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Poem Details | by Cool For Cats |
Categories: cute, fun, happy, humorous, life, love, parody,

Cool For Cats

(Parody of Cool For Cats by Squeeze)

I’m trying to look sexy ‘cos tonight I’ve got a date
I stare into the mirror thinking I’ve left it too late
This face of mine needs makeup if I’m going to snare this man
I hope that I can do it, but I’m doubting that I can
Behind me in the closet is a thing to aid my task
Decision made, I’m going to wear a sexy feline mask
Now I don’t need to worry ‘cos I know I’m cool for cats
(I’m cool for cats)

I'm driving like a madman ‘cos tonight I've gotta date
I glance up in the rear view and I see I need to shave
I skid into the driveway and I quickly run inside
Shedding clothes and dodging cats and never breaking stride
Looking through the hamper to find my lucky shirt
Every time I wear it, it always seems to work
That's why I don't worry cause I know I'm cool for cats
(I'm cool for cats)

I changed my mind last minute; thought the mask was way too much
Applying my foundation, lipstick, liner, rouge and such
Arriving at the restaurant I soon recognise his car
I look in through the window, he is sitting at the bar
My stomach full of butterflies, I hope he likes my dress
I’d bought it in the afternoon, hoping I'd impress
I’d teamed it with some kitten heelsI’m very cool for cats
(I'm cool for cats)

A couple shots of courage ‘cos this girl is just too much
She has blond hair, perky boobies and a super juicy butt
And ever since I met her she's all I ever think about
When I saw her open up the door I nearly gave a shout
She smiled and came right over and reached out for my hand
She squeezed it really hard, was she a woman or a man
But when I saw the dress I knew that she was very cool for cats
(She's cool for cats)

Wow this guy's a winner and he is the one for me
He's funny, smart and gorgeousHe's the best date there could be
I think he'll be a keeper, and I think he likes me too
And we will leave together when this dinner date is through
But meanwhile we'll have good fun as we eat and laugh and chat
And get to know each other with a little this and that
The girls around are jealous because he is cool for cats
(He's cool for cats)

Everything about her is cool enough for me
Even though she has a piece of broccoli in her teeth
I laid the charm right on her and told a joke or two
I think I'm going to get lucky, just between me and you
Walking to the car she whispered as she passed
Put the pedal to the metal ‘cos I like to go real fast
Now all the guys are jealous ‘cos my girl’s cool for cats
(She's cool for cats)

Poem Details | by Laura Hannan |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, parody, passion, teen,

A Brutally Honest Valentine's

My darling enigma, my dove   
You’re the epitome of my love
Your smile shines at me pearly white      
Pale skin shines and glints in the light       
Silken locks, obsidian flow
Eyes just like ice, crystalline glow        
Peals of laughter ring like a bell            
Enchant me; I’m under your spell    
You walk with a musical flow
Tiptoeing with softness through snow

But, alas, you open your mouth
Utter tripe spilling out
If only you’d keep your mouth shut.

(Love from Anonymous) 

Poem Details | by Flippant She-Creature |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, health, lost love, love, mother, parody, romance, satire, sorry,

Shall I Compare Thee to Your Mother's Arse

Shall I compare thee to your mother's arse?
Thou aren’t more lovely, but more flatulent.
Rough winds do shake it; and bring on a farce
And all her clothes hath all too short a rent

Sometime too hot-headed of hell doth burn,
And often is the true nature exposed;
And every foul from fowl; my stomach churns,
By reason, or by nature's raging closed.

But thy infernal diet shall ne’er start
Nor gain possession of which now I grasp;
Nor shall we meet again; let’s stay apart,
When in eternal sounds the voice does rasp,
So long as men can breathe or eyes can cry,
So long lives this, and I bid thee goodbye.

Poem Details | by Shahana Jackson |
Categories: funny, history, introspection, lost love, music, nostalgia, parody, girl,

Nasty girl

   There you go again doing things that you are not suppose to be in and then you look at 
me like oh i'm so sweet if you only knew I can be a freak without showing itHere they 
go listening to the rumors but i'm your friend so in the end I know that they are true
How could you do that with him and her and they were on the ground you were pretending to 
pick up gum? You need to be safe, making out with strangers girl I aint no saint but god 
what are you doing? I don't want to see you years from now telling me you got aids, I 
worry about you and I feel like your special so I even wrote about you come on look how 
much you mean to meYou like him I get it but how many other guys have you liked in the 
pastHe's your only, he's a phony make sure he's not just in it for the prize because 
girl you never know some guys areIt's the truth and you need to listen, I don't mean to 
sound bossy but soon enough your name is going to be posted on all the bathrooms walls
Telling things that you haven't even done yetBut you will front about it, Lie again
Telling everyone it's happened how do we know what's real or fakeI love your 
personality I wish I could steal it, Your loud, and flirty, daring and smart girl you got 
too much heart to be showing it to everyone who wants a sipthis is for all the nasty 
girls out there who think I don't know what i'm saying just ask anyone of them who are 
dead now or are on the streets prostitiutingDon't be afraid to be a freak it's healthy 
but sometimes it's better when it's secret closet freaks have more fun.

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: funny, parody

Only God Could Love A Bumblebee

I think that I shall never see
A lovely poem written in defense of the bumblebee!
The ponderous and not so glamorous humble bee -
Obviously dreamed up by a senatorial sub committee!

An old stump that in summer becomes its deadly lair,
It flits about chasing little kids, settling in their hair!
It brandishes its fearsome stinger- its well-known bane,
And when stabbed in the fanny causes a heap o' pain!

It bumbles about with gossamer wings so delicately thin,
And upon its loutish face, notice that fiendish grin!
Such silly poems as this are composed only by fools like me,
But 'tis for certain that only God could love a bumblebee!

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

With sincere apologies to one of my favorite poets, Joyce Kilmer,
for my parody of his beautiful poem "Trees"!

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: funny, love, parody, me,

Would You Be My Concubine?

I've asked this of many women,
And get strange looks towards my way,
And in all honesty,
I think I ought to say,
What the hell is a concubine??
Is it an imprisoned porcupine?
I just don't really know,
But, ask it I do, often,
With results too easy to show,
That's not a healthy rosy cheek,
But face-slaps I seem to seek,
Stings like all hell,
Oh, what, by God, do tell...
What the hell am I saying aloud,
And why does it leave me less than proud?

Gotta' get me one'a dem fancy dik-shun-arees
Else I be beaten down to my knees..........

Poem Details | by x x |
Categories: life, lost love, nostalgia, parody, me,

Your Game

Your words used to soothe me, 
flowing over my skin 
as your hands caressed and teased

Your tongue used to please me, 
licking every inch 
savoring every drop of me

Your lips used to hold me, 
pressed onto mine 
during explosions of orgasm

Your eyes used to search mine, 
as you drove into me 
finding that spot and claiming my being

Your trust I had; beliefs for me 
while your web you wove 
so glad I faked it all.

Poem Details | by Lamar Johnson |
Categories: confusion, faith, happiness, love, parody, passion, peace,


"Emotions are hard to deal with"
That is a statement that everyone who has met Cupid can agree with...
Some would say it a FACT...
Others say it an OPINION...
After dealing with emotions for so long...
I realize that Love has a twin...
Name: Unknown to mankind....
She changes her appearance....
Many of us meet her and never recognize her until the end...
Just like my little twin...
Love's twin looks, feels, and even talks like Love...
One problem...
That's not Love...
Now I can recognize Love...(JRT)
It's ironic but her twin is (JRT)
Long story short...
When you find YOUR Love...
Keep her...

Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: change, character, conflict, confusion, corruption, emotions, evil, fear, feelings, goodbye, heart, how i feel, introspection, judgement, leaving, lost, lost love, me, pain, parody, relationship, remember, sad love, self, slam, spoken word, storm, stress, time, together, truth,


Oh what a mistake I have made,
Traveled so far to end up this way.
  Not in a million years would I have guessed,
That this idea was truly not one of my best.
  Never had  known things had changed so much,
We for sure had fallen so far out of touch.
  So many different do's , don't , and bewares,
Actually has left me absolutely  scared.
  What a fool I was to ever believe,
That she would ever be in love with me.
  At my age you would think I know better,
You can trust this will be remembered forever.
  Oh what a terrible mistake I have made,
Wanting all these memories to just fade away.

Poem Details | by nandlal pancholi |
Categories: art, inspirational, parody, love, time,


Parody of Andrew Marvell's "to his coy mistress"
We have no time to waste 
Dear in Love let's make haste
I haven't time to praise your locks 
For my boss at my back stalks
And for sheer platonic relation 
Internet erotic sites I can't shun
And I have dates waiting in queue
If you dither
I will select any in lieu of you 
My glabruous love should grow
like your painfully maintained eyebrow
And yonder before us lie
A chimney-tarnished sky
Before air pollution retards our respiration
Let our breath mingle each other in unison



Poem Details | by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: allegory, animal, beauty, life, love, metaphor, nature, parody, pets,

A Love Lyric from the Amorous Shepherd

THEY graze in beauty on the land
     of grassy glades and dewy dales,
and all that's best of tamed and tanned
     meets in their aspect and their tails;
thus mellowed to that tender hand
     which Shepherd to mild glen compels.

One fleece the more, one spot the less,
     had half-repaired the shearless grace
which wreathes in every woolen tress
     or darkly tightens o'er their face,
where eyes serenely sweet express
     how pure, how dear their grazing race.

And on that rump and o'er that round
     so fat, so plump, yet elegant,
the baas that win, the hooves that bound,
     but tell of days in meadows spent—
a flock at peace with all around,
     a drove whose milk is innocent.

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: bible, character, christian, community, confusion, corruption, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, family, feelings, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, god, grief, happiness, heartbroken, heaven, history, hope, identity, inspiration, introspection, jesus, life, loneliness, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, parody, people, political, recovery from, relationship, religion, religious, sin, social, society, sorrow, sorry, today, urban,

Man's Corruption God's Redemption

Man's Corruption.. God's Redemption!

The Bible speaks of man's sin and corruption.
That's why God has offered us, his redemption!

The heart is desperately wicked above all things.
There's an evil corruption that sin brings!

The Lord searches our heart and tests our ways.
He watches our lives, all of our days!

There's nothing good in ourselves.
Not now, or ever!
Without God's mercy...
We're doomed forever!

But, through Christ, there's a way and a plan!
He made this available to every woman and man!

His gift of salvation is a message of love, made clear!
The coming of Jesus Christ,
 draws ever so near!

We can trade our sinful corruption, 
for a new way of living!
Won't you come before the Lord,
with a heart of giving?

Giving our life to Jesus,
 is the best thing to do!
By his power and grace, you can be

I'm thankful for his salvation! 
 Mercy has been applied!
Because of Christ' death on the cross…
I'm now sanctified!

By Jim Pemberton   

Poem Details | by Jay Anderson-Taylor |
Categories: black african american, life, love, parody, philosophy, sympathy, beautiful, world, beautiful, butterfly,

Black Butterfly

Here I swing inside my dark cocoon afraid 

to become all that I know I can be..A 

Black Butterfly too scared to emerge into my 

full potential and spread my beautiful black 

wingsI'm so afraid to spread my wings, to worried, 

about what this world may think of me? I'm a Black 

Butterfly that can't seem to set myself free from this 

cocoon that imprisons me

I do know how the world will ever see my real beauty 

that hides within me? The love I hide and the pain that 

does consumes me

I know this world can sometimes be cruel and rude place to be 

but if I don't break out of this cocoon and set 

myself free? How will the world ever see me for me? 

But I must first set myself free, so that the world 

can see all my true beauty..and when I do emerge from 

cocoon? A beautiful Black Butterfly is what I shall be

As I spread my wings and fly into the sky… Fly away fly, 

fly beautiful Black Butterfly

Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

Copyright ©2008 Jay Andrew Anderson-Taylor 

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: addiction, april, best friend, computer, confusion, courage, culture, cute love, earth, emotions, encouraging, environment, fantasy, farm, feelings, funny love, garden, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, inspirational, internet, irony, july, june, kiss, loneliness, love, magic, me, metaphor, nature, parody, repetition, satire, science, social, technology, tree, women, world, youth,


follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, courage, dream, education, faith, fantasy, fear, funny, god, heaven, history, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, miracle, mystery, nostalgia, on work and working, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religion, religious, spiritual, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, write,

Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, angst, autumn, business, confusion, dark, dedication, depression, fear, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, hate, health, home, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, love, on work and working, pain, parody, people, relationship, retirement, sad, satire, school, social, stress, success, sympathy, time, work,

Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, confusion, courage, dream, faith, god, happiness, heaven, history, hope, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, memory, metaphor, miracle, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religion, religious, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, uplifting, write,

Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: adventure, funny, husband, love, parody, passion, wife,

State Fair

There once was a woman named Shar,
Who went to her local State Fair,
Her husband came too,
Can't say no to you,
And they were quickly thrown out of there

Poem Details | by Rhoda Monihan |
Categories: appreciation, forgiveness, friendship, love, parody, stress, youth,

The Forgiveness of Others

Warm, sticky hands palm off dry, self-centred ground,
Touched by gingerly acclaiming seeds of new-borns: 
Ready, willing and eager for the harsh, expecting role, 
Supposedly not with any crudeness, brashness or horns; 
As we sit in it, my tears embrace his spritely youth, 
And I ask for forgiveness for my naive, vigorous misdeed: 
He secures me with his smile and instinctive composure, 
Such that I no longer trepidatiously have to sweat and bleed; 
Permanency fairly permeates my fearful, angered heart:
The hope of someone else to tease the difficult, awkward task; 
My failure becomes his promise, and his foundation strong, 
So that the demand is no longer a mountainous, rocky ask.

When you yourself cannot conquer the rough terrain, 
Your friends and lovers attend to take the strain

2nd of October 2015

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: desire, funny love, parody,

Fallen For Your Charms

A beauty from afar has captured my eye
Evoking so many feelings, deep inside
Very mysterious, curvy and delicious
I know I want to be, all she will need

I followed her to a nightclub by the river
I longed to know this star that shines so bright
To my surprise, a star she was, provocative songs from her sultry voice
A stranger and yet I felt so near

This woman, this angel, all my desires I seek
I leapt from my chair, no more silence, I must surely speak
Captivated, on my knees, I kissed her hand
Off with his wig, he said hello my name is Dan

Notes: Tim Smith was kinda enough to allow me to use his great poem and take it in a completely different direction!!!!! Thanks Tim

Poem Details | by Dan Keir |
Categories: adventure, courage, freedom, happiness, history, holiday, hope, imagination, inspirational, journey, life, love, natural disasters, nature, pain, parody, passion, philosophy, recovery from..., space, stress, travel,

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part III

An azure ocean
Displaced by mighty blackness
The horizon dies

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: confusion, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, family, forgiveness, happiness, hope, introspection, life, loss, lost love, mystery, parody, people, political, recovery from..., religion, sad, social, god, god, life, love,

Why Do We Preach Tolerance and Love

Tolerance and love is preached…  But,  at what price?
Too often we forget about Jesus’ sacrifice!

His death was because our sin counted against us.
He died on the cross because he truly loves us!

How dare we “cheapen” his work on the cross!
In today’s “political correctness..”  We have lost!

In the love and acceptance, we call it “inclusion.”
This has led many into a serious “confusion.”

Many want the loving side of God I can’t blame them!
But those who seek his holiness…  
Can you name them?

God is a God of love But he requires holy living too!
This is not a request but a command 
me and you!

If it’s tolerance and love you want…  Look no more!
You’ll be able to find it washed up on sin’s shore!

The people of Israel wanted “free love.” 
 Look what it got them!
Being slaves and captives, is what
 it taught them!

God is a loving God but is also as a consuming fire!
Living a righteous life is what he really desires!

“Without holiness…  No man shall see him.”
That’s why he sent Jesus, to the world beneath him!

Won’t you allow your sins to be totally forgiven?
Only Jesus can change the way
 you’ve been livin’!

He gives eternal life to those who
 diligently seek him!
The choice is yours to repent and receive him!

By Jim Pemberton    

Poem Details | by linda milgate |
Categories: parody

Compassionate Computer Guy To His Love

Come chat with me and be my special friend
And we will all the internet explore
The blogs, the webs, the hours we’ll spend
We’ll hack and open each forbidden door

There we will sit at our desks
And listen to  those in cubicles
As we drink our Red Bulls sitting at rest
Melodious sounds from infinite electricals 

And I will make thee a bed recycled vellum
As the fragrance of ink and chemicals meld in
A cap of vines and violet plastic flowers
We’ll sit at our computers and wile away the hours

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: betrayal, boat, change, computer, confusion, cool, crazy, cute love, emotions, fantasy, funny, funny love, heart, heartbroken, hello, irony, light, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, love hurts, parody, relationship, river, romantic, sad love, satire, soulmate, voyage, wisdom,


I had my heart put on auto-pilot,
set to navigate towards you; 

the low-battery signal just came on,
I don't know what to do

Poem Details | by Toni Orban |
Categories: funny love, kiss, parody,

Man Eater

There was young “lady" of Chester
Who not only dated a jester
But also and baker n' smith
whom she all liked to kiss 
she's known as the great man-molester

Poem Details | by Brandy uptain |
Categories: fantasy, children, funny, parody, science fiction, love, silly,


We love our silly Grazillas,
Who eat chocolate ice cream because they don't like vanilla.
They prefer lumpy pillas,
As they nap under the willas.
They eat salt by the pillas,
And watch only chinchillas.
They prefer to work as millas,
They prefer their envelopes to be manilla.
They could easily take down Godzilla,
Because them Grazillas,
Are stone cold killas.

They are a cross between a gorilla and a gator,
And they sure do enjoy their maters and taters.
They make fun of waiters,
And they are great imitaters.
They love gossiping with the gators,
And are known to be fair ice skaters.
Peculiar too is the way they only eat fish flavored Now and Laters,
And man can they drive those freighters,
And they choose to shave with cheese graters.

They are even one-third dinosaur,
And they are rotten to the core.
They love to renact the Civil War,
And to get a dollar they will pretend to be poor.
They play golf just so they can yell Fore,
And when they get a banana they all yell Score!
They are in a band and go on world tour,
But I admit they are sometimes a bore.
They are the legends of lore,
That come from the Loth Lorien shore,
And in their land they are unequivical lords.

How do they have shimmering tails,
They put water from the Amazon on every golden scale.
Their fur is silvery and pale,
And they comb it twice a day without fail.
Their favorite snack is kale,
Especially in the middle of a gale.
They love riding the rails,
Looking for the the Holy Grail.
They may look frail,
But you never can tell.
They like digging wells,And telling tall tales.
Try never to compliment the males,
Cause their egos sure do swell.So if you come across a silly Grazilla,
Lazing under a willa...
Don't forget to bow to the queen of the Grazillas.
Whose name is Drucilla,
Who lounges on golden pillas...
While she listens to thrilla...
So I bid you ado untilla...

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, art, beautiful, celebration, celebrity, city, confidence, courage, creation, culture, destiny, dream, emotions, feelings, firework, first love, girlfriend, good night, hair, happy, humanity, imagination, international, jealousy, joy, love, metaphor, miss you, missing you, music, parody, poems, relationship, romance, romantic, stress, success, symbolism, today, tribute, true love, uplifting, world,


in the dream I had 
many appeared
extras plenty
but loved ones too

all had seen
that same dream
but only one got it
others had no clue

Poem Details | by Carol Eastman |
Categories: adventure, angst, childhood, education, family, fantasy, children, friendship, funny, happiness, imagination, inspirational, life, love, nature, parody, passion, peace, philosophy, uplifting,

Duck Side Story

You have your North side ducks, 
And you have your south side ducks.
Neither the twain shall meet.
For each one had his nose in the air
They simply would not do the greet.

So as it happens they would dance with flair in the middle of the pond.
Always trying to out do the other side…Yes, let’s call it ‘Stomp The Pond’
Wings in motion lifting them up, to stomp the waters with their feet
Acrobatics and splashing around… Man it looked so neat.

So Stella, one of the South Side Ducks fell in love with her North side Pete.
But she couldn’t cross the middle of the pond, with so much action in the way.
Fussing, blustering, and carryings on were the name of the day.

But you know, there’s always one strange duck, and that’s the one who built a bridge.
Now all the others could come across or watch the stomp from the middle of the id.
My moral, I say to you young ones… is as appealing as stomping can be…
The world works better when brought together… 
By the builders of a bridge.

Poem Details | by Dave Collins |
Categories: change, character, culture, emotions, life, longing, love, men, parody, passion, people, sensual, social, society, sorrow, women,

A Grand Carlyle Residue via 1989

Stymied synergistic stoolcumers synchronized
of gifted glib galb garbage run of mouth
nicotine rings of one night 
no promise quickly spilled
ever taxed gestured pocket
pooltandem coulpling random 
access eye spew askances for a 
tainted night glowWeak whitewine 
whispers office yupslugs curtaling on a 
Friday nnite feeding rampage
cock'll doodle do ya, hopefully, fixed
******l trans plant stilted blue
libidious carneverous ego ectascies
exaggerate trip the gonad fantasy fantastic
click, click, click, scrape,
click females ina crowd leave ina crowd
***** puffers everywhere cancer
croonies suck lips with sunken jaw 
jumping jill frenzy paste posted tooth
smiles--only gum grin where prohibited
white collar/blue collar share a
once beer of sorts, while linley smoke
figures haunt backwards in a sitdown dismal
denial comedy for the no show waitresses
geese gatheing empty of poignant personality
through bar riers of in-finite age range ripe
rituals for meta phor women to the restroom!
The plot hair thickensmy lungs hurt from watchexisting
Blue suit sancturary slugs offer office onslaughts through
oppulent openings via perservance in a temperate tampon 
express meal head long into a pubic partisian oblivion? 
True bar tintilation touting tempting tidbits of tumultious
temptations tilting time, tantilizing tremors, tracking
tricks of professional preference and sexosocial sinny
secular satisfactionGomer Pyle just pissed by
Judy, Judy, JudyPoor Judy  

occular preferences occlude 

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, imagination, life, love, parody, satire, social

Wreck of Shrek

You know of tale of Fiona and Shrek.
They had both been human and ogre.
Changing twice, living, loving maugre,
Happily ever after was left in a wreck.

Fairy tales have to end that way for tots.
Society prefers it that way in stories.
Must be loving and living in glories.
However, in reality life has different plots.

Let’s change the ending now for you.
Suppose donkey changes into a prince.
Fiona falls for him then runs away hence.
Shrek has no idea now, of what to do.

Should he hunt for a witch to cast a spell?
Should he terrorize the countryside now?
Should he get a gun, then shoot, POW, POW?
Or just gather up and hide in a big shell.

Donkey now Prince loves Fiona so true.
Fiona loves both of them so very much.
She has a history, major changing and such.
Shrek changed back into an ogre too.

Fiona loved Shrek first though she left.
Then the story takes a strange turn.
Where both males are left to burn,
Fiona changes again by a fairy in a cleft.

Now Donkey as Prince, Shrek as ogre again,
Fiona now loves a male fairy.
She changes her mind, so scary.
Prince Donkey and Ogre Shrek then begin.

Traveling the countryside fighting dragons of fire,
They the bravest fighters of legend today,
Until meeting one female dragon in play
Prince Donkey falls in love with dragons’ desire.

Now Ogre Shrek has no friend to travel along
What had he done to deserve all this wrong?
He shouted outward with a very loud throng.
Next thing he knew he was fighting, King Kong.

Movie Shrek.

Written for

Sponsor John Heck 
Contest Name Happily Ever After?