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Poem Details | by Jerry Golden |
Categories: life, love, music, mystery, passion, people, son, song-lyric

A Lover's entrée to March

How far can you fall and get back up 
How high can you jump
And keep your feet in the sand 

To touch grace and fall from within
Next to you I was out of my skin
I missed you yesterday and you leave tomorrow

A life spent in the shadows of lushly tint 
Smoke your waves 
Exhale the freshness of your menthol scent 
Home is what you call shelters that need no defense 

I’ll send 
You’ll say goodbye
I’ll send again
You won’t reply

If love 
Is the appreciation of another’s existence
Then goodbye
Is the anticipation of seeing you again

You and I, we’ll cruise the shores
Together we’ll settle with the wind 
The joy of a small hut, a lovers den

You’ll send
I’ll wonder why
You’ll send again
I will not reply 

"our songs for sale"

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: fear, freedom, god, love,


The raging beast of fear in darkness was
Its father: Terror  
Its mother: Ignorance, 
With the black milk of hate was it
By wrath was it, nurtured    
By fanaticism its character was forged 
Its soul saturated was with repugnance


The deformed prince of gloom, once matured, 
A menace to humanity grew up to be, 
Threatening the beacon of civilization to
Extinguish by:
All this, in the name of a God that the brute doesn’t
Even understand, 
It demanded the whole world to kneel in dread

Humanity didn’t succumb 
United, in its finest hour, marched on,
Proud and 
Sending thus the message to the kingdom of gloom that 
Its days are numbered

One ray of light, mightier it is than any amount of darkness 
And easily could obliterate beast’s obscure empire at a blink
Of the eye


© Demetrios Trifiatis
  16 JANUARY 2015 

*In memory of those who were slaughtered by the evil children 
of the beast, be they Christians, Muslims or Jews! 

**Dedicated to all those who marched in Paris and elsewhere 
and all those who felt In their heart, the solidarity with those who marched!

The whole world shouts: Je suis Charlie!

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: dedication, faith, father, inspirational, jesus, love, miracle, passion, spiritual, love, march,

Forever Radiant

Radiant hymn's   of morning sun
of Godly words   O' how I run
to and fro
I traipse in search
in love I rest
still      my spirit yearns  

I will sing of the Lord's great love

I hear the call    upon the hill
in shallow breath    my heart lie still
O' trial O' fear
I march ahead
I call my king
on Zion's perch

I will sing of the Lord's great love

To proclaim    everlasting     the prize
onward and bestowed to rise
O' anointed one
I march ahead
in love I rest
each day of toil   

I will sing of the Lord's great love
I will sing


O' how I bear   in my heart
in completion   just    to be a part
with sinful flesh
my spirit cries
I call my King
to shun desire

I will sing of the Lord's great truth
I shall sing forever



Contest-Larry Cohen's Masterpiece 'HALLELUJAH.'

Poem Details | by Shakeela Kingzley |
Categories: daughter, death, dream, journey, leaving, life, light, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, march,

Hold Me For A Moment

You held me for a moment
For just a moment it would seem
It seems like forever ago
Although I could never remember
Remember those warm-filled months
Between March and November
November was the end
The end and a new beginning
Beginning of a new season
A season such as Spring
As Spring would bring new life into the world
A world with unreasonable sin
A sin as lifeless as Autumn
(Autumn to some called Fall)
Fall, when he would fall
A fallen angel,
An angel gained
Or gaining a loss?
The loss of a day,
The loss of a life
A life that would end as the day turns to night
The night always dark
The dark calls for closed eyes
Eyes that await the promise of a sunrise
And so the sun would rise
But some still remain asleep
A deep sleep they will not wake
Wake me up from this dream
Dreams of an untold story
A story was cut short
Shortness of a heartbeat
A heart with no beat
Better count your blessings
Blessed life-long lessons
Not to lessen the longing
But I still belong to him
He smiles upon me all day all night
The night, I am used to days without light
A light grip, a solid hold
Hold me so that I don't fear no end
End this yearning, hold me for a moment again

Poem Details | by Shawn Sackman |
Categories: life, lovehappy, me, heart, old, happy, heart, love, march, me, old, time,

It's The Simple Things

I remember the days they were born
Both in March, cold and rainy yet we were warm
Me a new dad and my love a new mom
Not knowing what to expect, trying to be calm

Jarret was the first, it was March 25th
Time seemed to linger, our long wait was no myth
But when he decided to take his first look
We both cried at our miracle, as if from a book
It’s the simple things, oh… the simple things

The next time we were old hands, but still a little scared
Wondering how it would turn out, our strength shared
The doctor and nurse seem to show no worry
When that heart monitor slowed down in a hurry
But then Anna came so quick on that March 29th 
Our surprised little doc, still had her sweater on tight
It’s the simple things, oh… yeah, the simple things

The years go by fast, as everyone says
Somehow you don’t pay attention until, there it is
The first time he and I walked to our fishing hole
My buddy and me, him carrying his little pole
Jabbering away about the big one he’d catch
Me hanging on his every word, knowing this moment would be hard to match 
It’s the little things, man I mean the little things

She was a cute little bug, always holding a kitty, puppy or such
She with her happy heart, I love her so much
The first to make friends with whomever she met,
Her big brown doe eyes are hard to forget

The next thing I knew he’s taller than me 
With a voice as deep as the old man in the sea
His single word answers to questions left me craving more
It’s tough on a loving dad, but I know the score

She sings, she sings wherever she goes
Our happy heart may someday star in the show
Later I pick her up and hear how the game went
Just listening to her joy, me ever so content
It’s the little things, those simple little things

I’m sitting in the car, waiting for school to abstain
‘Cause I don’t want him to have to walk home in the rain
He jumps in, looks at me and says, thanks pop
You know I love you, and that’s non-stop

It’s life’s little things…just these little things
It’s life’s little things…just enjoy the little things..

Poem Details | by Morgan Tate |
Categories: addiction, crazy, creation, desire, earth, first love, hope, i love you, identity, innocence, journey, joy, kiss, life, longing, lost love, march, me, missing, nature, nostalgia, paradise, peace, people, river, sad love, sin, sky, smile, spring, together, tree, water, weather, wind, youth,

like diamonds

two hits and i’m hanging off cliffs, listening to water


watching moss fall like snowflakes.

nothing holding my heels down but gravity, irrelevant to me.

the little girl exploring the ocean floor, the caves that once held entrancing treasures.

even tactile pain drives me into a gust of euphoria.

my heart beats (slower than it should), but the trees don’t mind.

the four shades of green blend to create a forest-

with each exhale, branches move in tandem.

and a salty tear falls from my eye,

reminiscent of what once was here.

Poem Details | by louzana nubani |
Categories: adventure, animals, introspection, life, love, passion, seasonsson, bird, bird, march, son,

The march of the penguins

The little penguins march along the ice
Battling against them
The might of the long winter’s crisis 
The small ones under their mother’s bellies they crawl 
Into a world of cold, their eyes opened
Marching weeks and months 
Just to find
Some miracle rough food
The mothers and children stay 
The fathers leave
Walking and marching for miles
And in between 
The Crisis changes into the worse
Where the large bird descends 
Toward the small penguins
The ones who have mothers
Run to them 
While other shield themselves
By squeezing tightly together
As the merciless bird strikes
Some mange to run 
While finally one is caught
In the ugly beast’s claws 
And eventually gets eaten cruelly…
And when the dads come
Some find their sons 
While others
Just endure another crisis similar  
And for some
The dad recognizes his son 
By his or her song
And beautifully they unite again 
The father, mother, son
Together, proud and remarking 
How beautiful their son is 
And patiently the season changes
Summer comes, the ice melts
In the water they splash and swim 
Day by day 
All of the small penguins
Grow up
Their parents leaving them to a path of their own 
They march again 
How significant and enduring 
I can’t describe how
A penguin really suffers…


Poem Details | by Robyn Blauw |
Categories: loss, lost love, love, heart, heart, life, lonely, love,


Thirty two years ago 
I was married on this day
It should have been forever
Things shouldn’t be this way

That love I had is dead now
I feel so much alone
There is no-one here to comfort me
No heart, so soul, just stone

I always thought we’d be together
I never thought we’d end
There’s so much love I had for you
My heart may never mend

My life has much more quality
More than I’ve ever known
But still this heart inside of me
Yearns for a love unknown

The lonely days and lonely nights
Don’t make up for lost time
But still I have this trouble 
Of trusting one for mine

I listen to the lives of some
There’ve had just so much fun
And I realize with a start in me
That mine was never done

There’s very few times to talk about
Of love and fun we shared
It always seems when I look back
We worked and never cared

We never dined, never went out
There was never a rose just given
There was never a time that I recall
A present just for living

It’s the 23rd and here I sit
Alone with memories
Of dreams I had so long ago
When I did marry thee.

My world back then was full of love
Full of happy thoughts
I felt back then that life would be
So full of love and sorts

For thirty years we were as one
Many a year too long
It’s over now, and I can say
I sing some lonely songs

I wish you well in all you do
And wish you harmony
I hope one day that you will find
A happiness that’s free

Poem Details | by Larisa Rzhepishevska |
Categories: beauty, confusion, nature, spring, happy, wedding, beautiful, spring, beautiful, happy, life, love, march, may, spring, wedding,


A little bit confused was beautiful Spring, 
She had to choose for life a bridegroom
Who will give her a wedding ring? 
Three men wanted to be her happy and bloom

March, April and May vied with each other
About their great love they quietly talked
April was for Spring like a brother, 
With March she just often liked to walk

Timid March gave her beautiful primroses, 
Out of snowdrops he made a wreath, 
He didn’t want to know any losses, 
He promised her the whole world’s wealth

Delicate and sweet was April
He gave her a necklace of brilliant drops
The life with him could be stable, - he said, 
She’d be rich and would get good crops

A wonderful May pleaded Spring: 
You are my love! Take my wedding ring! 
Be quick, Spring! Be my wife! 
We’d be happy together the whole life

And Spring trusted the handsome May
Without any delay she sewed the white dress, 
For the veil she took the apples blossoms
That was her best and the happiest day

The whole world was whirling in the dance
May was getting married with Spring! 
The Earth was full of love and romance, 
Happiness to all this marriage would bring

©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)


Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: age, earth, love, nature, river, time,

March Blues River

Rivers of bluesy-greyscale river 
flow through her understoried gaze,
sometimes too turbulent,
occasionally too still,
even for her Elder memory stream
with sluggish circulating economy
surrounded by surface-molding
way overly-competitive political
bicameral imbalance and equivocation,
or some days it just feels that way to her,
facing windblown cold effacing light.

Nearing to her share of winter's oceanic nurture-time,
sea's streaming into surf's elation
dilating over gravitas,
tidal flow streams below,
within her Great River of rivers of long-wet time
flowing yet surfing out and up
back and forth
surging heavens and slugging Others,
singing and dancing
eating and absorbing
stressing and struggling,
remembering undertow story
of WaterPlant-ReGeneration
incarnate need to flow back home again
into Earth's oceanic flow of warm-lit light.

Back to this grey-blues suffering river,
from where this river's story began
to flow through
her dipolar bifolding BeLovedTime
polyneural balance,
bilaterally waving within March light's warm
cooperative-bicameral ecoconsciousness, 
therapeutic-regenerate enculturing,
frequently windy,
ecosystemic river of life self-identity,
heavy then light,
old then young again,
searching underwater mountains
of lava light's rich regenerate reward
from whence wet-wave nutrient flow-streams
co-arising elations 
as yummy balanced speed, 
regenerating time as warm-love intent 
EcoTime derived.

March greyriver blues
jonesing for a warm bright dramatic volcano,
or maybe just more low-fat granola in plain yogurt,
in front of her more comforting March
noticing nutrient streams 
within wood stove's flaming carbon plates
down below those cooling wet mountains.

Wonders of heat and time
radiate her naked face and hands
creating rivers of flowing memory 
as nutrition-delivery intent
drifting grey-blues suffering Elder Rivers.

Poem Details | by E.J. Smith |
Categories: death, sad, love,

March, 1997

A veil of darkness
Fallen on the town
There's a monster here
A sweet, innocent life cut down.
One so free who knew no fear
Why be afraid
With love so constantly near?
For love is what he was
Helping others, always giving.
Now, selfish, twisted, murderous ways
Means our "Little Mark" is no longer living
Among us with his smile so sweet
But will spend eternity's days
At the Father's feet.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: love, march, spring,


winds scatter 
wicks left by winter...
snow melts revealing barren soil.
is late
impatience in me...
to kiss Lucy on lush meadows.
with sweet
whispers rise
to the dazzling clouds....
anticipating more mild days.

Copyright ( c ) 20015 by Andrew Crisci

Poem Details | by Spidey Williams |
Categories: forgiveness, happiness, life, loss, love, peace, god, old, time, god, life, march, old, time, new year,

Throwing In The Towel

The time has come 2day,
to go our seperate ways.
Much can be said,
but little will we say.
When was right,
or who was wrong?
Is a different tune,
but same old song.
Tears have been shed,
and blood has been bled,
now is the time to clear our heads.
For better and for worst we'll raise our child,
hoping their will be less frowns and more smiles.
I've gone more than the extra miles,
Now God has given me the courage,
to throw in the towel.
I quit I give up chasing that dream,
and living a nightmare,
and the thought of us to bare,
I no longer wish a life to share.
I'm letting go of all and hope for the best.
Before my heart explodes out my chest.
The other day I stared at death!
While the angels in heaven held their breath.
It wasn't my time to go though.
It was only my time to grow slow.
Many days I tried.
Many times you lied.
I forgave you everytime, but only after I cried.
But now I march to a different beat.
Before I lay myself to sleep,
Before I end up six feet deep.
Before my love ones weap.
Before I'm too weak to press forward.
Before I no longer can speak.
We played the games way too long!
When was right who was wrong?
Now I march to a different song.
I guess it wasn't meant to be.
I guess I was meant to see.
That you are totally diiferent than me.
We tried to make it work time after time.
But failed miserably.
I wish the best to the both of us!
May God grant the strength when the roads are tough.
The time has come to say goodbye,
As a New life I say hello.
As the new year approaches I make new vows.
As old ones have been erased and replaced
Finally Now I'm Throwing in the Towel!

Poem Details | by Rainbow Promise |
Categories: fantasy, funny love, giggle, humorous, imagination, poetry,

March Of The Footle - This Old Rhyme

Old Billy
Was a silly.

Owned a knife
He had a wife.

Went hunting
For Bunny Buntin.

Who ate carrots
And talking parrots.

His wife got to cooking
As he started hooking

Many big fish
For a silvery dish!

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: god, happiness, love, march, marriage, trust, valentines day, wedding,

A Valentine Wedding

Cupids of the Third Heaven come around and giggle,
there are no angels happier than them;
not invisible to us they smile and winkle,
wishing us sunny days brighter than an opulent gem.

Charm me with your loveliness, ardent sapphire...
remain faithful for the rest of your existence;
all around us there is the undeniable evidence
that what enthralls us is the inward, fervent fire

The nuptial atmosphere is enhanced by scarlet roses,  
and with solemn truthfulness we recite our marital vows;
only our Heavenly Father can bless us teaching His laws,
and we in speechless wonder, listen and bow our heads.

The wedding march still plays, we stroll down the bright aisle
as we climb the steps of Heaven's throne inundated by brightness;
perfect happiness is found there, it's that connection to holiness:
to love and trust each other under the eyes of God that smile  

Written on 1/30/2016  

Poem Details | by Janis Thompson |
Categories: autumn, love, moon,

March Moon

 March Moon

Delight me in the Vernal Equinox
and pull me softly to your waiting lips
quivering with desire and evening scent 
surrendered in a night of tender touch
furtive hours of welcomed, warm embrace.

Love's fancy plays a duet in the dark  
a quickness to enchant in cooling air 
leaves whisper with the crying winds for
swooning spirits hand and hand
will waste no time.

Let's make a bond beneath March midnight moon
remembering the kiss that’s taken flight
ascending through the corridors of cosmos,
a promise for the angels
who've caught sight.


Poem Details | by David Smalling |
Categories: social, love, march, truth,

Covenant Against Violence

So you march one day, with candles, in black
Held hands, silence stained, in human chain
To protest savage rapes and the gun attack
You make famous, the idiots and the insane

And when the crowd dissolved truth left bare
Mothers went home to hide still a wicked child
The predator hidden from a nation's sad fear
We make each silence time's forest for the wild

And when the crowd dissolves into the thin air 
Of insecurity, the village shivering shrunk away
Before the ugly we wrapped the timid dry tear
In pretty paper of smiles, beseeching for the day

I will not march flattering while truth is defied
In a savage world, I yield innocence to none
Work truth, Justice long delayed is justice denied
Apologies too long, an imposter, has had its run

I want my country back again, very brave! I want
My children laughing, late hours still, in the streets
I want doors opened, like hearts, to hear the chant
Across fences, familiar love where each voice meets

I want the inept, corrupt, law agents purged anew
And this sudden material greed abate and poverty
Like a school teach us fresh what none before knew
How to survive, the culture founded from creativity.

I want to walk at nights fearless on crime free shores
And taste salt without the taint of blood on the winds
I want for love to pour out its treasure that reassures
Poverty is a tragedy only for the timid; here hope begins

O Jamaica, I want you, still happy as you were before
We had friendships deep, and everything no problem
Because we sharedLet us die this good way, endue
Against the beast! Let us rout his demonic strategem

I will not march one day black to placate indifferent men
How can I sleep in peace, victims are multiplied each night!
I cannot look at blood and wear black, to cover it again
The pain stinks here! Who shield rabid fiends from the light? 

I will march yes, march on the grave of crime and graft
I will march yes, march with the coffin of monsters done
And I will wear black again when my skin in sun can laugh
I will wear black when is silent the bellow of the angry gun.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion,

March Of The Footle

March Of The Footle Contest
Sponsor: Timothy Hicks

Our Favorite Flower

white rose
love grows


Love Me Every Hour

time stop
clothes drop


Let's Devour

hold me
break free


Tallest Tower

up high
let's fly


Affection's Power

hold me
love thee


Never Glower

please stay
don't stray

Date Written: March 3, 2016

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, people, relationship, march,



You posed the question, 
My dear,
What “always” means
When I say, You, 
I love.

Answer unable was 
I to give,
My soul that had spoken the word,
I asked and
The answer came, from
The depths of depths
Of her heart,

“By always” she said,
“This is what I mean, 
To love her: 
From dawn till dusk
From January to December
From the cradle to the grave to 
The beyond and then to
Dawn again!"

©Demetrios Trifiatis
    04 March 2013 

*Inspired by Eileen’s Manassian Ghali poem:
     “How Long is Your Always”
        Posted, 03 March 2013

Poem Details | by William J. Jr. Atfield |
Categories: lost love, death, beautiful, me, heart, old, dream, beautiful, day, death, dream, heart, march, me, old,



   On Monday March 14th 2011, at 1:05 PM, I believe I was looking into the face and eyes of Death, as we drove to Her, school

   I think I heard the voice and sounds of Death, on Monday March 14th 2011 at 1:15 PM as She tried to direct me past the entrance to Her class

   I felt the hands of Death, touch me as She turned away, leaving me standing there, heart in hand, bleeding profusely, no response, as she turned Her, back and walked away, not looking back 

   3:40 PM and as I sat in the Henderson Mall, heart broken, feeling the pangs of regret, the Grim Reaper, cut into my chest, as I watched Lady Death, walk towards me with a look that said " die ", " go to hell " but the words that came out of Lady Death's, mouth were " such a serious look ! " and Her, response to my gift of apology ( flowers and a poem ) and my offer to give Her, a ride home where met with a curt response " I have something else to do " and She, was gone like the lights had been turned out, and then the Grim Reaper, plunged his scythe deep into my heart, twisting his blade with such aggression I could hardly breath as my lungs tightened up, my throat closed, my heart would not beat and my soul cried out in vain 

   For eleven days I sat in the silences, looking into the casket, at this old fool, who, by his own hands, was killed, killed by his stupidity and thoughtless wordsThe evening of the eleventh day of my wake, a sweet, voice, from my memory, sang out to my dead ears, but the tones where sugarless and the lyrics where that of a dirge ringing out a death blow, as Lady Death, responded to " will I get to see you sometime ?" with a " maybe " and then " I have to go, I have things to do " and then the coffin lid came crashing down on my state of reverie, the dream shattered like a mirror struck by a meteor, shards, splinters, fragments fused together in twisted, distorted images of what once was ?, is ?, my dream, a dream that was not, is not Hers, and like Alice in Wonder Land, slipping through the looking glass, reality was not as it seemed, for one's reality, on the other side, may not be the reality of anotherThe visions, the desires, the dreams, one's perception, all, are but splinters of the holographic universe we inhabit, but have no control ofFATE ?, KARMA ?, THE GRAND DESIGN ?, BLIND CHOICES ? 

   Now I spend every hour of every day hanging on to the edges of my funeral, the wake, my spirit attends faithfully and from these, my mind will not let me escape 

   I wonder if I will be able to step out from behind the looking glass ?, awake from my beautiful dream ?, face reality ?, reality reflected in those exotic, dark brown mirrors, the windows to your soul

   My Lotus Blossom, my Oriental Dream, my China Doll, my Exquisite Vision of Loveliness, my Exotic Beauty, - she has left me with my own death mask to reflect upon as I look into the mirrors ( images of what I once experienced with Her, ) and see only ghostly figures ( She and me and all that we shared, all we experienced ) haunting all the moments that lie among the ashes of all the beautiful experiences we shared, experience I believe She, has placed upon a funeral pyre, set them on fire, no longer having a desire to even remember we once lived them, them that gave my life some purpose, gave me meaning, put a sparkle in these tired old eyes and a spring to the shuffle of this old mans stepFor   Her, ????????????? 


Poem Details | by William Moore |
Categories: devotion, happiness, hope, husband, love, passion, romance, wifelove,

Forever You by WLM created on March 20, 2011

You are the one I want 
Forever and again
To brighten my day
In each and every way
You shine as bright as the sun
With the streaming rays which fall to the earth
And your smile is as beautiful
As the stars at night and the moon so bright
With you in my life
I will have not strife
Our lives will be so content
No matter where we have went
Our love together
Will last forever
You make the dark clouds go away
With each and every passing day
There are only a few
Whom are just as you
You are perfect in every way
And this is how you will always stay
I know you will be mine
For now and for all time
We will follow the line
Our lives together will be so fine
Our love will always be new 
For me and for you

Poem Details | by SHARLOTTE NEWAN |
Categories: beauty, color, green,

I love you in green---march 2015

I love you in green

why you lay upon the prettiest hills

I have ever seen.

around the mouth of the Lakes

from far and near

Beautiful green grass I see

waving as the wind blows

ever so lovey , standing tall.

a luscious green covering of

grass over this mother earth.

I love you in green

as I hear hole in one,

while watching a little white ball

rolling on smooth green tuff,

golf is the name of the game

but the color green that I so love

is what driving me in sane.,because

I love green.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: march, nature, , sweet love,


March, you come with Love's labor, a gust of nature a spring of warmth Rain heralds its life – giving power, wet and wonderful too colorful, green, fresh, and beautiful Grassy strands are woven for restful nesting Fluttering butterflies taste sweet love where sun warmth cradled in its arms Silhouette turns their sleepy heads towards the horizon as they dream, arising to early sound of morning dawn 4/19/2017

Poem Details | by William Moore |
Categories: adventure, caregiving, dedication, devotion, faith, forgiveness, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, passion, peace, romance, thank you, uplifting, wife, god, me, heart, feelings, god, heart, me,

Lost Love Found by WLM on March 29, 2011

I need not scream
For the return of my dream
I feel so much better
For from her I received a letter
Her feelings were not of being mad
But of making me feel glad
She still wants me
And that is the way it should be
There was never a great cost
Nor even a feeling of being lost
When I heard from my love
All was still sent from heaven above
She finally did show
And my face had such a great glow
For me she does still need
So for now I will not concede
She still loves me so
In my heart I will always know
To me she will still marry
Now my head is not in a flurry
And a family we will still start
In mine heart I will sing like a lark
As God meant us to see
Together we will always be
In the simple breeze
I will hold her in my arms to squeeze
Now that I have my dear
I will lose all my fear
I have my best friend back
Oh God thank you for that
For with her I have no doubt
Thank you God I will never be without
She has made me so happy I still cry
For in my heart I do not want to die
All the feelings of dread
Have been put out of my head
To her I have so much to give
And for all of that we will always live
We must always treat each so well
My heart can only swell
I feel so young again
And that is where she will begin

Poem Details | by William Moore |
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Lost Love WLM March 29 2011

I feel so hurt
And so much like a jerk
For I have lost my dream
Just let it out and scream
What did I do
Can I ask you
Am I to be alone
All I can do is groan
I ask God will it ever be
Does she really want me
Please Lord let her call
For me to be that is all
I am so stuck in a rut
Do I just give up
Can not hold back the tears
The return of all my fears
I hope to see
That she really needs me
I will never know
For she will have to show
Can you give me my best friend
Or have I lost her again
Tell me did I sin
Should I just give in
I am at my wits end
Knowing not where to begin
I sit here and moan
At me just throw the heavy stone
Please, oh please hit the mark
Then I know it will break my heart
I always feel the use
Finally I remember the abuse
My feelings inside
Will never subside
Why not go ahead and fall
With my life just end it all
Does anyone really care
That would be so rare
For all I feel is lost
And in the end that is the cost

Poem Details | by Hina Patel |
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She said

Who will take care of me
who will tuck me in at bedtime
who will wake me up in the morning
'who will' was in every question that she had
along with the truly innocent flow of tears of motherly need 
when I parted her from me for the first time 
on march 21st 2010

who will say goodnight momsi
who will lay an arm around me and 
who will sing along with me at night
'who will' was in every question that I had
along with the true hearted love of a mother
when I lay here alone with litte darlings thoughts
on march 21st 2010



Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
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The Blizzard Of March

February wasn't that cold, miraculously
some trees bloomed making kids happy;
even MrSofty sold vanilla skakes and ice cream,
then the warmth weather became a delusive dream.

The blizzard of March made everybody shiver, 
the day before they thought that spring had returned,
but at noon the chilliest wind began to hiss louder; 
many held onto their hats and headed home instead.
I waited watching March's madness unfold taking a huge risk,
the furious wind bent trees with an incredible force, soon it was dusk; 
hungry ravens croaked, all the breadcrumbs that MrsGrimple had left
for them got blown away, she came outside, but couldn't stand erect.

The next day, snow covered everything that was bare and green,
not a single bird flew, one heard a deafening silence that scared...
and the only person trudging through the deep snow was young Albeen
who went from door to door to assist the hungry, the old and the impared..

Written on 3/22/2017


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A Blessing In The Heat (Part 2)

Johnny Clare is an example of many a young man who Cowboy'd in the truest sense of the wordHe did a jobHe did it wellThough he met an untimely end, his life did not go unnoticedContinental Oil Company put up a monument to a young man who worked for them, but Larry McWhorter's words made him realThe essence of who he was is immortalized in that poemIt is more than a poem about one is a poem about every Cowboy who ever rode for the BrandIt is a poem about the heart and soul of men who built our country through hard work and sacrificeIt is a poem about one man's basic belief that time may march on, but those everyday Cowboys like Johnny Clare will not be forgottenThe monument stands as a reminder of "where," but Larry McWhorter's words stand as a reminder of "why." His words, a tribute to the spirit of man and a lesson on how to live what you love.

I cried that dayTears of joy for having shared this moment with Larry and Andrea; for having one of my heroes of Cowboy Poetry recognize me and for his gift of words to meWe have been friends sinceI love and respect him and Andrea; because they are good, kind, strong people of the land with deep conviction in their faith and strong relationship with the SaviorThey live each day with grace, they give that grace to others and they make all strangers friendsProud am I that I know themLucky am I that I got to go to Weatherford, Texas that day.

I have learned that it's not the trail we ride, but the tracks we leave behind for others to follow that mattersTime may march on, but word and deed live on forever; as does the spirit of any person dedicated to living life to the fullest while serving their fellow manThe impression we leave is our memorial to this earthly lifeBuilding a monument with words and telling the stories about others so they are never forgotten is our memorial
to those we love and admireJohnny Clare, Larry McWhorter, all those men I grew up with and those I am privileged to call my friends; all living life their way by the Grace of God, all fighting the good fight and marching forward no matter the obstacles, all inspiring us to live life to its fullestWhen it comes to great men of heart and spirit the memory never fades and the words of praise are endlessAnd that, my friends, is the greatest monument of all.

Poem Details | by Kenneth Davis |
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Parade for Christ by Kenny Davis

Parade for Christ by Kenny Davis

I open my eyes, excited for today
As I await the parade with Christ leading the way

His children march on with their banners waved high
Their very voices of praise lifted towards the skies

The sounds of glorious trumpets and laughter aloud
As all the songs and hymns pierce the clouds

A fellowship gathering between sisters and brothers
Showing love and compassion, cherishing one another

Watching as their flags are valiantly waved
Making a stand for the lord, in hopes that others will be saved

Songs of Zion shake the walls and rock the streets
As the children of God march on, proudly stomping their feet

Voices continue to climb, reaching beyond the gates of heaven
His followers go on for miles, marching seven by seven

To the people of the world, they proudly sing their song
Praising his holy name as they are marching along

This majestic event, monumental celebration
On behalf of the Lord, whose love serves as inspiration

The world shall witness and the people shall hear
On how the masses of God shouted and cheered

Dancing through the town with smiles on their face
As they praise the lord for his love, his mercy, and his grace

People will ask one to another, “Have they heard?”
On how the children of God marched, proclaiming his word

Showing appreciation for God who sits high
Demonstrating to the world how much he has worked in their lives

As they continue to march over the horizon in line
They continue to let their light so brightly shine

© November 2010 k.davis

Poem Details | by Al'monique Vaughan |
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Pharaoh's March

He walks to the rhythm of african drum beats, 
the heart of a lion fractions of a coward
emotions heighten he becomes pensive questioning the belief of his GOD 
is this really for me?
weathering through space and time his eyes are pinnacles to another realm of bliss
onlookers seeking freedom
children of the most high seeking revolution
he quotes scriptures of his past time
words of theory from points he's gathered in his journey
i ask who is this man?
flesh silent 
spirit speaking 
he answered before his lips every murmured hello
i am he.
pharaoh, moses, ham, ra, amun, zeus, shango..
the knight of charisma
epitome of knowledge
the bearer of life 
i am
not in for your keeping
 whisper of the future the taste of your dream
standing in the field of jasmine encircled with lavender hues
he breathes
intricate details to my entity
 encompassing the totality of my sense of feminity
he created my transparency
i was only bare with he.
no mask no shell no fear he created a path of openess
i was glued 
stories of unwritten moments, memories my dreams lived
he was the reflection of who i thought to be, forgetting in my trip through my heaven
he had yet to discover his kingdom,
but i had claimed my reign to his side as queen
to the spirit of my ancestors
to the ears of my creator he was defined as my king
the one my heart forever locked to 
 he was my reflection, the soul my spirit searched for through lifetimes.
he is
i stay locked to his mission even in his absence, because the thought of another permeates 
hesitation the brink of a failed submission of invalid truths of my heart because
i could never be dedicated with the key to me being in his hands
i decline another hand to touch this skin and breathe upon this flesh,
i have been touched by royalty please don't dishonor my king
destiny in the eyes of me