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Love Poems About Prose Poetry or Prose Poetry Love Poems

Prose Poetry love poems and/or love poems about Prose Poetry. Read, share, and enjoy these Prose Poetry love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Prose Poetry Poems.

Poem Details | by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: life, love, philosophy,


I asked to my father
Baba, What is life ?
He politely said to me, " Life is Duty . "

I asked to my mother
Maa, What is life ?
She said to me with smile, " Life is Responsibility . "

I asked to my teacher
Sir, What is life ?
He said to me with love, " Life is Education . "

I asked to my spiritual master
Gurujee, What is life ?
He said to me with confidence, " Life is Devotion . "

Today my son who reads in class nine
Asked me
Babai, What is life ?
I have said to him, " Dear, You are my life . "


( Father means BABA, BABAI and Mother means MAA in Bengali language .  Gurujjee means spiritual master in Indian society ) 

Poem Details | by Mustapha Mohammed |
Categories: love,


Love is like a fire
It often expires
A comfort that revives
Your tender soul alive.

A blind joy soaring
The loveless signs ignoring
It rises high with freedom's grace
To spring a blush upon your face.

Love is sweet like antique wine  
It breaks the fetters of loveless mind.
Love is loving all the time
Love is a spirit unconfined.

Love is a constant kindness
A joyful untamed madness.
Love jealous not
Or is a selfish glut.

Love is a divine quality
Expressed in purity!

Poem Details | by Doug Vinson |
Categories: love,

Love is Blind

Our fellow travelers,
What measure of trust for them?
The moment's imperfections are easily, even instinctively overlooked -
We risk for their benefit, sacrifice for their good.

Minutes stretched, the holy person spoke to all comers
As I heard love's woman,
Hanging on the pierced and tattooed man.
What did she see, he was fractional to me;
Her freely-given look demanded no return,
Love's area of the mind spreading over others.
Was it that he'd only hit her once?

The sightless mother's fingers over the face of her child
Tenderly traced that juncture of skin and hour,
Acquiring an instant in time.

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: desire, dream, love, moon, romantic, sea, sun,

Surrendered Dreaming

I knew you long before
    pursuit's intention shone,
felt you in sun's fiery warmth
       & shooting star surrender,
heard your voice on soft
  burbled whispers of sweet zephyrs
    and nectar'd songs of hummingbirds,
saw your depths of magnificence
        in sapphire ocean tides
     cresting 'neath effulgent moons
savoring breaths of crystalline
   snowflakes on crisp sea air,
I knew strength in your convictions    
   for it braved every fantasy's illusion
     acquiesced 'tween dulcet desires,
whilst the strong presence of your charms
     envelop'd every night's dreaming

Poem Details | by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: nature,

In the mood for love

Radiant beams of Aubade,
Basking brilliant aura,
Sun is in the mood......

Ramifying fragrance of florets 
And aroma of plants,
Wind is in the mood.....

Nurturing spirit into seedlings,
Blooming  plants and all mortals
Water is in the mood........

Blessing us with soulmates, pals
And little ones,
Toning the ambiance and climate,
The creator is in the mood......

Bestow upon us thy commendation
Oh lord !
Glorify us with divine crotchet !!

Written on 17/5/13
Contrast - on nature #3
Sponsor- PD A

Featured poem of the week- Dec 13th, 2015

Poem Details | by Doug Vinson |
Categories: jealousy, sad love,

The Magic Touch

That tiny mouse's bullfighter cape,
I took it from you because I couldn't bear not to.
I had to have it.

You challenged the world with it, 
and it shown in the sun as brightly as you burned.
It grew cold when I touched it,
Like a star without light or heat,
a ghost sail with no wind,
hanging limp in memory.

Poem Details | by Anwar Hussain |
Categories: confusion, depression, faith, introspection, life, lost love, lovemetaphor,

I Disappear

wake up to serendipity
ignorant and unknown
shaken and not stirred
blond can be bond

Reality, metaphor and cliche
cheesy juvenile decay
Love, care and hate
past the use by date

of fights and torment
and well deserved lament
salute to the solitary reaper
with Metallica... I disappear

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: analogy, beauty, blessing, celebration, growth, love, marriage,

Growing Old

     (And We’re Still Together, Babe)

Growing old together,
We’ve mellowed
Fine wine.
Much more
Our love
Is to refine
As we ride
The waves of passing time.

Neither sting-
Less death
Nor defeated graves
Can claim
The victory over
The sacred love that is
The essence of us:
Of our story.

The children
Came and left
And now we’re all alone:
You, me
And the dogs.

Praise God!
The children
Now in their own home!

Poem Details | by Wendell Brown |
Categories: blessing, inspirational, love, romance, wife,


If only you could see the vision
Now deeply living inside my mind
Feeling the peace which now stays
Knowing your love is only mine.

If only you could feel the passion
Which each new day is on the rise,
Then you would never worry at all
For you will never face lonely times

I truly love you deep within my heart
With a pure power that never ends
And every time I awaken to your smile
Its life essence selflessly begins

For I feel what you have given me
With the love you allow me to seize
Binds me tightly to a fervent need
To have your love always next to me.

Poem Details | by Randall Smith |
Categories: love



Never a father
But an Uncle
many times...

Plumbers Helper
Best friends
with you....

Always on an adventure....

Support Engineering
The big house
on an acre
of lawn.

All of it gone
Or given away
A lost five years

Then I re-found you
and became a
and Best friend.......Again.

Poem Details | by Jessica Kuilan |
Categories: lost love, sad, sea, time, me, me,

Last memory

Bathed by the ocean blue 
There came a thought…
And it was solely of you.
How you’d dance across the night sky
With palms and the waves, waving good bye
With hopes and lights
All lost and wandering the night
Not at all lost…
But not at all found
I’ve wandered these towns…
I’ve wandered these thoughts,
Where has the time gone by?
No longer you dance…
No longer you play…
Just sit there in the sand
By the oceans nice bay
Dream with me tonight
Dream with me of all the things we once would do
Come back to life…
Just once…
Dance with me one last time
Beside the oceans blue
Come back to life…
Give me one last memory of you

Poem Details | by Randall Smith |
Categories: love


I don't need to be Hemingway...
Or anyone else....
I am comfortable being me
In lust with you....

My poem of a man....
A warrior...
Speaks all I can say
to you....

Golden curls and red lips
So excite me....
In my dreams 
Pearls are my gift to you
As I sleep....So loving.

Poem Details | by Chittaranjan Dey |
Categories: love, romance, love,

Feel The Same My Baby

Your loveliness, Your voice, Your tone of skin, The color of your lips, The softness of your Careless beauty, All are memories etched Into my mind and soul. I suffer everyday, I love you babe. Even though so far away Alone at night When I look to the sky And think about you, Then ask myself why ? I'm in love with you. I have a picture of you Scorched in my mind Only to find you, Even in the collyrium, Lamp-black darkness. Your love surrounds me Stupendous galore. A sense of completion And overflowing pride. Feel the same my babe You are loved so much. __________________ Thank you for reading. Chitta.

Poem Details | by Jesudason Atputharajah |
Categories: blessing, cheer up, devotion, faith, heaven, joy, love,

Love so amazing,so divine

The world  needs amazing love,
The world needs surpassing love,
The world needs redeeming love,
A love that can bring healing,
A love that can bring support,
A love  that can give solace,
The love that was shown by Christ,
A love that gives it's all,
To make a better place for all,
A love that can move mountains,
A love that works wonders,
A love that is infectious,
That brings innumerable followers,
To bring heavenly joy.

Poem Details | by Paloma P |
Categories: dark, destiny, love, passion, poetry,

Quartz Glass Spaces

I love you without surmising 'why',
your passion sets pon dusky distances
betwixt & 'midst quartz glass spaces,
where scented phases astir moon glow
and impassioned fireside involvement
madly erupt above obscure air castles,
beyond a swept away briny rendezvous
of crystallized darkly essential marrow,
like wildflowers penchant for Spring
blooming 'tween summoned fiery March
snowdrifts' lashing bout ignitable flurries
amongst wind's orgasmic undressing,
farthermost indulgent sundown piques
regaling its worth with naught but those
magnificent moments in timely conception,
whence endearment yearns to be evermore

Inspired by Pablo Neruda - - Sonnet Xvii

Poem Details | by Randall Smith |
Categories: love,

Your Blue Eyes

Where does this come from....
Were we educated at some time
And forgotten...
No.. we weren't....

We were royalty of a kind....
Welsh and proud... 
Roman blood we had in us...
From time long past...

Pagan...Yes we were
And proud of the past
But we lost our future 
to churches Lust.

But I have to say
to this very day....
That my mothers song
Fills my every day...

To be happy...and smile and sing
Is my legacy...from times
When we danced at the
Full moon...

Never to think of the past
But feel what is before us....
And sing....As there is
Nothing more important
Than the sunrise....
In a meadow...
On a hill.....

Poem Details | by John Streeter |
Categories: love

Innocent Seduction

I could tell by that look in your Eye's! for tonight I plan a surprise!!. Innocent
Moment has arise, if only just for tonight!. As we share a drink, "a slow dance
would be nice".
    Even better, let me rub your body down with small cube's of "Iced". Beautiful
as you are, lying across my bed, half naked and smelling real lustfully-sweet, the
touching of our lip's brings about pre-ecstacy, we can both since intamacy, "the best 
is yes to be". Lucky seven as I roll out my dice. O"Yes, "Innocent Moment of Seduc-
tion", tonight is part of the plan. So relax my love, you're the main ingredient, your 
eye's say, "You do Understand".

Poem Details | by Edward Ford |
Categories: introspection


Love can make the most brilliant mind
Into that of a babbling idiot
Intellect and equations flee
The neat and ordered becomes chaos
Butterfly’s in the stomach
Cat gets your tongue
All your studies of nature
Made no mention of this
Trying to figure it out is a waste of time
The conclusion is harsh
And very simple,
Love just is.

Poem Details | by Jacob Welch |
Categories: for her, forgiveness, friendship, longing, love, romance, true love,

A Perfect Love

I never claimed to be perfect,
and yet she wished it so.

An unspoken promise
to which I never agreed;

And now she knows
that unrequited part of me
that took a lifetime to overcome;

And now she sees
with eyes wide open
that I chose to return;

An unspoken promise to her,
now realized:

I never claimed to be perfect,
and now she knows it’s true.

Poem Details | by Wendell Brown |
Categories: blessing, devotion, i love you, love, romantic, wife,


You love me and I know its genuine
I try to understand the reason why
I only know that you truly love me
For its shows deep within your eyes

And I marvel at the reaction I see
When you hear the sound of my voice
As I try at this moment to reason
Why I became your only choice

I feel how your voice always changes
Once you know it’s me on the other end
And I marvel I can really hear your smile
Coming to life as your love creeps in

I am confident you really love me
And truly blessed that you really do
But I’ll let you in on a little secret
I really love you that same way too!

Poem Details | by Eduardo Martin Castro Jr |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, relationship, romance, romantic, roses are red,

Please Don't Cry Love

Please don't cry, Cause I'm not leaving your side. Wipe all the tears away, Cause I'm still by your side. Till the day we die, You don't have to hide your beauty. Cause you are always beautiful in my own eyes, No matter what people think. Your beauty is one of kind, Just like a rainbow rose. But 10x more beautiful, I know you have a lot of pain. But baby you are to damn beautiful to have all that pain, Wipe those tears away. Just take my hand, And let's fly far away.

Poem Details | by Terence Msuku |
Categories: love, true love,

Natural love

Natural love
Love cooked over a wood-fire
Smoky, smoked, well-preserved love
Well-worn love that fits just right
Like an old leather jacket
Love with wrinkles and smiling lines
Freckles and blackheads
Love with all kinds of kinks and twists
Love that writes love-letters in blue ink
Love so enduring it has callouses
Hard-working love
Love on vinyl, the gramophone kind
Love with no expiry date
No warranty required
Love that embraces the tedium of life
Slow-brewed love that numbs the aches and pains of life
(The elixir)
Love that flows from an infinite source
Natural love

Poem Details | by John Castellenas |
Categories: blessing, children, devotion, love,

Butterfly kisses

Butterfly kisses

Once my baby girl,
once my world.

We had Summer days at the beach, wandered all the parks near when the days were warm, we shared the first day of school and I waited a thousand day at the bus-stop for you.

I learn love when you came into my world,
daddy's little girl grow-up and they know.
Always a safe place in their father's eyes and home.

I remember your butterfly kisses and your smile of gold.
You made my world more wonderful and I am thankful,
for my little girl, now strong woman.

I love you my little one.

Poem Details | by John Hays |
Categories: desire, i love you, relationship, romantic, romantic love,


You are the water that quenches my thirst
You are the food that sustains me
You are the glue that keeps me together
You are the sun and the moon in my day
You are the reason I get up in the morning, and 
 last thing I think about when I go to sleep.

I can’t stop thinking about you
I can’t wait to talk to you
I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you

I wish I could feel your touch
I wish I could feel your kiss
I wish I could feel your body
I wish I could smell your essence

You are in my thoughts 
You are in my dreams 
All I think about is you.

Poem Details | by William Darnell Sr. |
Categories: beauty, confidence, dedication, emotions, i love you, love, poetry,

Separation of A Seasoned Love

Separation of A Seasoned Love

Our love is but just separation, 
for just a little while longer from one another. 

For our souls still, 
dance in the moonlights of a danced love. 

Oh, how I've missed our time 
spent physically with one another. 

The anticipation of us again in the heavens, 
excite the taste of our beauty we had the chance to live. 

My love, until we are reunited, 
I shall count the seconds till our harmony is together, 
and once again regained. 

Our Lord shined on our beauty, 
and my love for Him is forever eternal, 
and faithful as the love that we've once lived here. 

Rest my love and by mornings dew, 
shall we be together again?