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Love Poems About Panther or Panther Love Poems
by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: nature,

Panthers Prowl

"Panthers Prowl" panting tongues excite panther passion steams Moon's heat creamy lust lace loins. moistened lips ignite 'call of the wild' ecstasy jungle fires pounce. secret hideaway tender groans submit to love taste euphoria. *For SandyIvy's Sexy Haiku Nature Contest. *Written by: Linda-Marie The "Sweetheart" of P.S.

Categories: fun, funny,

My Adulterous cat

                            Meeni slept in bed with a big brown cockroach
                                  “It’s an adulatory, ", I went to broach
                                           She growled like panther
                                              "I love Mr. Gunther”
                            "Dad,go and  bum around Miss Apricot Poach”

by Nefretiti Morant |
Categories: love, love, universe,

Love Guru

Love Guru

I wanna be a love guru
Clothed in white
Chemical free
empowered by endless possibilities
In a limitless sky
Exiling mortality
With its ugly realities

Yeah love guru
Creating my own truths
Walking disguised as youth
unlocking age old wisdom
Befriending the universe

Always smiling 
Spinning in a pink panther-ed swivel chair
Bare feet
Flowing kinky hair
Halo of innocence

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: analogy,


Dewdrops on grass verge
Morning apparitions;
Welcome for sunrise

Two stray cats
Territorial panther black;
Tiger shades strides proudly

Old house by stadium
Looks lovely by road view;
Memories return like spring

Son and new daughter
Marriage works well;
Relatives celebrate union

Morning appertif
Lemongrass and ginger;
Brilliant concortion

Skyscraper sentinels
Stand guard silently;
Real estate prices escalate

Glimpses of Nirvana
In the Here and Now;
Just raise awareness

Like it or not
Karma is a-happening;
Cause flings effect

Deep philosophy
The Masters revealed:
Love is the solution

Leon Enriquez
24 July 2014

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: beauty,


Work word magic
Line after line;
Feel poignant purge

To write is risky
Touch of insanity;
Satisfying mood swings

Joy in wild moments
Tragic comedy;
Comic tragedy

Love is
Too busy to know;
Why or when or how

Head cracked from
Too much thinking;
Should feel more somehow

Echoes of eternity
In this instance;
Look and listen

By blue moonlight
Hear stray voices;
Yet nothing stirs

Strangers stand
Side by side squeezed;
Elevator delivers start-ups

Familiar faces
Office building complex;
Lonely in a crowd

Pulse, poise and purr
Black panther and brown tiger;
Two condo cats preside

Evening stroll
To night market;
Time for nothing special

Leon Enriquez
21 June 2014

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,


Sitting on the hill,
nestled against the moon,
talking to stars.

You love a woodpecker.
What a stupid thing.
A panther dies of thirst.

A tall fern unfurls
the frond, to catch
a crested iguana.

In deep blue water
seventeen summers 
drowned, in one go.

A sapsucker goes
on, making holes,
in my psyche.

A tree will wait
for the summer to end.
Then it will tow the rain.

Satish Verma

by Taryn Melville |
Categories: animals, death, life, loss, lost love, pets, sad,

My Baby

His soft black fur
His glowing yellow eyes
His soft loving purr
He just had to die

I miss him so
He was my baby
I just cant let him go
Hopefully he'll come back just maybe

He will always have a place in my heart
Just because I care
I wish we didn't have to part
I miss my kitty Panther

by Merissa Poetry |
Categories: adventure, animal, cry, deep, desire, humanity, riddle,



at her

and tell

not get

deadly concubine 

with a fine divine design

demeanor and meeker

eloquently swan

touching the surface


again  afro centurion

mint medici again

that's love lust


eye opener

GO her

eye opener

at her.....

by tod gaines |
Categories: art, devotion, life, love, passion, philosophy,

I saw you coming

The warm,soft breeze
turned me around
Beautiful strength,feline
panther steps
Exciting me
Heat radiates from you
to me
or the other way around
As you pass by
Your scent lingering
though my nose to my
we connect
and always will.

by David Lemke |
Categories: angst, animals, devotion, happiness, love, passion,

Overwhelming horses

Strong, muscular, moving in sync,
like an ocean of lavender their bodies move.
Waves of clapping hooves consistently beating
the earth like thunder beats the sky.
This is how my heart moves,
like a panther to its prey,
towards the stampede.

Suffocation, intoxication, devastation.
Refusing to be tamed as sure as life is to 
Spring, summer, night,
day, month, week,
hour to minute, 
run in time.
Refuse to be trampeled. 

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: analogy, animal, image, me, write,


never thought
looked like
any sort
of animal.
never expected
to be
to one,
but I've once 
been told
I had
a rather distinctive
panther-like gait,
so I suppose...
that is my...
"spirit animal"?

Hey, I'll take it!
No worries.
It just so happens...

Spirit Animal Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Dear Heart 
Date written: 05/28/2020