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Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: age, angel, beautiful, beauty, body, boyfriend, celebration, celebrity, change, character, creation, desire, emotions, children, friendship, girl, girlfriend, hero, humorous, i love you, image, life, memorial day, memory, middle school, relationship, romantic, school, society, student, teen, teenage, truth, wisdom, woman, women, words, world, youth,

Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

Poem Details | by Tom Valles |
Categories: bereavement, bible, brother, celebration, christian, death, easter, eulogy, faith, farewell, feelings, flower, for her, for him, forgiveness, freedom, funeral, future, garden, god, grave, grief, heartbroken, heaven, hope, inspiration, jesus, joy, leaving, life, loss, love, memorial day, missing you, paradise, relationship, rose, spiritual, success, sympathy, uplifting, veterans day,

Tender of Roses

Beloved, lovely roses: gift of God and lover’s flower,
Spread your colored petals and cradle tender showers.
While admiring the blossoms with their beauty to behold,
Ought we not to know the Tender of such lovely garden groves?

For He lovingly and thoughtfully wields His pruning shears
To cut away the stems of old for fuller future years.
He cultivates and feeds themHe attends them as a Father
Looking daily to their needs; so faithfully He waters.

From the dawn of morning dew until the setting sun arrays
Caring always for His own until that great appointed day…
When the Gardener comes to claim each one the earth held as its own.
He gently picks it at its peak and for His pleasure takes it home.

As God did one glorious morning, when the Perfect Rose had bloomed.
He rolled away the stone and met with Mary at the tomb.
There the sweetest Rose of Sharon rose that we die not alone.
But be gathered for a garden grove, surrounding heaven's throne.

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, family, forgiveness, friendship, funeral, history, holiday, hope, inspirational, life, loss, lost love, love, peace, people, political, religion, seasons, social, time, uplifting, urban, war, prayer,

This Memorial Day We Salute Our Veterans

We salute every soldier who’s
 served this great nation.
And offer a heart of thanks
 and appreciation!

We salute each member 
of our armed forces.
And are thankful for their
 efforts and resources!

We salute the many who 
protect our borders too.
We’d be in trouble…  
If not for people like YOU!

We salute every son and 
daughter lost in a war.
YOU are what serving this
 country is meant for!

We salute the officers who’ve 
guided our women and men.
Our prayers are with you!  
And our love from within!

We salute our veterans!  
Wherever they may be!
Those who served on
 land, air and sea!

Offering prayer to the
 Lord is our belief…
That he will guide our

As we observe 
Memorial Day this year…
Let’s offer our soldiers
 love, hope and cheer…

May God bless them in
 all they endeavor
And his peace be with them
 today and forever!!

By Jim Pemberton  

Poem Details | by David O'Haolin Whalen |
Categories: age, family, love, memorial day, memory,

Memorial Day And Memories

Today was a memorial day to rememberIt was the first day… of our last daysA quiet,  empty house A beginning of the endThe end of happy, carefree family gatheringsThe easy camaraderie, friendliness and accord that is a Hallmark of an extended family, now no more than an echo from the pastIt is a memorable era to me in that it lasted so long, so pleasantlyThe beer, the banter, the B.S, the feel of family… now no more than a warm memoryFamilies get extended, grow large and grow apartEgos and petty differences, hurts… real and imagined creep in and the family structure weakens as all things must do with age

But the memories of So many happy times will never be lost or forgottenMy wife and I have been blessed to have had so many treasured family gatherings in our lives and wish to thank all who have contributed to such a treasure trove of memoriesEveryone’s time is measured, but ours with age is measured perhaps a little less, so that both time and memories grow more precious with each passing dayEveryday now is Memorial day Numbers on calendars have lost their meaningMemorial day today is a milestoneAnother benchmark and a turning point in my wife’s and my lifeSo thanks, my family, for the memories and thanks for making them truly memorable

Poem Details | by Mac McGovern |
Categories: adventure, america, courage, death, dedication, devotion, education, hero, history, how i feel, imagery, inspiration, journey, life, loneliness, lonely, loss, love, me, memorial day, memory, men, obituary, ocean, old, parents, passion, patriotic, peace, poetry, political, pride, remember, sad, sea, social, soldier, son, teen, teenage, time, usa, veterans day, voyage, war, wisdom, youth,

If Old Men Fought

An old man looking out his door,
gaze fixed on a distant shore,
reminiscing to a time, not of happiness,
or, the prospect of a bright future,
to when he was sick to his very core,
to when as a youth, he went to war

A time before infallibility had meaning,
patriotism and bravado the craze,
the future was still unknown,
vigor for life at its all time high,
a time for romance, partying, buying,
no thought of pain, deformity, dying

Too young to understand or question,
ship to foreign shore, medals abound,
will impress the girls next time in town,
sacrifice not temporary,
forever more,
a legacy etched into a wall, few will remember,
flesh shredded, burned, torn,
families mourn

A time, when he willingly went to war,
will happen no more,
all lost in youth, now unrelenting,
no blind obedience,
minimal risk,
long life, his number one ambition

As he turns back from the door,
he thinks of the youth,
here now, soon no more,
lessons never learned,
the call to war,
to common the roar,
complacency the mood,
another generation removed

The old man agonizes
over what was originally not known,
war is preventable,
life too precious to waste,
the solution simple,
his vision, maybe too late

Send old men to the front to fight,
arthritis, heart disease, poor eyesight,
let the youth enjoy their life,
his near over, its only right

Send old men, to the front, to fight
ask them to give up their life,
patriotism and bravado, still alive,
will and desire would not last the night,
old men do not rush to death in their twilight,
failure inevitable, the old man smiles,
knows he's right

Wars not possible,
if old men, are sent to fight

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: addiction, adventure, beautiful, beauty, best friend, brother, celebrity, character, desire, devotion, dream, drink, emotions, eulogy, faith, family, friendship, happiness, happy, how i feel, i love you, joy, longing, memorial day, people, poetess, poetry, poets, pride, relationship,

Meeting The Soupers

"Your first poem was an 
excellent are 
welcome...." Commented 
skat on my first poem.
"Wonderful and deep are welcome 
to poetry soup..." That 
was Poet Destroyer.
"Wow you have touched 
my heart in a special way 
with your poem.....your 
new friend Leonora 
Galinta" said Galinta.
"Well penned" said 
kithinji and so many 
special poets.
Hearty words from these 
unique poets spurred me 
to write better poems.
Which they appreciate.
Poetry soup is safe haven 
where feelings and 
emotions are expressed 
in tangible forms.
An educational enclave 
where different forms of 
knowledge are 
exchanged like two 
hands washing eachother.
Am most humbled to 
meet these dazzling 
gems radiating warmth 
like the sun-a privilege it 
is connect to parts of the 
I believe we all will meet 
someday,not in the after 
Leonora Galinta is an 
angel to meet,whom I 
admire amongst others.
Love to set my eyes on 
her delicate and graceful 
natureSee her graceful 
carriage, feel her gentle 
hands and smiles as she 
exudes sweetnessI pray 
hand of time will 
backwards when that 
day appears as we walk 
in the woods leading to 
silent deep blue sea with 
gentle breeze 
whispering.....A prolific 
writer as well.
PD will I meet 
someday,love her 
amiable nature,full of 
grace and charmA 
prolific poetess.
Skat is lovely with her 
immeasurable words of 
Kithinji will I love to 
behold,to learn from him.
Have drink with Robin,
Alian, shake akinyemi, 
stroll with Joe, hv a hike 
Sibanda, dine with Ralph 
and you.
Saying hi and hugs to 
Paz Samelo.
Meeting the soupers is 
making a happy family.
   Am gliding like the 
eagle,soaring higher as 
the day pass by         
you soupers are my 

Name:Ifeanyi Bob 
(Baron Of Ebullion)

Poem Details | by Markus Fleischmann |
Categories: hope, i miss you, love, memorial day, military, poems,

soldiers prayer

Lover, lover
Return to me
Of you I can only dream
Don't let my heart
Break on it's seam
Don't let the enemy
Steal my dream

Lover, lover
Please be safe
Remember the life
That we made
Don't forget the things
That we do
My heart is forever waiting for you

Lover, Lover
Don't let go
My soul will shatter ever so
I know I can't forever grieve
If your soul begs to leave

Lover, Lover
Please be brave
I dare not grieve by your grave
Hear my plea on wind and tree
May the angels guide you
Back to me

Lover, Lover
May fortune grant this wish
Let it be forever so
Return to me I won't let go
If time calls and you must go
Wait for me by heaven's door

Lover, Lover
Be at peace
I pray for you upon my knees
Return to me be at ease
Let your heart find it's release
( Crow Cries)

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: absence, age, anger, beautiful, betrayal, birth, cancer, care, caregiving, character, courage, cry, dark, dedication, depression, emotions, feelings, funeral, goodbye, grief, hate, heartbroken, horror, loneliness, love, lust, me, memorial day, missing you, parents, peace, people, self, time, world, youth,

Speech of Tears

Speech of Tears – Zamreen Zarook

Drops of tears from our purl conveys a lot,
Each an every shedding has a ballot,
By identifying the core, our hands should allot,
Because, some might be extremely as shallot.

Chipper and blissfulness gives you cool tears,
Whereas in console and divesting flow hot tears,
Fear and pains give drains of tears,
Nothing that can be patch with dollars.

Some deliveries are automatic,
While some productions are acoustic,
Another drain says I am really bombastic,
Tears are at last solely cubistic.

They convey the emotions,
People go in search for solutions,
They become happy when they are with the precautions,
Reactions again as the tears, it’s the real abbreviation.

Poem Details | by OMAR JABAK |
Categories: allegory, joy, love, memorial day, memory, missing you, together,

Tokens of Love

What gift can I give her in token of my love?
It should be something most women think of!
Something like a book, a perfume, or a rose.
She can read the book wherever she goes.
When she reads the book , my love grows
My name shall be on every page she reads.
It’s not the book; it’s my love she heeds.
I know women like perfumes so much.
I think a small bottle will be a nice touch.
Every time she wears some, I’ll be around.
The scent she smells will keep her bound.
I think a rose or two will be a great gift!
As women, we know, identify with it.
It could be red, yellow, white or pink.
A rose of any color is a joy they think.
I think a book, a perfume and a rose.
Shall bear witness to my noble cause.


Poem Details | by mazhar butt |
Categories: anniversary, death, life, love, memorial day, philosophy, satire,

Love,Life and Death

Life and death
Are mysterious things
You love a living one
in your Heart, 
By your heart 
You also  love a dead one
But in your Mind, in your memory
When your beloved is no more 
When she is dead
Your love shifts places
From Heart to Mind 
You want her corpse to be removed
as soon as possible 
and buried, burnt in fire
Or left to the vultures
depending on what last ceremonial plan
 you believed in 
and chose to perform
Living ones are loved 
Dead ones too 
but death is so scary 
that whenever someone dies
one tries to get rid of him atonce!

Poem Details | by Linda Etling |
Categories: holidayday, life, son, god, prayer, day, freedom, god, life, love, son, strength,

A Mothers Memorial Day Prayer

Dedicated to all those who lost Sons and Daughters to war
It's Memorial Day today I hear the bands uptown I'm sure there are many flags Hung all around Soon the BBQ will fill the air Friends and family will come Many will laugh and celebrate This day means only fun Oh to me this day means not the same For they came knocking at my door With news that changed our life forever On my knees I dropped to the floor They said my son has died in battle That he was brave to the end He died for God and Country Be proud when sorrow begins A strong and honored man he was He loved this country so He happily gave his life for her If only all would know He saw the value of freedom He stood bravely against the foe I still see his smile and feel his Hugs he'd go back again I know Our boys feel love and strength inside In the uniform that they wear They would proudly do it all again Because for you they care. There are no words that we can say describing these women and men No amount of gratitude is enough To show the love within For they wear their uniform with honor We all need to stop and pray Each time we see them say THANKYOU And may God Bless them along the way The last full measure of Devotion My son gave to each one of us As many many others have before In their strength we must trust We too must be dedicated to this land To keep this country free For freedom isn't free at all For my son this I plea Turn back to God oh mighty Nation may all dedicate their life to you May all who live here love Her And stand for freedom too Don't give in to the Devil Don't turn your back on God One Nation indivisible Oh my son died for the land you trod Be strong in your love for Her Make it a great land again Turn your backs on evil For it's her people that need faith again So today when you're having fun In the joy of all you do Step back a moment and say a prayer For our children who give their life for you Linda Sue Etling Copyright © 2010 by Linda Sue Etling All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Tom Valles |
Categories: bereavement, care, christian, death of a friend, farewell, fathers day, friendship, i love you, memorial day, missing you, mother, passion,

The Brook of Memories

Today, a storm blew through		
And tears with rain drops fell.			
Out of nowhere, thoughts of you		
And a pain began to swell.			

Yet in my still reflection,			
In this somber introspection			
A little brook of bubbling joy			
Flowed in, as I remembered as a boy...					

When God knit a common tether		
Through our daily ways and means.			
He wove our lives together			
As we courted common dreams.		

While storms will always be,			
And times of loss will sadden.		
There is a Brook of Memories		
That will always serve to gladden.	

Above the loss of those departed,		
Is a solace never leaving.			
Held dear within the heart,			
A brook of joy is heaving.		

To sooth the pain of loss			
The God of comfort sent a stream			
To wash away our hurts beneath		
The Brook of Memories.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: love, memorial day, usa,

H e r o e s - The Free Style

~Heroes~ ( Free Style ) Heroes are very brave people, They do extraordinary things, Folks who hold a lit candle In my heart they're blessings. They serve with so much pride and dignity. They make our lives easier and more comfy, So many burdens and duties often they carry, To protect our environment and other countries. So let’s observe this day today with a moment of silence, Let’s remember each and all, for their courage and their patience. For these men and women sacrifice what they know and all, In time of peace and war protect our shores from foes and fall. So this Memorial Day, let’s unite and bow our heads and pray, For all our men and women, and for peace to reign, soon one day. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012
May.28.2017 "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain-

Poem Details | by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu |
Categories: death of a friend, depression, desire, emotions, eulogy, fantasy, grief, kiss, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost love, memorial day, metaphor, missing you, romance,

Your Kiss From Heaven

My heart longs to hug
and to snug
In ur warm arms.
Not to be left in darkness.
We used to snog
On the large log,
Feeling ur tenderness
And every sweetness
Of yours lips.
Your swaying hips
Astounded my senses.
There are no pedestals
Reserved in the heavens
For girl wit such outlooks.
You exist in my fantasy
Visiting in my fantasy,
For a gem I have lost.
Heaven's taken my best.
I need no other kiss
But your kiss
From heaven.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: love, memorial day, usa,

Lighting A Candle - A Word Sentence Acrostic Style

~Lighting A Candle~
(Word / Sentence  Acrostic )

LIGHTING a candle for all those who have died
A most thoughtful and kindly request done, since lighting a
CANDLE is the least, we can  do,
FOR those who have sacrificed their life and all, so
THOSE of us can live in a better place.Let’s remember those fallen heroes 
WHO have died in all the wars, who, 
HAVE fought so bravely in the name of love, peace & freedom and 
DIED.Let's never forget it and so let's pray for World peace.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Author's Notes:

My very humbled tribute to all the fallen war heroes.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, brother, death, love, memorial day, miss you,

Halloween night

Dearest brother in Heaven
I pray for you always
especially this time of year
as you are so very sadly missed
In everything we say and do
you live forever
inside peal drops
In a part of our heart's
held very precious dear bro
Every prayer 
wishing you happiness 
filled with joy dancing 
with the angels  

My brother drowned this night pulls  heavy in sadness Halloween night whilst on holidays with his children in Majorca a sad family time of year

Poem Details | by John Paluszek |
Categories: death, family, goodbye, grief, loss, love, memorial day, memory, miss you, nostalgia, pain, soldier, sorrow, veterans day, war, child,


Running, after more than you, can hold.
Taking, someone else’s love, and leaving.
Children are fearful of what they’re told.

Can’t you see I’m the one who’s freezing?
I was just a child with a trinket 
Never knowing that it’d be, more to me

When you were gone to, too far, from me.
Steady with your hands close to my heart
Never letting our world’s tear us apart

I know, your icicles 
I miss the beaches that we played on
You missed the child in your own eyes

Now you’re gone, 
But I’m still not here.
Why can’t you wake up 

I’m not ready
Please, just take your time, don’t leave now
I can’t fight this world alone.

Poem Details | by Tom Valles |
Categories: blessing, christian, love, memorial day, mom, mother, mothers day,

Maternal Blessings

Who first gave to us the gift
Of how to love each other?
Was it not from infancy,
We gleaned it from our mother?

Who first gave the loving touch
Of tenderness and care?
Was it not a daily gift
Of mother being there?

Who first kissed us on the cheek,
Who studied every trait?
Who would work and toil for us
And who would always “wait.”

Who would stop to listen
And who would kneel to pray?
Who would show the Savior’s love
Day, by day, by day?

From birth until the grave
We forever gain so much,
By laying hold of mother’s love
Like she held hold of us.

Poem Details | by John Hembree |
Categories: absence, analogy, baby, birth, caregiving, change, child, childhood, children, confusion, corruption, cry, depression, emotions, fear, feelings, children, forgiveness, goodbye, heart, heartbroken, how i feel, inspiration, memorial day, miss you, sad love, sorrow, sorry, stress,

Loosing A Child

It hurts very much,
When the one's you love,
Are ripped from your very life,
It makes you feel as if,
You are not up to being,
The person you should be,
In this dreary everyday world,
That can be so cruel.
So, think about how your life,
Is running it's very course,
And what changes you need to make'
To better your life,
In order to see the happiness,
Of keeping the beautiful thing,
You have created,
And brought into this very world,
So, you can keep this child,
Close to you in your life,
And watch it grow,
To bond with them each and everyday,
So, the child will never grow up,
knowing someone else,
As Mom and Dad,
Pushing you away from their life,
Till the day,
You will be totally gone,
From their hearts and minds,
Which is the sign of disaster all the way,
For it will be the hurt of a lifetime.

Poem Details | by Trevor McLeod |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, bereavement, blessing, love, memorial day, passion,

The Rainbow

The rainbow was a token in the sky
to monitory value claiming none.
A beauty radiating through the sky
with colors raying light unto the sun.

A rainbow for the feelings in our heart.
Where hesitation's telling us to wait.
Our breath held back in aww of what's to come.
And time been stopped to gather up our fate.

The moment time has gone and changed forever.
And promised there'll be better days ahead.
The rainbow calling all of us to whisper:
there'll never be a better place instead.

Poem Details | by CHRISDAD KOJO ARTHUR |
Categories: anniversary, bible, christmas, december, love, memorial day,



Hills and mountains are bowing
Beautiful clouds are drifting
Overwhelmed animals are shouting
The sun is smiling,
while its heat cooks the sweet-scented roses
Changing the weather's aroma
Wait a moment,smell it,I guess you want to taste
The sea exhibiting skills with her waves
Wow! the bays and headlands exclaim
Water overflows the oasis
Giving the desert a great relief
Did someone say what's happening?
Hear the birds sing

Glory be to the king!
Glory be to the king!
To whom who saw us in doom
Brought us to the room of light
To whom who became a lamb for my sake
The lamb whose precious blood set me free
Glory the to the king!
Glory be to the king!

The king was born today
Let the dogs bay
Let the donkeys bray
All to hail his name


Poem Details | by nilofar shaikh |
Categories: cute love, first love, how i feel, memorial day, remember, romance, romantic,

Important Date

Just as usual so many times I wrote today's date,
On the board, my diary, books, papers etc,
Wherever it's important to state,
I had completely forgotten about it off late,
There was nothing for which I was to wait,
Yet my mind started thinking at a faster rate...
What was so significant ? What was so great?
I got my answer straight,
Before the sun could set,
And I just smiled...Hey it was 8.
A special day written in bold on my heart's slate,
It was when not just our eyes but our lips also met,
I am glad it is a part of my fate,
I wished to share the same feelings with you ,
My darling My soulmate....

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: bereavement, death, family, loss, love, memorial day, sad,

Too Late

My dear ones departed
And those dreams denied
Forge the tears that drown my heart,

And pride stole my chance
To convey the words
That I should have from the start,
For I could have embraced you
And held you near
And cherished now, that clutch,

And not regret saying,
FAR too late..
That I love you very much.

Poem Details | by Deepak Devkar |
Categories: lost love, memorial day,

In the Dark Moon Evening

In the dark moon evening,
Your memories had come.
To show that everything
Which we had done.

I was thingking then,
Which songs would have to listen.
I was remembering then,
The gifts which I had given

Then I remembered our third meeting
The blue-colored dress you had worn ,
Which resembled deep your eyes crying 
Near the fully grown field of corn

Your eyes were showing the regret ,
That you were trying me to forget

Poem Details | by Surajit Dahal |
Categories: dream, kiss, life, loneliness, loss, lost, lost love, love, marriage, memorial day, peace, poetry,

Lovely were Those Days

I dream of lovely days,
The day I met you,
The chat we had, the love we shared
Jubilant were those ways.

The moment you called me up, 
Delicious was the tea,in my cup
Terrified were I, shocked and shiver,
Rattled with the waves of happy river.

We talked night and the day,
So much to talk, so new to know,
Sitting by the beach or the bay,
Cuddling by the chilling snow.

Poem Details | by Rodgers Roger |
Categories: africa, birthday, brother, change, first love, hero, i love you, memorial day, memory, strength,

Africa National Anthem

Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand We rise we stand we shine we believe we leave to live Black of luck we rock one blood one desire same history true stories Different tongues one tone Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand Source of beauty Fountain of favor Gifted by nature Shaped by the creator Africa we rise Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand Mountains and rivers Black and white we stand We all cherish Beasts trek The sun shines Hope rains Africa stands Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand God we treasure Hope we bare Love we share Africa we bare To all we care Africa we strive African we rise Africa we shine Africa we stand

Poem Details | by Patrice Trice Jackson |
Categories: blessing, for her, for him, memorial day, men, soulmate, true love,

Man's world

mail your king your heart with love
manage your union with integrity, honestly, 
   and grace
march to beat of his drum; his ego that is at ease
marry with faith he’ll lead you to righteousness
men are the head in open the path to
marvelousness, metapsychology, money, muscle.

Poem Details | by Ron Porter |
Categories: allegory, lost love

A Different Memorial Day Celebration by Ron Porter

I paid solemn visitation to the site
of The Unknown Girlfriend's Tomb
to give honor and pay respects
to romance slain
on the battlefield of love.

No wreath of tears did I lay there
I wore no black armband of regret
there was no mournful bugle call
silently did I salute
lovers lost,? ?who sacrificed all.

And in memory did I recount vividly
the ambushes,? ?skirmishes and attacks
in the bedrooms and the bars
and looked at my oft wounded heart
no longer bloodied but,? ?bearing scars? 

My hand I laid upon the? ?cold hard stone
of memorial,? ?to every anonymous amour,
who by Cupid's lead arrows had been slain
and uttered the survivors thanks
for experience,? ?strength and wisdom gained.

Then walked home alone,? ?in the rain.

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, father, funeral, holiday, hope, inspirational, life, love, mother, people, political, social, thank you, uplifting, war, prayer,

This Memorial Day

We salute every soldier who’s
 served this great nation.
And offer a heart of thanks
 and appreciation!

We salute each member 
of our armed forces.
And are thankful for their
 efforts and resources!

We salute the many who 
protect our borders too.
We’d be in trouble…  
If not for people like YOU!

We salute every son and 
daughter lost in a war.
YOU are what serving this
 country is meant for!

We salute the officers who’ve 
guided our women and men.
Our prayers are with you!  
And our love from within!

We salute our veterans!  
Wherever they may be!
Those who served on
 land, air and sea!

Offering prayer to the
 Lord is our belief…
That he will guide our

As we observe Memorial Day this year…
Let’s offer our soldiers
 love, hope and cheer…

May God bless them in
 all they endeavor
And his peace be with them
 today and forever!!

By Jim Pemberton  05/21/10

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: health, history, humanity, identity, love, memorial day, mental illness,

ReMembering Mortality

I wonder if something essential
to my individual identity,
our diverse ego centers,
must become recognized as waning,
on it's
decomposing way toward death,
absence of hope for infinite future physical ego-integrity,
before it becomes possible to grab on to CoOperative Promise
with my more inductive eco-centering feeling left hand
to grow again from non-dominant
embryonic RightBrain organic seasonal beginnings
of listening for global multicultural integrity,
that matriarchal matters more, some Advent seasons,
and equally, during transitional birthing seasons,
and sometimes less revolutionary
yet still dipolar co-arising ego's relentless waning.

Not just knowing death as incoming (0)-sum absence
of capacity to return love offered,
fear threatened,
but also gratitude for each eco-normative relationship
having become matriarchal integrity reborn,
some gone before already
and yet many to continue on
throughout this our eco-operating lines.

It is in my ego vulnerability
that Earth's continuous matriarchal rebirth
grows reweaving
both within my personal landscape
and across this our ecopolitical global climate.