping desert dust away
Oasis of churning lava explodes within her fiery spirit
 seducing the sun with her golden skin
Far away from Love's imprisonment
She builds her castle of desires
Imprinted with 
                  FIFTY~~~~~ SHADES OF~~~~~~RED

A Collaboration With Liam Mc Daid and Red Fiery

Poem Details | by Jo Daniel |
Categories: death, roses are red, true love,

His Rose, Her Death


All she had wanted was a red, red rose,
That would quell the love of that handsome man, 
Alas! The rose tree was in winter's throes,
Unable to birth a rose of her plan;

So she said she will sing the whole night long,
With her heart against the thorn of that tree,
"Love is greater than life", rang out her song,
As her life blood fashioned his love ruby;

Yet, when her heart burst out in pain thereof,
When the crimson petals slowly opened,
He was not there to see her die for love,
Nor did he feel that love with blood deepened;

"Trust me baby, this is love," her last breath,
He never found out his rose was her death.


Poem Details | by Laura Leiser |
Categories: christian, jesus, love,

Red Redemption

The Rose of Sharon bled holy red
with a crown of thorns upon His head
His blood flowed through time and space
pleasing the Father, covering our disgrace.

How great Thou art, oh spotless Lamb
to suffer for the souls of man
innocent, beaten, torn and scarred
healed by Your stripes from eternal harm.

Believe in the power of the blood
shed freely upon that cross above
for by it we're forgiven if we truly believe
new life to be given if we truly receive.

The Rose of Sharon bled holy red
with a crown of thorns upon His head.

Written on 5/29/2017

Poem Details | by Sakshi Singh |
Categories: boyfriend, change, feelings, girl, i miss you, love, teen love,

Sometime instead of Pink I like Red

Sometime instead of pink, I like Red 
Sometime instead of playing with children, 
I want to go on date 

Sometime instead of Fishes, I like Swans
Sometime instead of T-shirt, 
I want to wear Gowns 

Sometime instead of Social problems, 
I like to read Love story 
Sometime instead of cute girl, 
I want to look beautiful lady 

Sometime instead of chocolate, 
I like to receive Flowers 
Sometime instead of meeting him for minutes, 
I want to spend Hours

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: death, flower, lost love, metaphor, red, rose, sad love,

Red Roses Fade To Black

Red velvet petals, only I, seduce,
With hidden danger under the disguise,
My fingers feeling shyly, I reduce,
Thorns sharpen, ready, waiting the unwise.

Before me, bleeding poison, I assume,
This flower withered, shriveled the entire,
A dark extracted substance, the perfume,
No beauty, only sorrow, I admire.

Withdrawn I wept lamenting the depart,
A rosebud, crimson, youthful, I erased,
A lifeless flower, never I impart,
nor taken with affection, I embraced.

Written by Kelly Deschler  October 23rd, 2014

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, courage, cute love, dark, deep, depression, desire, destiny, devotion, dream, first love, funny love, grief, happiness, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, how i feel, i am, i love you, i miss you, innocence, irony, jealousy, lonely, longing, loss, lost, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, night, passion, psychological, romance, romantic, sad, sad love, silence, sky, sleep, solitude, sunset, true love,

Red Light

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
lonely as ever
visible at night, useless by day?

in sync with its partner next door
for a quick kiss over a few flashes only 
then arguing again and again 
night in, night out.

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
not signaling a warning to keep away
but sending a call for compassion?

using the dark pauses in between 
to yell the same name 
over and over and over
into the emptiness of each night.

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
being your silent cry
only heard by your eternal love?

Poem Details | by Sam Jameson |
Categories: kiss, love, lust, red, winter,

Red Love, Winter Lust

pink wintry sunset crimson lips rage red kisses; cherry blossoms blush March 2, 2016

Poem Details | by Michael Higginbotham |
Categories: allegory, heart, red, heart, love, red,

The Ivy and The Brick

It must have felt like love at first,
The clinging of the ivy vines,
Until his rich red heart had burst.

Her tendrils slaked an ancient thirst,
The tender touch for which he pined.
It must have felt like love at first.

Too guileless to suspect the worst,
She speared him with her soft green tines.
Until his rich red heart had burst.

Her coils so patiently she pursed,
He never guessed at her design.
It must have felt like love at first.

Crazed with cracks, its strength dispersed,
From end to end the wall declines
Until his rich red heart had burst.

So new to love, so poorly versed
In joy, so baffled by her signs,
It must have felt like love at first.
Until his rich red heart had burst.

Poem Details | by Betty Butler |
Categories: god, love, religious, roses are red,

God's Plan For You

Roses are Red.
Violets are blue.
God made them that way.
And He made you, too.

He had a perfect plan
As he formed you from clay.
If you will only let Him,
He will help you in His way.

He’ll melt your hardened heart,
And fill it with His Love.
And if your eyes fill with tears,
They too, may be sent from above.

If you will open the door,
He will come into your life.
He’ll fill you with Love and Joy,
And erase all your fear and strife.

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: beauty, butterfly, imagery, love, wine,

A Bottle Of Red

Slipping down inside a crystal chandelier 
red rouge cheeks running on through
breathe  as visions settle in my mind
you're just a little bit of nutty 
with an apricot perfume
quite exceptional  I do say
a kindred spirit bouquet

Teasing along the tip of my palate 
caramel gaze of grandeur glows
as you kiss my parched lips away
partaking a perfect compliment 
in every simple way
sparkles spill in anticipation
topping off a pleasant kind of day


Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, education, emotions, feelings, love, red,

The Poet And His Mistress

Her lustrous skin captures his vision
He gently carves his desire on her
The foreplays of word begins
As she divulges the door to heaven
Bewitched by the color of her moonlight,
he bathes within the salt of her valley
The mystery behind his curtain of words
Is unlocked by his divine mistress
His heart races when she silently meets
the poet of her sensual dreams
As he traces her beauty with his fingertips
Ice melts on her crimson lips
And the foreplays of word begins

Thank you red for sharing pens 
A Collaboration With Red Fiery and  Liam Mc Daid| Year

Poem Details | by Ruby Honeytip |
Categories: friendship, happy, love, me,

A Gift of Red

He caught me one night,
As I shivered with cold,
His words drew me forward,
As hearts stories were told.
Stories of love,
Of passions so pure,
Of lifes deep regrets,
Yet...his good humour endured.
Here was a man,
Complete and unending,
A man with deep talents,
A man worth befriending.
Now what he pulls forward,
With  his poetic display,
Is the opening flowers,
In loves sweet bouquet.
A beautiful saviour,
Warm arms outspread,
My hearbeat grows stronger,
For my gift of Red.

A tribute to Red O'Mara

© 2013
Ruby Honeytip

Poem Details | by Jessie Smith |
Categories: love,

Rose's are Red The Sky is blue

Rose's Are Red The Sky Is Blue 
    Rose's are Red the sky is blue how I long to be with you.
Rose's are Red the sky is blue something I can see through.
Rose's are Red the sky is blue.Rose's may die but, 
my love for you will always be true 
Just like the sky is blue.

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: life, love,

Red lipstick

There’s red lipstick
When her legs, dressed in denim, float teasingly through the air, and her soft, gentle hands caress her daily life.
All we see is red lipstick
When she hides secrets behind a subtle, tough leather jacket and her beautifully dressed, warm face smiles.
That glorious red lipstick
Camouflages her deep, seeking blue eyes as she gazes into you and her tender words ignite your thoughts.
Her proud red lipstick
Makes her wicked, sharp laughter carry her irony and her innocent mind screams out curiosity
All the while her dark red lipstick is yelling at the world- see me!
There’s red lipstick.

Poem Details | by jay del fierro |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, imagination, love, roses are red,

Blind love's imagination Blue....

If roses are red,if violets are blue
then why can't I touch the colors of you

If sugar is sweet,as your love is true
then why can't I taste your nectar of dew

If time means patience,good things who wait
then why do I feel as an anxious state

If the moon is silver,if the sun is gold
then somewhere inbetween,you I should hold

If the sky is blue,as the sea is too
then also as I,feelin' blue without you......

Poem Details | by Orlando Leach Jr. |
Categories: love

Red Wine

Nocturnal heart walks with wine.
Moon-lit soul succumbs to "red".
Pure cherry lip-stick kisses.
Sweet love-tainted taste.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: beauty, love, lust, nature, summer,

Sweet Ruby Red

Summer Beauty Has Risen of Fragrant Posies and Dream As sunrays dance of fire red And emerald tree's receive A soft breeze whistles A song of love Wrestling through the leaves A place of peace In depths untouched A longing desperate need To touch your flesh To lie in love With you my only dream

Poem Details | by DM Babbit |
Categories: color, heart, love, lust,

Red Burn

 Mind desires blush red
 heart seethes with passions embrace
 scarlet beats the soul

Poem Details | by Rollo West |
Categories: love, rose, red, rose,

A Rose

A red rose whispers of enchantment And the white rose reveals the depth of love O, the red rose is like that of a falcon, And the white rose is symbolic of the dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For our love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on our lips.

Poem Details | by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: art, life, love,

Red Ribbons

Carved this stone a breath in life 
Then opened wide these pure made eyes
Where tempered hues paved roads their gray
...Yesterday, washed away of blue.

Poem Details | by Jolanta Gradowicz |
Categories: love, red,

Our Fruit Flirtation

You hung two big cherries on my ear.
I was delighted with the red earring.
The unexpected jewel was shining and clear
As your eyes – insatiable and dreaming…

Then you put raspberries on my palm,
And held a molecule close to my lips.
That orchard was wonderfully calm,
You could recognize my simple needs…

And I picked a sweet, ripe gooseberry,
And gave you it with extraordinary grace.
I was grateful to you for the red jewelry,
I touched the gooseberry flesh on your face…

Poem Details | by saif khan |
Categories: lovelove,

Oh, my love is like a red, red rose

that's newly sprung in June.
O, my love is like the melody, 
that's sweetly played in tune

As fair art thou, my bonnie lass, 
So deep in love am I,
And I will love thee still, my dear,
Till a' the seas gang dry. 

Till a' the seas gang dry, my dear,
And the rocks melt wit' the sun!
And I will love thee still, my dear, 
while the sands o' life shall run.

And fare thee weel, my only love, 
And fare thee weel a while! 
And I will come again, my love, 
though' it were ten thousand mile! 

Poem Details | by mary cooper |
Categories: devotion, faith, friendship, happiness, love, passion, peace, friendship, love, i love you,

a red rose

It warms the heart, to get a gift of love-
like diamonds and gold, or a kiss and a hug-
But a pretty "red rose", that I give to you-
means friendship for always, and I LOVE YOU -
God made it himself, with his very own hands-
to share love and happiness, through out the lands-
A gift made in heaven, and sent to the earth-
all the riches of the world, can't match what it's worth-
It's for the love of giving, and it smells so sweet-
It's so very romantic, and it looks so neat-
It is perfectly shaped, with color so true-
It's friendship forever, and I will be there for you-
A creation in heaven, the lord he did send-
A pretty "RED ROSE", to give to a friend-

Poem Details | by Cameron Hartley |
Categories: imagery, love, red,

A Rose Thorn

A rose thorn pricked me; sharp
My blood matched the bloom; red
Like my love's own smile; bright
Like my heart's own beat; fast
Like the night's soft end; sad