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Love Poems About Otter or Otter Love Poems
by Claire de la Grange |
Categories: history, lost love,

The Spirit of Otter Lake (roundel)

At Otter Lake, whilst welkin starry clear,
A ghostly wail bruits eerily despair,
And eyes appear alit like embers near,
At Otter Lake.

Avaunt, the trappers pray, bedim thy glare;
In sooth, thy mourning grieves a bygone year,
From earthly bourn, ascend to angels care.

Arose a zephyr, thick as bloodied air,
And shrieking withered every soul with fear,
To where a man durst lay his footsteps there,
At Otter Lake.

by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: animal, creation, cute love,

The Platypus

The elusive, furry platypus,
Is a surviving monotreme,
Living above and below the water, 
Of any Aussie stream,

Where it lives a pure autonomous life, 
With a bric a brac design,
Made up from bits of others, 
A sort of animal Frankenstein,

With its duck bill mouth and otter foot,
And beaver sort of tail,
And then it’s got its venomous poison, 
In a curly black toenail,

And, as a mammal, what’s really odd, 
It lays eggs like a chook…
These are reasons I love spotting platypus,
When they’re swimming in a brook.