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Love Poems About Old or Old Love Poems

Old love poems and/or love poems about Old. Read, share, and enjoy these Old love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Old Poems.

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: encouraging, family, humanity, life, love, truth, wisdom,

Bit Of Truth And Wisdom, Found In Old Age

Bit Of Truth And Wisdom, Found In Old Age

At that age wisdom says life is a joke
consider blindness of other poor folk.
Stop to ponder why on earth we exist
you may just find giving on that big list.

To live well, love hard and thus procreate
easy to see easier to relate.
Living life together with your soulmate
should be a part of everybody's Fate!

Finding life is not about what you got
should be holding solid, number one spot
Tis more about life lived well and deeper
with one you found, knew to be a keeper

If long life, happiness is your great aim
if reaching not for it, you are to blame!

Robert J. Lindley, 1-16-2017

Poem Details | by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: angst, love hurts, song,

Sing Me An Old Style Song

Sing Me an Old Style Song

Sing me an old style song,
With pretty flowing phrases;
A story of love gone wrong,
In other times, in other places.

No trumpets blare, just sweet trombones,
A crooner, smooth tongued and mellow.
Hurting, aching, quiet, for me alone.
Sing me an old style song.

Let bottled tears stain my cheeks,
As your freckled nose appears before me.
For I cannot cry to beats and bangs,
Please sing me an old style melody.

That I may cry and cleanse my heart;
Empty and ready for a new filled start.

Poem Details | by D.W. Rodgers |
Categories: love, time,

Old love

Our fire, which once shone brightly through the night,
whilst tempered by age, is no less warm
and still burns slow with cherry embers bright
to keep us safe and sheltered through life's storm.

Our light may dim, yet always kept its mark
though summer doldrums, winter's icy gale
to show our path and guide us through the dark
hold steadfast to our course let love prevail.

In time, our flame gave rise to three new sparks 
to nurture, guide and teach of worldly ways
and then release to find their own true arcs
and bear this fire to yonder days.

Face lined, flesh soft, and hair now grey
together love we greet each coming day.

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

Grow Old With Me

Breathless beauty shine bright tonight my loving arms will hold you tight no wind, no storm, no evil tide will whisk you away from my side I'll fly you to a land where eagles soar where mountains climb from the shore guide you to a meadow where nature plays where geysers spout most every day show you a place where the buffalo roam where a simple man can make a home we'll sail the sea under star filled skies gazing deeply into those caramelized eyes we'll have no worries, we'll be carefree so take my hand and grow old with me

Poem Details | by Christy Hardy |
Categories: love

As We Grow Old

The man I dream of,
is tender but strong,
and I will be the music,
to the words of his song.

His eyes will give comfort,
as I talk of my day,
and I will listen completely,
to all he will say.

A hand to hold,
a heart of gold,
as we grow old.

Poem Details | by Kate Mcnaughton |
Categories: family, children, happiness, love, mother, thank you, uplifting,

When i grow old

     When i grow old i will be glad
of the five braw weans im blessed to have
Gordon my oldest wise for his years
Kelly shes bolder but inside theres tears
Ashly my nightmare but i love her to bits
Sean has a laugh that has me in fits
Natasha the baby the wee cuty pie
I hope when she's older she gets a good guy
they are all so good looking no one can deny
and their all the apple of this mothers eye

Poem Details | by Paula Swanson |
Categories: lost love

Old Photographs

One by one, with trembling heart, I pull out faded memories. Dust off the years that have no part, of what's left of you and me, saying goodbye while crying softly.
For the contest Five Lines Down Sponsored by Brian Strand Placement: 1st

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: love, old,

When Lilacs Blossomed - Just A Note

One day soon I will grow old enough

not to remember the date,day, night and season

But , my mind ...  My mind would never forget that hazy afternoon

When Spring was over, yet lilacs blossomed with your return.

Poem Details | by S.Jagathsimhan Nair |
Categories: love, old,

Love Again


On this day, when tricky  time
Has already turned  love  into  wry rust,
When forgetting dominates 
Bits- and -pieces  remembering,

I forget you like I forget my red rose,
Standing alone , old and gnarled
At the far end of my yard,

Its leaves more blighted than green,
Its  twigs more stunted than straggly,
Its butterflies more fitful than flit-ful.

But when I remember, it is like
Its rare , single  bloom  overpowering
Me with its same old fragrance
Into  a spasm of  fond recognition..

19  Jun  12

S.Jagathsimhan Nair
For SKAT's contest, 'Old romantic poems'

Poem Details | by millard lowe |
Categories: analogy, beauty, blessing, celebration, growth, love, marriage,

Growing Old

     (And We’re Still Together, Babe)

Growing old together,
We’ve mellowed
Fine wine.
Much more
Our love
Is to refine
As we ride
The waves of passing time.

Neither sting-
Less death
Nor defeated graves
Can claim
The victory over
The sacred love that is
The essence of us:
Of our story.

The children
Came and left
And now we’re all alone:
You, me
And the dogs.

Praise God!
The children
Now in their own home!

Poem Details | by Christopher Bunton |
Categories: love, romance,

Two Old Flames

Two Old Flames

Holding Hands In The Park

Always Together

He gives Her A Rose.

Sixty Years With Her A Joy,

He Is Thankful For.

She Squeezes Him Tight.

Kissing Him On The Cheek,

And Never Regrets.

Poem Details | by Kevin Shaw |
Categories: green, growth, love, meaningful, nature, old, summer,

English Oak

English Oak

Standing in this field two hundred years,
Witnessed your lives, your loves and tears.
Growing taller with every day,
I see over hills, so far away.
Through Winter storms and Summer sun,
I never hide and I never run.
For I am Oak, proud and strong,
In England’s pasture, where I belong.

Poem Details | by Lary Houston |
Categories: loveheart, heart,

Old Fashioned Love

With my heart wide open
I wait for you to appear.
I'm tired of being all alone
as I face another year.

I have a lot of love to give
I've stored up through the years.
Waiting for you to find me
and dry up all these tears.

I know somewhere there has to be
a heart with feelings like mine.
A heart that's crying out for love
the good, old fashioned kind.

Poem Details | by Tyffani Paceley |
Categories: love, love,

Same Old, Same Old

I hate the way you look at me
It reminds me what we used to be
But our love wasn't real
When I look at you
I can't control how I feel
You don't know how badly you hurt me
All I can think is "How could he?"
It was all a lie
The "I love you" and "Forever we'll be"
And yet I believed 
Everything you said to me
I was your biggest regret
I just can't let go yet
I tried to change for you
But that wouldn't do
So I sit here and ask
"Why does it always seem
I always fall in love with someone
Who isn't in love with me?"

Poem Details | by DON JOHNSON |
Categories: adventure, old, love, old, , fate,

Attraction Fate

Any ~~ old or recent~~ love poem... the most loving poem... you've ever written p.d. Attraction Fate The law of attraction, when two worlds embrace, The soul inter action, you are drawn to this race, You may not find it, in any old place, But blunder you will, into sweet interface. Unplanned, uncalled for collision of stars, The right n the wrong, don’t defend who you are, The pull of the tide, the cycle of moon, The cycle of love, “will it’s“coming here soon, Fate is your carriage, you can’t dodge the blow, Winsome and perfect, best flower that grows, Just let yourself go, other half of the coin, So fitting together, how love is rejoined, at last….

Poem Details | by The Night Bird |
Categories: bird, goodbye, love, lust, metaphor, old, poetry,

No Whiskey Lover

Your love is thin
  it has no flesh
its a pretty face
  with no consequence,

so I tell myself
  go without the water
by summer the malt 
  will be in order
your love is thin.

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: analogy, inspirational, metaphor, music, spiritual, true love, wisdom,

That Old Violin of Mine

I have several newer of quality,
But I suspect, my favorite is still
that old violin of mine:
antique, though not especially valuable...unless
one takes all into account—the sensuous caresses,
countless waxing, mending
and restringing over the years-- 
The imagined Heifetz and Mozart
I have thrilled
in the packed halls of my musical
heart. Oh, not to suggest that I 
think myself a virtuoso to anyone 
but myself and others less critical 
who hear me...for a spirit
in tune makes us all Concert Masters
and great lovers….

Poem Details | by CHRISTINE SCULL |
Categories: love, words,

A love as old as time

A tisket, a tasket  a treasure,  in mom's basket.
Old "love" letters stuck, inside a book, dare I take a secret look?
My dad's words are written there, words of "love" they both did share.
Between, the yarn and threads of time, I saw my parents  youth unwine.
Their dreams and hopes were scattered there, among each page, of  written 
Letter's mom reads everyday, especially now that dad's passed away.
It's hard to think, of them once young, with thoughts that "lovers" have.
It helps me realize now, why moms so very sad!
They had a special kind, of "love", the kind thats hard to find.
A "love" thats ever-lasting.....
A "love" as old as time.

Poem Details | by lisa risner |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, heart, heart, love,

An Old Love Gone and A New Love Come

I'd love you more than any
I had ever loved before
But never seeing you
Scared me even more
Your voice was never heard
Over the thoughts that I had read
Time just wouldn't wait around
For us to move ahead
And with time came another
Someone I never would have pondered
But with this one I've come to love
My heart wanders and looks above
Wondering if this is a mistake
The arrival of this new fate
For my heart yet turns
Mainly because you're who it yearns
Even though this may be true
My love for you would have never grew
But this one who has stolen my heart
Has given my love a new start

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: cry, death, first love, flying, heart, love, mother,

Two Hearts as Old Friends What Might Have Been

Two friends they thought it would never end,

They just wanted their love to blend,

Friends and lovers what can you say?

Your words take my breath away.


Their life was in each other’s heart.

How would they ever know it was a dart,

 A dart that would kill their love.

Just like a dying dove.


There was no more love flying,

Just more and more crying,

Now we are apart,

Like we were from the start,


Now we cry for each the other,

Like we did when we needed our mother.

picture #1

Poem Details | by Will Thomas |
Categories: age, courage, love, old, poems, spiritual, truth,

From heaven to baby

Who wants to be old,
All achy and cold,
All wrinkled,
All slow,
Unable to hold...

Onto anything dear, 
So filled with fear, 
So fragile,
So weak,
So stuck in one gear... 

Like a car that's been used, 
Sometimes abused,
So dented, 
So broken, 
So battered and bruised...

With a long white beared, 
With vision impaired, 
With teeth missing, 
Nose running, 
And still no one cared...

But now I can't hide, 
From the joy inside, 
From meeting you, 
Before I died!

Poem Details | by Dean Wood |
Categories: age, love, passion,

Age Old Passion

Young passion is a timid child,
Running from waves on the beach
Until she takes that headlong plunge
Into depths once out of reach.

The rhythmic waves engulf her
In a warm embracing glow.
Excitement fills her tender breast 
As she begs him never go.

But as she grows, we come to find
Young passion starts to mold.
Unless it's fed with patient care
'Tis rare to see passion grow old.

To understand old passion
You need only gaze above.
Each shining star on moonless night;
Memories of life and love.

Old passion needs no thunder 
Or waves breaking hard on the sand.
Just the gentle rocking of the boat 
-- As we stargaze hand-in-hand.

© Dean E. Wood

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: love, nostalgia,

In the Old Testament

Between the pages
I find our love still glowing
First rose you gave  me


Author:  Elane Cecelia George, of Canada

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: joy, life, love, relationship, sweet,


With a ring, I'm hoping to say
All my intent that came our way
I pray for God's grace
to rain on that place
where our wedding vows display

I want to send my guy a bouquet
to him my love I'll display
His cheeks powder flush
as touches play hush
These flow e'en we're old and grey
O.E. Guillermo 
6:42 pm, April 29, 2015

Poem Details | by Lesa Donaghy |
Categories: age, birth, family, i love you, niece, sister, youth,

My eight year old niece

You were the first to make me an aunt
That's why I hold you so close to my heart
Your the light that brightens my world
Nothing can break us apart
As I held you for the first time
With your little fingers wrapped around mine
All the joy and happiness came upon me
Which at the time was hard to find
From slippers to sneakers 
From onesies to jeans
You've grown from a little princess to beautiful queen 
As I continue to watch you grow
I also grow to
From the lost young girl
To the mature aunt I continue to be to you
So know I'm always here for you
I'll never be out of reach
Happy 8th birthday to my beautiful and intelligent niece