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Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: love, muse, mythology,

Endymion,Lover Of The Moon

On summer hills I watched you I know you watched me too Every night you waited for me Every night I came to you From shallow oceans I have risen On silver chariots traveled high Crossed everlasting spaces which filled your empty sky Soothing manna showered your lips from the radiance of my light Crazy love I poured in your heart on each lone and serene night Humble shepherd boy Endymion You haven't chosen death,nor life In eternal sleep you've slumbered and made of me your wife You must have been a poet with a will to live our dream with a want to preserve passion for the last abiding crescent of the evanescent moon Selene.
Inspired by the Greek myth of Selene,goddess of the moon and Endymion and by beautiful poetry.

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: community, fantasy, humor, love, lust, mythology, passion,

The Return of the Gay Knight

For my satire group, and for Will; a fairy tale

To a fanfare of horns
The young knight returned
With a tale of slain dragons to tell
The princesses blushed
And the old queen flushed
And the gay knights were happy as well

He had cast down his cross
From the height of his hoss
And left the thing there where it fell
For the great and the good
Were in need of the wood
To stoke up the fires of hell

He’d only been back for a moment before
He was begging a poke with a pardon
And a giggle, and “Push!”
From a quivering bush
Could be heard from the end of the garden

No need for a graven memorial stone
Or the ring of a funeral bell
The young knight was back
And well up for the crack
And all in the kingdom was well

© Gail Foster 2016

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, beautiful, love, mythology, sea, symbolism, water,

Mermaid's Flight

 MERMAID'S FLIGHT: A Collaborative Sea Sonnet

Mermaid's Flight

Poseidon drew up from the salty sea,
a silver splash of wave from Earth to Moon.
Sailor appealing Neptune's pride of three,
gazed down fantasizing mermaid's kiss soon.
Great sea-storm surge may eternally faze,
sweet paradise in lonely sailor's dreams.
Then lifted is she from the coral maze,
held in riptides and pressed in boiling streams.
Then up he rides on his seahorse untamed,
and captures her mad from his winded ride.
From dark sea depth's hold, sweet mermaid unnamed,
in sailor's arms, Neptune can not abide.
He named the sprite and kissed her full and well, 
from heaven's grasp he gained the star that fell.

By Robert JLindley & Edlynn Nau
© May 12, 2016

Note-- Has been a great pleasure to create this poem with my very talented friend,
Edlynn Nau.
Edlynn's ideas and creativity are a breath of fresh air to a tired old poet...
My sincere thanks my friend.....
Family first, I know you understand.Thanks

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: fantasy, love, mythology, romance,

Wind Rider

**From my collection of poems:  'Apollo's Diary' 

I wonder if she thinks of me,
   at night, alone.....
   in her melting-bed;
With moon full as her curiousity breath, the wind in the late hour
   the stars I shall tease with,
   and phallic-lavender to ignite her bosom;
I am all things gentle, yet mighty,
   soft as her silk sheets.....
Dark and tall in her bedroom shadows,
   but candle-light makes me real
   with the night so young,
   if a king should come ----
   he will not do.....
She longs love, not adulterous power;
   I shall whisper upon a balmy breeze.....
(I wonder if she thinks of me)
    at night.....

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love, humor, humorous, myth, mythology,

Love Letter II

Dear Thor, I think we both agree,
I punched above my weight,
You’re a hot Norse god - and me?
A checkout girl from Yate.

My mates stood, gaping, gormless, 
When I said you were my guy,
See, that hammer’s SO enormous...
Such a help for DIY!

But as for who you’re friendly with,
WellTake that trickster Loki,
Alone with me, you’re sensitive!
With him, you’re just so BLOKEY!

And when you dressed up as a chick,
To steal Mjölnir from Thrym...
Your hairy legs, those frilly knicks -
I can’t unsee thatGrim.

And down the pub, the weekly quiz -
You’re just not up to scratch!
(Plus, you think that foreplay is
A doubles tennis match.)

SoHere’s the thingI met your dad,
The one-eyed war god Odin,
Now there’s a man! So strong! So bad!
My girl-bits were exploding!

He’s also God of poetry,
His flow’s too hot to handle!
And Valhalla could be home for me -
It just needs drapes and candles!

So, sorry that you had to hear
this from a talking raven:
It’s overOdin waved his spear, 
And now it’s HIM I’m craving!

1st April 2018
For Love Letter II Contest sponsored by Viv Wigley

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: imagery, love, mythology,


She walked in fluid nature of her own romantic sighs Tranquil vibes ebbs dim candlelight from the starry skies Stuck inside a dream, a victim of the moaning sea of the air I breathed, I hunger and buckle to my knees Caused by her ambience waves of deep vibrant royal blue surroundings and enchanted silent creeping through Amphitrite the goddess – queen of the sea unfurl her children around her neck each sealed in each lustrous pearl So striking in a twilight blue silk gown like the night fits perfectly against her slight curves quite a lovely sight Silk open toe stiletto heels lace up her legs with grace layered long hair along her sun kissed heart-shaped face With a smile she entwined her arms with mine and out the open door When morning came, to leave me lonely as before Poseidon, I see why you were captivated by her exquisiteness always by your side in your chariot drawn by fish-tailed horses

Poem Details | by rob carmack |
Categories: first love, lost love, mythology, raven,


As she walked across the sand,
receding waves made graffiti
out of the footsteps of a Valkyrie.
An ocean’s city let go of her hand
as we passed under a tree –
her hair like the gold of Valhalla’s marquee.
It was there, in another god’s hall,
the raven flew under a ceiling of shields,
and her grace lived in every swan.
It was then, when I first met need,
thirsting for wine but settling for mead.
Baldr’s death carved into a stone wall
moved me west to the mistletoe.
Her face held by another, his fingers 
the lightening that tore open the skies
and bled the blue into her eyes.
My first loss and left out of place,
to learn what can’t be taught.

Written: 03.23.18

Current Contest: 2019 Poetry Marathon Mile 4
Sponsor: Mark Toney

Previous Contest: Most Comments Received Poem 2018
Sponsor: July Morning

Poem Details | by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, lost love, love, social, image, myth,

Mythology And Image

By every image spoken, 
her mind and heart were broken; 
the given and the taken 
sought their grave for things forsaken

Belief and dream dissolving 
to a point beyond resolving, 
sinking painful instants after 
in a hiss of serpent laughter

Mythology sent packing, 
fading image grey and lacking; 
wasted time drained in seclusion, 
mourned the rag and bone illusion

What a fool, somehow believing 
in the words, denied deceiving; 
now alone with smiles resigned, 
her orphaned love, no home to find.

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: abuse, analogy, angel, beautiful, beauty, blue, christian, color, creation, cry, dance, death, death of a friend, discrimination, dream, emotions, faith, feelings, kids, future, grief, happiness, heaven, image, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, jesus, journey, joy, kiss, life, light, love, magic, miracle, mythology, peace, racism, romance, spiritual, strength,

There is a place

There is a place you can go that is full of only love and Warmth
you will be surrounded by a light that shines from the Heavens ,
Sprinkles of Silver and Gold

This place is filled with brilliant colors of Purple , vibrant Gold, all colors.
not one Color is less significant then another ,
for every color is equal here

This place is surrounded by the beauty of different Flowers.
All flowers have significance here No one Flower is better then another
All Flowers are equal here

It is important you know , you can cry here , and should cry as often as needed
For  the tears will cleanse your Soul and give the Flowers water to grow.
No  one Tear is insignificant here , every tear has value and not one is better then another

 money holds no value ,  Where you live , what you own,  has no significance here

You will be surrounded by a beautiful light that shines from the Heavens
A shining warm light will encircle you and allow nothing to hurt you 
Hate will be shed at the door like an old jacket of no use

There is a place of beauty and  Worth.
This place will not be found on Earth
It is a place where no one person is better then another

Poem Details | by Jessica VH |
Categories: allegory, allusion, garden, love, mythology, night, woman,


You sleep ashore with longing eyes wide,
Consciously still to swell with the tide.
Late night before the endless, black sea,
I found you wavering there for me.

But lost you against the sky above,
And woke up mournfully in love.

Sunrise I found you in the garden, streaming,
With flowers in your hair, sprawled out and beaming.
You were warm like skin in summer rain;
We kicked across the fields you reign.

You seized my hand; my head still spins,
My love, you teem to merely exist,
And conquer means to infinite ends.

I take you in like roots take up rain,
Like a needle pricks an untapped vein,
Like a candle strips a savage flame

You are the absolute ecstasy for which I distend,
The sun to which I tirelessly bend.

And I lust so much it burns me up;   
When you see that dreams are not enough,
In a garden alluring, obscure, and lush—

The forbidden will awaken upon our touch.



Poem Details | by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, mythology,


Gorgeous, eternally young
Alluring she emerges 
Rising from the foaming waves
In dazzling beauty.

The forged magical girdle
She wears ‘round her naked waist
Attracts with enticing charms
The power of love.

Contest: Dodoitsu
Sponsor: DrRam Mehta

Poem Details | by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: beach, betrayal, feelings, funny love, mythology, romantic, war,

The Idiom and the Oddity Part7 Fina

So, as we say in Greece
That’s where I’ll End my story
For the things that happen next
Weren’t made for song of glory

So many Tails, throughout the ages
Have spoke of love and loss
Of  passions and betrayals
The triumphs and the cost

But never was one told
That meant as much to me
To launch a thousand ships
And survived through history

And with every great Greek story
There’s a lesson to be learn
So, I’ll leave you with this message
Now the last page, has been turned 

The moral still stands true
Throughout all time, which passes
Don’t steal a person’s love away
And beware Greeks bare-ing asses 

THEE END                   Authored By Jerry T Curtis 
                                       The Year of The Horse

Poem Details | by Ayesha Karim |
Categories: color, conflict, culture, heartbroken, mythology, sin,

Love Potion

Love Potion 

Add chinchilla fur at the end
Two cups of cold water
A pound of sugar
A clove of garlic
Four cinnamon sticks
A package of Big Red gum
A teaspoon of curry powder
A bunch of fresh parsley
Five lb bag of white rice to throw all over room and bed
Add some cotton candy

Poem Details | by Ken Duddle |
Categories: eve, love, mythology, satire,

The Original Sin

As Adam and Eve walked through the garden Their love grew and grew They gathered berries for their supper And leaves for a brew. Later as they lay naked under the stars Adam kissed Eve and gently stroked her thighs They heard a sound, turned in fright And saw a vision before their eyes. 'Stop, sin no more or go to Hell' Spake the fanged head But then it spoke no more As with a stone Adam hit it till dead. Adam turned to Eve with a smile 'We still have much to learn and see But what I'd really like to know Is what was in that tea?

Poem Details | by john fleming |
Categories: love, mythology,


It is thy wanton gestures that contrive inside long auburn
curls -
Wherefore to diminish the pleas of a warm, lustful
For though gilded rays shall grace all thy sunlit days 
Tis Moonstrucks cast beams, your mischiefs, 
That did so deceive.

Happily ye wander through Midnights velvet vales...
Thus to bathe in the still of deep glades shimmering pools;
Gently smile as the White Hart confuses at the Nightjar,
Laugh joyfully as he gleefully barks within a Huntresses

Whence, entwining abouts your lithe-liken limbs,
Enchanting currents that confound upon like curvaceous 
Flawlessly proportioned, highbred, temperate form
Of palest earthborn Athenian figurine.

And ere those coy sighs should but just once countenance 
Mortal compromise
Through your countless ages of fair queens and fabled kings -
Then, at some singular point in trickling sands spatial time,
If my heart beat against thine...wouldst thy charge me astride 
Great Pegasusus wings?

So recline thou, betwixt sharp earth and Heavens eternal 
Thoust art serenaded by forlorn winds that forsakenly
Beseech upon your divine name -
For the raging fires of burning stars were lit to blaze
In thine eyes
By thee fearful architect who moulded immortal clay 
To thy perfectly sculptured frame!

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: love, mystery, mythology, nature, summer, symbolism, wisdom,

The Work: Summer Solstice, Avebury

Across the land this morn, a roll of light 
Gave birth to shadows, cast from chalky hills
The larks ascended, sang away the night
Vibrated sky to waking with their trills
‘Tis Summer; round the circle swirls the breeze
As darkness yields unto the swell of day
As every meadow hums with birds and bees
And scent of elder steals the breath away

This is the time, when earth craves heaven’s kiss
All full of lust, all bursting in its bloom
All lost in heady momentary bliss
Before the fall, and crashing down to doom
Now comes the wren, as if from nowhere blown
Within its beak a lively twig of oak
And suddenly, forth from a door of stone
Springs sacred fire, and wild midsummer smoke

And from within the smoke the King appears
From black stream spilled, the son of mountain high
With shield burnished bright by virgins’ tears
And salamander flame within his eye
Upon his head a crown of acorns sits
He holds a horn of gold from faery lands
Across his face a flick of fear flits
He plants his feet on earth, and solid stands

And She; blue butterflies around her head
Bare breasted, barefoot, riding a white mare
With piercing speedwell eyes to blind the dead
And poppies red all woven in her hair
She rides, in to the circle, on her horse
Dismounts in silence, looks him in the face
Above them both, the sun, stopped in its course
For here is now, and only now, this place

He touches her, he places sword to cup
She speaks some ancient magic without sound
Above their heads the heavens open up
Bright waterfalls of light pour to the ground
She touches him, and fossils shake from sleep
Electric rivers rise with shock and force
To flood the sky with fire from the deep
All light in circuit, flowing back to source

Just now, oh now, now come, now come; now gone
All energy subsides, and colours dim
They rise up from the ground they laid upon
He steps away, and bows, and She to him
A feather from a lark falls gracefully
To land among the flowers where they sat
He fades into the smoke, and so does She
And so The Work is done, and that is that

The wren returns, and sits upon a stone
A holly berry glistens at its feet
It sings a song through all the ages known
A song of earthly bliss, and heaven sweet
For all the Gods are one God, sang the wren
All Goddesses one Goddess, ‘neath one Sun
And we are one another, Gods, and men
As God and Goddess, joined together; One  

© Gail Foster 2016

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: appreciation, black african american, girl, love, mythology, passion,

Aphrodite Night

Remembering that night of our last touch,
when nothing was between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder, where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box all sealed up tight,
or like the burning Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box was opened everywhere,

you were, that night, my first and only love
and always shall remain this part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
a night when Aphrodite let us see.
And I am more than blessed for loving you
          forever and all time, as I will do.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Poem Details | by Peter Churchley |
Categories: angst, beauty, betrayal, lost love, love, mythology, romantic,


mythical black dog i hear your howling from the darkness gate keeper of the underworld perpetual torment cries the name of a lost love as innocent blood drips from my heart in payment of pride i beg let loves pure soul pass to taste the mornings sun kisses upon sweet fresh earth come to heel demon beast of hades brood no malice upon love's freedom for hell can spare one soul tonight
6.2013 indigo-song ©

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beautiful, character, love, mythology,

Apollo And Daphne - The Eight By Four Style

~Apollo And Daphne~
(Eight By Four)

Apollo's first love
a beautiful
maiden that when
Apollo saw her
in the woods fell
in love with-but
Daphne fled from
him just frightened

Apollo was in
such hot pursuit
that when she felt
his breath she screamed
at her father
the god Peneus
who just changed her
into a tree.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Author's  Notes:

" The Eight by Eight" is a poetry
style created by Alvin Otto Stewart.

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: allegory, lost love, mythology, romance, universe,

A Gypsy for Aries

***( Inspired from a story I heard of a bitter Greek military officer torn between

        love and duty; he would not run away with her, 

        so she ran away from him....)

The last dance tonite....

   waltzing with me,

   this gypsy woman with wild eyes

   and a devilish smile;

She would not let me go....

   nor the kiss of her wines,

   her touch teased....

   and lingered,

Yet she danced and tore away,

   where the moon had spun her allure,

   and candles were blazing

   wild with sweet-west winds,

On a night-boat then we sat,

   and floated to some bright shore;

   her eyes many moons of love,

   her hair flowed with a velvet mood....

But a heart wan with thorn and accusation,

   and dance no more she would,

   though with bedroom gaze 

   she touched as Venus;

   a silk gown to beckon ----

   on stardust we could climb

   some celestial stairway,

   make love for the ages....

   forsake the sword in its bloodied sheath,

Though the gods would grumble ----

   the universe would wed us long before war,

   'ere Venus could whisper its name.....

Yet it is but a dream;

    for men must make heroes of devils,

    and kings must rule, and accuse

   (and gypsies must trick old fools....)

Poem Details | by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: desire, emotions, imagination, love, mythology, stars,

Talking With Venus

Standing on a cliff high above
the noise.
Reaching for the star I have
wished upon.
Oh! Venus, Goddess high above
can you talk to me about spiritual
Can I just reach it once and hold
it close to me?
So I can see my wish coming true
Puffy white clouds entertain our frame 
of time as I sit and talk with Venus in
her celestial confine.

Poem Details | by Onis Sampson |
Categories: angel, april, bird, boat, dedication, devotion, earth, february, forgiveness, growth, identity, introspection, jesus, loneliness, lost love, memory, metaphor, miracle, mom, mythology, nostalgia, pain, passion, poets, prayer, rain, relationship, rights, sad, science fiction, sky,

Your Eyes

 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

Poem Details | by John Michaels |
Categories: fantasy, feelings, fish, heartbroken, love, mythology, sea,

A Mermaid's Tail --Tale--

Shards of gilded light, so iridescent,
cascading over your perfect shoulders.
Your sensuous form, curled 'to a crescent,
nestled amongst the rocks and the boulders.

You stretch languidly and seek to unfurl,
'fore slowly brushing your locks of pure gold.
Graceful strokes with a comb formed out of pearl,
'tis so entrancing: a sight to behold.

The euphonous lilt of your silvern voice,
carries 'cross the waves and reaches mine ear.
Upon hearing this, I have to rejoice,
a magnum opus, truly without peer.

These feelings of mine, no longer contained;
my passion rises and then carries forth.
"We must be together; it's preordained!
Forsake all others from this day henceforth!"

With a flick of your tail you disappear,
into those briny depths we cannot chart.
Vanished from all sight, I can't interfere;
left nary a trace, 'cept here in my heart.


June 2014

For the "Mermaids" contest sponsored by Suzanne Delaney - Fifth Place.

Poem Details | by Rosanna Tarsiero |
Categories: allegory, love, visionary, myth,

Mythology of Love

From the depth
of your
anguish, you
me into existenceLike
Athena, I
to the world
grown and armed, so to
you in a cloudy
mist and allow
to hinder your

I was
born seeking
your eyes, guided by
of the future to be and
endowed with
a voice so powerful it would
even my enemies to weep
for meLike
Orpheus, I
your loss resolving
to find and bring
you back, never
doubting you
were behind 
me never
turning to check, in fear
of loosing you

And I banged on 
the Gates of Hell imprisoning
you, threatening
my revenge till the door
opened for me to enterLike
Ishtar, I
in the frightening
Underworld, stripping off
my garments, adornments 
and defenses, one 
by one, just
to find myself
before you.

Looking into your
soul, I realized I
could not
win you
back to Life unless
I accepted
to live and die
through the pain of my
existence and make
myself anewLike
Chiron, I
gave up
my immortal serenity
to lift your everlasting
burden and share
it with you.

Poem Details | by Brian Otoole |
Categories: age, art, beauty, bird, culture, day, environment, faith, feelings, garden, god, image, inspiration, jesus, love, music, mythology, passion, pride, sun, sweet, tiger, wisdom, woman, world, write,

Lady Una and the Lion

Walking in the meadow of life on that summer day

Where she always loved to be at Una  walked along the steady stream 
As she picked up the white Lilly flower and put upon her hair of gold (princess of love)

And the daughter of a dander king
Una suddenly turned her head to the old orchard tree and begun to sing roman lullabies of joy

With tears of affection shed for the god who lives above the skies
At that moment she gazed back to the stream 
And there the lion stood so tall just like a king eyes wide looked to una 
As she went toward the mighty lion he went to her and utter'd thee words 
 I am a creature of pride with nothing to hide I am pure of heart true of courage with a mask of savage a mane gold as our hearts-

She became very happy and intrigued 
As she laid her gentle hands on upon the lion she spoke these words 
  -I love thee lion and by sun and moon I love thee freely as men strive for right;
I love thee purely in my old griefs and childhood's faith 

There a tiny lamb appears right next to her and the lion 
So small and graceful like a gift from god above 
The tiny lamb followed them further into the enchanted meadow sky as crystal blue and the wind is calm they drifted off strung into the world
To bring new love joy and courage to the world and spread good faith

Poem Details | by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: allegory, fun, heartbreak, imagery, love, mythology, wisdom,

What Happen to Nickles

I once knew a man named Nickles who road on a bike with a Sickle He did it so nice, that he did it twice. Now, he's in a barrel of pickles

Poem Details | by Franziska Keinath |
Categories: god, loss, lost love, love, mythology,

The tragedy of Loki and Freyja

It happened in the world called Asgard
Never heard by human ears
The history of one heart, scarred
And moved by love and fear

It's the story of a liar
Loki was his name
His heart of ice catched fire
The goddess Freyja was to blame

But he failed to tell her
And she moved on alone;
Now listen to what occured
In front of mighty Odins throne:

At that time the gods assembled
To feast upon their victory -
Many goddesses hearts trembled
The cause was Lokis flattery

But beautiful Freyja, angered by this
Stood up and stopped the flatterer
Lokis pride got hurt and he hissed
And with terrible words, he hurt her:

"Why do I need to shut my mouth
When your legs are wide open?
Of all the people here I doubt
You'd find one whom you haven't loved then!"

And before anything could be spoken
He left; a lonely god again
The bonds between them were broken
A lie, told to hide the loving man

But even gods sometimes surrender
To a mighty enemy, love or regret
He still was drawn to the other gender
To the woman he couldn't forget

He arrived at her chamber
Thoughts of apologie on his mind
Just to learn that Odin sent her
To a location undefined

And Lokis world again was grey
As he cried into the wind
"Why did you need to take her away
Just because once I sinned?"

Poem Details | by Jessica VH |
Categories: lost love, love, mythology,

Athena part II

You fill cavities in me I never knew were there
Like you dug inside and wildly bloomed
I felt your inviting light invade the sleep
‘Til I was jarred, shorn up, and doomed  

I still think somehow I will I saturate you, too 
When he doesn’t love you the way that I do
When I sleepwalk and find myself in you

I watch you late night when you dance to infinity	
With a fire I wish you’d feel for me 
Brimming and beautiful and ineffably free
As though you and I were meant to be

I sleep for days to shake you off
I see you out and nostalgically stop  

I watch you blush as I plainly stare
You laugh and go on unaware   





through the mind-numbingly empty
And blunt humdrum liars and sickening travesty
I pick you out of the crowd with such fluttering ease
You stick out like the moon through the autumn trees

Sometimes you smile as you watch me pass by 
But I am letting you go, this time, this night 
I am nothing against your backdrop of sky,

A shadow within your celestial light.

Poem Details | by Ravindra K Kapoor |
Categories: devotion, love, peace, dance, god, pain, sea, anger, dance, earth, god, mythology, sea,

When the Earth was in danger 1of 8


This story is based partly on the Indian mythology and partly on my imagination.
The theme is anger, how it can destroy even the entire Earth and if controlled,
how it converts into a creative energyThe incident is from the mythology of 
Hindus, which speaks, how Shiva the supreme God of Hindus started 
one day his Tandava Nritya * or the Dance of Destruction……………..What was 
the cause of this anger would be explained in the concluding part of this story

When the Universe was in danger   1 of 4 

The cascading spring of poetry or anger, start flowing,
When pain got absorbed, in one’s mind and heart,
And the agonies of   heart, show their somber face,
When they dance on the lips, while words take shapes.01

The utterance becomes a melody or a loud voice of thunder,
Depending upon the depths, of pain and piercing thorns,
When tears start rolling from eyes, without stopping for a while,
Like the streams which keep flowing,   without ever stopping 

When the waves of pains, strike high touching the air and,
The separation from love splashes against the sky,
It takes shape as a pain of heart, and goes-up like high waves or, 
It burst like heated lava, coming from a Volcano’s chest   03

Suppressed pain strikes the rocks, when they comes on its way,
The sea of turmoil creates a fearful noise,   while hitting the rocks,
The anger then burst, like the sea surf covering the mighty rocks,
To engulf everything coming, before the raging mind and heart04

Considering the end to save the lives, the earth started shouting loudly,
As if the Tandava Nritya*, had started to engulf the earth,
O Please Stop, You are the God of creation & destruction too,
Have mercy, O Shiva*, O Please stop, your Tandava Nitrya,*
Or else the whole earth would forever come to a halt  05


Kanpur India 14h Feb 2011                                      to continue in 2/8


Shiva* is the supreme God of Hindus, who is also the source of all creations and
distractionsShiva’s Tandava is a vigorous dance that is the source of the cycle of
creation, preservation and dissolutionTandava depicts his violent nature as the
destroyer of the universe.

*Tandava Nritya* means Dance of destruction

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Theseus of Greek Mythology

clew a thread unraveled it pulls me back away from the scene where I had done battle other heroes are god-touched their fathers' powers aiding them sore and wounded.I retrace my steps the heartstring of my love will pull me through