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Love Poems About Locust or Locust Love Poems

Locust love poems and/or love poems about Locust. Read, share, and enjoy these Locust love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Locust Poems.

Poem Details | by Bob shank |
Categories: family, life, philosophy,

Life's Gardener

Life's Gardener

Multiply thou fruit
replenish thy gardens
beware of the locust
who feast upon destruction

nourish your seeds gently
consume lovely fragrances
show passion to thorns
for they are thy protectors

save flourishing roots
shower them with heredity
so they too may grow 
to know of your love.....

Bob Shank-june 11th, 2007

Poem Details | by Glenn McCrary |
Categories: love, romance,

Black Locust

Distance cleaves us
Though we drink of the smiles
Bubbling from the corners of our lips

The colours of courtship begin to swivel
Locust echoes bloom ever so fearlessly
As fair passion sweeps through the fog

Poem Details | by ndidzulafhi patric |
Categories: feelings, first love,

The day you kissed me

The day i saw you,
Is the day i knew you. 
That day, 
Is the day I started crazy. 

The day you kissed me,
Is the day you touched me. 
I started to see visions. 
I felt myself at space. 

The day you kissed me,
Is the day you talk with me. 
I felt your voice, be sweet in my ears. 
Your voice started roar at my mountain. 

The day you kissed me. 
Is the day i lost my eyes. 
I started to use locust eye's. 
My eye's end to see you my love. 

Poem by ndidzulafhi patric munyai