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Poem Details | by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: desire, dream, love, night, passion,

We Dance Within The Midnight Hours - Valentine's Collection

(Valentine's Collection)


my Valentine, our temples entwine in the dance of midnight hours
beloved, you shine in golden pleasure before my eyes
our shadows dance upon the wall as body temperature rises
temples perspiring as we dance to the song our hearts now sing
oh, gentle grace, your golden light does fill my very core
we rise and fall in adoration before Luna's light
Flooding through the open window, her light touching our souls
my starlit treasure, we shall dance into passion's thrall
together, forever, in our paradise of joy
my beloved, our love painted on the wall, painted by Luna's light
I shall ever hold you close within my loving arms
With tender grace, your hand in mine, we'll walk God's timeless sea
each night, within midnight hours, precious love we shall share
two shadows dancing on the wall as temple's sing love's praise


Poem Details | by harry horsman |
Categories: love hurts,



Breaking shackles of restraint
Is love the lost key?
Heart opened?


I gave away tomorrow
So you have today?
This in lieu?


The clock on the wall ticks on
Yet my heart does not?
Sick of life?

© Harry J Horsman  2014

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, feelings, flower, life, love, woman,


EFFUSED ENCOUNTER Neither a dream nor a trick, I beguiled-- I reach the sky enameled with golden smile. To hurdle bumps and curves, I continue to pedal this steadfast being yearn to step on a pedestal, I found at the center of a fertile square mile. Train piercing thorns didn't blind eyes to behold, a sunrise stored to each and every intricate fold. Some jasmine fragrance afloat-- satiates my smell lost hope resurrect to impregnate a lifetime tale as fragile attached hearts trying to enfold, The autumn trumpet hues a runner-up palette to your summer vibrant colors ballet, eyes wander feast on your swells of panache. My fingers drown to trace river edges bends, posh-- enthralled, above moon bowed shedding candle sprays. Open secret scents, you effused stirred plague of souls, the tempted sirens in one sang a victor goal. The listening wind hush and blows the beats swaying leaves to dance in left to right fleet. Catalyzed by the sun rising daily at morn call, I am inspired to traverse every norms' womb. By your petals slow zoom, I find myself in chorus bloom. Rooms of my mind open to hundred ocean thoughts which soon aims to recite it's symphonic notes, I..compelled to nectar strings of burst abloom. Goodness! War and peace didn't wilt our affair eversince Zion answered every whispered prayer. My experiences with you are pearls, dearest flower, consent me then to carry and share them 'til forever, as here on garden earth, I meet you as my soul pair. © 4:44 am; November 25, 2014 ___________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------- No crossNo trialNot even a dark storm will stop me to climb the highest mountain if there-- a sublime beauty awaits for me.From tattered highways to plain narrow roads, I will stroll alike-- a fearless lion roaring regal With sunbeams glowing ember above my head, I behold an Aphrodite dwelling beneath a labyrinth fold. Perfumed fragrance rides the swaying breeze-- luring my hunger to taste some loveI, like the Aurora, rise in wonder. Oh! This sojourner's sight is arrested to your splendor. In a blue skied ambiance, will you care to surrender? The autumn leaves are like free-falling birds from maple-trees pretty,but a runner-up to summery hues you play. Big brown eyes meander feast on your petals of panache-- my fingers slowly prom to outline your edgesI, charmed, as even the mystique moon curves, casting some dim light sprays. Hours passed yonder am held captive by the spell from you Belle. so enthused, the reflections, I have zoom as I dispel castle dreams that draws a happily ever after tales. The apex now I reached - a diva I am as I sing rhapsodizing sweet the Nirvana I happened to see. I thank God that the world wars didn't bobble this encounter True..the years may ebb but this I will always remember. Dearest flower, my experience with you is priceless, consent me then to apportion this until forever in this Eden Earth that only you~ Belle is my soul pair. ________________________________________________________________ Sponsor Roy Jerden Contest Name The Makeover ---Placed 2nd--- ©O.EGuillermo 7:28 pm; March 11, 2015 *** Note: the original in the form of quintella the new one in iambic heptameter or quatorzain.

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: adventure, allegory, day, friendship, happiness, love, peace, sympathy, tree,

Echoes of The Heart

Brows  from the west wind, clinch and glint abreast.
Bracelet she wears,rocks rhythm to country's souls.
Her coloured oval Lips subtle the thought
That she braises when it comes to domestics.

Her subdue touch and crutch are her good sorts.
Echoes of the heart, the chance that chest should date
With no vowel vague; and apprehensive to many.
Lo and behold certified and satisfactory core.

When we she built up beauty with peace
Our hearts long for day by day to feel and see?
Despite giant writes and intact punchy speeches,
Yet her dumb and deaf jokers move no inch.
When will her peaceful procreations procreate peace?
When will are heterogeneous veins vaunt brotherhood?
When will her crowns suffice  apartheid recurrences?
Or peace will dwell after the extinct of all her utterances?

Entered into: Gail Angel 
Doyle's "Echoes of The Heart" Contest.





Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: love,

A song of songs

on the verge of love,
mutual discovery unveiled
in their secret world;
lips to lips ,sealed,
hearts in passion pound
ardour's whispers sound;
need unchains desire,
pleasure's fever fans a fire,
each flame thrusting higher;
in duet's crescendo choir
realisation exceeds hope,
promise, with trust elope;

enchantment metamorphose
as love,sublime,grows 

a quatorzain is a stanza or poem of fourteen lines

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: death, lost love,

Love You So Much

Is there something you want to tell me my love?
Because I have some things I need to say to you.
I thought we had forever that we would grow old,
Together, and be looking back on a wonderful life.

I am so angry with you and I want to yell at you.
Why did you not listen to me that cold snowy day?
But no, you just laughed at me and left in a storm,
I was still sleeping and the telephone was ringing.

Ringing and ringing and ringing then I answered.
Now I stand at your tomb and all we had is gone.
Your handsome face will haunt my every moment,
And I want you to tell me why you left that day.

Why did you choose to throw our life together away?
I am so angry with you and I love you so much.

June 28, 2015


Written by Broken Wings

For the contest, Is There Something You Want To Tell Me, sponsor, Judy Konos

First Place

Poem Details | by Tichaona Ngatiane |
Categories: lost love, me, heart, heart, hope, love, me, sleep,


The rooster crows Heralding a new dawn Yet sleep is beyond me That basic human need has deserted me Leaving me in a whirlwind of thoughts Contemplating, scheming For what else can I do? Reminiscing, remembering What else is there for me? Musing, pondering How else can I survive? When all that I ever wanted, All that I ever dreamt of Vaporized into a noxious smoke When all that ever contented me Is gone in a puff of smoke When mine nights are restless And the nightmares keep me up Where then can I get more dreams? How then can I ever hope? When I am this close to my demise When mine existence is all but useless How can I ever sleep? Without the hope of ever Holding her in my arms How can I ever dream? When the anticipation has grown cold And my future looks bleak. Why then should I sleep? When the dreams turn to nightmares How can I ever sleep? Without the hope of ever seeing her smile again Without her, Who sang me lullabies with that soporific voice Can I ever sleep? Without the hope of dreaming of her Tell me, What is love really? Memories? Recriminations and regrets? Pain? That agonizing pain? Would that I had known, Would I ever have loved? Would I ever have dreamt? Would I ever have hoped? Mine pneuma is vexed The questions never end The answers are never found And sleep is still beyond me My eyes in the darkness, Open to a beautiful vision A vision of my persecutor She whose heart I broke, She whose pain I authored The girl who I love so much She whose memory gives me no respite She whose departure has stolen my sleep, The only one who can exorcize my ghosts And bring back sanity to my heart Guess I have to live with the pain Till eternity and beyond! Guess I have to cohabit with my memories Till the very end of time Guess I have to live with the hallucinations Till she finds it in her heart to forgive me And to love me as I always will Guess I have to put up with the sleeplessness Till the emotion subsides IF IT EVER WILL! Then I will sleep!

Poem Details | by Phil Capitano |
Categories: analogy, desire, love,

My Mistress, The Sea

There is a longing to the sea
	When gazing at the glossy floor.
Time and tides roll in and out,
	Lonely waves upon distant shores.
A siren’s call from distant ports,
	Shipwrecking lips and sunset eyes.
She loves like a tempest and then
	The ghostly chill of dark goodbyes.
My creative inspiration
	Wrapped in myth and mystery,
An ode to men of fire and steel.
	My mistress the luminous sea.
Oh, what romantic tales you weave,
Sweet hope you come yet death you leave.