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Poem Details | by Sedain Sangster |
Categories: boyfriend, conflict, confusion, cry, heart, heartbreak, love hurts,

Dancing with the Devil

Dancing with the Devil
Hand we hand we danced the night away.
For I was your queen..or so you had made it seem.
But I knew the truth 
You had another lover.
You gazed upon my body but you seemed to have been staring at my soul,
For I had glanced at yours a few times and I saw that you were cold,
I was dancing with the devil.
Somehow I couldn’t allow myself to stop.
Somehow I thought I’d win this game
I then realized it was a losing battle and I was playing myself.
I was fighting for a heart that was owned by someone else.

Even though I refused to accept it I knew we’d eventually grow apart.
Why should I stay when the goal was to exchange hearts?
You give me yours and you would have mine,
The plan was that I’d love you till the end of time.
Love someone who’s already taken? Then what would be in it for me?
A heart that was already broken? And reopened scars that weren’t fully healed?

I danced with the devil.
He dragged me through hell but I still stayed.
Because I tried to convince myself that somehow he’d change.
But I was dancing with the devil… stuck in his maze.
I was dancing with the devil; playing his game.

Poem Details | by MRi.jagdish bajantri |
Categories: creation, culture, cute love,

Public hai pareshan

Public hui pershan 

Aab tak chali jo 
Baat dekh kar tumhari 
Muskan dhakan thi 
Behal puchey kaya hai 
Naam baato ka silsila 
Yaado ki ghadi waqut hai 
Registan  public hai pershan 
Kouki dil par hai tumhari jaan 

Aab na socho kaya thi baat 
Kou hui raat din ka intazar bataney appna haal public 
Hai pareshan Janey tumhara 
Dosto ki dosti yaro ka yaar 
Saab puchey kiski hai muskan 
Kaya Mai bataou tum hi do jawab public hai pareshan 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri