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Poem Details | by Dan Jacobs |
Categories: life, lost love, love, old, old,

Dusty Old Love

As the lovers begin to slowly slip 
from each others tightly locked grip 
out of each others arms they fall 
into the public world and all 

realizing exactly where they are 
a busy station where trains go far 
as one of them boards the dusty old train 
Im sure I can feel their hurt and their pain 

They really do look so much in love 
as one of them places a bag up above 
sits on down and looks outside
as the other looks on the old dusty ride

Soon the engines will have to start 
as the train prepares ready to depart 
their faces look like they belong
and being apart for them is wrong

Its too late now to change their mind 
the trains pulling off and ones been left behind
I watch a tear as it leaves her eye 
and she stands all alone and waves goodbye

Poem Details | by Richard Pickett |
Categories: faith, hope, lovechildren, thank you, prayer, children, love, may, thank you, wisdom, new year,

A New Year Prayer

The Lord be with you!

Almighty Lord, Fountain of Wisdom, Thank You for the Grace You have given 
Your children this past yearThank You for all Your children to whom You 
have shown mercy, and brought home to Your loving KingdomThank You for those who's
suffering You have ended, for our Families and Friends, whom You have watched overI Pray
Dear Lord, that in the New Year that comes, that Your Loving Grace will envelope us in our
hour of needAllow us the wisdom to give thanks for all that we have, no matter how small
and insignificant it may seem,
and the Love and Grace to give to those who have notI Pray that You allow
our children see, what we have not, to hear what we have dismissed, to Love those we have
notHear our Prayers for Servicemen and women throughout the world,
that You Give them protection from harms way, and that they be kept safe in Your
countenanceHear our Prayers for those who Govern, that You may grant them
the wisdom to make decisions that are just, that will better Mankind not destroy
itAlmighty and Merciful Father We ask and Pray for the forgiveness of our sins,
and that we be granted the strength and Grace to walk in Your way in this New Year.

    In Prayer we ask this in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ......Amen

   The Lord be with all of you this New Year......+  

Poem Details | by Stephan McBride |
Categories: christian, faith, gospel, inspirational love,

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven

For there is but one that holds the key
with only one gate of entrance
so that the thief shall not enter
and when his sheep enter they are at rest
We can not build a tower to reach it
are even abide by laws of man to be good enough
For man is of Adam, who is of sinful nature
created of flesh and blood that cannot enter
ruled by the power of darkness and knowledge of man
that loves to boast in own work 
and seek to please people for their pride
which all leads to bondage of death
Thankfully, Christ has come in flesh and blood
and defeated this captivity of the beast
For man tried its best to keep him quiet
and even killed him with a criminals death
because they can only see things of this world 
oh how they love to be worshiped 
for they  claim to know it all but are blind
and keep leading others into the ditch
Christ came and allowed man to crucify him
in order to fulfill all the foretold prophecies
and defeat death with his sacrifice
For now he holds the key that can give us life
Christ is the visible of the invisible God
if one wants to see a sign
call upon his name 
and your soul will be shaken 
as the trees you see being tossed around by the wind
for you know not where it comes from or where it is going
but the effects cannot be unnoticed
we now have available to be circumcised 
from our sinful nature of worldly things
That, Christ might enter us with his fire
to purify and mold one into a new creature
filling the cup with peace,love,and joy.
Christ came and paid the price
and to give us  a way to the Kingdom of Heaven
For the Kingdom of heaven
is the power of Christ to reign and walk with man
in this moment and time
to speak from the lips and change the heart
to separate man from the power of darkness
that we might be given a heavenly body 
that will resurrect from the dead
for flesh and blood will return to dust
But, oh Hallelujah my friends what belongs to Christ
will return to Christ.

Poem Details | by Tesem Agee |
Categories: best friend, brother, caregiving, christian, friendship, sympathy, true love,

True Neighbor

Many days have we lived together,
O John, the chief cook!
I am weary of hunger,
And you have food and water.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then give me a morsel.

Many months have we known each other,
O Peter, the great tailor!
I am walking around naked,
And you have clothes and thread.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then sew me a dress.

Here at your door post 
Have I sat for years,
O James, the Physician!
I am sick and dying,
And you have the drugs.
Are you truly my neighbor?
Then wash and bind my wounds,
That I may be made whole.

(Read 1John 3:16-18)

Poem Details | by mark escobar |
Categories: history, hope, life, peace, people, philosophy, love,

The language of migration

Despite the climate challenge with traffic congestion on the road,
there’s still a driving urge to go out and celebrate the Eucharist;
it’s a great deal of commitment to God who’s the source of life,
his language connotes an embodiment of love for our salvation.

Braving the difficulties in coping with the details of missionary life,
such as culture, language, climate, food and many others in foreign lands;
our faith gets tested, our humility gets challenged, and our identity revealed
and these comprise the foundation of being a missionary to other people.

In places where we learned to love the people of different cultures,
the need to adopt, acculturate, and realign to the mysteries of being a migrant,
continues to witness the movements and other signs of the times;
a world replete with endless search drawn from different human experiences.

It’s pretty common as a pervading theme across the passages in the bible;
the word migration that has a powerful connotation and rich in literature,
oh, as the holy scriptures say: “you shall not oppress an alien; you well know
how it feels to be an alien, since you were once aliens yourselves in the land of Egypt.” 

The advent of a wide range of issues about the struggles in today’s migration,
with varying reactions characterized by principles, ethnic and religious devotion;
a certain perspective is formed according to Christian beliefs and aspirations
that migrants no matter who they are, deserve respect and societal insertion.

Lured by the promise of work and better opportunities that await somewhere,
people across the globe try their luck and take the risk to cross the land,
it’s viewed with deeper reflections like those of mostly Catholic Irish who came by,
their large influx in this country of America during the height of potato blight.

True to form, this parallels the new waves of Hispanic immigration
along with Asians, Africans, and other migrant groups with their history and cultures
truly, it’s a cycle that brings out the commonality of human quest and ambition;
with assimilation and determination to maintain and improve their life situations.

Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: april, girl, happy, humorous, love, on work and working, passion, relationship, visionary, sun,

The Sun In My Face

I awoke this morning to the sun in my face ,
   Quickly I sat  up for I knew it was late
My sleep  has been so good since we came together,
    The rest I get the peace I feel will be with me forever.
Can't remember when I have felt so good ,
    Finding you has changed my life , I knew it would
This is not something I would ever take for granted ,
    Because I know the seeds of love have been planted
It will grow and blossum into something so grand ,
    Always glowing brightly no matter where I stand
Not a worry or care do I feel on this day ,
    Only joy and happiness will come our way.
I can say this from the bottom of my heart , 
    Never will I feel alone when it's cold and dark
To be awakened by the sun in my face ,
   To be honest with you , it matters not if I am late

Poem Details | by Richard Pickett |
Categories: faithchildren, father, light, children, creation, father, light, love,

A Prayer for Disaster Victims

Almighty and Merciful God, Father of all creation;

        Hear our Prayer

Mother Nature who is seated at your left hand has delivered her vengeance
upon your creation in the form of Massive Earthquakes in the last two months,
whereupon many thousands of your children have perished; Lord in your Mercy,

        Hear our Prayer

Countless hundreds of thousands have been left homeless, starving, bewildered,
many thousands of children have lost their parents, brothers and sisters left alone,
Lord in your Mercy;

        Hear our Prayer

Devastation of homes and property where insurance does not exist, where building
codes do not require standards to make buildings be built to withstand such power.
Where only ruin is left in the wake of Mother Natures wrath, Why has she done so?  
Lord in your Mercy;

       Hear our Prayer

Father we ask you to shine your light perpetual, your Merciful Grace, your undying Love
to guide those who are giving aid to give so freely, with love in their hearts, with
caring souls.
Lord in your Mercy;

        Hear our Prayer

We ask that you also grant those who receive aid also see your perpetual light and guidance
to accept the offered aid without malice, without greed, without violence but only with 
open arms, open hearts, open souls and Love in their hearts for the gift of your Love.
Lord in your Mercy;

       Hear our Prayer

And Father one last thing, Please grant us the dignity and grace to not turn away from 
those children who are so desperately in need, so that we may if only Pray for them that 
we do so with open and Loving hearts as you would have us doLord in your Mercy;

      Hear our Prayer

May the Almighty Father of all Creation Shine His Perpetual  light upon all of you !
In the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

       Hear My Prayer

Poem Details | by Nancy Jones |
Categories: life,

Love Poem

Moved me
Am not quite sure where to, 
but Thank you.


Occupy everywhere :)

Poem Details | by Reta Pruitt |
Categories: caregiving, hope, love,

To The Bride, With Love, From The King

I give you more abundant life 
I've cleansed you of all sin
I've clothed you with undying love 
The apple of my eye you've been.

With bread and wine I fed you
Flesh of my flesh you are
You are my bride elect
I am your 'bright and morning star.

As we unite in marriage
In the body we're made one
It's a three-fold cord that binds us 
Father, Holy Ghost and Son.

Eternity awaits us 
The long awaited kingdom's come
A life of heavenly proportions 
And it's only just begun.

August 19, 2016

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: celebration, change, heaven, life, love,

Body Of Christ

    Silence is the ultimate
In the praise's of the Lord
It seeps' of servility
         And tremble's
With authentic unbothered 
But with Servility
Fore He hath given us      
         So much
For so long and so fully
Well I commend thee
I give to Him all the praise's
           And the dominion
Over man fore it is His privy

 ---- Never the Less ----

I shall give unto Him all of my
       Abidance in being
   Hail to all that which is His
In-order that I may be
   Sanctimoniously entangled
        And enthralled
     Fore I am at His feet

Gary Fields

From: "The Cross"
  book #106627
          Rev (NOV2013)

Poem Details | by Marquis MC Mills-Cooper |
Categories: love, romance, romantic,

The Passionate Poet To His Love

Based on Christopher Marlowe’s “Passionate Shepherd To His Love”

Come be with me and become my love
And we shall prove my dreams correct,
That if you join in love with me
Another woman I’ll never need

And we will sit among the trees
Seeing both the birds and bees,
By the water as it falls
The birds will sing as passion calls

And I will make you very happy
Try and please you ever gladly,
Send you flowers at anytime
Romantic moonlight as we dine

Off we go a rendezvous
A subtle point that no one knew,
We’d sit and talk and view the sky
Then I’d get lost inside your eyes

I’d whisper soft some poetry
By many poets including me,
And if these dreams of mine you like
Come be with me and become my love

I’d wish to see you everyday
To show my love a different way,
If these my dreams you like so much
Then be with me and become my love

Poem Details | by WENDY MACDONALD |
Categories: devotion, faith, forgiveness, inspirational, love, uplifting, visionary,


Mankind sees through human eyes and hearts-
                               that are oft times
                 untouched and rendered cold.
But as the Ancient of Days many foretold-
                  The hearts of the fathers will
                be turned back to the children;
And the hearts of the children will be turned back
                  to the hearts of the fathers.

Poem Details | by Gary Fields |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, forgiveness, nostalgia, social, love,

Truest Love


    It's truest form
Is to love others'
        - As -
Thee Love Thy-self
   This is both a blessing
To God and a Blessing
      Worthy to be
Bestowed upon Others'
   But first seek the
  Of God
Fore His very word
    Will Absolve Thee

          Poet Author
          Gary Fields

Poem Details | by WENDY MACDONALD |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, life, love, uplifting, visionary, god, heart, god, heart, hero,


A hero is not about just being a man, woman, or child;
A hero is one in which God enfold's within His Hand!
One in which there are many memories-
                              Of pain, deserted by friends, even-
                                         HIS own homeland.
A hero is one who see's beyond
                                                         The Circumstances
                                 And look's Upward!
                                           HIS heart being drawn
by the ONE who shed His Blood        
HE rose again on the third day!
A hero is a friend to the fatherless, the needy
                                  the castaways, the drug addicts,
Those who need God to unfold His Heart 
                                  before them.
                Alleluiah!!!                             Alleluiah!!!
A hero is always the one in whom
                                   you oft times will never ever know.

Poem Details | by jeremy fennell |
Categories: religion, uplifting, me, heart, woman, time, beach, heart, love, me, time,

A Heartless Math...No A Woman Of God

Walking down that cold dark path
Adding my footsteps
Dividing the dirt path into two
Multiplying the times I been screwed over
And subtracting the love
Which is a very heartless math
Yet time and time again I am left with this equation
In the beginning our hearts are tender
Our hearts are week and fragile
We are like a broken white dove
That’s why we call it tender love
We call the present a smoothly wrapped gift
Because all the past is a cold heartless math
Me and you
You and I 
Will make the world jealous
But who shall I be addressing 
Do I address the cheaters and liars
Because that’s all I know
Do I address the betrayers and users
Because that’s all I see
Maybe its time to address a woman of god
No no no not a woman of god
I mean a woman of GOD
With her a heartless math can’t exist
My equation will look like this:
Adding the times I look into her eyes and say I love you
Multiplying the thoughts that race across my mind
Dividing the love we share for each other and become one
And subtracting the negativity 
A girls heart is fragile something I know
But I am willing to go the distance to make a relationship flow
I want us to be one heart with the same beat
No matter if we are scared, happy, excited, or nervous
It will be hard to come across this certain mate 
But one thing is I can relate
To is this so called thing we call a perfect date
Having a picnic while the sun sets and lying under the stars
Just going to a simple park and having the time of your life
Watching a movie together with her in my arms with a silent I love you
Going over to ones house and playing board games and laughing and smiling
Walking along the beach and looking back and seeing two sets of footsteps
Now one is gone
I am walking on the beach and looking back and seeing one
Looking up to the heavens I ask
God says to me I must be blind and told me to take off my mask
I feel lighter as if I am floating amongst the clouds
God said to me when you saw two sets of footsteps 
You and her was one set and I was the other
Now when you only saw one it was then I carried you 
Next thing I did was took a big breath and blew
Blew all the liars and cheaters away
Blew all the betrayers and users
Blew out the old candle that was still somehow burning 
And the next thing I knew GOD lit a new one
And put his hand on my chest
And whispering in my ear he said,
“Son sit back and let me do the rest”

© Jeremy Fennell

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: animal, love,

domestic animals

 Domestic Animals 
  Cows in the barn was glad to see me at six in the morning
  They mooed and waited for me to milk them.
  Six cows to milk, yes I know it was a small farm and also 
  So very long time ago, yet clear as yesterday.
  There was in the barn also a pig sty, a stable for the horse
  Calves in a pen and they all wanted my attention.
  Domestic animals are easy to please, just feed them keep
  Their winter quarters clean and speak softly.
  Domestic animals are so totally I our power without us 
  They would not exist in the form they are today.
  In a compound a flock of sheep make themselves heard
  They are hardy and want to get out snow or not

  So they are our responsibility and we must respect and 
  Love them, even if, at the end, we eat them    

Poem Details | by Michael Rogers |
Categories: love,

I Have You

I have You
Your Beauty
The Song of your Voice

I Have Your Hand
touching my Happiness
We are in completion

It is all in Time
I am in love
Your Rhyme
A Joy or the rapture

Your Face is my Place
We are in another Time
Maybe God's sacred Space

The Gist of our Bliss
We close both Eyes
And start to eternally Kiss
I have You
And what we have... forever true

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, me,



Oh LORD, give me the force to withstand the 
cyclopean waves of human hypocrisy and malice.
Make me strong as to endure the suffering inflicted 
by the knives of hatred and inconsideration which 
constantly pierce my heart, so as not to seek revenge
but only affectionAnd finally, oh LORD, let your divine 
love pass through my bleeding wounds and heal them in 
such a degree as, in the place where insensitive people
wanted to plant the malevolent seed of vice, to flourish
instead the glorious tree of Your virtue!


© Demetrios Trifiatis

Poem Details | by Marquis MC Mills-Cooper |
Categories: i love you, love, romance, romantic,

The Dame's Reply To The Passionate Poet

(Reply To The Passionate Poet To His Love)

So come with you and become your love?
Intrigued am I, I must admit
For you have chosen me to be
The only woman you’ll ever need

But you must stop and understand
The woman chooses and not the man
The birds and bees that you refer
Their flight of passion I will defer

The man I want, the one I yearn
My every mood he’ll need to learn
Address my doubts with words that soothe
While wanting too my mind to use

A rendezvous, a subtle place,
A chat, the view, your handsome face
Your words paint pictures of such delight,
But I want more within my life

I’d love to see some poetry
Your words of beauty I’d love to read
And if my wants you look to fill
I’ll come with you and become your love

You offer passion, but I need more
Your passioned love, will it endure?
If my desire you care so much
Then I will come and become your love

Written in Texas -2012

Poem Details | by Sophia Smith |
Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, happiness, heart, hope, i love you, love, sweet,

My love is not good enough for you

My love is not good enough for you oh JehovahHow could an imperfect human give 
you pure and unsinful loveHow could I give you untainted loveWhy is it you want 
our conditional love fatherWhy is it you have begged human to make your heart 
rejoiceWhy do you love us so dearly when you are the  one who is causing us to 
love youThis is a one sided love affairEverything that you have given to us is on 
silver platterWhat have I or anyone truly give to youIt is unfair of you to put up 
with us - to put up with our sinful maladiesI love you oh dear sweet father, but my 
love is toothless because I  cannot give you a unique and pure loveI feel worthless 
because my love is not enoughI want to give  you more than just sweet wordsI 
want to give you the universe, but you have already thatWhat is it that I can give 
to you than just clinging to your lawsI give to you already my body, mind and 
deeds than what else can i give to  you my marshmellowy heart GodHow sweet 
Jehovah, it is unfair to love you because every thing I give to you  you do not need
It is unfair to love you because I cannot get to squeeze you like a big teddy bearIt 
is unfair to love you because I cannot get to physically walk with you hand in 
handIt is unfair to love you because love is a give and take process, and all I am 
doing is takingSo you see Marshmallow, how much you give and I takeHow I lovve 
you my sweet-hearted FatherI will exert my strength to love you with all my heart 
mind, body,and yet it is not good enough.

Poem Details | by Gerald Legister |
Categories: allegory, anxiety, beautiful, devotion, happiness, heart, love,

The Beautiful Heart

We cringe with the icy cold
Wind blowing away the foggy cloud,
Drifting off into the tearful sleep
At noon and at night illusions keep,
Hearts wrapped with chimeric dreams.
Decisions glow in the warmest flames
Winding through the fading moonlight.
With the strongest part of human act
The heart is beautiful and tragic.
Where most of our emotions are kept
Lock in secure places of fragile concept.
It takes more than actions to beat,
The billions of ambushes we defeat,
No weapons formed can break it down,
Stoney faces or the bewildered frown.
Insults and virtues comes out fighting
Crush it by love and sparks be igniting
Millions of beautiful stars around the globe,
The spoken word, letters in the envelope.
Push it into retreat and it will wait
Patiently encamp, outside the gate,
The heart is trustworthy, but beware
Of the snares, the conditional flare 
It takes only a single moment of betrayal  
For the unconquered walls to fall  
The kind that stay with the strain,
Live and strive, and self-esteem regain
Lie bruised in the dust, to heal inside
Find hope where the strong hearts hide,
The treasures of comforting bliss
Waiting to be discovered through a kiss.

Poem Details | by Celestine Ikwuamaesi |
Categories: religious,

Strange Love

The crimson fluid drops,
Pumped from his wounded heart.
From His side, palms, and feet,
The blood crawls on the cross,
And clears the scars of sin;
And frees the heart from guilt.

On the cross, his arms open wide,
Inviting me for a warm hug.
But the face is marred, badly bruised;
His body sweats blood and water.
His hands ache, hanging from the wood;
And the wood firm, stuck to the earth.

His form is goneScarring!
Scared by the pain; the peace 
On a face gripped by love.
Though love is harsh on him,
But saves me from the death.
Strange to love; or be loved!

Shame and pain he bears for the world
As he’s nailed for sin on the cross.
God, the father's pleased with his death,
For by it, his true love will blaze;
And the world might find in Jesus,
A friend that gave his all for all.

(John 15:13)

Copyright © 2014

Poem Details | by S.T Nchindo |
Categories: death, faith, family, fear, hope, inspirational, life, loss, lost love, love, mother, nature, peace, recovery from..., tribute, god, me, pain, peace, god, me, peace,

I pray for mother

   I pray for mother 
You could have stayed
Forever was my longing
Oh mother!
Does it really have to be you?
Mothers are too special to lose

You gave me life mother
You raised me into a man I am today
I will forever be grateful to you
Out of nothing, you gave me food
Out of nothing, you clothed me
Out of nothing, you sent me to school
Oh mother!
You were the best

In your shadow I had shade
You called me Father.
For I carried grandfather’s name
Now I understand how special I was to you
You felt grandfather in me
Who will ever call me that again?
I forbid my thoughts to go deep
For the deeper it goes, the deeper it hurts

I can still hear your voice mother
I can still see you in my dreams
You left without saying good-bye,
Were you mad at me mother?
Deep in my heart, you will always have a home
My sisters and brothers are heartbroken
They are all grown up 
But they still need you Mother

Do you still remember your grandchildren?
The youngest is not yet a year old
She will never see your beautiful smile mother
You could have waited
So she does something for you
Fetch water or call you grandmother	

We all miss you mother
It’s hard to know you are never coming back
One after another
We will join you mother
We are not afraid of death any more
For we have a place with you
God almighty will meet us someday
Then I will see you for myself again
We will talk and laugh
Just like we used too

Now you live in a far away land
We can’t change that, not even God almighty
I will teach my heart to live without you mother
Though it is hard
I will learn to miss you
I will learn to live without you
But I will never forget you
It’s the body I will never see

Your time is gone Mother
Now you live in a new world
There you will never grow old
There you will never die
I have peace in my heart
For I am reconciled by God’s mercy
My father in heaven comforted me
Now I know you are happy there
The pain I felt
The pain that tortured me
Will never torment me again
You departed with all my tears
With all my strength
With all my hope
And with all my faith
But God gave me a thousand reasons to smile
In am now back on track

Rest in peace dear mother,
It was the will of God
Who am I to question him?
I never did when you were given to me
And somehow I knew this day will come
Let his name be exalted
We meet again Mother
This I know.

Poem Details | by Kate sparks |
Categories: bereavement, blue, boy, childhood, death, dedication, flower, imagery, love, memory, mother son, remember, seasons, son,

memories of spring

After the lilacs have gone by,
before golden flowers bloom
we will walk through meadows
soft and blue 
and feast on bread with honey 
stolen from autumn bees 
still drunk in love with sunflowers.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before red poppies dance,
as we wake in meadows
soft with dew
you will kiss my honeyed lips
and we will walk through springs
still drunk in love with bluebells.

After the lilacs have gone by,
before brown leaves of autumn
as we remember meadows
green and new
sweet dreams will flow like honey
from a sunflower child 
with eyes the shade of bluebells

Poem Details | by Yatubeera Resty |
Categories: desire, devotion, gospel, longing, love,

My Love

My Love
Won't you take my arm into yours
And lead me to your secret place
Where all is lost and purity is gained
To that place of isolation
Where two become one
For I yarn to be lost 
In you with total surrender

Take me away, separate me for your purpose
Give me what is yours, so mine maybe yours
Let me belong to only you.
My mind, body and soul
Lead them by the footsteps of your will
Tie the knot of our love, and abide me in you
 To love and hold, forever your word as truth
My spirit I give for yours in turn.
Quiet my storms and silence my doubts
So only your voice i can hear

My love
My love Jesus
Let me belong to you.

Poem Details | by Joan Donnelly Ellis |
Categories: love, spiritual,

Eternal Family

Eternal Family 

 If I a mere human can love my enemies 
 Those actively engaged in atrocities
 Such as spreading lies, secretly plotting my demise
 If I can sacrifice my early morning
 Obey God's command and pray for my foes
 Who've neither loving heart nor shame of their iniquity
 How much deeper do you suppose
 God's love for you goes and desires to make you a member
 Of His Eternal Family? 

 Inspirations by Joan Donnelly Ellis 1/12/16

Poem Details | by Akilah Babb |
Categories: appreciation, christian, dedication, devotion, faith, jesus, love,



Poem Details | by denis bruce |
Categories: lost love, love hurts, sad love, solitude,


Amid Arcady's sylvan groves(where once I gazed
Upon such luminous  and alabaster grace
By her  immortal beauty raptly drawn and dazed
As she turned and  gently upraised   her elfin face.
Like Aphrodite  from the foam she rose and shone
With eager rivulets caressing ev'ry curve
Boldly  her willing  body   yielded to  the sun
While  capricious Eros' dart smote me deep with love.
In that balmy dawn, birds all hushed in reverence,
Her glistening charms held so deeply  me in thrall
Through the glade wafted her  fluid  fresh fragrance
So that  I could barely stifle my lovesick call.
My satyr spirit begged me to Priapus play
But Aidos bade me remain withdrawn and  hidden
If only I had known that this moment's  delay  
Would my great  good  fortune diminish , unbidden.
Then still she stayed,a startled fawn just before flight
As her skittish  glance strayed  towards where I was stood
'Twas then Actaeon's fate rose before me with fright
So I shrank e'er deeper into the shadowed wood
Lest vengeful Artemis let loose her hounds of hate.
But then coyly  slipped away my shy shepherdess
As I stayed in fear  transfixed and saw much  too late
Her glide through the trees in her fluttering  dress)
I  wander alone aye  haunted by this vision
While there fiercely  burns in my heart a crippling ache
From which there can be no respite nor  remission
That even Bethesda's waters would never  slake.

Poem Details | by Christina McCullouch |
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God Almighty

When I came to you I was broken and frail~Half my mind gone in despair

 Feeling so Low~Like mud on the ground~Wondering if my Joy would ever

 be found~Fighting and resisting at the very Start~then slowly you entered my heart

 Quietly and gently working insid my soul knowing just what you were doing to help me glow

You broke into my soul where I had been suffering the most you cleansed me

and entered me showing me what I needed to see, working endlessley on my soul

you cleansed me and made me once again wholeGod almighty you never cease to

amaze me always by my side even when I'm at my worst, loving me endleslly and uncondionally..

You have opened my heart to the beauty again, the beauty of the clouds the beauty of your creations'

The beauty of the rain, the beauty of the thunder, the beauty most of all of your people.

Opened and vunerable I am to you alwaysEnter me and have me do your will in my life

help me to always follow you in every aspect of my mind, body, and soul with every ounce of me

Silently by my side help guide me in my ways so I do your ways and your will dear god almighty

Walking together down this journey in life nothing can go wrong with you by my side

Hold me and love me in this I pray guide me down the right roads along my way

I want you by my side for the rest of my life, no more going alone on this journey

I need you Lord God ALmighty to guide me ,Love meand Hold me through my good and bad times..!

Written By Christina McCullouch 8/3/2012

Poem Details | by Alesha Roche' |
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human technology

I love the way you love me
            the way you hate
I love the way you open your eyes
            the way you close them
i enjoy your company
            peace of mind
i enjoy the absence of your soul
            as well as tardy
I do this all with the will of God's good grace