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Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: friendship, love,

On Our Friendship For Jan Allison

You were eyes for the man I was - blind 
And always without strain you were kind 
Love from the heart with no edit of mind 
What a day it was I met you - what a find 
In awe of your aura - to mesh I was inclined
Our souls with ease from day one intertwined 
Faith insisted on our meeting, solid, underlined  
There were no keys on backs one had to wind 
To say that I am thankful would be misdefined 
A new word I would create for us for all mankind  
For our story must be familiar one predefined  
From up above written in stone and preassigned 
I am writing this in monorhyme perfectly designed 
Like our friendship it is one, neat and consigned  
For you now - delivered, dated and proudly signed 

With Love Armand 
Sponsor: Judy Konos
Contest: Write A Poem

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: autumn, love,

One Autumn Night

Beneath a moonlight black velvet sky
Where scarlet leaves from the Maple fly
On November’s  wind and breathless sighs
And a lone coyote’s distant cry
You and me where hints of winter lie
Frost nipping our toes as autumn dies
I am warmed by the love in your eyes


Poem Details | by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: lost loveme, longing, love, me,

Color Me Blue

Color me blue
As I think of you
A love once true
Has lost its radiant hue

Tomorrow I begin anew
How?  I haven't a clue
A love once true
Has now faded blue

Where is the joy we knew
Happiness that grew
A love once true
It's gone; it flew

I know we're through
All around I see blue
A love once true
Leaves me longing for you

Wondering what I can do
No more to pursue
A love once true
Has left me so blue

I eat my words, I chew
Taste like a worn shoe
A love once true
Has gone askew

Did I misconstrue
I strove to continue
A love once true
Until you withdrew

Color me blue

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: allegory, animal, change, cute, family, friendship love,


There once was a little mighty ant
Who was extravagant and arrogant 
Known to be exorbitantly militant 
She was so combatant and petulant
They nicknamed her My Commandant

One day she came across an elephant
Elegant and obviously dominant
She started on her typical rant 
Then stopped and decided to recant 
Both agreed it was all very insignificant 

They chatted, it turned out the elephant
Was actually her aunt
Now the intolerant ant
Is cheerful and exuberant
And loves to chant

Submitted on October 20, 2018, for MID OCTOBER 2018 CONTEST sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

and February 23, 2018, for contest MAKE ME LAUGH sponsored by Robert Haigh

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: death, farewell, love,

Farewell, My Loves

Farewell, My Loves

Now, when it comes...that day, austere,
     when from your lives, I'll leave with drear,
          these words I share with love sincere,
for you, my lifetime, to revere.

Dear husband, try to persevere...
     our hearts stay joined by cupid's spear.
        Hold close our memories, with cheer...
embrace, with love, each yesteryear

My children...these last words appear 
     with strength; my love for you, right here
          and from Beyond, remains premiere...
I, part of you...shan't disappear.

Grandchildren five, how I endear
     your special love...from far or near.
          Through me, you came...another tier...
remember me...your pioneer.

Safeguard my paintings, for it's clear
     they are my talent's souvenir.
          What you can't keep, then volunteer
to nursing homes for atmosphere.

My poetry, please read, adhere
     how love of words did engineer
          the beauty, wisdom, that may steer
your thoughts to form a peaceful sphere.

And when I go, please have no fear...
     from up above Earth's stratosphere,
          where Angels glide with wings so sheer,
I'll love you from Beyond's Frontier.

Sandra MHaight

~9th Place~
Premiere Contest: 2019 Marathon Mile 9
Sponsor: Mark Toney
Judged: 01/06/2019 

~1st Place~
Contest: My Muse, Mortal
Sponsor: Gregory Barden
Judged: 08/21/2018

Poem Details | by Isaiah Zerbst |
Categories: beauty, flower, sea, sun, youth,

The Life I Love

(In the words of a happy little mermaid)

I slide through silky cerulean seas
Silently swimming wherever I please;
I glide through water with buttery ease,
With skin that is smoother than ivory keys.

There are secret gardens I love to explore
Far below the world on the ocean floor,
Where are colors no man has seen before
Hidden in an underwater treasure store.

Deeper down in the sea, where I go on a whim,
The light is so far it is grayish and dim;
There the masts of shipwrecks rise dark and slim,
And coins of gold line passages I swim.

On tropical islands with flowing waves
I play in uncharted, mysterious caves,
Or nap in the sunlight's golden rays
In a silent shoal on balmy days.

I pick pretty flowers to put in my hair
And splash in the shallows with never a care;
The droplets shine like diamonds in the air,
Rising and falling like a crystal flare.

When the day is over, the dolphins sing mass
And the sun sets fire on the leaping bass,
Then I lie in a bed much clearer than glass
And pray a sweet dream for this mermaid lass.

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, romance,

This Night So Soft

This night so soft, like warm cashmere,
I touch your face; you are so near!
You kiss me sweetly; in my ear
you whisper words that are sincere.
I pray the moon won't disappear.
Please - Make this last forever, Dear!

By Andrea Dietrich
April 10, 2012

For Russell Sivey's 
1-6 Lines of Romance & Love Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by eric boddie |
Categories: art, dedication, for her, friendship, love, poetess,

first tribute 2

"Ligella 2"
by:  Eric LBoddie

Lasting more than just a couple of days
In total awe, your pen leaves me amazed
God Is In your ink, it's not just a phase
Everything about you is what any heart craves
Love knows you well, your journey has been paved
Lust knows you better, any REAL man wants you, I must try to behave
All I know is this Spiritual Beauty that you gave...

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: love, moon, sun,


Moon speaks from her heart: I watch for you every morning with sad weary eyes after spending the night suspended in dark velvet skies. First glimpse of dawn excites me when I see you rise. We share a wink but I never let you hear my lonely cries. Wish that you could offer me some kind of a sign to make my heart gladden so it would no longer pine. If in the sky together, how brightly we would shine, but we are Sun and Moon, destined never to entwine. When I am all alone my silver tears threaten to flow. I cannot risk them falling even when the tides are low. The stars whisper, "Oh, poor Moon, she loves him so." In my grief and sorrow, my moonbeams lose their glow. Sometimes it seems as if there is something you want to say. I see it in the glint of your golden eyes when you look my way. I'd love to hang around with you instead of always fading away, Would it place the world in danger if I stayed with you one day? We are two celestial bodies, but lovers we're not meant to be. Both shine brightly from the heavens for all the world to see Couples fall in love when they spend the night looking up at me but we can't share a loving embraceIt's not part of our destiny. Sun yearns for the Moon: Your tender words of devotion give me the courage to bestow the same sentiments to you, dear Moon I need to let you know I would give up my throne in the sky just to be your beau. Each day I wake and pass you by, my love continues to grow. I've always wanted to tell you how much I long to be with you. I never want to leave you lonely You must know my love is true. But if we dare to fly away together, the Earth will be left askew. One night of passionate love with you will have to see us through. Moon's desire: To have one moment in your arms is an offer I could never decline. Stay with me tonight, Sun, and when the stars come out and align, we will gratefully share our long awaited desire in a love so divine. You may burn me with your fire, but on this night we will entwine. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> February 7th, 2016 Entwine Contest by: Broken Wings

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: i love you, mother daughter, tribute,


My wonderful mother who I love and adore From the day I was born you have been my mentor You give me a huge smile when I walk through the door I cherish time spent with you like never before M Monorhyme Contest Sponsored by Broken Wings 12 syllables per line Checked with how many syllables 04~12~17

Poem Details | by john beharry |
Categories: bird, joy, love, music, mystery, nature, sweet,

Tropical Nightingale

Perched on a sturdy branch on yonder tree Pouring out your heart in sweet melody With a full throated birdsong rhapsody Filling me with such joyful ecstasy Do you sing sweetly to woo your lady Who listens somewhere on a nearby tree Her heart must surely melt at the beauty Of the song you sing so effortlessly Is your song a joyful testimony To honour nature's musical bounty Given to creatures from earth, sky and sea Whose music blesses all abundantly Or is it part of a profound mystery Heralding a supreme divinity Which pervades all silently and deeply O bird, I'll ever be grateful to thee

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: family, father, life, lost love, mother, social, son, love,

A Woman, With A Bucket

A seed was kept, by a pretty woman, in her pocket
As she goes, up and down the stairs, with a bucket

For nine long months, she has it, inside her pocket
Till she finally lost her strength to carry the bucket

When the seed popped up, from her maiden pocket
She promised herself, not to let it grow, in a bucket

Though, there is still great pain, in her worn pocket 
She continues, even she’s weak, to carry the bucket

To the man of her life, she entrusted him her pocket
Till she went broke, nothing left, but just her bucket

Worst, the conman planted a seed, inside her pocket
He left her, when she has nothing, but only a bucket

Times has passed, the woman has gained her pocket
Because of a strong-willed mind, to carry the bucket

She has a fine young man, the seed, from her pocket
He is matured and never felt ashamed, of her bucket

When the beloved Romeo learned, of her full pocket
He returned with promises, of help, to fill the bucket

Too late, his own seed, he had planted, in her pocket
Will not accept him, for leaving them, with a bucket

No more love for the man, who likes only her pocket 
Nor, for the man, who left them, because of a bucket

Will you pity the man, who has but an empty pocket?
Will you pity a woman, who carries her own bucket?

Will you hate me, if, I wish not to share my pocket?
Will you love me, if, I leave you with only a bucket?

Never rush to a person, who minds only your pocket
Nor, love a person, who has no guts to hold a bucket

For it is not so easy to be a seed, in an empty pocket
Nor easy to witness a mother carries a loaded bucket

She was a pretty woman, who once had a rich pocket 
Thou abandoned she gave her son a life, not a bucket

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: beauty, love, religious, stars,

Perchance To See

     Within my view, behold such rare a sight
     From beauty's glint felled heart doth race to flight
     Love's warmth takes stage bathed in its shining light
     That raised fates hope to such a wondrous height
     Impossible to still the "ifs" that might
     Must too bare shown such stars from heavens night
     Nor from this poet's pen with such pleasure write
     Only Grace from God's hand could gleam so bright.

     Monorhyme Mania-Contest
     Sponsored By John Hamilton

Poem Details | by Janis Thompson |
Categories: love, magic, moon,

Crescent Moondreams

Crescent Moondreams Love, bide with me atop the crescent moon. It’s time to be will happen quick, quite soon, and on its arc, we’ll sit and just commune. Come closer to joyfully share the night, we two upon the crescent lunar light, with all the land before us for a sight. Ring my finger with moonbeams and I’ll cry. They glow like ice cube diamonds lit by sky, and all of this for simply you and I. What silver moondreams we share on the arc, with white light in our eyes, backdrop so dark. As all the while on love’s dreams we embark A waning moon grows pale with morning suns. Hand in hand we bid farewell as daytime comes. Now you, the moon and I are kindred ones. 3/15/17

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: culture, freedom, grief, love hurts, perspective, relationship, solitude,


I challenge you to a rhetorical
to prove me wrong else be unconventional 
‘bout a problem that’s gone systematical
everyone’s so radical and cynical   
once burnt all swear to now be rational
petrified to be poetical and get physical  
relationships always problematical
they start off superficial hardly practical 
usually nonsensical and contradictional
end up analytical emotional or psychological   
enigmatical fanatical or plain lethargical
sometimes as wild as satanical
yet sure enough it’s almost typical 
it’s really absurdly comical
the inevitable becomes the eventual
you go and fall and it’s unconditional
starts off all angelical and sensational
turns out illogical and territorial
often becomes tyrannical  
immoral and unethical 
then cryptical and diabolical   
there has to be something remedial
it’s just too tragical 
how we now prefer to be online virtual
we might as well be asexual
because there’s no sense being sensual
we’re all too freak’n skeptical
to believe in the magical and supernatural
do you have a comeback what’s in your arsenal  
or are you just too visceral
or too darn busy being metaphysical

Submitted this March 5, 2018, for contest QUICK FIRE RAPID RHYME sponsored by BRENDA CHIRI  -  RANKED 4TH

Poem Details | by Paula Larson |
Categories: friendship, love, time, love,


I read it so, the Bread of Life
without discourse, without contrive
did lighten, nourish, so arrive
that building up, to merit, live ~

That in my lines
I found your strife
did so surround with beauties hive
that honey of discourse revive!

This leavening of love's requiet,
that injured particle, that pride,
that unaccomplished effort's stride
that unforgiven song's abide!

That haste, that entry unrelied
were all a Godly plan, not tried,
that love unsettled so applied,
unmixed, unsettled faith ~ no bride!

Is love, thus meddled with denied,
pourous regrets hidden and shied,
how puffed up, spoiling shape's decried
this fatness trail, unholy mile!

Be waiting, like a homeless child
so love relinquished dies servile ~
to thee I give, last frenzied mile,
wherein thee walk, wherein thee smile!

Poem Details | by Meenakshi Raina |
Categories: love, mother,

Love my mother

Heaven in her eyes, I get to see, My mother is so...divine to me, She is the woman, I want to be, Hope my wish reaches to Almighty.
April 13, 2017. Form M - Monorhyme - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: life,

Of Love and Life and Pain

Life, you're a little more long tonight
a blast through a soft fleeting light
too fast, too soon, gone out sight

Love, you're a little forlorn tonight
a chill, but still, grasping for light 
once tight, but now shaken with fright

Forefather's warm these strains
unburden me of my visceral pain
dare to make life, alive again

Poem Details | by Chantelle Anne Cooke |
Categories: bird, body, i love you, love, moon,

Saxophone Souls

My piano mind plays notes from the composer of full moon for you
My harp heart elegantly elaborates love for your handsome true
My body bursts in a bountiful orchestra of a lover's break-through
Our saxophone souls swoon together alas in pearls of doves' coos


Contest: Romantic charm in 4 lines
Sponsored by: Silent One

Poem Details | by Danielle White |
Categories: life, mystery, nature, philosophy, visionaryprayer, love,

They Are Legion

In the deepest, darkest, dankest depths,
the creatures plan and hedge their bets,
they ponder just how bad we'll get,
and smoke their foreign cigarettes.

Concentrating on the Middle East,
they've hatched and raised a hateful beast,
and guaranteed they'll be no peace,
so war and suffering will not cease.

In Africa their foothold's firm,
so many die from spreading germs,
they love to watch the infants squirm,
their bloated flesh the food for worms.

Their goal is to destroy mankind,
plant seeds of hatred in our minds,
their pact with Satan's sealed and signed,
in blood upon the dotted line.

The rain forest is their target, too,
cage all the creatures in a zoo,
cut down the trees and plant no new,
and watch the greenhouse gasses spew.

Make sure the seas are full of trash,
and oil spills as hulls are gashed,
they want to see our hopes be dashed,
the dice are thrown, the die is cast.

They sit and chew on monkey bones,
and laugh as storms destroy our homes,
in league with trolls and hunchbacked gnomes,
they breed in secret catacombs.

The darkness glides on silent wings,
and is repelled by just one thing:
the song of prayer our hearts sing,
with love we can defeat this thing.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: dog, fun, joy, love, pets, sweet, uplifting,


June bug
Sweet love bug
Please don’t shrug
Or be smug
My precious darling pug
With you I’ll share my mug
When at my heart you tug
You’re in for a big hug
Let’s cuddle and be snug

posted on November 3, 2018

Poem Details | by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: love

love's sake

Every simple step I take
Every mighty move I make
Every colourful cake I bake
Every cruel cord I break
Is for our life and love’s sake

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: beautiful, flower, garden, night, romantic love, sky, spring,


O'er feathery clouds adrift a kite 
'Neath sway lavender gardens that invite
Embracing warm rays of spring sunlight
Pining for sweet afternoon delight
With glass of wine lovers reunite

O'er dreamlike blissfully scented sight 
The moon tiptoes up the sky so sprite
Till she gains apex above in height
Whilst I close my eyes to say goodnight
I tender my love dulcet good night
Spring lavender garden dreams take flight

Submitted on March 8, 2019, for contest WK2 MARCH 2019 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND  -  RANKED 1ST

and February 18, 2019, for contest GARDENS sponsored by CHANTELLE ANNE COOKE

Poem Details | by Mark Russell |
Categories: inspirational, life, love, love, may,

Love is all you need

When you are confused, sad and alone,
Searching for somewhere to call home.
Your soul is starving and wants to feed.
You may just find love is all you need.

When the hours seem to just linger on,
All you once cherished is all but gone.
You want something more, plant a seed,
You may just find love is all you need.

When you can’t rise up, get out of bed.
 The memories clatter inside your head.
Step from the sorrow, do a good deed.
You may just find love is all you need.

When night falls but you can’t close your eyes.
You look for inspiration in the stars in the sky.
You cannot follow, so you take the lead.
You may just find love is all you need.

When the sun returns, it’s a new day.
You may learn to view life a different way.
Drop to your knees and to God you plead,
You may just find love is all you need…

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: granddaughter, grandfather, love, relationship,

Ella s Lullabies 3

Ella’s Lullabies twilight wanes with a child’s fascination lullabies that deeply moves papa’s admiration dreams of generation inheritance inspiration powerful bond drawn with love tears creation values taught us with their loving hands determination 3/27/2016

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: angst, body, love, truth,


In the beginning Love proved concept is vain Extenuating circumstances of concepts are vain, Truth proved love, the same, not to be vain, Manifesting truth as a body in essence vain, That love and its truth be in essence not vain, Love’s hope was that truth would not remain vain, Returning true essence to Loves peace again, In marriage of twain to void the void of vain, Vanity of vanity, in eternity, it is quite vain, The truth did live even in the void body of vain, Abram found truth even in the void of his vain, Noah proved truth in sight of humanity quite vain, These men proved death’s message void and vain, In twain, death providence proves that void is vain, As Love repented of His truth buried in flesh vain, Precept proved truth in the concept of a void vain, Living of the flesh, no eternity stash, it is in vain, Truth is in simplicity, complex concepts are vain… …Selah!

Poem Details | by Joe Flach |
Categories: lost love,

Can You Still Love Someone

Can you still love someone Who doesn’t love you anymore Can your heart stay open When they’ve rushed out the front door When they love someone else Can you still love them like before Can you still love someone Who doesn’t love you anymore Can you still desire someone Who doesn’t desire you anymore Can they still excite you so When they think that you’re a bore Can you still dream of them When you no longer they adore Can you still desire someone Who doesn’t desire you anymore Can you still believe in someone Who doesn’t believe in you anymore Can you stay true to them Like the vows you both once swore Can you hope for them Successes by the score Can you still believe in someone Who doesn’t believe in you anymore Some say that you can And I believe that this is true Because these are the things That I still feel for you Even though you have Packed up and gone away I still love you now The same as yesterday
written and posted 5/1/2014

Poem Details | by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: lost love, love, love hurts,

Love is Never Enough

Your first words were so sweet and poetic;
and our first date so real and romantic.
Our first dance was so daring and dramatic
but now the tears that fall are traumatic...

You promised to stay forever with me,
and vowed that our love-life will forever be
a golden garden filled with glow and glee;
the memories of those moments sting me.

O how I miss the warmth of your embrace,
and the sparkling smiles on your face...
I lost your love between time and space,
now I see that love is not a romantic race..

I have been loved over and over again,
and found out that love is a pleasant pain.
True love guarantees no golden grain...
breakups do not throw love down the drain.

I now know the truth about hot emotions,
they fade away like the flowers of fashion.
What keeps us together is perfect knowlegde...
Ignorance is the bane of our broken bridge.

Poem Details | by Alexis Y. |
Categories: heartbreak, love, relationship,

My Tears Fill Up The Ocean Blue

What I Am supposed to do
My tears fill up the ocean blue
Because you tore my heart in two
And you don't have a clue
Try walking a mile in my shoe
Please understand my point of view 
I feel so sick like I've got the flu
Now my tears will see my through
My heart was yours,you never knew
Our love story was shared by only a few
Your sweet kisses was like morning dew 
And my feelings for you will always be true

Alexis Y.

Inspired by the create a idiom contest

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, life, love,

I Like It A Lot - The Anaphora Monorhyme N' Sonnet Style

~I Like it A Lot~

I like doing what I'm suppose to do
I like watching each sunrise sunset 'new
I like crafts where can use paper and glue
I like to hear my cats saying mew, mew

I like it a lot when friends are real
I like having each day a healthy meal
I like it when shopping find a good deal
I like great paintings that are surreal

I like it when smiles and cheers are wide spread
I like it when the wind blows all the hair on my head
I like to  go to sleep in my nice bed
I like making friendship bracelets with thread

I like it when friends are sincere, and true
I like it when I spend some time with you.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000