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Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: love, seasons,

November Dreams

We lie ‘neath the oak on a carpet of brown leaves that lost their amber glory. With eyes tightly shut, we envision spring’s return— hoping our love does the same.

Poem Details | by Jimmy Anderson |
Categories: confusion, loss, lost love, love, sadnovember,

Just Like November

I wait patiently, and eagerly listening for your call.
Was I such a liability to cause you to drift away like leaves in the fall?
       The temperature dropped 30 degrees that day On that sidewalk I begged you to stay
But you turned and walked towards the subway.
       Just like November you were suddenly gone.
A man on the corner was playing the saxophone I dropped a dollar in his hand and moved
       on Without her I headed home.

       I watched the gentle breeze toss around a feather.
It's during these times I wonder if we will ever get back together.
       The chill against the nape of my neck is not my type of weather.
You were so cold Your touch like ice, and you did not play nice.
       But I rolled the dice and suffered frost bite because loving
you came with a price.
       My heart and emotions have been disassembled and rearranged.
I wondered how strange?!  Just like November everything seem to change.

       The holidays draw nearEveryone is in festive cheer.
It's just not the same with you not here.
       Now days I stand facing the subway
and I must say, I have this great fear.
       That just like November, I'll soon disappear.
The chill still finds the nape of my neck from the rear.
       The man on the corner still plays the saxaphone.
I drop another dollar in his hand and move on.
       But this time I did not head home,
And just like November we're both suddenly gone!

Poem Details | by Kiran Bantawa |
Categories: autumn, beauty, desire, earth, fantasy, first love, for her, girl, girlfriend, i love you, image, lust, nature, november, october, passion, relationship, romance, teen, teenage,

With you in autumn evening

The sweet songs of birds, We hand in hand across the lawn, Pansies white yellow and violet Tossing their heads in the breeze. Somewhere the sound of falling leaves. The sound of squirrel cracking the walnut. Calm weather warm sun, White fluffy clouds forming different shapes, A passenger flight in the blue sky, Sun born in the horizon and about to fade in the horizon, Both our heartbeats echo inside of chest, Shutting and opening of our lips, Your unkempt hair flying backwards, Yellowish west sky. Heart shaped fig leaf's shadow. If I could stop this world from spinning, I would do so, Just to be with you In this autumn evening.

Poem Details | by Sandra Adams |
Categories: absence, longing, love, november, rain,


there is a cool rain falling down on me it wakes me from the pain of love's faded memory we are in every breath of November's lonely air all my days and all my nights we still do share I still feel your love raining down on me I wish in your arms I still could forever be although our paths may never cross again I will keep you safe within November's rain (piano) within this cool November rain falling down on me as long as i still live we will always be in memories alive as we were before I will love you darling forevermore

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: loneliness, sad love,

November Rain

with your touch as gentle as summer snow

               and your verses a snowflake in the chill of spring-

I shall fill my mind
                    with memories of us;
wrapped up in warmth, 
             like the autumn sun.

                             november rain has come again-
                                             and I cannot forget you..

January 9th, 2018

Poem Details | by Valentina Iljina-Pechenova |
Categories: love, nature,

November Blues

So tender and yet so stormy this November –
Deep soft its colors though frost covers all leaves.
I walk stepping on them and feel their silky nature,
As if, a fluffy carpet was spreading under my feet.
I treat autumn with true thankfulness despite its chilly paths;
I love as never before those waning days and wintry nights.
However, lone lane forms not in the heart, but in my head.
A roulette of white snow, shining in the beauty of winter.
Nothing stops nature, the final season heralds a start.
The circle, a carousel, and merry-go-round wherever
We are, whether you love it or not, winter must come,
Maybe making us dizzy, and with many some freezing.
Let me enjoy this season and feel these awesome autumn paths.
They have a purpose; some freshness arises, all mingled up
All is mixed like threads, or the wool of a lamb, all softness.
All is interweaved for the word so that love is given to all.

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: april, beauty, kiss, love, nature, november, song,

Wetland Song

The April morning's quiet
and so is the November.
Wherever people outnumber trees
or the dominant cover type
is unquietNothing wrong with that.
Walt got it right, and Jane Jacobs:
the city is an experienced,
used beautyHer toes are long,
nails thick and hair thinYet
her kisses can be sweet; or
smell of ****All my life I've tried to point my window toward
some narrow wedge of nature.
On Seaman Ave., over the roof
beyond the chimney to the park
where every dog was walked.
Could I survive soot and an air shaft now, pigeons and cats,
or even a desk in the legislature for my lot in lifeHow about
prison like Etheridge Knight,
Nazim Hikmet?
I've gotten soft.
When he builds that house in the pocket
wetland my window now looks out on,
the developer will have given me what I need.
Amphibian mortality,
gravel, fill,
oak, ash and maples felledGood
to the last drop is our bitterness, our love.

Poem Details | by Jesse James Forster |
Categories: august, autumn, child, childhood, children, grief, happiness, happy, heaven, holiday, inspiration, inspirational, joy, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, marriage, memory, metaphor, missing, nature, night, nostalgia, november, october, pain, passion, people, relationship, remember, romantic, sad, sad love, september, sorrow, spiritual, stars, time, today, together, tree, uplifting, wind,

The Autumn Affect

There's something unspecific about the autumn nights
A certain shade of color that uplifts my inner child's eyes
Beside a cashmere moon Venus and Jupiter shine bright
Complimented by a sea of blinking infinite twilight
The scent of burning oak lingers in the air from home made fires
Reminiscent of a time when this man was just a child
Careless and so free to dream and any dream to live
Like feathers floating across a field carried by the wind
As a gentle breeze blows through the leaves shivering delightful gloom
Unlike flowers of springtime the disheveled autumn vibrance bloom
Leaves crackle beneath my feet along the skeleton tree path
Where I try to find my peace or a song to make me laugh
The air is so much crisper and also soothing when I breathe it in
Underneath a starry sky and brighter constellations of Heaven
Amidst the trail I pass a lovely couple holding hands
While their children run aside frolicking in a playful dance
An old man and his wife admire the view from a wooden bench 
With smiles on their face as if nostalgia is still their closest friend
Its these specific autumn affects that bring me sorrows and joy
Reminding me of all theses things Ive wanted as a man since I was a little boy 
Its times like these that I wish I wasn't always so alone
Because I would light an fire with my family and call it home

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: autumn, celebration, cheer up, cool, destiny, earth, encouraging, environment, feelings, green, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, july, june, love, meaningful, memory, motivation, nice, november, october, planet, seasons, september, summer, sun, sunshine, tribute, uplifting, weather, wind, winter,


fall, the trickiest of them all, 
is pretending
to have fallen in love with summer

taking her to dinner each evening,
giving her the room 
to play during the day

summer, the purest of them all,  
has fallen for all that
surrendering slowly her joyful soul

little does she know 
perhaps sooner than before
she'll fall out of favor
once winter, the eternal lover of fall,
makes that call.

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, best friend, caregiving, childhood, courage, feelings, for her, growing up, heart, how i feel, i love you, inspirational, journey, little sister, love, miss you, november, paris, relationship,


                    Michelle ~
                        my sister we have been through life suffered loss
                 you making conscience effort to make amends for past

                         Je Taime Cheri  ~
                    my sister finding her own path without orders 
                 never have I left your side knowing in time you will see

                             so proud to be called yours 
                    Michelle ~my sister
               Loving you always unconditionally 

              we all stubble and fall on this ridged road 
                      Michelle I love you 
                                    not enough told ~

Poem Details | by Stephen Kilmer |
Categories: lost love,

3rd of November

3rd of November
Sleepy day
Ragweed and bitters
Time drips away
Spigot of rum
Rotten limes
In the sink
Missed you again
Newspaper flies
Obits and sports
Lay in the dirt
Dog barks next door
What the hell for?
Cigarettes and coke
Scattered like quail
Across the coffee table
TV is on 
The news is not good
I missed you again
10 days have gone 
Since you left
I can’t get right
This buzz in my head
Adrift and alone
I call on the phone
To a voice I don’t know
Says you’re not all alone
Day turns to night
The “friends” reappear
Another night of whiskey and beer
I hope when I wake 
I won’t have missed you again
You are so damn allusive
This life you call dear

Poem Details | by Jesse James Forster |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, dark, depression, grief, heartbroken, how i feel, introspection, loneliness, lost love, metaphor, november, pain, seasons, september, sorrow,

Giving In To The Gray

Overwhelmed with fear I whispered into the rain
Disarming defenses, Giving in to the gray 
Tearing down all of my shelter within my hollowed decay
While this echoing silence gave every tear drop a name
They begin filling the voids with mundane hopes for a change
Heaven will save me from this hell and blue skies will reign
Lazily lay in green grass watching clouds drift away
It's all but a deflated dream now that the colors have changed
My thoughts have become restless noise of uncertainties rearranged
Damning all of my emotions, lies decorated with grace
Now I stand with a hardened heart in the sobering autumn rain 
I'm disarmed and defenseless, Giving in to the gray

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: family, food, love, november, thanksgiving,

November Dreams

Gold-brown crunchy leaves
Crystal beads of morning frost 
Smoke swirling from chimney tops

Time for family
Oven filled with bird and pie
Harvest time of food and love

Sandra MHaight

~3rd Place~
Contest: November Dreams - Sedoka
Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich
Judged: 10/12/2014

Poem Details | by Gregory Jones |
Categories: love, nature, peace, me, world, me, november,

November Sky

It feels so good to be back home from school
I put my jacket on its starting to get cool
Sitting on my porch watching the wind blow
Wondering when it was going to snow
I watch as the sun starts to fall
It was feeling more and more like fall
For some reason I felt so small
Like I was only about 3 feet tall
After the hustle up north in the city
And all those days where I felt so gritty 
Surrounded in a world of fake smiles and titties
There is nothing like, nothing like that November sky

I got a call around 3 o'clock
She wants to meet up, shes just 'round the block
Comin' to swoop me up to chill
Possibly at our spot at the top of the hill
She pulled up in her black 150
So bad and yet still so pretty
Didnt have a destination to go
Just driving for miles, I went with the flow
Tryin to catch up, its only been a year
But there is still so much that we need to hear
She laughed, I smiled, she put it in park
Back to our spot right as it got dark
Good times, good times but it ended like a bummer
Late in the night we would stay up
In the flatbed of her pickup truck
Side by side with the warmth of a blanket
Smooth jazz playing, no need to crank it
Staring up counting the stars
Oh I lost count, I think I see Mars
I loved chillin wit her back in the Spring
All the love that the season could bring
Even during Winter we would have our fun
Playing in the snow, no tellin when we were done
No doubt I loved the Summer
But there is nothing like, nothing like that November sky

And then the darkness took the horizon line
So lets just close our eyes, close our eyes
Do you hear it? Our song is playing
I can smell the sunflowers
In this whole world its just me and you
Just us and the sound of water
Ohh take me away, take me away
There is nothing like, nothing like that November sky

Poem Details | by Xavier Johnson |
Categories: care, deep, emotions, journey, life, love, november,

Gone till November

Reflecting back on my past, I think I'm better here
We've lost a lot of spirits, innocent lives taken every year
Yet, we are not the solution
They rather tear us down a bit, which leaves me in confusion
Let a young man work towards fulfilling his aspirations
There's so much work to do, that I've delayed all my vacations
I heard things circulating, if it's misread then it shouldn't wait
So I'll explain it, though I shouldn't have to annotate
I texted TJ saying, "I wrote about you on Ideas of Gold"
He didn't like what I said, we solved it, now the story is told
Not this much since George and I had it over Jenni
6 years later, we're like brothers and stay getting plenty
I'm not here to seem alone or break up happy homes
I'd rather have homewreckers at Moe's
Or at Paw Paw patch cleaning chicken bones
An alternative is Panamanian at George's second home
Where I'm served like family, and treated as if I do no wrong
My shyness has been slipping, I've been so aggressive lately
If I had to deal with me I would hate myself greatly
But before they didn't take me as serious
An introvert at best, my mind remains mysterious
So, take note of all things to remember
Spending time away from writing, I'll be gone till November

Poem Details | by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: imagery, inspiration, november, poetry, writing,

For His Love -Sword,Land,Hope-

A knight wields a sword after the killing of his love, a beautiful maiden was she God sent her, from above. They loved each other truly he was the King, of his land, wanted to marry the maiden asked her father, for her hand. Her father gave them his blessing known each other since they were young, had the hope, to one day marry the maiden's heart, the knight had won. On the day, the wedding came dragons flew in the sky above, there for the maiden and knight in the celebration of their love. Off in the distance, there was trouble brewing clans that were not invited, stood, the young knight and maiden knew they were up to no good. These men of uncleanliness jealousy raged in their hearts, tried to steal the land from the knight had set fire to his hay carts. These men did their very best to get the maiden as their own, but, she, was smarter then they said she had a heart of stone. But, they knew she had lied when they saw the ring on her hand, they tried everything they could to put her under their command. These no good, filthy, mongrels had broken up the wedding day, they laughed and drank merrily didn't matter, what anyone had to say. Each had a sword at their side waiting for the chance to a fight, teasing the guests at the party which wasn't at all, very bright. The knight and his beloved maiden tried their best to stay together, but, they ended up, getting split apart during the nasty, rainy weather. All hope is very well lost now when the unwanted clan starts a fight, the knight tries his best to be calm fights them off, with all his might. From behind, there came a scream so horrid and so very shrill, "The maiden is dead!" someone screamed the knight saddened, with tears, his eyes did fill. How could they have done this to him? He ran over, to be at her side, this was the day, to marry his love and he wasn't with her, when she died. He didn't want her to die in vain time to up and be a man, he had to get even, for her and protect his ancestry land. A beautiful maiden was she God sent her, from above, a knight wields a sword after the killing of his love. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Nov.11/2012 The words at the end of the title, were challenge words.

Poem Details | by hija de la luna |
Categories: dream, longing, love, nature, seasons,

November Dreams

A red maple leaf
Gaily pirouettes for last;  
Nestles on dewy green grass.

This afternoon fall
I felt closer to my dreams.
I'll see you on November.


Poem Details | by Mark Anthony Cotterman |
Categories: i love you, i miss you, love,

I Am November

I am November, the chilling winds
blend with the conditions in my heart
My heart blends with 13 years of not
blending to the conditions very well

I am December, the morning shares
the same blackness as the nights
To which I divert from the light
calling for the morning to prolong its darkness

I am January, 5 days since you first said
my full name without a word being spoken
As my ice dispenses a single drop
unfelt before you appeared in a shadowy halo

I am February, too soon to whisper 
three words into your untested by me ears
Though 14 days in, I find comfort there
while you reach for the top shelf of doubt

I am March,  uncertainty keeps the ground
wrapped in snow and the lake waits for
Lovers to fall deep into its trap
one in which we barely escape

I am April, change has captured a soul
within the song of a bird that decides
Not to fly but instead make a home
of old leaves and unbloomed flowers

I am May, now into the 5th month
of finding a home, a shelter for brokeness
A hand to be unheld but very much held
in a quiver of complete togetherness

I am June, there is sun...vigorous sun
shining across ponds and glistening into
Conversations of a life to be lived and others
to be brought into our world, our home within us

I am July, I am tired and battered
by the maybes and some days
I am restless in a worn shell 
that dreams of being in that lake still

I am August, gardens have given of themselves
and now drift into the acceptance of expiration
There in all that greyness of upcoming death we find
the tethers of a tomorrow bonding our ankles to the bedposts

I am September, how the moments now go do not
will not and can not matter because
I am you and you are me and from this month on
we breathe in the love and only exhale to the Heavens

I am October, I am blessed by the cool air
that rises from an imported breeze
that has taken this heart, the one once frozen
and given it a beat, a hop and always a skip

Poem Details | by Wilbert Dela Cruz |
Categories: deep, emotions, goodbye, i love you, love, mother son,

6 hours ago today, November 20, 2015, my mom passed away in front of me

My mom was everything to me
She was my every day, my every morning
She was literally my life and I lived every single bit of it, in her world
She was my inspiration and her smile, was a sun-shine in my face
Every morning I would wake up and the first thing I ever thought about, was her
She would see me come down the stairs and automatically wave her little hands 
“Good Morning, Bert!” she would squeak out, followed by a smile as big as the ocean
In return, I would play with her cheeks, pinching both sides as I would often do
While she, on the other hand would always try to get a bite off of them, just for fun of course
It was our special ritual thing we do every morning, as if exchanging something more than words can say
My mom was my greatest dream of all and I mean that in every sense of the word
Because for a dreamer such I am, no dreams has ever come close to my undivided attention
I am also a freewill-thinker but where it comes to my mom, there can only be just one choice
I would choose her every time just because I am her son; it’s my duty to return the love, she has instilled in me
For a long time now I found a great calling preparing and giving her daily meds and insulin shots
To her I was her private doctor… To me, she was my princess, my queen and I would do just about everything
I have learned a lot being with her 24/7, 7 days a week, like being more of the patient trying to solve my problem with patience
Well, I mean it’s a work-in progress kind of thing but I truly feel that I’m a lot better compare from the old me
Little by little, day by day, one day, it just occurred to me that I was becoming the person, I can consent to be
For me helping her with her needs, she has helped me figured out my own path into the person I’ve always longed to be
You see, often, I’ve cried out, in silence about trying to find my own purpose in a world, filled with mysteries and illusions
And like I said earlier, every time, I would wake up and I would find her downstairs with her smile fixed directly at me
If you can only feel things in my shoes, no other kind of happiness can ever feel so pure and complete, it contented my soul
My mom loves to garden and because I love her and I wanted to make her happy, she made me fall in love with gardening
I could not believe it at first but gardening became my Superman’s fortress of solitude, it’s like it’s a whole new different world
She has given me so much of everything; I only wish that I had given her something even remotely significant, in comparison 
She didn’t just shaped me to be the person I am today; I became the person who would happily choose to be guided by her
Because there’s nobody else in the world like her, no heart can ever be as pure and innocent and good as her heart is
My mom was one of kind, a diamond if the rough, a jewel in the night and my sole treasurer of dreams
I don’t know what I would do without her, I have not one clue what my mornings would be like without her smile
I’m not even sure if I can ever get passed the darkness that I will be facing tomorrow; I only know one truth for now
I love my mom… I love her more than the meaning of the word love; I love her transcendently from infinity and beyond

Poem Details | by Courtney Reed |
Categories: angst, death, depression, loss, lost love, passion, sad, sorry, rain, rain,

The Ribbon - November 24, 2008

Fighting the quickness
I can't shake this sickness
My ribs sore from the lies
I want to cut these ties
I cough them up with phlem
I wish I had not met him
The blood staining the rag
I feel like a miserable hag

Cut these ribbons, they're hurting
These secrets I couldn't stop blurting
The blood dripping down the strips
My hands hanging at my hips
My eyes close and I cry aloud
Wouldn't my mother be proud?

I hate this numb feeling
I feel the cheer peeling
Like a leaf from its tree
I'm broken, can't you see?
I feel the rain falling
I hear its soft calling
Its drops mix with tears
I want to share my fears

Please, be the one to say yes
Take a rag and clean this mess
I need you like you'll never know
You'll never see the pretty bow
The one tied around my neck
No blood on it, not a speck

Nevermind, I can't bare the pain
I've made my decision in vain
I clench the ends of my pretty bow
My crying eyes downcasting slow
I think of your smile, your brown eyes
You'd never wade through all the lies
I'm not worth it, but neither is she
But that's something you'll never see

The ends are tied, the rain stops
I smile and I put away the props
I feel relief as I lift this ugly mask
I set it aside and begin my task
My toes balancing on brittle wood
I'll never be known or understood

I look to the heavens and I see you
I will never know whether it was true
I tremble knowing how I am posed
I bite my lip, naked and exposed
I cover my bow and take my leap
No more will they make me weep
You will never know how I feel
My ribbon snaps and seals the deal

Categories: funny love,

haiku today november 28

                                             creeping of the flesh
                                         fondling in an old back seat
                                               spooky cab rattles

                         haiku today november 28 ©  rajat kanti chakrabarty

Poem Details | by Richard Tarr |
Categories: lost love, birthday, day, me,

November 9th

A bittersweet day for me 
it's a day of celebration but
lacks one thing ever since my
15th birthday their was only 
one voice I wanted to hear 
giving me wishes I hoped
maybe in a dream you would speak
to me,but you weren't there 
my birthday has never been 
the same since you died dad
I'm 24 today i hope you would 
be proud of your son

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: love, nature, on writing and words, seasons, time, november,

For Sweet November Rain

Yes, I remember…
I’ve a sonnet of us, rhyming
silently, across the vast blue sky
in waiting, eagerly 
for sweet November rain.
We knew, we both
have the need to feel 
what’s good to be touched… 
the truth was, by the way,
I enjoyed the beat.
We danced, whilst the noon birds warbled, 
with unchained melodies, as the passing wind 
gently rippled the field’s golden hair, till we 
settled, ourselves, into a naked ritual, exaggerating much 
the vers libre it was leading us, before
finally, we wrestled the night, with an adieu kiss.

Yes, I remember…
I’ve a sonnet of us, for 
sweet November rain to cleanse and freshen
the wrinkles we left on a golden field, of tares, 
…for its next transients!  

Poem Details | by Elizabeth Rose |
Categories: boyfriend, cute love, happiness, i love you, kiss, love, november,


September I first saw you 
October I knew I wanted you
November it was no longer just you
December everyone knew
January our love only grew
February i never wanted to be without you

March and April are one of the same
May only fanned the flame 

June was out first kiss
July was a eternal bliss
August came and we still are in our love abyss

September again and here we are, stronger then ever before and ready to face it all

Poem Details | by John Allen |
Categories: life, lost love, time, visionary,

November December

November, December
so hard to remember
why am I in this game
and why do i still hear your name
resting on my memory

November begets December
and I don't want to remember
the way you had to leave me
the way you didn't save me
becoming a bitter melody

November ends in December
loveless friends who try not to remember
the way things came and gone
ever so cruelly wrong
enwintered dead so forever beautifully

Poem Details | by William Moore |
Categories: adventure, faith, happiness, hope, love, nature, peace, time, travel, visionarylove,

Sunshine By WLM November 25, 2008

William LMoore

Outside the sun is grand
In which I love to stand
Soaking up all the rays
Hope it stays this way for days

The breeze is cool
Like a shining Jewel 
The noise is so quiet
You wish you could buy it 

How heavenly I feel
It tis the real deal
The beauty abounds
As I walk around

The planes fly high
In the deep blue sky
Marking their time
Just follow the line

The tall trees that show
Will continue to grow
And are the trees we love to see
Glory Be!  We will jump up with Glee!

Poem Details | by Laura Stars |
Categories: lost love, november,


November, November,
ember and go,
From m life,
Your chill clouds and rain, 
Are stuck in my heart,

O November
love burns
In your embers.

Poem Details | by Melissa Wadkins Patterson |
Categories: introspection, lost love, sad, , Lullaby,

It's November All The Time

Writing la la la la 
la la 
just trying to find a melody
that doesn't sound so alone,
I'm lonely all the time

It's the first day of spring
I'm hotter than summer,
but I feel like fall
with my leaves
strewn all over winter
and there's snow inside

Time use to tell me
it's good to be alone,
but clocks don't feel misery
and I'm missing him
for all the I's in my latter poems

So I'm writing la la la la 
la la ,
just trying to convey loneliness
as something beautiful,
but it's dark outside
and I can't help but wonder
if night has fallen
where you are,
this is my lullaby 

Poem Details | by William Moore |
Categories: adventure, dedication, devotion, faith, happiness, hope, life, nature, passion, peace, time, uplifting, love,

Sunshine By WLM November 25, 2008

Outside the sun is grand
In which I love to stand
Soaking up all the rays
Hope it stays this way for days

The breeze is cool
Like a shining Jewel 
The noise is so quiet
You wish you could buy it 

How heavenly I feel
It tis the real deal
The beauty abounds
As I walk around

The planes fly high
In the deep blue sky
Marking their time
Just follow the line

The tall trees that show
Will continue to grow
And are the trees we love to see
Glory Be!  We will jump up with Glee!

Poem Details | by Kathryn Carter |
Categories: animals, caregiving, devotion, friendship, inspirational, nature, peace, love, november,


Friend you must have been heaven sent an angel to those in need, a soul so 
golden a heart so cool as a fresh November breeze, you call it like you see it just 
like a real true friend you have a natural love for animals and your fellow human 
being, a beautiful brilliant glow that can warm the coldest skin a soft and tender 
voice that invites a soul right inYour open door polices of handing out your love 
causes a problem to unsuspecting tugs, you are blessed with the gift of putting 
hearts at ease and it’s hard to ignore your sweet November breeze.