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Poem Details | by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: emotions, feelings, heart, inspirational love, poetess, poetry, soulmate,

She Walks In Silence

She walks in silence, like a lapping wave
drowned in chastity and flooded with rave
holding dear and tight her very beauties
denying all her gems and rubies.
Her powers disabled under the spell
the flame in wouldn’t break out of its shell.

Tempted to trace a humming call of fate
allured but reluctant to take the bait.
The strings of her heart lost their pitch and tone
the clutches of mind hurting to the bone.
Untraceable are the paths to no end
unable to soul unself and ascend.

She walks in silence, like a gliding breeze
fervent rising prayers brought her to her knees
seeking the blessings of grace, peace and love
if only her pain she could rise above.
Nameless beauty would dissolve in her womb
Her wounds.sins she  would carry to her tomb.

Inspired by  “She Walks In Beauty”   Lord Byron (George Gordon)

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

The Poetess

Words flowing like magic, explode off my page
Taking me on journeys, I didn't seek
My mind is just floating, feelings do race
Her spirit is leading, to heaven I think

Reading but living, each chosen word
Caught up in beauty, emotions I trace
My heart is a flutter, tears sometimes fall
In awe of her verses, as much as her grace

Passion and love, I can feel her heartbeat
Sorrow and pain, mistakes made again
Dancing with nature, you take me by hand
Simply you're beautiful, I'm in love with your pen

Spilling of emotions, out onto the page
Poems come alive, for sure they are real
Confide in me please, all that's concealed
My dearest poetess, you make me feel

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: love,

You The Poetess Fills My Nights

i am here to let your words make love to me i am here to bury my face deep in your poetry to let your haiku  molest my naked body shake me like a tree can you read the want in my hips for your metaphors and similes? like an African lion in heat i long your letters  how they hug tightly only to entice my desire. the child in me wants to explore, journey tender the skin  you wearso don't leave me to play alone in the sandbox. let me run the body of your work free. ingest your verse and also grow wings. you and i flying as one in a mad fancy. then maybe send in my bed sheets - both single with your personifications they'll jump rope and after exercising go for a cup of hope at the outdoor cafe where poets mingle    i am only here because your couplets are wooing me. i want to glide - baby oil - body on body - chummy.   not compete but instead massage your triolets, fraternize with your sonnets. your tanka rocks me mountains baby smooth to climb it's quite the challenge one i'm willing to take on you're the baby smooth i want i'll ride your majestic rhymes dream they'll settle for, this my smiling core, stay with me at bedtimes. you - the poetess that defines my nights i want you to know i climb every evening  towards the peak where your words spike. i'll never be the poet you are, but i have my hands and other parts that could drive you to ecstasy.'ll see it's my specialty. 01~01~2015 Armand Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A Contest Name: First poem of 2015

Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: courage, desire, fantasy, gothic, leadership, love, poetess,

Destiny's Clutch

The dawn spoke her name like a silken secret
carried carefree by the tradewinds of lust and larceny
imported from the traderoutes of paradise and pandemonium, 
sequined with violet venom she venerates the virtue of volition
her love is unlawful, unequalled in unrest, righteous in conquest,
tender in temptation, torrid your surrender, her beauty a will bender,

Queen of Empire Passion, warrior unknown to submission
her kingdom was not inherited, glory and throne ungifted,
the treasures, stables and territories, battles and crown all won,
rich in intellect, endowed with rare resources, affluent in original passion
bejeweled in natural beauty, she bewitches beasts and men alike,
Poets pen her preciously as Woman Total, Priests implore her pardon,
male servants pander to her anger and ardor, satisfaction she commands,
Sisterhood the symbol and soul of her mission,

I was just a man, a wanderer wading through her reign,
from the unsubdued North I came, a curious traveler with ancient name,
my tribe unfamiliar, underestimated, a Chieftain of steady pulse,
tresspassing towards her roots my aim was direct knowledge of her
woman of renown cunning and learning, woman of exotic ability,
seeking teaching and romance, though I would not be her Subject or victim,
this she knew, this she abhorred, a challenge to her dominance,

I agreed to meet her alone in the open morning of war,
in an abeyounce of gliding fire she comes riding out of the sun
regalia of black roses against red tears flying above her shoulder,
our horses begin a battle tromp, breaths heavy with moist mania
she has leopards in her eyes
poinsettias and death's palms painted on thighs,
scalps of exlovers and enemies slung on sadle
we acknowledge one another with ritual yell
I exclaim, Warrior Poetess, she screams Poet Warrior!
dismounting with mutual vigor our combat erupts
cutting my cheek with her blade's lip
kicking me in the ribs
I clinch her collared throat
and heel trip us to the ground
she snarls, I growl,
a glimpse of rescue in eachother's eyes -


Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: beauty, joy, love, poetess, poetry, writing,


I AM, "THE POETESS" The array of pigeons stampede upon soft blue-white bears camping on the mountaintopsStretching shadows across green fields, slowly depart when sun yawns to sleep. When moon-dust streams bathing the night sky, horizon gleams brushing--a hidden tryst below. From biting misery caused by world wars' fangs to lullaby hums of tweeting birds and of seagulls' swish and pounds... Grand or not they are spark spectacles drawing lifeline.. (I am the poetess who loves to write about these) Through my pen, I echo to the world the rhythmic message of love. I open the eyes of man to see the beauty among God's creations. (I am the poetess who is a lover of God and forever am seeking ways to please Him more than any) I bring beauty too, that even the blind can see.. Some trembles: songs and speech of angels that even the deaf can hear.I want to touch the lips of the dumb that they may psalm the ballads of life. (I am the poetess who is 29 y/o this year, a nurse, a singer, a cook in my own right :D!) I lift the spirit of the crushed then cheer victors in the pedestal. I invoke joy when there is noneHence, even tears: a scream of smiles. (I am the poetess who dares try and reach my limits and beyond, writing from my heart of hearts and from my thought of thoughts) I light up a candle in the midst of hopelessness then usher through morals in verse:the cavalcade of humanity (I am the poetess who expresses freedom of expression responsibly-- wanting always to inspire, encourage and to remind) Poetic finesse not always my ground My name may never be known but each stanza I write I hope it may wake your somber muse. (I am the poetess that always consider herself-- beginner in every poem she writes...) I am the poetess... ________________________________________________________________ Sponsor TAMMY REAMS Contest Name Bio of a Poet ---Placed 3rd--- O.EGuillermo 9:11 pm, April 15, 2015

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: appreciation, butterfly, cat, friendship, love, poetess, poetry,

To Constance--broken wings

a fine but sad poet
her poems run deep
into love paradisial
or fraught with thorns

Poem Details | by Kristine Mariz Ursua |
Categories: fear, first love, identity, life, loneliness, longing, love, poetess,

A Poem About Nothing but Love

A Poem About Nothing but Love By: Tyner Twine "I edited a few parts from my original poem. As tribute to my first love's requiem. Nevertheless, this simple soul song is the same, Written all for love and not for fame A poem of love I wrote on hot summer day, remembering the love that has, for so long, faded away." Would someone care to explain Why people write poems in a way That adorns with jewels something so plain That expresses emotions beyond the insane I lift my quill and dwelt on the thought, And realized the reflections I made and forgot... There I lift my pen THEN PAUSED and reflected: How should I begin to write, About lads and gals with love at first sight? Though I have tried as hard as I might, To close my eyes from love's delight, He won me over without a fight, Now all I see is love's pure light. I wondered..Now I shall write: Have I become some kind of fool Who let Love ruin my poems and rules? Who let Nostalgia come and play With distant Beloved's memories on a working day? Have I been foolish every night, To think his arms are holding me tight, To wish that he'll come home to stay, That he'll make love to me every night and day I think these thoughts and was appalled, How | felt too warm and oh, so galled In thinking that these thoughts might stay, and be my ruin at the end of the day. Love, oh love, is a cruel thing for fools if I might say, Though it is delightful it has a price to pay. Fool, fool, fool! With love as her tool..I am. Beguiled and ruined. Oh ~ why can't they just write about trees? Or how honey flows and comes from bees? Why can't they just write about the Sky? See the clouds and the mist and the birds that fly? Why can't they just write about life? How calves are born and how they die? How flowers bloom with the light of the moon, How the sun rose up and set too soon? Oh, a foolish poet's heart of clay, Be molded with the warmth of fate's faint sway! For life changed drastically above, As the fool that I am Writes a poem about nothing but love.

Poem Details | by Chris Boskovski |
Categories: beautiful, blue, cry, dark, death, dream, farewell, fear, for her, friend, friendship, how i feel, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, october, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, woman, write, writing,

The Blue Poet

I am the Blue Poet.
The uneasy man.
Who longs to be loved,
or just to have a friend.

My heart whisphers a low melody
on a faint, cool evening
thinking of her.
Once in my arms,
laying on my bed of roses.
Now she is gone.
I cannot think anymore!
It is hard, to love again,
When all your love has been taken away.
..I am the Blue Poet.

I am the Blue Poet,
That walks the bluish, dawn and dew covered streets
in the the October evenings and nights.
But I tell you, I wasn't always so blue.
No! I was once alive..happy..romantic,
..till Love went away!

Now I sit in the wayward poetry clubs,
drinking club soda and snapping my fingures
to a finished performance on a poem about love.
Written by a soft, spoken seventeen year old girl.

Soon, it is my turn to give my poem a read.
I stand on a lone stage, with a spotlight drownding me in blindness.
I face the faces, who look at me and smile.
A clap, and a cough, bring my head up.
I look out upon the sitting crowd.
To see that one face
that speaks to me,
without the movement of the mouth.
The face never showed though, and my head fell back down.

I start to read.
A vase of emotions kill me and swallow me up.
I try to hold back tears, but no more could I halter.
I finished, with a salty tear, rolling down my rough and oiled cheek.
I leave the crowd at ovation
and leave the women, all with tears in their eyes.

I come down from the stage, leaving the bright spotlight.
I shake hands, give hugs,
and collect my pay, and have another round of club soda.
Then, I go down the midnight alleyways of sprinkled city streets
finding myself a cozy room.

I think of her for a moment,
then off to sleep.
I dream of one time laughs, and hugs and kisses.
I cry in my sleep,
...For I am the Blue Poet.

Poem Details | by eric boddie |
Categories: art, dedication, for her, friendship, love, poetess,

first tribute 2

"Ligella 2"
by:  Eric LBoddie

Lasting more than just a couple of days
In total awe, your pen leaves me amazed
God Is In your ink, it's not just a phase
Everything about you is what any heart craves
Love knows you well, your journey has been paved
Lust knows you better, any REAL man wants you, I must try to behave
All I know is this Spiritual Beauty that you gave...

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: addiction, drug, love, poetess, rose, sun,

Roses and sunbeams

Roses and Sunbeams

Her scent wafts alongside her and sinks into my heart;
For I have become fixated, by a desire for her touch.
She was glorious and overpowering, from the very start;
I am hooked and addicted to her love; she is my drug.

She leads me to distraction, for in her I eyes I am lost;
Hopelessly infatuated with her, I see only roses.
She brings me to Heaven and my trust is all it cost;
For she believes in my faithfulness and in her pocket are posies.

Her words are like sunbeams, bringing light to my darkness
And our candlelit romantic nights; shall never be soiled.
She can remember my love and forget any bitterness;
For I am here to cure her heart and our love can never be destroyed.

She is eternally locked, within a memory of happiness;
For she brings me warmth, when all else in the world is cold and black.
I am alive when our hands are together; embrace me my Goddess.
For I am enslaved by your beauty and I shall never fondness lack.

I have no need to speak to her of my lust for her body;
Because she can see clearly how much I love her; I glide.
In her arms I am forever gladdened, by her proximity;
But if she was ever taken from my eyes, I would surely die.

I need her presence beside me, to guide me along;
This story of a life, as of yet unseen by the world.
But inside her I find, I am locked forever, she is our song;
She is a poem, a poetess, a masterpiece…she is my girl.

She is the flick of the last paint stroke, on the Mona Lisa;
She is the full stop at the end of a play by Shakespeare.
She is the last chip off the shoulder, of the Adonis sculpture;
She is the seal to enclose the writings of a scripture of literature.

She is the last second of pregnancy; she is a new born baby.
She is the last, she is unique, she broke the mould; she is reverie.
She is the Gateway to Heaven; she is the perfect lady.
She is Gods day of rest after a week of creating humanity.

She is the last heartbeat of my life and she is love…
She makes me complete…she is the perfect finishing touch.

(C)2011 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Phillip Rollings |
Categories: angel, dedication, inspiration, love, poetess,

A Demoralizing Good-Bye

 To poetry she said good-bye
Now I live with a Broken Heart
Her words could make me laugh or cry
Or tear my inner soul apart

In a devastating Free Verse
To poetry she said good-bye
My inkless quill rides in a hearse
As an uninspired quill must die

Skat's words: an image to the eye
Emotions, feelings, come to life
To poetry she said goodbye
A requiem; bagpipes and fife

Read the words from her loving heart
Believing there's no reason why
An Angel of Poetic Art  
To poetry she said good-bye  

Dedicated to     Skat A     Respectfully submitted...Flipper

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: friendship, happiness, love, love, poetess, wisdom,


  POETRY, runs through HER veins : A Matriarch : All of the SOUP,  KNOWS
  ALWAYS, the ink in Her Motherly Pen  with  BLESSINGS LOVE ,FLOWS                 
  REVEALS, the Heart of a MOTHER, with the POEMS of HER JENNY ROSE

  HEARTFELT  writes for Country, Flag, HEROS of  War, and FALLEN TOWERS
  FEELINGS of Patriotism from Her abound, like refreshing summer SHOWERS
  WITH-IN   the Pen of the BLEST POETESS “Dedications” hours upon HOURS

POETS  LOVE to receive HER Comments, with BLESSINGS to YOU and YOURS
HEARTS PRAISE her wisdom : Wisdom like a Majestic Waterfall OUT-POURS  

                                                     DEDICATED  TO

                                                 KATHERINE   STELLA

Poem Details | by Norman Purvis |
Categories: devotion, love,

The Poetess

There is a lady out there.
Who has stolen my heart.
Her poems have such insight.
They fill me with delight

Full of poignant thought.
Deep and true.
They catch my heart.
I am enthralled, by you.

I get a picture of you, every time.
Sitting there,  making rhyme
Your every word.
Imprints my soul.
I  read youthrough and through.

What you write, is what you are.
Your thoughts, like a star,
I read you, like a book.
What you say, how you look.
Between the lines.
All the signs.


Poem Details | by Mark Hansen |
Categories: forgiveness, imagination, life, love, passion, sympathy,


Feminine perception of spirituality disarranged.
Her bed quilt in the darken moments of the immortality.
Soften mental touch of her inner womanly,
Shoulder of tender hearten listening are all her begging tears request.
Only wondering twilights letter writings to weep upon into words.
Heart's trail with guidance endured by perfume ink of her soul,
How she bares her spirit womb in ungodly pain,
Naked to be heard in unloved screams.
Greatly needed in the reading of the opposite realm
For we  lapse daily in pride,
In victory can we read and become greatly into the conquering of,
"The fall of man."

Poem Details | by KARINA GALVEZ |
Categories: boyfriend, for her, for him, girlfriend, i love you, kiss, longing, love, passion, poetess, romance, rose, valentines day,


Oh, how I would love that, starting today, you would become my skin
So that I could take you places where I have never been.
We would ride from rose to rose, our souls floating in the wind,
And when the time to rest comes, I would lie on your chest,
And we would meet again underneath this same strange sky.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that not even a dream
Could have been more tender.

Oh, how I would love to be perfumed by your breath,
And to know that there will be no parting,
That parting that makes us leave each other at a certain time,
Since people think that Love requires a moon
To allow its honey to run freely through our hearts.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that not even a dream
Could have been more tender.

Oh, how I would love to turn you into my guitar,
So I could hug you freely and make my poem out of you
And have your loving words become the caresses of my night,
So that the breaking dawn would compete against our light.

And through a long, long kiss,
A kiss as long as your body,
I would realize that it’s no dream,
And I would tell you that I love you.

© Karina Galvez

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: friend, friendship, love, people, places, poetess, poetry,

I Woke up in a Dream

I woke up in a dream on a coast I've never seen But somehow in a way, I knew I'd be here one day I'm detecting a touch of Spanish, language it is not All I see is leaving Galleon's, raped, now forgot I'm seeing centuries before me, colonial now so free The Japanese like them before, ravaging in spree On a beach I walk to the light, attracting I to enter I'm there, as I walk through, my viewing now centred Into this lush land I walk, not knowing where I'll be There's something that desires, I'll know when I see Walking, walking, walking, it's all I appear to do Clearer my mind becomes, I know I'm walking to you Further my weakened feet, stride through their weak I know at the end of my journey, I'll meet whom I seek A village, a town nears, as I look back to whence I came Awakening in this dream, praying this person feels the same .

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: butterfly, candy, care, crazy, cry, culture, first love, for her, goodbye, hero, little sister, metaphor, poems, poetess, relationship, voice, woman, women, words,


She's the flour in the middle of a fertile desert soil
She dreams of my dreams when i dream she dreams dreams that we dream
She's a speechless pole
She's a footstep away from my soul
She dreams of my goal
She's my African queen
Her womb carriers the nation's poetry
She takes me back to my dreams in chains
I make my own God she believes
She's one minute past jealousy
She's the speed of an angry poem in the dark
The black paint building an arch
The spirit of a mic resurrected by a dead poem
Speechless pole stronger than cone
She's my poem
She's my poetic lyrical port
I can see by the blushes right under my rhymes
She's so beautiful she makes you read her repetedly
She's my poem

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beautiful, love, poetess, tribute,

Ode To Helen Steiner Rice - The Monchielle Style

~Ode To Helen Steiner Rice~

Lovely lady, she shines
Ambass'dor of Sunshine
Daughter, sister and wife
Upliftin' poems she wrote
She persevered through strife 

Lovely lady,she shines
She's famous poetess
Wrote verses of faith hope
Her life was very hard
She fought thru life to cope

Lovely lady, she shines
Verses sent from God 'bove
Love for God kept her strong
Thousands of poems she wrote
Poems soothes my soul so long

Lovely lady, she shines
In heaven she wears crown
She truly loved the Lord
Endured many set-backs
Her poems are  adored.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Author's Notes:

The Monchielle poetry form or style was created by Jim THenriksen.

-Helen Steiner Rice-

Helen Steiner Rice was an American writer of religious and inspirational poetryHelen Steiner was born in Lorain, Ohio on May 19, 1900

Born: May 19, 1900 · Lorain, OH
Died: Apr 23, 1981 · Lorain, OH

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: addiction, adventure, beautiful, beauty, best friend, brother, celebrity, character, desire, devotion, dream, drink, emotions, eulogy, faith, family, friendship, happiness, happy, how i feel, i love you, joy, longing, memorial day, people, poetess, poetry, poets, pride, relationship,

Meeting The Soupers

"Your first poem was an 
excellent are 
welcome...." Commented 
skat on my first poem.
"Wonderful and deep are welcome 
to poetry soup..." That 
was Poet Destroyer.
"Wow you have touched 
my heart in a special way 
with your poem.....your 
new friend Leonora 
Galinta" said Galinta.
"Well penned" said 
kithinji and so many 
special poets.
Hearty words from these 
unique poets spurred me 
to write better poems.
Which they appreciate.
Poetry soup is safe haven 
where feelings and 
emotions are expressed 
in tangible forms.
An educational enclave 
where different forms of 
knowledge are 
exchanged like two 
hands washing eachother.
Am most humbled to 
meet these dazzling 
gems radiating warmth 
like the sun-a privilege it 
is connect to parts of the 
I believe we all will meet 
someday,not in the after 
Leonora Galinta is an 
angel to meet,whom I 
admire amongst others.
Love to set my eyes on 
her delicate and graceful 
natureSee her graceful 
carriage, feel her gentle 
hands and smiles as she 
exudes sweetnessI pray 
hand of time will 
backwards when that 
day appears as we walk 
in the woods leading to 
silent deep blue sea with 
gentle breeze 
whispering.....A prolific 
writer as well.
PD will I meet 
someday,love her 
amiable nature,full of 
grace and charmA 
prolific poetess.
Skat is lovely with her 
immeasurable words of 
Kithinji will I love to 
behold,to learn from him.
Have drink with Robin,
Alian, shake akinyemi, 
stroll with Joe, hv a hike 
Sibanda, dine with Ralph 
and you.
Saying hi and hugs to 
Paz Samelo.
Meeting the soupers is 
making a happy family.
   Am gliding like the 
eagle,soaring higher as 
the day pass by         
you soupers are my 

Name:Ifeanyi Bob 
(Baron Of Ebullion)

Poem Details | by Stephe Watson |
Categories: hyperbole, language, love, onomatopoeia, poetess, word play,

Heart Love Speech

Heart’s Love Speech

My girl (archaic)
has my raincoat.

And I...
Well, I (adverb)...
have never been so -
Happy (pronoun).

To sit outside,
in the rain (verb).
Just me and (subordinating conjunction) Basho (pronoun)(archaic).

smiling (preposition)...
I’ve all but - “Yauoooosh!” (interjection) jumped in.

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, cute love, desire, love, poetess, romantic, together,

When She Walks

my attention caught naked, bare without a care when she walks I'm thralled witnessing gravity speak she winks, I glimpse, we are one .

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: i love you, marriage, people, places, poetess, poets, prayer,


Soup date Can't wait Time flies As I Now met Minds set We talk Hearts lock Now fed Soon wed

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, children, longing, love, people, places, poetess,

She Makes Me

Sometimes in life it becomes stale or simply breaks Then we wonder if it's ever going to repair itself Do we battle on and pretend it's life's paths sake Or should we look inside us, why be left on a shelf It's the living in us that decides to let us awake Enjoy the breathing of living for unknown shall bring Around every corner there's one who'll make us sing I can only talk for I for it's a smile that awoke me For the seeing of she smiling that my heart now melts Never did I imagine that once again my eyes would see Every day we face whilst the cards of fate are dealt For tomorrows enthused my smile for now again I'm free Excitement in me abounds for it's soon that we'll meet At arrivals it shall be when her smile I'll greet On turning the corner the nerves I had now disperse My eyes in total focus on that smile now in my heart Her voice lovingly welcomes I, so beautifully versed This pretty poetess and I kiss, welcoming we start Soon by minutes, then loves depths shall be immersed Finally we've met, it's our breathing of living giving Soon our hands shall meet, touching rings now singing .

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, places, poetess, poetry, poets,

Never Could I Have Imagined

Never could I have imagined where I would find love In my wildest dreams I'd roam to seek this Angel Dove Never could I have imagined from where this love would bloom She just appeared to me one day, surprised, in my bedroom Never could I have imagined poetic words capturing I Then reading by whom has written, my eyes soon espied Never could I have imagined that words could turn to hearts That such a beautiful woman could repair a world blown apart Never could I have imagined writing a poem about Lake Taal Next thing I know I'm flying many miles to meet this poetic gal Never could I have imagined the wonderful country of her birth That I'd share with such a beauty, my journey blessings worth Never could I have imagined how we shaped East and West Our poetry blending collaborations groomed our writing zest Never could I have imagined my heart being totally thawed Meeting this poetic girl for real, I'm gorgeously left in awe Never could I have imagined in my bedroom that July afternoon That in just a couple of weeks, it's the continuance of our bloom <*>

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: blessing, friendship, love, people, poetess, poets, writing,

My Cyber Family

Families are families all the world over They can leave us stale, or leave us in clover But theirs one family that means so much to me It's where we're all equal, we all live in the same tree Just like branches we're all different from each other Writing we do, but we should never preach smother Just look at the Forms that inspire us to write Absorbing our time, morning noon and night And it's within those writes that we may get to know Characters of individuals now beginning to show It's from within this family that's made my world better That made my decision to travel meet get her This is one reason that I so like the Soup I'm one lucky guy in finding loves scoop .

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, best friend, kiss, love, poetess, poets, words,

Our Love Is Right

0UR LOVE IS RIGHT Now that I've found you, I'll not let you go Life was going nowhere, with you it just flows Times we spend heals my empty-bleeding heart I'll never allow a day, for you to ever depart Darling, your love place me on my fire Hearing you speak, I don't get tired Since I've known you, I get wired Tell me when can I hold you tight Tell me when can I hug you might Tell me when can I kiss you light? Tell me, darling, our love is right... Feelings of missing you doesn't color blue Instead it brushed hues of paradise view It pleasures me, I hymn our united theme I, a songbird, lured ears to stop and hear Each time you close those bright eyes I am struck to behold with guise You must know I don't disguise Tell me when can I hold you tight Tell me when can I hug you might Tell me when can I kiss you light? Tell me, darling, our love is right... Gazing at you, I see a vista of life winsome smile melting all my strife Hearing you, my heart leaps so tall Like Autumn leaves, am ready to fall Barriers broken as hearts and lips talk To ocean of motions we take each walk True love flowered, said by our own folks Tell me when can I hold you tight Tell me when can I hug you might Tell me when can I kiss you light? Tell me, darling, our love is right.. 5:31pm, December 25, 2015

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, flower, love, places, poetess, poets, rose,

Scented Blooming Petals

thralled, now I'm allured with gentleness I approach blooming dew glistens scented petals aspire me velvet to the touch, I'm graced

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
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she, my eyes now view trickle, in delightful slide translucent droplets befall be that towel true placing, tracing, gracing guide her curvaceousness thralls, calls Written 08/01/2016

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To Be

                  to be considered a poetess ~
          to be told by so many talented people here 
               This is a beautiful write , keep writing 
           I love the way you gracefully put the words together 
            To be the Mother of three amazing children 
                For my Daughter to tell me she is proud of me 
           for she thinks I write beautifully ~
           To be loved infinitely.and for me to love in return 
            I was asked for my Autograph 3 times in a year  
                 I will not lie..that was amazing !

            To be told " has anyone ever told you you're beautiful ?
               Well.I didn't want you to forget"
            to be called Yvetteishka ~
               to be entered in  ~The best compliment Contest ~

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Ode To An Artist: Sara Teasdale

When I was young, a book was given me: a small book with the title "Those Who Love." Its female author I knew nothing of - This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Gentle, practical and solitary, Sara was in love with nature and understood the things in life most grand; this dreamer poetess wrote beautifully! She’d grown up reading poems of Emily, Barrett Browning, Bronte and Rossetti. A modern woman, wishing to be free - this dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Her writing had a lyric quality. I loved her metaphors and similies. I sensed within her poems - untold stories. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Her poems were crafted with lucidity, for poetry confusing she’d not do. Her type of writing influenced mine too. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. A love impossible she fittingly portrayed, for “contradiction” was her life. Conflicted, she could not remain a wife. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. She’d known a time of popularity: A Pulitzer for "Love Songs" she received. Then came her father’s death and how she grieved. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Depressed and frail, she planned her destiny, requesting notes to loved ones all be burned. We cannot truly know for what she yearned. This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully. Did Sara Teasdale end her misery when she put herself to sleep? Who can say? RegardlessI shall think of her one way: This dreamer poetess wrote beautifully! Written 11/14/10