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Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: inspiration, journey, life, love,

Crystal Bowl

Crystal Bowl

A gold fish swimming round and round.
	His world of glass is all surround.
Round and round, day and night
        every round, reunite.
Day after day, night after night,
	Everywhere he looked, always the same sight.	
Outside of his bowl, there was a window.
	in the horizon something full of glow.
It looked like a pond, further than beyond.
	When he called that pond, there was no respond.
Love first taste is sweet, it makes you complete.
	But if you mistreat, pain always repeat.
Dreaming day and night, of that golden sight,
	Cool and clear night was filled with golden light.
Broken heart will cry is not satisfied.
	The meaning of the ” love” is always mystified.
Outside of the house a narrow twisted creek
	having conversation, with a language of mystique.
Calling up our fish, knew about his wish.
	Telling him” love” is, painful and foolish.
Telling him that life is a stream that flows;
	hoping for the rain, wishing for rainbows.
Gold fish heard the stream, which destroyed his dream.
	In order to redeem, did something too extreme.
Jumped out of his bowl, thinking of his goal;
	The golden pond became his body and his soul.
He landed on the ground; the dirt was all around,
	The meaning of the “love”, for him got so profound.
He started to scream, his voice was just steam.
	What if there is no dream? Death will be supreme!
He twisted, flipped and flipped, by luck in water he tripped.
	His breathing came along, in water he was equipped.
He swam in back and forth, he twisted south and north
	He cried in water cold, of what the” love” is worth.
He passed through his teens; his youth flew like dreams;
	The autumn came and gone, his winter had no greens.
He reached the golden place; the place was filled with grace;
	His life began to shine, the sadness showed no trace.
Swim and swim in wine, makes your soul refine.
	If you swim in “ love”, love will let you shine.	
A fisherman cruel and old; with eyes reddish and cold
	He cast his net so wide, for fish the truth unfold
Our fish cried and cried, his world got cold and dried.
	His life was passed him by, he gave up and complied.
The next day for our fish, was filled with tarnish;
        Once more crystal bowl is fraught with anguish.
This time golden pond, that was far beyond;
	Called our golden fish, he got no respond.
Love first taste is sweet, it makes you complete.
	But if you mistreat, pain always repeat.
Remember our fish with his golden wish;
	If you fall in love, get wild and foolish.


Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: allusion, fantasy, imagination, love, metaphor, spiritual,



I flew once in a field, full of flowers,
a field that was kissed by April showers.
I tasted all the jasmines, as sweet as new,
I did bathe on a leaf in a little dew
I was busy playing till the midnight,
I woke up and I was not sure of my sight.
I was a bird soaring as high as a hawk
Flying like a wind, with wind had a talk.
I turned into a wind, and then to a cloud, 
A dark and dim cloud that thundering loud.
I turned into the rain, after being cloud,
quenching the deserts with silvery shroud.
I turned into river, and then to a sea,
although, I was water, I learned how to see
I turned into a fish perfectly aware,     
knowing that my lover is surely out there
Swimming like a fish, my world became cold,
I lost my will to live, too soon grown old.
I heard a nightingale calling me at night, 
telling me, being a man, it could be alright.
I turned into a man, in search of wisdom, 
hoping that love and peace, ruling the kingdom
A lot of years have passed, with a broken heart, 
I could not find the peace, I need a new start
I will change back again, to look for my love;
maybe a lamb or sheep, maybe a white dove
I will look everywhere, until it is found
I know it’s there for me, if I look around
Until then I’ll become laughter to a child, 
or maybe dandelion who grow wild.


Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: creation, fantasy, love,

The Watch Maker

                  The Watch Maker…

Let me be, leave me alone, I'm Him, leave me alone.
I'm in pain; let me be, let me be, on my own.
All the time, every night, only see vanished sights,
Let me be, being alone, tired of silent nights.
In this world of darkness, I feel pain and sadness.
Nothing there in my heart, only beats emptiness.
In this sad cave of time, I suffered from my crime.
I suffered with this pain, loneliness, all the time.
Time is pain, I feel trapped, I cannot face the fact.
Who am I? Watch maker, I don’t know how to act.
Fault me not, if I did, what I did for my own,
I am here, lonely nights, sleepless, all alone.
What I did in my mind, I made it partly blind,
I made it for my sake, what I hoped yet to find.
I have dreamed a shiny sun, shiny sun, seemed like fun
No more fear no more fright, a good deed I have done.
With the light I can see, lushes land full of trees,
Shinning jewels red and green, dancing with morning breeze.
I made birds flying high, no more pain no more cry.
Rainbow near, out of clouds, ocean there in the sky.
I made grapes; I made wine, holy wine suits me fine.
I made sobers, I made drunks, drunks for me are divine.
I gave love; I gave truth, to all men sins of youth.
I gave life, I gave death, I gave all reckless truth.
Do not bother me tonight, I’m dreaming of the light,
If I wake up tonight, all your days will be night.
I need you more than I; if you live I don’t die,
Who is it? You or I; if we’re one both can fly.	
Am I drunk, maybe mad? Let me be, I’ll be glad.
Don’t wake me from this dream; I will be so so sad.

For AJ

The painting is called The Watch Maker, it is acrylic on canvas...

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: adventure, loneliness, love, self, symbolism, together, trust,

The Bubble

The bubble 

I’m a bubble, bubble of air;
	Deep in the ocean, fully aware.
Darkness my cover, cold and sad;
	Covering my soul, making me mad.
Who deserves this much loneliness?
	In the dark ocean of the emptiness.
Months have passed, years have gone;
	One day I woke up,and saw the Sun!
Love at first sight, was indeed.
	You plant your love, I grow the seed.
Darkness turns to beautiful light
	Color of sunshine a golden white.
How blind I was yesterday?
	Not knowing the light of today.
Sweet like the honey breeze at dawn;
        Taste of sunshine, glorious sun.
Love is a gift, a gift of sight;
	It lets you see, in the darkest night.
Light is love, love is warm;
	If you have it, trust the storm!
It felt lighter with warmth of love;
	caused me to fly, like a golden dove.
Higher and higher into the cloud,
	Thousands of lovers form a crowd.
Love and sunshine are both complete;
	The heart of this bubble started to beat.
Thousands of bubbles ready to burst;
	Dying from waiting, dying of thirst.
Seeking the source of silver and gold;
	The secret of Love will fully unfold.
If you are dark from lack of the light;
	Remember me, I escaped the night.
Ask and listen to what’s new to you;
	Follow and trust, if you are blue.
If I end up in the dark and deep,
	I promise you, not to cry nor weep.
Love is a gift, a gift of sight;
	It lets you see in the darkest night.
Love is light and light is warm.
	If you got it, trust the storm.

Haloo        2/8/2011

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, crazy, life, love,


Perplexity …

To be or to become, death is the question,
     not knowing the end, show me the direction.
What is a chain, if it is broken?
     Today my words are all unspoken.
What is my destiny? living with pain!
     living in the desert hoping for rain.
How do I wish for a gentle breeze?
     take me to a garden before I freeze.
What does it say a dying rose?
     To love birds in Fall, when winter oppose.
Travel further, further than never,
     live with laughter, pain hardly ever.
Descend to a land; I call it Demand;
     hope for the secrets, to be understand.
Surrender yourself in a bundle of Love,
     What measures love, comes from above.
Having the Knowledge of understanding why;
     There is no dying, or saying goodbye.
Striving  for Independence, worries will be gone;
     The darkness will be changing in early early dawn.
Becoming the Oneness of all in one,
     Do all the things that never been done
Wondering what if, is there any more?
     May be we are lost, now and before.
May be I am lost, lost in a sea;
     May be there is Death and then I am free.

June 2015

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: age, autumn, beauty, love,

In the Fall

               In The Fall… 

Wait for love until Fall,
nightingales they will call.
Nightingales are divine,
they sing drunk with no wine.
With all eyes wait and see,
how do trees will be free.
How do leaves find their ways?
When they fall nights and days.
They will wait until Fall,
all of them short and tall,
All of them search and seek,
with no words, they will speak.
Falling leaves dance and fall,
autumn wind calls them all.
When the leaves falling fast,
they do hope that they last.
They will fly in the air,
golden leaves everywhere.
Until each find their love,
in the air sing like dove.
When they fall, hope to touch,
with no lips kiss too much.
Kiss and touch in the Fall,
their last dance after all
Then they sing autumn song,
every leaf sings along.
Love is there in the Fall,
God knows that I recall.
Wait for me in the Fall,
Love is there I recall.

 7/19/17          “Haloo”

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: confusion, courage, fear, hope, love, son, symbolism,

Who is knocking at my door

Who is knocking at my door?
     How much longer to ignore?
How much longer to pretend?
     No more power to defend.
I am hiding in my room.
     No more courage to assume.
No more courage when you are old.
     No more summer, only cold.
Who is knocking on my door?
     Silence speaks, words ignore.
Living, frightened not knowing why?
     Certain not certain, living or die.
Hiding in darkness not seeing light,
     better for a blind, living at night
Where is my courage? Gone with age!
     Over and over flew from cage.
As often as I have done before;
     Not knowing who is knocking my door?
Why like a child crawl and hide,
     under the shadows, saving my pride.
Who is the one knocking again?
     Causing my world shatters with pain.
Opening the door not knowing who;
     Nothing is clear, what can I do?
Turning the knob fearful and daze
     cannot find a way out of this maze.
I opened the door and saw the light;
     No longer darkness filling the night.
My son was knocking, knocking the door
     Love makes sunshine fully restore.
Happy, laughing, no more pain,
     No more sadness, or complain.
If the puzzle is resolved,
     All problems will be solved.


Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: god, love,

Strange lover

                       Strange lover..  

I am in love, don’t know my lover; 
  One day for sure I will discover.
Every dawn, kisses, kisses with light,
  often whispering to me at night.
Where can I find you, Heaven or Earth?
  loving me tender, since my birth
Only my shadow knows its name, 
  if I don’t know it, who’s to blame.
How can I see you with blinded eyes?
  Asking my shadow, he always lies.
Living with a hope to see you close
  Hugging your sunset until it goes.
I am in love, don’t know my lover 
  One day for sure I will discover.


Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: destiny, love, pain,

In the silence of the wind

                    In the silence of the wind 

To a flowering tree, what does the wind say? 
     I am in love with you; tell me to stay.
I live like this, all I see is departure.
     Being in love with you is pain and torture.
I am angry with me, breathing a thunder,
     What is this pain of love, it makes me wonder.
I want to taste the nectar while kissing you.
     I want to get drunk while I’m drinking dew.
This is my destiny always live in pain.
     Departure is the word for me to complain.
I want to stay for a moment to hold you.
     But I will die as wind, how damn do I do?
I am hopeful that one day when as I fly,
     Allow all your petals kiss me then I die.

12/30/15 Haloo

Poem Details | by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: anger, confusion, loneliness, love, missing you,

The shadow of the wind

 The shadow of the wind

Please please come back, my heart is always yours,
          Please please love me, as long as life endures.
Come to my silence, like twilight, at dawn.
          Brighten my tomorrow, since my life soon is gone.
My days are all cloudy; my nights are sad and dark.
          no matter where I look at, I always see your mark.
my life is blank and hollow, I do not hear a sound,
          when I did call my shadow, my shadow was not found.
You went to find, dreamland, you went to see the light,
          The light is gloomy, see shadows are delight.
You hoped for tomorrows, you missed me and today.
       if I see tomorrow, my heart and soul will stay.
I live in the shadows, the shadow of the wind.
       despite all the darkness, forgive me if I've sinned.

Original date: 11/2015 
Remake: 9/2018  Haloo

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: philosophy, spiritual,

My God Is Love

Are we mystical beings? the child asked me.
Theological question given to thee.
How do I answer? I have nothing to hide.
My true response lies deeply way down inside.
Answer not easily given my child.
Oft given in dreams or walks in the wild.
So I say God wants you to hear your own truth.
Don’t listen to others or sayers of sooth.
Follow your spirit, your soul’s simple knowing.
Live your good hopes, your dreams always showing.
Answers will come from the love that you feel.
Not books or others, so follow your real.
I feel this: my God is love pure as snow.
And I hope to be His angel when I go.