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Poem Details | by Marty Owens |
Categories: holiday, hope, inspirational, lovechristmas, son, god, heaven, christmas, god, heaven, jesus, life, love, men, son,

Wise Men Still Seek Him Today

W-hen the fullness of time had come, Jesus was born behind an Inn in a cave-like stable.
I-n the Inn there was no room for the Son of God, no room for the Saviour of men.
S-tar was shining so bright above the stable for the shepherds to find their way to Him.
E-ven angels proclaimed His birth to those shepherds "Unto you is born this day."
M-anger is where Mary and Joseph first laid him It was filled with hay.
E-very animal there must have known that their Creator had come that day
N-o one knew the depth of love God had, to give His Son to dwell among men.
S-ame star guided three kings from the Orient, who studied the stars and heavens.
T-hese wise men from the East came saying "Where is He that is born King"
I-n their hands they brought him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrr.
L-ike these three wise men, wise men still seek him today! 
L-ove is the reason that God sent His only Begotton Son into the world to save us.
S-eeking for you and me, yes God was seeking for us because we had left Him.
E-veryone, yes, all we like sheep have gone astrayEveryone to his own way.
E-ach one has to make his on decision to follow Him or not to follow Him.
K-ing, born to be a KingKing of the agesKing of the pastKing of the future.

H-eaven, He came from Heaven to earth to show us the right way.
I-niquity, the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.
M-elody, He gives us a sweet melody, we sing many songs of praise to Him.
T-ree, A Christmas tree, the love that Jesus had for us, to die on a tree.
O-nly one life and how soon it passesOnly in life can we accept His Love.
D-eliverance, He came from Heaven to preach deliverance to the captives.
A-cknowlege Him and accept HimBehold now is the accepted time.
Y-ou, Yes, this Christmas Love was for You Will You accept this love?

For Brian Strands Christmas Love contest.

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: history, life, love, me, men,

- The Fabulous Queen Of Egypt -

Woke up to a new life in Egypt
I was young not more than seventeen years
Adorned with gold and precious stones
My body was in the shroud of silk and jewels in my hair
I sat on a throne as a Queen

My name was Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile
During the day I lay on the silk cushions
and dozed in the shade of palm trees
Beautiful men and women kept flitting
around me with all sorts of temptations
Fed me all sorts of fruit and cold drinks

When evening came, it was time for romance
As Queen I had many to choose
My choice was of course:
"The greatest men of Rome"
Julius Caesar and Marcus Antonius
Why choose one when I can have two?

On a long journey down the Nile with
my love Julius Caesar, I was forced to
make a choice.
But a choice one must take...and the
choice was that I gave birth to a son
and Julius Caesar was the father

My love life was not popular
my husband was killed and I 
was no longer popular
It was no longer a life of happiness and joy
No, it was war and national mouming
and I would not live anymore

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: boyfriend, funny love, humorous, jobs,


I once dated a pilot … We both had our head in the clouds Our relationship lead to a lot of turbulence - I guess it never really got off the ground! I once dated a glazier… He thought I would be putty in his hands But I could see right through him… He was constantly smashed I once dated an undertaker… He knew he had stiff competition I couldn’t cope - he was always ‘coffin’ when he picked me up in his hearse He had no sense of humour in fact he was dead boring I once dated an angler The thought he was a real catch… But the scales soon fell from my eyes As he was obsessed with his flies I once dated a footballer He thought he could score with me Told me he had great tackle… But it was just a load of balls I once dated a fishmonger… He thought he was cod’s gift to women He invited me back to his plaice… Where I found out he was really a cold fish Submitted to 101 poems in a row Sponsored by PD Linda:-) 15th April 2016

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: bird, humor, insect, love, men, poetry, wine,

Can poetry matter

In the debate between accessible and difficult poems
Poets' poems and poems for people
Only the single poem and private reader matter

Both kinds and anything between can matter or not
Solid or made of air, a vase or heavy clay ashtray
One word repeated or many like a lei

An acquired taste, like wine, and like wine
Not sustenance, yet men die with their miseries
Uncut without it, news and mere matter

I advise everyone to keep a personal anthology of poems that matter
Or notPerhaps it should be novelsStones, insect wings,
Feathers, Birds you've seen, People loved.

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, men, women,


Alas, the art of winning a woman's affections is long forgotten: tenderness and esteem!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      27 August 2018

Poem Details | by Jay Loveless |
Categories: art, autumn, beautiful, beauty, best friend, boyfriend, butterfly, care, caregiving, celebration, change, dedication, desire, devotion, dream, faith, family, feelings, for him, freedom, friend, friendship, girl, girlfriend, giving, growing up, happiness, happy, heart, heaven, hope, how i feel, husband, i love you, innocence, inspiration, joy, kiss, life, light, longing, love, magic, marriage, me, memory, men, miracle,

A Beautiful Reverie

Here I lie beside you
My heart goes thump.thump.thump.
My soul dances inside you
Reveling in the texture of your own.
Electric and flowing 
The currents of our love
Glow like neon lights
Illuminating the hope in my eyes.
Though we're not moving
I feel so incredibly alive
Invincible to my past
Untouchable by all who lack
That gentle touch of when 
You lean in and brush my face
Your lips grazing my skin
Softer than a butterfly.
And then you gaze into my eyes
I fall into your depths 
Twirling like the autumn leaves
Melting into your smile 
Your soul reminiscent of summer.
You pull me into your arms 
And for a moment I'm lost 
Breathless and in awe
Staring in the face of pure exquisite love 
And there you are - holding it 
Glowing in the moonlight of my stare.
My heart beats - its drum pounding away
Echoing a song thats lost its words
I touch your cheek and smile
My hands cant stay away
My lips s l o w l y, draw near yours
Hovering, and then - 
Part, a soft warmth against them.
My eye lids pulling shut
Dragging me into a silent heaven
I pull away - and what seemed millennia
Lasted only a moment, a second in time
But this is our love
This is what you do to me
You make me invincible and fragile
Lost forever in a beautiful reverie.

Poem Details | by Catman Cohen |
Categories: angst, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, romance, song-uplifting, men, love, men,

Never Told You

Tired of talking 
‘bout weather
Other trivial things

Tired of talking 
‘bout food
The price of tangerines

You may outlive
This aging man
Before I go
Please understand

Never told you how 
I love you 
When I held you
In the dark

Never told you how
I love you
I was never
Very smart

I never told you how
I love you
When I kissed your 
Baby face

Never told you how
I love you 
And I pray it’s 
Not too late

I would  tell you, 
“That’s what men do…manly men don’t say,  ‘I love you’”
That was my alibi
But what men do should be corrected
What men do can’t be accepted 
If it makes your woman cry

Tired of talking 
‘bout scandals
Rumors of the day

Tired of talking 
‘bout old mistakes
Who deserves the blame?

The Winter of our lives
Is drawing near
Let’s change it to Spring
From year to year

Now I’m telling you 
I love you
Though the words are coming late

I’m telling you
I love you
And it feels so good to say

I’ll love you in the morning         
Love you through the night
I will love you through the tears
And all the tragedies of life

I’ll stay with you forever
Love you every day
Love you,  love you, love you
It feels so good to say

Love you, love you, love you, baby

Feels so good to say…..


Poem Details | by Lakesisha Johnson |
Categories: black african american, love, heart, woman, women, heart, me, men, red, relationship, women, i love you,

Let's Keep It Real

 It's funny when you just feel like you in this world alone -
Know one understand's you , not even the one's who consider themselves 
to be grown -
Black women a relationship is not about you , one woman -
It's about that woman including that man , united together we stand -
Every arguement is not just the fault of him -
Consider what you did before the arguement and remember 1 of you 
equals 2 for them -
 Know man should put his hand's on a woman as well as know woman 
should put her hand's on a man -
But , in a relationship we should both keep it respective because the outside
line will never understand -
Something that is workable to both of us is over exaggerated by them -
Even though we where both in the fault the outside line only blame's him -
I think that deep down inside every man has some good -
Im in a seat now where the one's you say , are no good once stood -
 I was more than good i was great -
Now, Im trying to keep from tearing down someone else's wall with all 
this hate -
Im a dog because i don't want to throw my heart in -
Rewind my life and sweet heart come again -
Who came up with this rule that he alway's has to lay down the red carpet
for you -
Back in the day's we women where strong and everything that was old to
us was brand new -
 Black women why does jealousy has to be part of your plan in order to get
some attention -
When you get some you don't want it ; sorry to you lady player's that one i had
to mention -
Black women if you feel like you deserve to be treated good than raise your
hand -
Now put your hand's down and look around because that's what it feel's 
like inside of every good man -
 Black men stand up and tell your woman i deserve to be treated good -
Black men tell your woman i love you but , let's make sure that what i said  , is
understood -
Some of us black women need to recognize that in a relationship it's 50% for
you and 50% for me -
If you don't have no 50% than don't expect no red carpet because everything
that you thought was about you include's me -

Poem Details | by Pandita Sanchez |
Categories: conflict, emotions, love, men, relationship, women,

Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes 

A Collaboration Between: Pandita Sanchez and Eric LBoddie 
Written on September 30, 2015

As beautiful and smart as you are, 
you always seem to take it too far
I know some of it is just; 
but there is still so much that never needed to be discussed

It could be that you too often misunderstand me, 
overcomplicating and seeing life differently
They say men are from Mars and women from Venus, 
so things will never be simplified between us

Tell me, what am I to think - 
I mean, your mood changes within a blink; 
so much emotion can sometimes get in the way, 
you like pushing buttons - what's that shade of gray? 

One minute you say that I’m too emotional; 
then when I prove to be your equal, you call me irrational
Is it just that I’m way too much woman for you? 
And, perhaps, you really don’t have a clue? 

There you go again thinking you are all that; 
that's the reason we are always off track
I love everything about you, but I tire of the stress; 
and I can't calm you down unless I get you undressed.

See that's exactly what I'm talking about - 
resorting to caveman tactics makes you believe you have clout; 
but you're no longer a boy, so you should know better, Boo, 
you're wearing me out with your commitment issue

You see, I just can't ever win
So don't stand there trying to pretend 
like you are faultless in all of this; 
but the blame always hits me - it has never missed.

While I admit that I’m not totally blameless,
I’ve been the one who‘s always willing to do more while you do less.
In fact, like Rodin’s ‘Thinker’ you just brood over our problems;
but I’m the mover and shaker who actually try to solve them.

You know what? I am done with all this… 
I mean, you know I am addicted to your sweet kiss 
which, consequently, makes arguments hard to resist, 
all because there is not a feature about you I want to miss
So please just let me say - 
the indifferences need to end, and let's start anew today.

Well we don’t need to be arguing all the time sinking into quicksand,
if like two adults, we address concerns before they get out of hand.
But in spite of what our differences may be,
I know we love each other to the nth degree; 
and in the end, we know we’re worth it, and we’ll see, 
man and woman, we can work it out together, Baby, you and me


Poem Details | by Tom Zart |
Categories: adventure, happiness, nature, men,

Besides Love Men Need Fishing,


Besides love men need fishing, 
And for both, most are wishing, 
Catching trophies chosen best,
To be envied by the rest.

Fishing is a game of sport 
Loved by all, both tall and short.
We must fool the fish’s eye, 
If we plan to stir and fry,

Some use boats while others wade, 
As they fish the sun or shade
Ice-cold drinks help pass the day, 
While life’s troubles fade away.

Most men feel they've everything, 
With their rod, hook, cork and string.
Be it river, pond or lake, 
We all pray our line won't break.

By Tom Zart 

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: inspirational, lovegod, god, life, love, men, river,

Mighty River

Power begins a trickle,
     Becomes a river,
          From the giver,
               Of a river!

Infinity of divinity,
     Infinity, unlimited,
          Infinity, power’s potential,
               Mighty river eventual,
                    Life’s essential,
                         Love potential!

Infinity of divinity,
     The beginning of thee,
           Many to see,
                Pure love light,
                     The holy sight,
                          Out of void night!
Matrix power,
     Becomes a might tower,
          As people of the power,
               Many think not, in the hour,
                    To keep humanity from sour!

Infinity of divinity,
     Many think not,
          To supersede,
               Our world in need,
                    Of a bleed,
                    Of hatred and greed!

The river will indeed,
     Plant new seeds,
          Of Christly speed,
               As the spirit pleads!

Souls under alter of wrath,
     Writ Love’s epitaph,
          Now voice their request,
               For a God that’s rest!

 The ancient of age,
     Turns to their page,
          And lays siege,
               Enough is enough,
                    Love is not a bluff,
                         The river has enough of world’s stuff!
Do men cry,
     Do men sigh,
          Depends on the eye,
                    Or mingled,
                         With new finagled,
                              Minded angle!
Or pure, and true,
     So true, it’s blue,
          A river,
               That will never,
                    Run dry,
                         Because of sty,
                              On mens eye!
Beware, take care,
     There is a false river,
          It runs along side,
               The true river guide,
                    It isn’t the giver,
                         The true river,
                              It will never deliver,
                                   Not a sliver,
                                        Of life in this river,
                                             Not of love’s river,
                                                  The life giver!
Central control,
     Very meek, but bold,
           Hidden in mind’s fold,
                God Gold!
 Form:Thought Drops (Of Love) 7-9-09

Poem Details | by lim'rik flats |
Categories: age, love, men,

The Old Fart Song

(sing to the tune of "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys")

Verse one:

Old men ain't easy to love and they're harder to mold,
so train 'em when young, girls, don't wait till their bones have turned cold.
They're slow as molasses, wear cheap reading glasses, they're hearing aids give them away,
they grumble and mumble, they bumble and stumble, what hair they have left turns to gray.

Ladies, don't let your husbands survive to be old men,
Their best parts get limber, their brains turn to timber,
they spend too much time letting farts.
Ladies don't let your husbands survive to be old men,
because when they're home, you will wish you're alone
and they think they have all of the smarts.

Verse two:
Old men like old stuff, ain't that some strange stuff, how antiques will make 'em feel young?
They whistle like thistles, sling advice like missiles and sing like their a**es got stung.
They're always ploying and tinker toying, they usually, always repeat:
What did you say dear?  SPEAK UP NOW, DAMMIT! and, When in the hell do we eat?

Repeat Chorus

Verse three: 

Old men like talkin' way more than go-walkin', but listening, well, not so much.
Don't try to change him or even "re-range" him, or mess with his habits and such.
Changes upset him, so you better let him, still think he has plenty pizazz,
or he will snuffle, kerfuffle and shuffle, doin' stuff that's a pain in the azz.

repeat chorus

Verse four  

They say that old soldiers don't die, that they just fade away,
it's the same with your old man..remember each dog has his day.
Don't nickel and dime him, remember to prime him, be kind as he turns into dust.
Through thick and through thin and through silly and sin, you're together for better or bust.

FInal Chorus  

Ladies, don't let your husbands survive to be old men,
let 'em be babies and let 'em be children 
and let 'em be heroes again.
Ladies, don't let your husbands survive to be old men, 
When they hit bottom, be thankful you got 'em,
'Cause soon enough it will all end.

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: happiness, love, romantic,


Your smiles-pearls

          Your caresses-gold

                   Your kisses-diamonds

                          Your love-a mythical treasure!

Having you by my side, my darling, 

No richer man than myself, could ever

Be Found!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       25 May 2016

*Chosen as POTD! Thank you!

Poem Details | by Akere Victor |
Categories: art, black african american, education, men, love, men,

Love in Her Nature

Love the oldest,
Love the youngest,
The smallest,
The broadest.

Imperfectly perfect,
Proudly humble.
Endlessly end,
Peacefully troubled.

Quietly lousy,
Uncountable counting.
Pleasurable painful,
Ungainly gainful.

Resurrecting in killing,
Smiling in weeping.
Coming in going,
Abiding in departing.

Truth in lies,
Open-mindedness in sly.
Elevation in humiliation,
Built in destruction.

Unity in separation,
Honesty in temptation.
Standing in tribulation,
Thanking in starvation.


Love a burning fire,
But never to consume.
Even though she wonders,
But she never get confused.

Love is the source of life,
The fountain of light.
Love, so above death.
And she has no end.

The she's highly immortal,
But she in love with the mortal.
She is sane,
But love the insane.
She is so peaceful
But she's found in a troublesome place.
So careful,
She sojourns in this careless cave.

In an offensive place to pardon,
In sinful house to forgive.
Descending to comfort the abandoned,
Coming so low for poor to give.

Going blind to see,
Far away to come near.
Hardened heart to believe ,
Becoming deaf to hear.

Pleading in rejection,
Blessing the prosecutor.
Hunted but growing,
Hated but reigning.

Too real to the fools,
Because is so true.
Erred men don't believe its free,
Because is so cheap.

So abundantly, but only few has it.
The people she love are rejecting.
If you find one  you're lucky,
Because she's one blood thing you can't just inherit.

                      My solemnity

Oh! I need you thou love,
I wonder if I can in men find one.
I can trade my eyes for it,
Because I know in her will I clearly see.

Really, men are so many.
But how many can truly love?
Marriage can be done within ten minutes,
But are mostly grounded in lust.

If you say you're true lover,
Show it to many like that pauper.
Don't only love your rich husband,
Show love to your maiden servant.

Preaching and boasting of it on the pulpit,
Have you ever have a meal with the poor?
Show it when sad and when happy,
Accommodate your enemies' daughter and son.

Tis easy to love our family,
That's not in the dictionary of we lovers.
It is easier for us to love the whole country,
And those that has once make us suffer.

Poem Details | by Isioma Esemene |
Categories: black african american, inspirational, introspection, philosophy, snow, life, love, snow,


Segun my child! My son!
Soon, the cock will crow at dawn
And the east will showcase the sun
Soon, you will leave my home, 
To found your own
With words of wisdom, you won’t be alone.
Like a mini-skirt, advice is too short
But it covers the body’s vital lot.

Hear me.
Your brother is not your friend,
He is another you, but independent
So your love for one another, allow no dent
For the sons of men…
Every journey far destination brings
Nature presents a transport means
The snow has the snow dogs
The desert has the camels
The long distant road has the horse

Even technology came to aid us
For the road, we have the cars
For the seas and ocean, the ship
For the rail, the train
The sky has the airplane
All, to lead us through our destiny lane

That is it with man’s life and the battle in it
For whatever fate comes to us, so be it
As the future hungers like a wild beast
Likewise on it, your eyes be firmly fixed
Take a deep breath my child, and learn this
Every master was once an apprentice
Be it the prophets or the dentists

Fate is most times very unfair
Be not defeated by the things you saw
For life is more like war
And all is fair in love and war.
But whatever life’s battle you face
Nature will surely with remedy surface.

When you fall or fail
Don’t ceaselessly wail
Inhale…count to ten, and then exhale
Turn stumbling block to stepping stone,
So the builders reject, will be chief cornerstone

Two Demi-gods are on man’s destiny entrance
Their names, Consistency and Perseverance
Segun, to them, you must bow
No matter what, no matter how
On their feet, bring your head down

I know my son, I know,
That adventure is the blood of the youths
But by rushing the moment, the petals are bruised
So, calmly assimilate my child, calm study
For so, Apostle Paul admonished Timothy
Never be the first to hate
But to forgive, be the first and be in haste

My son, all humans can’t love you
If they all do, then they want to kill you
Likewise, all humans can’t hate you
If they all do, then they want the best for you
What people suffer to get, yet you so easily get
That you must never despise
For it is your miracle in disguise

For the sons of men,
Me, myself and I comes first
Don’t follow that context
If you find the opportunity to rule
My son, take the alternative to lead
For where rulers doom, leaders bloom

When fortune knocks on your door,
Be quick to offer him a sit
Use your wisdom and condor
To keep him and give him no exit

Poem Details | by elizabeth wesley |
Categories: loss, love, men,

Some Men

Some love too little, some love too long,
Some laugh and others cry;
Some do the act with show of tears,
And some without a sigh;
For some men kill the things they love,
Yet each man does deny.

Some kill love when in their youth,
And some when they grow old;
Some smother with the hand of greed,
Because of lust for gold;
The evil use their tongue because,
It takes love where it’s cold.

But men who kill the girl they love,
Have a story to be heard;
Some do it with a callous look,
Some with a bitter word;
The tyrant does it with his fist,
The weak man with a sword.

Poem Details | by A M Colantonio |
Categories: boyfriend, how i feel, life, longing, love, love hurts, lust, men, passion, sensual,

Can't Let Go

There seems to be
A battle going on inside of me
All of the uncertainty
Is what is scaring me
I’m stuck between here and where I want to be
All because I let my addiction to him
Take control of me
He feels like heaven
But burns like hell
I swear he has me under a spell
It’s so intense
The way I feel
I question if it’s really real

My mind and my heart
Are tearing me a part
When it comes to Joe
I just don’t want to let him go
Sometimes he makes me so sad
But I never seem to stay mad
When I see his face
All that was done is immediately erased

I fight to hold on
Because it feels good
And I fight to let go
Cause I know that I should

But only because he’s not mine
But maybe that will change in time

I’m all about him now
There’s no hesitation
Just wish we had better communication
Sometimes I’m unsure what he’s looking for
No pressure here
Not asking for more
I just don’t want him to walk out the door

I don’t know the future
I cannot foresee
Just hope he always stays close to me

Poem Details | by Boo X2 |
Categories: for him, love, men,

Angelic Tendrils

Angelic Tendrils
by Darren White and Jason Williams (bothboos)

Angelic tendrils cascade over his twinkling eyes
His lightning green reflect my amazement
He catches my gaze and mimics my wonder
Twinkling resonating in my inner being

Angelic tendrils dancing with his laughter
Tight curls, like ribbons on a gift just for me
The sharpness of his eyes and the curve of his smile
Such a divine combination, a gift that heaven sent

In me he lives, and I in him, far more than just friends
And then I lift him in my arms and carry him away
To a place that is safe, to a place that is warm
And with the soft brushing of lips an eternal love has begun.

His eyes read the thousand words he could not say
My very self in loving thoughts I need not explain
It brings me to where pain has no place
Where our hearts can beat their beat together

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, death, deep, girl, loss, love,

Virgin Pure, Untouched By Evil In Men

Virgin Pure, Untouched By Evil In Men

Where sun has fallen down in land so fair
hides a lone tombstone hidden in woods deep.
Death had caught a beauty so very fair,
that all three - Sun, sky and wind sadly weep.

Shining, in bloom of youth and quite carefree
she of the forest glen had Nature's love.
Her tender heart she had given to me,
now her heart and sweet soul rests far above.

Weeping willows, pond where white flowers thrive
I see her wading its magical scenes.
Dear mercy! If only she were alive
instead of buried there, in her late teens!

In night dreams, I see her in forested glen.
Virgin pure, untouched by evil in men.

Robert JLindley, 2-02-2018
Sonnet, (Death Of The Enchanting Forest Maiden)

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: addiction, humorous, love, men,

And so it begins

And so it begins:
I’m starting to fall for the tricks of perception his company brings.
I hear myself laugh at the lamest of jokes
like a harridan croaking on too many smokes
and I paw at his elbow with dumb fingertips
as my traitorous tongue licks my lips.

And so it begins:
I inwardly moan as my tone goes so girly, it practically sings,
then my pupils dilate (oh! pause here for self-hate),
my self-worth declines as his ego inflates,
and all sense is disarmed by his nauseous charms...
don’t just wretch, sisters - sound the alarm!

12 Feb 2019
“And so it begins” contest - Line Gauthier

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, men, women,


If a man caresses a woman's body he gives her pleasure

If he touches her heart he offers her happiness

If he elates her soul he renders her blissful! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      28 August 2018

Poem Details | by Mike Toole |
Categories: heart, love, men, relationship, true love, wisdom, woman,

The Main Course Should be Mind

She has abounding beauty and long may it stay,
Far deeper than looks,
It keeps aging at bay,  
For she is a fair maiden,
The cream of the crop,
As sweet as ice cream, with a cherry on top,
She seeks but a man to complete her life,
To stand by her side through trouble and strife,
But good men are rare as rare as fine gold,
And she needs one quickly before she grows old,
A man of good breeding, to make her smile every day,
Who will bring rays of sunshine and make clouds fade away,
Oh what should she do as ‘Players' abound,
She just wants a man who’s as sound as a pound,
Well here is the secret, go heed my advice,
Just find a man who is much more than nice,
You find a man who is not so unkind,
As to make love to your body, before making love to your mind,
Talk about carts before horses, talk about gain before pain,
Such habits of men can drive women insane,
Yes the main course should be mind, through the meeting of hearts,
As two become one, now that’s where it starts,
But men are so vain, so they suffer in pain, 
But suffer they do and suffer they should,
Until they understand, they must cut out the hurt,
They must savor the main course, long before the desert.

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, men, women,


Precipitous the conquest of a woman's heart is for a man who doesn't venerate her soul!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      27 August 2018

Poem Details | by Susan Jeavons |
Categories: abuse, body, courage, love hurts, men, sensual, strength,

This Sister

This Sister

Man has been using
and abusing woman
long enough
and we tired of it!

We ain’t gonna take it anymore!
We ain’t gonna spread our legs
when them legs are weary
and aching anymore!

We ain’t gonna do that nasty thang
just to feed your need anymore!
There’ll be no more fondling our breasts
or grabbing our hips!

No more whiskey-tasting lips
telling lies and giving alibis
for your adulterous ways
and your vulgar displays!

We ain’t gonna be terrified
and we ain’t gonna lay down our pride
just to give you a free ride
on this honey train no more!

So watch your step Mister
cause this sister ain’t no whore
and Mister, just so you know
this sister ain’t gonna take it anymore!

Poem Details | by Bernard Chan |
Categories: home, loneliness, lost love, memory, men, relationship, women,


They have lived 
in a succession of apartments
through the years, 
one bigger than the last.

And the bigger their home,
the more cramped it feels 

She's nostalgic for the first apartment

Tiny it was, but big 
for two people 
who were glued together 
all the time anyway.

Poem Details | by Perry Campanella |
Categories: community, culture, dad, daughter, devotion, education, family, father daughter, feelings, children, kids, friendship, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, husband, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, international, joy, marriage, men, mentor, mother daughter, niece, parents, poems, relationship, spiritual, teacher, teen, teenage, thank you, today, truth, voice, wisdom, world, youth,

Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when eighter-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: age, allah, courage, day, dedication, education, fantasy, feelings, kids, freedom, friendship, future, girl, growing up, happy, heaven, how i feel, husband, life, love, marriage, me, men, mirror, mom, mother, my child, people, psychological, relationship, self, simple, social, sorry, student, success, sympathy, teen, teenage, thank you, thanks, thanksgiving, words, youth,

Thank you

Thank you – Zamreen Zarook

Thank you is a sweet word in the nature,
You may be a guy of adventure,
May be you are a person of agriculture,
What matters is your architecture.

Never forget the people, who guided you,
In no degree neglect who were with you,
Don’t ever overlook a creature, who gave a smile to you,
Because, you will meet them above you.

People forget the past due to selfishness,
They have no time to remember their unawareness,
Society, most of the times behave in awfulness,
They will understand when their lives come in to bitterness.

Be a person to thank and remember,
Don’t consider them as December,
Because, you might need them in November,
So, always be as a good subscriber.

Poem Details | by pat dring |
Categories: confusion, depression, devotion, faith, family, health, hope, inspirational, life, loss, love, men, people, sad,

The Hospital Fairyland


They walked together, hand in hand,
Into life’s magical fairyland.
Where there was no trouble, where there was no pain.
Where life could really, begin all over again.
Where were no men in little white coats.
Forcing you all, to stuff drugs down your throats.
Forcing you to do, what you didn’t want to.
Telling you it was all for the best, for you,
People shouting, people crying.
Most of the people talking about dying.
What is this hell, we’ve all come to?
It’s called coming off drugs, we all have It to go through.
Where will it end, what will we do?
None of us really, has a clue.
We are given more pills, we are told, we have to take.
To the men in white coats, life’s a piece of cake.
We are the prisoners, they guard the doors.
Some try to creep out, on all fours.
Into hell and back, we go for a ride.
Eventually if we’re lucky, we come out the other side.
Where we can walk, hand in hand.
Into life’s magical Fairyland.
Where there is trouble, where there is pain.
But at least we can start, living again.

Poem Details | by Mac McGovern |
Categories: adventure, bereavement, dad, daughter, death, devotion, emotions, eulogy, faith, family, father, freedom, funeral, goodbye, grandchild, granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, history, how i feel, i love you, life, men, mentor, miss you, missing you, mom, mother, obituary, old, patriotic, peace, people, sea, son, sorrow, spiritual, travel, veterans day, war,

The Old Salt

The Old Salt was a special man who came along in a time
when he was needed most.

A time that is now gone forever.
When men believed and sacrificed, when hero’s walked the earth in mass.

When patriotism was not just a word
by what men lived and judged the worth of each, 
a man who lived a life most of us cannot comprehend

An era now gone as this warriors tour of duty ends at this station, 
and begins anew in the heavenly fleet

Sail on Sailor into your unaccompanied tour,
we salute you.

What greater honor, that when a man moves forward, 
he leaves behind in each of us the best of what he was

A defender, protector, supporter, victor, a warrior, 
the last of the breed from an era when ships were made of wood
and men were made of steel.

The Old Salt has reported for duty that takes him away from us for now

Those of us who remain behind,
remember, and will continue to remember, 
because he now resides forever in our hearts.

As I look up at night, I envision The Old Salt,
a beret draped just above the eye, 
as he draws upon his pipe, 
quietly he waits.
The guardian of heaven’s gate.

Poem Details | by Diona Finley |
Categories: black african american, daughter, father, life, love, people, teen, me, me, men,

A Womans Choice

Respectful, intelligent, someone who loves me for who I am.
That is the type of brotha I'm looking for but damn.
My name is Diona Lanese Finley.
When you look into my eyes is that what you see.
The true, love, beauty, honesty, loyalty.
Seventeen years old with a fifty-year-old soul.
Now the truth is going to be told.
My father taught me to be bold.
The information I say please hold.
So being me I wonder are all of my options gone.
I mean from the sugar to the down low,
From the thugs to the gangsters,
From the cocaine he hitting to the men in prison.
There’s this boy that sits on his butt and can't even listen.
The one who plays the Playa, or the P.I.M.P.
Some jive time brotha who doesn't have respect his mommy.
He think he can go out and have and affair with another.
Here comes the control freak.
I know he don't think he has authority over me.
He’ll be the alcoholic I'll throw out on the streets.
A man thinks he can put his hands on me.
I'll beat you down like we in slavery.
That is no way you treat a woman like me.
Proud, love her self, and have dignity.
He doesn't know how to treat the mother of his child.
Now I know you think this poem is a little wild.
So that’s why I’m going to say this loud and proud.
Not all men are like that, I know I have one who has my back.
Strong, loving, true, real, provides for my mommy and me.
Yeah that's right, he's my daddy.
I don't want a man just like him.
But my daddy what me to have a man who would make me happy.
That is what I'm looking for exactly.