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Love Poems About Quintella or Quintella Love Poems

Quintella love poems and/or love poems about Quintella. Read, share, and enjoy these Quintella love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Quintella Poems.

Poem Details | by Greg Gaul |
Categories: adventure, allegory, analogy, death, destiny, dream, philosophy,


Little droplet
your time is near,
never fear,
be part of it.

Fall into the great ocean
your conscious way,
unconscious stay,
Nature's final notion.

Lean back
let it go,
it happens so,
embrace the black.

Droplet make a tiny splash.
Whisper in your Bardo ear,
till you're no longer here,
and flesh turns to simple ash.

So sleep little droplet,
how sweet the dew.
To love it and live it
and to start anew.

Poem Details | by Heather Ober |
Categories: beauty, nature,

Caught in the Sun

Where dawn is born and clouds are spun
To clothe the sky in golden lace,
The sea ignites as currents chase
Soft morning light that's just begun  
To wake our love, caught in the sun. 

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: love, passion,

Tasting Bliss

"Tasting Bliss" a tender touch ignites romance fluttering flames create love dance gentle caresses, tasting bliss, intoxicates juice of sweet kiss as hearts entwine, hypnotic trance. *For Andrea's Catch Phrase, Dazzle Me Contest. *Dec. 22, 2012.

Poem Details | by Sharon Ruebel |
Categories: losslove,

Sweet Valentine

I wish you love my valentine

  I wish once more that you were mine

    Gone are the days when you did care

        Gone is the love that we once shared

            For you I pine sweet Valentine...

Poem Details | by Shadow Hamilton |
Categories: love, war,


She stood there on the balcony
watching him riding off to war
her heart was full of mutiny
crushed she held onto the bar
there would be no matrimony

Juliet was full of acrimony
hating the powerful Tsar
far away the cacophony
the sound of the battle of war
drifting up to the balcony

Juliet waited for his pony
hearing distantly his sitar
his voice singing songs so corny
she ran to him down the sandbar
now there could be matrimony

written 02/13/2014
contest: Juliet

my first Quintella I hope I got the form right

Poem Details | by Esson Alumbugu |
Categories: love, tree, tree,


You did move Cupid's 
practiced hand
By what vile means or flip of 
To strike my heart a 
poisoned blow
And bid this painful ulcer 

Like bird from tree to tree I 
To skip the toil within your 
And maybe find a potent cure
To life of fish before a lure.

If only you would hear my 
And drain this magic out of 
I'd grab a trident and a 
And be to you a vengeful 

They say you smuggled 
something dark
By food or drink to slave 
my heart
And force me play this 
shameful part
Of dog to its own mother 

Poem Details | by Cheryl Koko Koomoa |
Categories: anger, desire, first love, heart, love,

A Single Red Rose

Dreaming of Him.....

Lulled into peaceful dreams
Lightly wafting loves sweet schemes
As a feather flits upon silken breeze
Passion's flight, he owns the keys

The Kiss........

Lips melded in desire
lighting hearts and souls on fire
fully ripe, and velvet to touch
receives the love she wants so much

Love Gives

He wants to take her there
with passions strong and love so fair
Abandoned now to his embraces
Satiated secret places

Love Awakens

Before the dawn of first sunlight
Fearing so, her lover's flight
Upon her pillow.. one special red rose
To remind her of the love she knows

By Cheryl Koomoa
© 2009 Cheryl Koomoa (All rights reserved)

Poem Details | by Charles Henderson |
Categories: people

Nanny 004

We like for Nanny to make us PBJ
And minto cheese samiches....ummm
She cuts off the edges, they just go away
She even gives baby bubba some
I love my Nanny more every day

© Mar 30 2010

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: life, lost love, social


You said your, heart and love, was mine.
I know now, that was just a line.
Since you stole my adorations,
Along with all my possessions,
From now on, you are known as swine.

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: angel, beauty, girl, me,

Tasting Bliss

You may not love me that's okay
A Taste of you would make my day
Others will never know this bliss
You bless me with an angel kiss
Then swiftly turn and fly away

A Catch-Phrase Dazzeler Poetry Contest
1st attempt at a Quintella

Poem Details | by Sidney Beck |
Categories: me,



Her   bright  face  perfect   here  floating
Always  thru  the  window darkling
Face   to  face like true friend would 
My   troubles  by her understood
Around  me  constantly, unchanging.  

Sometimes  lost  in  daylight  loud
Or soft  light  dimmed with  viewless  cloud
Companion  with  me  as  I      move
Never   did   her  love    remove                   
Strength   in  my  dark,   never  bowed.    

Poem Details | by Bernard Chan |
Categories: fear, leaving, light, sad, sky, soldier, war,

Beneath A Patchwork Sky

Soar over black earth birds won’t dare,
But flocks of bullets streak the air.
When rains on spring horizons loom,
Wreaths of shrapnel shall be in bloom.
Where I’m going, gods shall despair.

Wraiths of smoke will usurp the sky,
Mottle light where clouds nestled high,
Clods feud-flung into vaulting flights,
Soil memories of long-gone kites,
Smear winds by dandelions plied.

Where blood and sympathy are shed,
And in vain love with hatred pled,
I’ll serve a purpose no one knows,
When we march beneath burning coals
By a long patchwork sunset bled.

Poem Details | by Timothy Abegunde |
Categories: life, religion, creation, day,

The New Creation

The new creation is innocent
In him we find no recent
He is free in heart
Freely he gives the lord space to act.

The new creation is humble
In him no traces was found that cause trouble
He loves his new love
The incomparable love from above.

The new creation longs for Christ
In him we found no strength
He takes no step all by himself
For in his weakness, Christ’s  strength surfaces.

The new breed is new indeed
No past to review silently or aloud
He experiences Christ ‘s justification
…to be renew day after day  until perfection.

Poem Details | by John Collins |
Categories: sad love,

Hidden Pains

The tear-drops fall off her nose,
when she finds herself alone,
She cries out where nobody goes,
her feelings remain unknown. 

But her wet eyes tell me a story,
of being in solitude and pain;
I can read her eyes, and memory,
glares inside again and again. 

Never shows the scars of her past,
hidden under the thin clothes;
The ?artificial smiles often overcast,
her pains that nobody knows.

But do not think that she's happy, 
just look again into her eyes;
Broken to pieces, looks so snappy,
she's now a master of disguise. 

Poem Details | by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: desire, joy, love, night,

My Valentine - Valentine's Collection

(Valentine's Collection)


You are my joy, my Valentine,
my nightly star shining so bright,
you are the dream, forever shine,
oh, precious dream, my shining light,
my sweet divine throughout the night.

Angelic grace, I love you, dear,
my river flows into your core,
love grows stronger from year to year,
I am with the one I adore,
as together we walk love's shore.


Poem Details | by charles messina |
Categories: lost love,

She Left Me

I can't hard I've tried 
How far, I've be denied 
One hundred miles, I rode that train 
Upon those tracks, in pouring rain 
I could not cork my tears; I cried 

Five Word Challenge 
Sponsor: Beth Evans 

Poem Details | by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, christian, devotion, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,


God, the voice of Scriptures’ command
     Moves my service* with love-demand

          Along His mercy’s prodding drive 

               For me to do my best and strive

                    Along holiness-reprimand.

*Ephesians 6:7 With good will doing service, as to the Lord…

May 30, 2019

Poem Details | by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: christmas, humor,

Life Is Not Only an Unfair Exclamation Point

It is a week before Christmas,
And I recline in my desk blue chair;
Bursting with words
That matter to you,
And hoping that that’s very fair.

For I know that you have your moods, too,
I hope that your girlfriend (or “boy--”) cares
And gives you the gift 
That speaks “I Do,”
Then away flies your “Life is unfair!”

Where kisses are free, and you save one for me,
I’d love to taste some of that honey,
Then Christmas would be sweet, 
And the sun for you peek,
I’ll remember then it’s not all about money.