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Love Poems About Parallelismus Membrorum or Parallelismus Membrorum Love Poems

Parallelismus Membrorum love poems and/or love poems about Parallelismus Membrorum. Read, share, and enjoy these Parallelismus Membrorum love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Parallelismus Membrorum Poems.

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: life, love, people, philosophy, social

Unknown Providences

Lust so cold, love stays warm
Advice given is words forgotten.
Gifts that are free have a catch.
Hidden destiny, life so scorned.
Living high, lost in the dark.
Spirit lost, not ever free.
Falsified love, eternally angry

Poem Details | by Megan O'Day |
Categories: death, depression, fear, happiness, hope, love,


I am the color that stands for love.
I am the hearts that fill up your box.
I am the rose that sits on your table.
I am the dress you wear on a date.
I am the ribbon on a perfectly wrapped package.
I am the stripes on the American flag.
I am the sign that warns you to turn back.
I am the anger on your face.
I am the pen on your test, “F”.
I am the horns on your biggest fear.
I am the color that stands for love,
But I am also the blood that drips off your knife.

Poem Details | by Mercury Anderson |
Categories: betrayal, crush, for her, heartbreak, lost love, repetition, sad love,

False Hope

You smile.
You wave.
It's false hope,
You gave.

I loved.
I hoped. 
You rejected. 
I coped. 

My heart.
My soul.
Is jaded
You know. 

You're smile.
You're wave.
The false hope
You gave.

Poem Details | by Hailey Coraggioso |
Categories: beauty, blessing, child, hope, love, mental illness,


It's the way they look at me.
As if I haven't lost my hair.
It's the way they play with me.
As if I were their age.
It's the way they worry about me.
As if that's what should be done for my scars.
It's the way they tell me I'm beautiful.
As if it's common knowledge.
It's the way they hug me.
As if I'm their anchor to this world
When in actuality, it's quite the opposite.