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Poem Details | by Xavier Johnson |
Categories: friendship, girl, love, rap, relationship, repetition,


Just when I thought you knew me well
You're bothered by what circulates and surely I can tell
I know you heard about Georgia peach, i.eAshley
I know you feel like my past girls are still mad me for...
I see you couldn't finish your statement
I'm hard to satisfy and I'm never complacent
And by the time I find myself comfortable enough
There's a break up that follows, the recovery is tough but...

You think I'm ringing their phones
You think I'm owning a throne
You think since all these people love me that I'm never alone
You think that I'm not over her
We're cool, but I don't talk to her
You think that I love starting over and my past is a blur
You think..Ugh..You think that we could be something
You judge me when I say my feelings are nothing
I hate what this is becoming

Blinded by your thoughts, I can't figure your perception
How you love me so? You dismiss important questions.

Poem Details | by Alexander Klein |
Categories: love, rap, soulmate,

Always Yours

(Meant to be read fast like rapping)

I’m trying to place all your beauty and grace

And to chase and embrace every memory that ever was

Hunting past ghosts and old posts and love notes to see if anything can jolt this mind of mine

But it’s gonna be a while in denial till your smile turns the dial and resets this heart of mine

And it’s gonna take time to remind the divine to align the design inside this soul of mine

The fact of the matter is
I’m back and I’m better
Like a post script letter
And I promise I will never fetter

I wish you could comprehend the twists and bends this journey sends me on

I wish you could see the glee inside of me that frees the seas and shakes my knees

I want you to hold my heart that beats in part and won’t depart from next to you

Stay close
Don’t go
Wait a little longer and I swear I’ll have the flow

Come step 
Let me show you why this is love I can’t deny

In time
You find
Every little thing I did had you in mind

Poem Details | by Tilahun Taye |
Categories: how i feel, lost love, political, rap, sad, truth,

Make this life easy

How long will it take for you to see
Life is just an illusion, it’s gonna pass eventually
The flesh is just a lie
Eventually you’re gonna die
But your soul will live on
Rejoice in this don’t mourn
God made you to die 
It’s why you were born
Last night GOD spoke to me
Your pain will end soon, so brother don’t worry
This world will soon pass
None of this is gonna last
But the word of GOD will live on
From the dusk till the dawn, on, on and on
He said pity the living, not the dead
I replied back to him
I meant no disrespect and this is what I said
Imma hold my head high and do my part until the end

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die 
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

Sister and brothers on streets
Instead of helping them get on their feats
We’re worrying about ourselves
It’s an endless cycle
man’s just looking out for himself
It seems clear to me
That nobody is free
Rich, white, black or poor you’re all the same to me
Trapped in a prison ruled by money
Don’t you think it’s funny 
Endless numbers and papers rules us 
We’ll never be happy
It’s not a mystery
The world is falling apart
I want it to end already, when will it start
Until then I guess I’m going to do my part
So while you’re here just make this life easy

So make this life easy
This life is just a lie
Soon you’re gonna die 
So why you killin him for
He’s just another brother, another lost soul
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy
Just make this life easy

This poem is inspired by Tupac's Life Goes On.

Poem Details | by rahul bhatia |
Categories: hip hop, hope, inspiration, love hurts, poems, rap,

Love or Help

You live to love, When you love to give. That life you never had Like forever, had no wealth. Still had a hand to help. All I have is dreams for myself grand plans for world and words to rhyme with strength. The world will change, it depends on range of rage or love we raise. Well thats a phase of world, where we stay some for months, some for days or its a game we play and score to glee. All above, We live to love and we need to give.

Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, love, musicme, peace, me, peace,

Sabbath Evening Rap Up sequence (2)

-continued from  "Sabbath Morning Rap".

..and so brethren,
We're lost in the lust of loving lies
Conceived and retrieved as alibies.
to woo what we would instead of should,
To deify deeds ordained to deny
that Jesus Christ was crucified,

For you and me and he and she,
He lived and loved and agonized,
to dis the devil and tear his ties
to the role of the soul in his hellish hole.

Cause the devil is real and that's the deal
So if hate is your food and your crude and lewd,
you're flirtin' with hurtin', you're comin' unglued.

The devil is there so ya better beware
You're struttin his stuff and doin' your share.
Take a look around before ya drown
in the fire of his fate and the heat of his hate.

But Christ is saying :
My Peace I leave, My Peace I give
to those that ask Me to help them live.
And if you don't believe I can show you the way'
open your heart so you can pray.
Ill give you a sign for you to define.
What do you say gotta do it today.

Now it's up to you, whatever you do.
Don't wait too long cause the chance'll be gone.
Amen, I say, Throw your pride away,
I want you Here..with Stay.

Poem Details | by Sam Perkins |
Categories: confusion, deep, feelings, hip hop, moving on, poetry, rap,

LOVE, The Illusion

There's a rehearsal in the castle, cult party masquerading on the dance floor latin verse sermons the words heard will entrance you, transfix you,
The devil advances towards you and sits you around the marble table where we talk about our carnal instincts and every situation that we find ourselves deep in
Morning star calling from the depth of his evil pits where I sleep on bed of nails just to hammer down my dreams with something more uncomfortable than standing on ya steep cliff.
Cold and lonely only having ghosts here to speak with about the meanings of life and the lies that we keep hid.
Within controlling moments of emotions that we sink in and sync with relations on a basis of us needing to create a status where were being with each other cos we're linking and we discover that we break we're seeing our relationship sinking it sinks to the deep abyss 
My vision is impaired by unclear scenes I'm witnessing and feeling sickened to the stomach from the butterflies in flight when my gut instinct senses some lies from bad vibes I'm like 
Am I jumping to conclusions straining to think straight brain becomes a nuisance
Am I jumping to conclusions the illusion of love is still just as intrusive.

And I'm tryna figure out what to do brain doing figure eights tryna draw up clue to this mad moment
I feel clueless in bad moods, usually I'm living as if I've something to lose 
And now I'm tryna figure out what to do blaming you isn't saving myself from the truth proving our pacts broken....
......Will I think logical or act on emotion when I'm tryna figure out what to do brain doing figure eights tryna draw up clue to this mad moment
I feel brutal in bad moods, cluelessly now living as if I've nothing to lose 
And I'm tryna figure out what to do thinking of a better way to proceed to see all this bull through re-evaluating recent events judging my errors bearing in mind I'm civil and often couldn't be fairer 
Anything I tell you isn't out of a conscience I'm conscious but I'm hurting inside and this stomach aches constant
I've put up with this nonsense dealing with ghosts
Like sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it don't 

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: africa, art, rap, slam, spoken word, , literature,

Why i hate Rap haters, but love Poetry

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
Poetic lifeguards use applause to save lives
When you see rap flying far from poetry's interests


Fasten your seat-belt and enjoy the bloody verbal battle
In sessions poetry speaks in tones of a crying soul
Rap is built on concrete rhythms mixed with first bricks of venomous alphabets
Rap is an angry poem
Rap is poetry 
but poetry will never rap like rappers air polluting words to poet their ideas
I mean, if rap is literature, 
why has it started so many wars between ideas

Walls of belongings in the middle of fear
Appre-ciate and question things

Blind words can see the difference
Why has rap created rivals in many societies
Haters hate us 
While poetry stinks of welcoming joints
Modern rap has a stench of juvenile points 
I played this word game in my head
Ones or twice 
I lost to a bunch of middle fingers spider webbed on the roof of my creations
Haters, my mates 

Rap can be spoken in sign language
Both animals eat words and poop spoken rhythms
Both body languages undress opinions in different approaches when speaking crises
Poetry's violent approach comes from humans who speak to teach
My poetry likes the anxiety of a beat

I hate material rap haters
I intend to seed Africa’s womb with baby words to grow poetry in your rap choices

Art cannot be written off, long as there's soul in that flash, there's life before trash
I recently adopted a second born skin
My child is a shield blocking weakness of my bones to animal views
My meaning is behind the lens of my third eye
I wish i can share my visual thoughts in a language 
louder than the sound of a broken TV reception
Brake the eyes of stillness
I wish i can walk my words of metaphors injecting needles of knowledge
With no fear 
My missionary position
I intend to seed Africa’s womb

(c) Raymond Ngomane

Poem Details | by LJ Jackson |
Categories: abuse, addiction, body, emotions, lost love, pain, rap,

Everything You Can't Change

They say good comes to those who wait
But what if the wait is so hard it tears you apart, makes your heart stop
What if there's no light in the tunnel, no one to turn to
It's crazy how the heart can affect your whole life
Can't breathe, can't see, you're so blind
Love is patient, love is kind
It's all a lie
It eats away like a cancer at the thoughts in your mind
Distance makes the heart grow fond but time makes memories fade
They slip away, every day it's a race to get back to the place where you felt safe
Where your soul was enslaved by the one that can take away all the pain
Now you feel like you'll go insane without them right there in your face
You'd give it all to go back to that night where everything was alright
She's there by your side
Smooth skin on your lips, softest kiss
Hands on her hips, pure bliss
Now you sit alone with clenched fists as blood drips from your wrists
You're filled with shame
You must carry all the blame for everything you can't change
That's right, suppress the pain
Just shove it all down
No emotion, don't make a sound
The urge is still real, the scars will never heal
You can feel people's eyes burn holes into your skin
The battle within, you can't win
It's a disease that consumes your whole being
Warped thoughts that you've been having won't go away like magic
Defeat this tragic war
Battle on, you are a soldier
Put on that coat of armor and carry the blame no more

Poem Details | by Blake Holland |
Categories: anger, beauty, betrayal, death, deep, depression, feelings, how i feel, hurt, leaving, life, lonely, love, love hurts, music, rap,

When I Die

When I die
please call the cops
don't lie
then put my body on some hot rocks.
play 2Pac
over my block 
to honor me
then spread my ashes across the Black Sea.
My life of sin
will be over
when the train pulls in
life will be on my shoulder.
I'm in the zone
all alone.
When I'm gone
will it turn you on?
will it make you happy?
will it make you sad?
will it make you go crazy?
and will it make you mad?
When I die
don't tell my dad
he's a father that I never had,
just another face in my broken past.
The good memories
never seem to last.
Let life go on
for my son
may he never touch a gun.
I'll fly like a lightning rod
to the house of god.
This life is getting stranger
everywhere I go
I'm always in danger.
Let my soul linger on
let em' drop the bomb
let em' sing this song
learn right from wrong
smoke out of my bong
let the band play on.

When I die
will you cry?
will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Illuminati confirmed
I will lay where my homies burned.
Everything I've seen
everything I've learned.
You've turned.
I hope I still grow
after I go.
I hope my rhymes will heard
all my words
by the birds
far away
I hope I don't go like Marvin Gaye
but, it's better to burn out
than to fade away.

When I die 
will you cry?
Will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Now, I know 
I said and did a lot of things.
That I hurt you.
That's what really stings
because I know how much you tried 
to help me through.
Play those strings.
All my love
all the hard times
all these rhymes
and those crimes.
Your my dove
my first true love.
You will always be in my heart
I made the teardrops start.
All my art
walking after dark
my fiction is stark.

When I die
will you cry?
Will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Don't reject
my respect 
for the dead
or I'll pump your guts full of lead.
You will see a lot of red.
I'm a thug
when I'm holdin' a slug.
If I catch wind
of you harming my friend 
it will be your end.
Enough said.

When I die
will you cry?
Will you try
to lie
about the way I died?
Will you honor my pride?

Poem Details | by Keith Teaser |
Categories: angel, emotions, funny love, girl, rap, song,

Could this be a RAP

I thought I would do a Rhyme in Rap.
Even though I find that kind of music Crap.
I am just a normal type of guy.
I wont forever ever lie.
Because that's not who I am.
I am a one woman man.
I have brown hair and deep blue eyes.
What you get with me is the beauty inside.
I wont hide my life from you I will tell only the truth.
I love all life all animals especially cats.
I don't go to a gym but I walk to stay healthy.
I may not be rich but in love I am wealthy.
What you see isn't what you get.
Because I am so much better than that.
I will rock your world because a boat is small..
While some may give you some?
I will always give you my all.
Life will be so much fun.
your back will never be against a wall.
For you my love I will always be on the ball.
You always take my breath away.
Make my heart pound faster.
Your the only oneI will always run after.
You are the goddess the queen of my life.
Maybe that's why so many men want you as a wife.
Your kisses are like heaven.
You are an angel without wings.
God made you to be all of the things.
That men want to cherish to honour to love.

Poem Details | by Shawn Tan |
Categories: cheer up, dedication, devotion, dream, emotions, feelings, first love, for her, future, girl, girlfriend, happiness, happy, hip hop, i love you, joy, life, love, love hurts, miss you, missing you, paradise, rap, romance, romantic, sad, sad love, soldier, song, true love,

Soldier of Pain

In the beginning before you, there was only the desolate darkness.
Just like in the Bible, two people were created for each other.
The creation of a beautiful paradise just for you and I.
To spend our precious time together in lovely bliss forever high.
The only differences are that it ain't called Eden, I'm not Adam, you're not Eve.
And a place where evil cannot enter to taint your pure and jovial soul.
So worry not about the evil snake because I'm there to fend it off.
Your safety and sanity are my utmost priority for eternity.
God gave me full responsibility to ensure this world does not fall into calamity.
I shall share all the burden that you carry so that you can be happy.
To ensure that you and I can sustain our dream to be happy together.
Because only when you're happy then can that dream truly become our future.
For this is my holy duty as your soldier of pain.

This is a slightly modified verse from a rap I wrote (under the same title of this poem/verse) dedicated to my clinically depressed ex-girlfriend whom I loved dearly to cheer her up but ultimately made her feel worse for some reason and she broke up with meThe verse is about me trying my absolute best to protect my ex from all the pain or sadness that she may be susceptible to due to her depression as making her happy was one of my promises to her, which I failed to honor...

I'm not here for sympathy but I'm posting it here so that at least someone else can read it and hopefully enjoy it:-) 

Oh and it's not meant to be religious either since both of us are not, I just used the Bible as an inspiration for this verse.

Poem Details | by Funom Makama |
Categories: love, rap, romance, romantic,

Rapping My Desires Of You

The pleasant words of your possessive powers I rap. My adoration of you comes like a flap which unleashes so many bubbles of my love and care. Offer me your lap so that I lie my head in a sleep of romance and dream of my journey to your heart, during my nap. No matter how difficult you make it I'll go through cos I hold the map. Don't worry about the distance between our hearts I'll close the gap and not even a family member will fit my cap. Blood may be thicker than water not pap. You are worthy to sap from the trunk of my good virtues and let our skins meet so that the current of your want I can tap. Please don't ignore my desires b'cos it'll be a devastating slap.

Poem Details | by Alaska Brant |
Categories: angel, baby, children, children, future, love, rap,

Baby Rap

You are my little one
Roasting me like an oven
A freshly baking bun
Making me a mother hen
I lay you as my egg, hatch
Make you go ‘peep, peep’
Your papa is my love match
Raisin’ you ain’t cheap
Baa baa black sheep
Now it’s time to sing you to sleep
I’m gonna sing you a nursery rhyme
Cause it is your bed time
Gives you kisses sweeter than sweet lime
Sing to you til my voice cracks
We a family, we run in a pack
You are the center, we will protect
Anyone disturbs you, they get decked
We raise you in a way that is correct
Up to the utmost respect
Like a little lady (or gentleman)
You as a baby, on the Gerber plan
We got a dream house with a floor plan
You are part of our master plan,
Protecting you with everything we can
Everything we have, its yours
Even when you still crawlin’ on all fours
Your daddy’s reason for the Army corps
You a little soldier, boy or girl,
You gonna one day see the world
But for now your daddy’s little girl
For now your mama’s little pearl
But for now you is a mama’s boy
Straighten up like a soldier, toy,
Creating mischief, you’re very coy
Like a fox you be runnin’ sly
Around strangers, you be hidin’, shy
Until at night when the moon is high
And to the world you wave bye-bye
As I sing you tonight’s last lullaby…

Poem Details | by Alaska Brant |
Categories: love, rap,

Fighting for Love

We go together like chocolate and nutter, Reeses
though we are from two different worlds, species
Young mixed of us become lil beasties
We slaughter anyone who stands in our way, deceased
and we can just claim they died naturally, diseased
We can be so scary, so feared, that there are no more teases
Then we're finally free to run around like its recess.
We go together like a fox in a hole.
We're tied together by our souls,
knowing our love can never be sold,
two lovers have never been so bold,
onto each other we'll forever hold.
Our love is greater than the price of gold
by your voice I shall always be lulled,
never to feel our hearts grow cold,
instead growing stronger with each annual,
toughening up each passing year.
Haters couldn't tear us apart if they dared
couldn't even find our secret lair,
though they might check here and there,
checkin' up and down the stairs,
up those stairs where we sleep in the bare.
Sleepin' and lovin' in the nude
doin' things one might think was crude,
things between a bitch and her dude,
love between a lady and her man,
cause baby I'm about to rock your world

Poem Details | by Shawn Tan |
Categories: emotions, faith, feelings, first love, for her, forgiveness, girl, girlfriend, heartbreak, heartbroken, hip hop, hope, how i feel, i love you, lost love, love, love hurts, pain, rap, relationship, romance, sad love, song, sorrow, true love,

The Promise

Fast forward to the mysterious gift known as the present.
I finally accepted her into my monotonous life's content.
I thought my knowledge of survival made me super duper clever.
But even the cleverest has flaws that can make em ever wiser.
Acknowledging it is good but patching it up is even better.
Through her them flaws got exposed like there's no tomorrow.
But as it showed, I didn't anticipate it would bring her so much sorrow.
The amount of pain I brought can only be reconciled by the power of time.
I made a promise that I’ll never leave her for anyone else for a lifetime.
No matter how short we’ve only been together as partners in crime.
I intend to keep that promise regardless of the challenges that may chime!
So baby, I’ll be right here waiting for you through rain or shine.

Author's notes
This is extracted from a verse from another rap I wrote under a different name, the intent of it however, is much like the Soldier of Pain poem I posted

Hope you guys enjoy it:)

Poem Details | by Ewatomi Bolutife |
Categories: beauty, desire, funny love, green, hip hop, rap, romance,


That kinda morning
Just outta bed and yawning
Had a cold night that got me snoring 
It really seemed interesting
Got down on my kneels and 
yea dats me praying

Walking out to the field for my morning jogging
Caught this dishy dude, somewhere behind me staring
Came up to me, 
And like hey girl how’re you doing
Ignored him like I don’t care 
And was just minding my doing

Hours later I caught myself up drooling
Not knowing what was happening, 
I heard my heart pounding
What have you done to me doodie,
cos of ya I’m going crazy

Come save me boy, 
cos of u I’m curled up shaking
So caught up in ur love, 
hey see me here drowning

I’m going head over heels
And do u know what that feels
Dude lets make a real deal
I’ll sure seal up all ur ideals 
I’ll show you v got the right skills
Then u’ll know I ain’t need no drills

Cos I got much love
Inherited from above
Ama show you here I’m the boss 
Hell no u can’t kill my runs
and if u try, u r gonna run at loss

   {can go on n on, but hey i hope u feel my rap::: just playing around with words}

Poem Details | by solowiz akpan |
Categories: inspiration, life, love, rap, spoken word, wisdom,

stay close

stay close
Dear the world is evil,
its funny how humans turn to be the devil,
i try to smile with a everyone i come across and be civil,
but don't trust them cause they will deceive you,

lets try to stay close 
cause i cant afford to lose you,
grip your hands tighten to mine and promise we would never let them loose 
and drip away like the waters,
lets stay close,the world is cold 
and together we generate stronger heat as a fold,
even if we grow old, we will still be bold,
cause true love is worth more than gold,
am not just rhyming but i want this story of love and togetherness be told.

Poem Details | by Gaurav Sharma |
Categories: loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, miss you, missing you, race, rap, religion, rights, rude,



Poem Details | by Trevor Pitts |
Categories: lovebaby, baby, love,

Lovely Rap lol

Im with you, I get a rush
You leave, I get crushed
Cant wait to see whats in store for us

We have a future of learning
Lot of love to be earning
Its you, you got my heart turning

All ways, different directions
You plus me, in gods protection
Stand up now, if you got an objection

I think it's love, dont try an stop us
No need to impress
Through this life we'll progress

We'll hold true
Things we never knew
Not as one But Two

Love I never knew
A beginning so true
Lets make our debut

Kiss me, I feel high
Hug me, dont question why
Without you I'd die

One more time, Let me tell you this
I need your love I need your kiss
Never will I miss

Forever and only, baby I love you
What you going to do
Say it back, Ha baby I already knew ;))

Poem Details | by jonny sance |
Categories: first love, judgement, life, love, lust, rap, thanks,

diet coke

love is a drug
its a down and a high is lust
love is to chill out
lust has styles
if love is to savour
lust is to pizazz the flavor
ya'll fronting like you know better

wRAP the flow like so : its a down and a highand a high is lust

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh |
Categories: allusion, analogy, emo, love,

RAP out of it

If iniquity is in your head
Far away it should be instead
Of all the Joseph's looking for a manger
You are the one in great danger
As the guilt of sin plays on your mind
Participation will safe human kind.

Poem Details | by Wonder Bred |
Categories: feelings, film, hip hop, love, music, rap, spiritual,

Salt Lake Expression

I wrote this on the Salt Lake Express, enjoy.

Salt Lake Expression 

I just got my phone and im travelling home 
I havent been rappin since the age of de la soul
But i happen to imagine the things i dont know 
Its all about where you are, however you go

My jedi mind is tricked out, 
opposite of KISS- i lick it down, 
i am about to be around, 
instantly syncing experience into the sound, so listen now...

Whatever I sample, 
its all too hot to handle, 
i dissipate stress within damsels, 
what's jack and a candlestick without a candle? 
I describe inside my mind simply when i ramble

The rise and fall is epic like that of the Berlin wall, 
hungry cows just in for the green, im herding you all, 
transmitting transitions went from winter to fall, 
this tale you're listening to is legitimate, it isn't tall.

Im like Rafiki just seeking to speak with the king,
i ford rivers to Mordor to find the Lord of the Ring, 
this isn't a hobbit talking but when i walk i sing, 
playing the harp with heart strings, 
hark the lion king 
versus shot in the dark, bark, then endangering, 
i dine with fine eats at a Chinese restaurant called Ming's, 
before the crack im born to rap, let the liberty bell ring.

Crazier than Nicolas cage, 
i face the machine with rage, 
i speak on street corners, concrete is my stage, 
I'm going to flee to Indonesia seeking to speak with a sage

Gourmet food for thought is about to blast off, 
get on this hip hop or listen to Slim and kick rocks in flip flops, 
this is not a shot in the dark or a walk in the park, 
im a man ready on his mark to rock steady like Bob 
and drop heavy as wonder bred never forget that's who brought...

...This to you, get in-tuned 
it's not on your radio so plug in your ipod, 
im not a rhyme god, but I've got my lines off 
like Joseph is how my coat is, mad colors, 
i think the big government is actually a bad brother, 
im blessed since I have my mother, 
and we all are cause we have each other 

Poem Details | by Jasmine Khurana |
Categories: death, desire, heartbroken, hope, love, pain, rap,

Deliver Me

How strange it be
All this sin and synergy
A soul to give
A body to live
And for what, are you kidding me?
Feed off my heart
Feed off my pain 
I'm insane but I'm sane
I'm still waiting for Death to deliver me
Thought I had it right
But love and hate are the same
We all fall to rise
But you rise to fall
Remember me when I'm gone
Comb your hair, learn to crawl
End this hope, end it all.

Poem Details | by Naddy Zahari |
Categories: devotion, funny, girlfriend, love, rap, stress, travel,


Help me let you let me in
because I can’t deal with the acid rain
that is pouring through your brain.
It is causing too much chaos and strain.
How long shall this matter remain? 

Seriously, we need no Jane 
in the middle lane 
to act like a membrane,
to channel our overpowering emotions
down the drain,

Can you please explain 
why are you radiating cold disdain,
Don’t tell me our love is in vain!
Or do you find pleasure in pain? 

Forget the train,
let’s fly off to Spain
before I go insane!

Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: brother, faith, forgiveness, friendship, hope, life, love, passion, sister, son, song-visionarygod, god, love, me,

Sabbath Morning Rap sequence 1

Learn not too late to halt the hate,
Bound to be ground in the dust of disgust
We're pierced and fierce, fulla rings and things
We're blued and tatooed and God is booed.

Crude dudes are misconstrued
with actions vulgar,vile and lewd.
We're found down ground in sound,
totally tatooed in terrible taste,
in a mindless race for the loudest base.

Hate to dis your myth but God exists,
'Tis a truth deduced by the less obtuse,
You understand He did become man
For His love of us all because of the fall.

He suffered and died being crucified,
He pulled His people from the pains of hell
and rose from the dead He's alive and well,
I tell you no lie He's got no rival,
It's right there written in the holy Bible.

He arose to heaven so to send the Spirit
to His brothers and sisters who wished to hear it,
He said I leave you my Love I leave you my all
but you gotta say yes to heed my call.

Don't follow the world that ain't the place,
You want to be with Me when you finish this race,
Orphans you're not  you have been taught,
I will help you find Me if I'm sought.

Poem Details | by jonny sance |
Categories: halloween, happiness, how i feel, joy, love, rap, romantic,


First there was fireworks
then there was stars
couldn't think of anything else
but her smilestars struck stars
and all I can see is the
glow of her beauty;
with rain instead of sunshine
it was all so divine

rhyme scheme: abcbdeff                  date submitted: 7/30/16

Poem Details | by Olumuyiwa Onaf |
Categories: abuse, africa, allah, america, black african american, christian, love,

Intent was Rap

Divinity all empowers me for some dignity 
Through this course of life so to have an entity 
Power flow through my veins ,black faced
Melanin  at its best, perceived as a beast ,
hair puffs and cushioned 
But possesses white finger nails,
Call that race
Feels safe but not , something I call 
Chaotic tranquillity.
Calls from here and there 
All from my clan 
For purpose in unity to the grand plan 
All summed up to make up the planet...
Round and round the earth feels
Yet , it's a 
Chaotic tranquillity 

Man live then die
Life and death seems like the price 
For Earthly experience
 So we cry into the world 
But we being cried for 
When we leave 
An entity painted 
A life lived, good or bad but lived
Chaotic tranquillity 

The serenity all set for all race 
But isn't it awkward when races, race with each other 
Battle of an unknown cause but a major curse, through this course 
Of living, so to keep the pulse
 But forces 
Bent on keeping the world a 
Chaotic Tranquillity.......

We all got Vices 
I mean you, you and yeah you! And me.
It's a Vice city 
Humans Co-habitate
And it's humanly
 wrongs, right 
    We either turn left or right on this Journey 
But we choose to go straight 
With a luxurious sweet heart ride, 
Called Hope.
It's just a goalFaith winning
Faith in the Divine
Still division in religion 
Chaotic tranquillity legion 

Blue skies Sunny villa 
My family my first nation 
Loves spread across 
And yeah we got ventilation 
 World my neighbour cos I love her  
As myself
A rule by the Maker 
Now we got laws 
Cos we break rules 
For the world needs to recognise 
We need love driving us forth 
 Paddling with care 
And accelerating into one'ness !
Bit by bit 
For its still 
Chaotic tranquillity.......

Poem Details | by khadeejeh roberts |
Categories: break up, conflict, emotions, lost love, rap, song, time,

Time rap song

Ch: We have no time/ all the good times left behind/ Time’s not on our side/ no matter how hard we try/ we’re out of fight/ we’re just out of time/

V1: one last time/ one more chance/ we used to be our biggest fans/ at first it was the best romance/ but everything started to fizzle/ the spicy-ness that used to sizzle/ all now just feels artificial/ our texts became less/ our minds got more stressed/ adoration for each other didn’t get a chance to progress/

Hk: We try to keep it together/ we hope that things will get better/ we lie to keep ourselves going/ we can’t stop each other from knowing/

Ch: We have no time/ all the good times left behind/ Time’s not on our side/ no matter how hard we try/ we’re  out of fight/ we’re just out of time/

V2: We became so distant/ never had time to just talk and listen/ our lives got filled with being busy/ days, weeks, months gone by so quickly/ we try to be good to each other/ try to be there and fight hard for one another/ but other priorities came first so easily/ we pushed back our own wants and needs/ our dreams wanted to stay whole/ but we got broken free/ We’ll remain friends and maybe in time we can/ but we guess right now it’s not meant to be/

Hk: We try to keep it together/ we hope that things will get better/ we lie to keep ourselves going/ we can’t stop each other from knowing/

Ch: We have no time/ all the good times left behind/ time’s not on our side/ no matter how hard we try/ we’re out of fight/ we’re just out of time/

Dedicated to my best friend.

Poem Details | by Travis Flasnick |
Categories: art, black african american, dedication, happiness, husband, life, lost love, love, music, people, son, song-uplifting, urban, wife

Sweet Rap

I'm gonna speak my mind, I'm gonna talk loud.
I want you to come with me, and the rest of your hot crowd.

Excuse-me-ladies, come over, and take a sip.
Please-be-with-me, I'm well equipped in the hips.

I've dreamed of you, since the day I could crawl.
Dropped my jaw, when I saw, y'all, tall, in the hall.

So, sit back, relax, on the bench, I'm the coach.
As I move close, start to make my approach.

When I look in your eyes, I can't explain how I feel.
For real, chill, in your beauty, time sits still.

I would swim the across the seas, just to get one sight.
Of all your beauty, Cutie, and to kiss you goodnight.

Drop, and hop, right over the winning team.
Cause, U without me, is like strawberries, without cream.

Just remember one thing, before my rap quit.
My name is T Rabbit and I'm your number one pick!

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, lovedeath, death, life, love, power,

"God's Bad Rap"

Love is Christianity not religion
Religion is devised of mind mischief!

Love dwells not religiously in a mind of mischief
But a mind swells religiously in it’s mischief!

So renew the mind to be Love’s kind
Dwell not religiously in the mind!

Folks, Love is all the reality there is
Not of ego of mind’s show biz!

Temporal lessons of life a quiz
To teach your mind where your Love is!

Your mind displays your tree of death
And by it’s tongue accomplishes it’s quest!

Speak now or forever hold your peace
Good advice, first determine your yeast!

Is it religion or is it Love
Of the mind or of a heart of Love!

There is no power but of God’s Love............................................(c Ro13:1)(I john 4:8)
Love, the power of your choice, death or life!............................(c Deut30:19)(Pr18:21)

Without the very mercies of Love
Humanity never would rise above!

The being of choice, life or death
Every human being has voice of choice!

Foolish to blame a God who is Love
For the death of your very own voice!