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Poem Details | by Angelo Casiano |
Categories: age, daughter, death of a friend, family, little sister, love, missing you,

A message from Emilly

A message from Emilly
By Angelo Casiano

A message from above to those of you I love.
I love you more than you’ll ever know,
Even more now that I’m gone.
And my love for you will grow and grow,
Like the chorus to a song.
I had to leave much sooner than
 I thought, I must admit.
But you know mom, until I’m done,
 I’m never gonna quit
I left behind some parts of me,
 I have so much to give.
Because of you I’m strong enough,
 to help some others live.
So Daddy when you think of me,
While you watch the Phillies play
I’ll be sitting next to youI’ll be with you every day.
 You’ve given me the best of you.
And now I’m giving back.
I will love you for eternityNo matter were I’m at.

Poem Details | by Mohammad Yamin |
Categories: death, faith, friendshiplife, happy, me, world, heaven, happy, heaven, life, love, me, little sister,

My Departed Friends

             Oh! Those whom I loved and cared that left this world
  Enjoying the bliss of heaven when my heart wreaths in pain
  Free from anguish and agony and attitudes apathetic and cold
Away from burning sunlight of hatred, ruthlessness and strain

My loving parents and my little sister departed one by one
The infinite mercy of the Creator granted them joy of heaven
 For me the luscious trees of love gave way to burning sun
       The path of life turned thorn infested, rocky and uneven
 The lustful demons of merciless world waiting for me on way
               My only weapon, my resolute, indomitable will
With God behind my relentlessness I conquered life in a sway
Lonely nights followed crowded days dreary, dreadful still

Then showered on me God’s sagacious and profound recompense 
Through love and compassion my beleaguered soul thrived
    On desert of life came the rain-filled clouds of loyalty of friends
    Roses bloomed, nightingale sang, life’s elegance revived

         But happy days are shorter than the morning dew’s life
You Manzoor, Arif, Marghub,.Nisar, Mehmuda, Ismat, Harry and Jo.
Who were spared the pains of this world of conflicts and strife.
Tranquility of heaven is your destiny, Aftab, Ferreira and Remigio

Your abode has elegant pink shadows and golden sunlight
    Fragrant rivers and gardens with flowers of colors unseen
Pebbles of emeralds and rubies present the sight’s delight
Gushing fountains, silvery lakes, hills and valleys ever green

 These bounties are rewards of goodness and your virtuous deeds
Your kindness, your compassion, and your illuminated soul
The Creator, most merciful and benevolent gifts beyond one needs
     More than lofty aspirations and much beyond your goal.

    Happy though I am for you I must still complain
                      Why you chose to desert me; why you left alone
The leaping flame of loneliness is my destiny again
The path to eternal bliss you took, to me you should have shown

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: family, love, sistersister, heart, heart, me, sister, time, i love you, little sister,

Spirit From the Past

As I sit upon the cloud, my sister SPIRIT, we shall call  ----  “ ALWAYS “
Visits : bringing Her inner Soul with Virtue of  the Heart  ----  FOREVER
 I believe I know YOU from “ Yesterday “  Please help me --- REMEMBER
As She spoke : the Lyric of Her voice : brings memories   -----           I
Envision YOU “  my little Sister ’ Long ago Lost in LOVE; in  ---   LOVE
Through the mirrors of YOUR EYES : Brother, Sister : Me and  --  YOU
Loving Parents , from a Time in History :  where my Heart is of   ---  MY
Searching Soul, “ alive comes the past “ :  growing up with MY   ----  SISTER
Together we speak of “Forever LOVE” with an opened Heartfelt  ----  SPIRIT
As we meet AGAIN in Time KNOW ALWAYS that I LOVE YOU  ---   L Y N E T T E 

     Dedicated To My Kindred SPIRIT Lynette Chachere  “ Spirits Together “

Author’s Note : The origin of  “ End Line Word “ Form Is a Dedication Where the
Vertical Line is the “Dedication” and the Body  “ IS the Why “ Thank-YOU to all 
Who have Supported Dane and I in Our Endeavor To create a New Form of POETRY
Dealing with Honor to Each Contemporary YOUR Participation Is Astounding ALWAYS YOURS…

Poem Details | by Jessica Durham |
Categories: devotion, lost love, love, passion, sad, teen, day, little sister,

"I Remember"

I remember the first time,
You came to my house,
All we did was sit on the couch.
We sat and held hands and watched my little sister dance.
I don't know about you,
But I had fun,
Welcome to my life,
It's day number one!
The second day you came,
We sat and we talked,
Then my little brother asked you to go play basketball.
It was dark outside,
And it had just finished raining,
You fell in my pond,
And spent most of the night complaining.
I don't guess I can blame you,
I'd probably feel the same,
If I were soak 'n wet,
On my second "date".
You had to borrow my dad's pants,
which of course were way too small,
Quite frankly I think we both agree,
That they didn't fit at all.
I don't know if all of this you recall,
But on "date" number two,
I had a ball.
Over the next couple of months,
It seemed you had become,
A BIG part of my family,
For you were my first love.
We have a lot of memories,
We had a lot of fun,
But once again I'm only one.
Now that you're free again,
I have one question I'd like to ask...
Is your love for me held within?...
Or do you wish to keep your freedom,
which you finally have at last.

Poem Details | by Anna Hopper |
Categories: dad, little sister, love,

She was easy

She was easy
Easy going, easy to please and easy on the eyes
He pursued what was hard
Hard to attain, hard to read, and hardly ever pleased
Still, she loved him, fiercely 
Possibly even more so, because he was hard

Poem Details | by Eleanor Bolden |
Categories: hope, loss, lost love, sad, sister, uplifting, sister, sister, little sister,

A prayer for my sister

Dear Lord I come as humble as I may
Asking you to give my little sister strength
That she will need to make it thru the day.
I know the road ahead of her is going to be tuff 
give her faith in knowing that in you God she can trust

I know it’s not easy for her and she’s going thru so much
I ask that you give her guidance Lord and let her feel your 
Loving touch

I can’t begin to imagine the pain she must feel 
But when I look into my sisters eyes the hurt 
Is all to real

So Lord I come to you as humble as I may
Asking you to give my little sister strength to make 
thru the day

Poem Details | by Alisha Hendrick |
Categories: family, happiness, i love you, little sister,

My Little Sister

My little sister, 
Kind and sweet,
The truest girl you will ever meet.
Strong and stubborn too,
But that's what I love about you.

You always speak your mind,
An honest person like you is rare to find.
Loving and Caring,
Adventurous and Daring

Yes, we have our moments,
The occasional blue.
There are times that we argue.
Over silly things,
Oh the drama it brings.

We're sisters after all,
what do you expect.
But we apologize and show respect,
We always make up and eventually budge.
Neither of us can keep a grudge.

We play fight and and poke,
We tease and we joke.

Now taller than me, 
you laugh and think its funny,
You never let me live it down,
All I can do is complain and frown.

My little sister,
Now not so little anymore,
know that whenever you need me,
I'll be there for you.
If you ever struggle,
I'll help you get through.

Although you can take care of yourself too,
Know that I will always be there to protect you.
If ever you need me all you have to do is say,
And as fast as I can I'll be on my way.
My baby sister right from the start.
I love you with all of my heart.

Poem Details | by Jay Loveless |
Categories: brother, sister, me, love, me, sister, little sister,

The Best Little Sister -- Trevor Depugh

"Dear God, give me a big brother I'll be the best little sister ever I know its not possible for my parents to go back in time But I'd love for a big brother that is all mine. Make him kind, and make him sweet, He doesn't have to be perfect, as long as he loves me. Dear God, can he be taller, with big soulful eyes, And when he smiles, can it rival the sun's shine? Give him strength, as fierce as a lion's roar, He'll swear to protect me forever more. He would wipe my tears from my cheeks, And with a laugh easily calm me. He would understand my heart and head, In a way that no one would ever fully understand. Dear God, can he teach me, All the things I would never know. He doesn't have to come from where I come from, But can he takes me to the places that he goes. Dear God, I am begging, Please grant this one plea, I realize that it may be a hard request, I know you are not a Genie. But here I am alone and cold, With no true love from my family, I'm lonely and I'm longing, For someone who will care for me. Dear God, please give me a big brother, I promise I'll be the best little sister ever"

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: addiction, autumn, beautiful, beauty, best friend, brother, cat, celebration, change, childhood, christmas, cousin, dad, dog, fishing, food, football, grandparents, grief, halloween, happiness, heart, hero, holiday, home, life, little sister, love, mom, mother, music, native american, sister, write,

Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr, Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate.
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix.Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

Poem Details | by T'Keyah Wilder |
Categories: death, dedication, depression, family, father, friendship, hope, inspirational, life, loss, lost love, love, mother, sad, sister, teen, pain, little sister,

Dear little sister from another mister

You’ve been thrown left and right,
Crying to yourself every night,
Thinking all has gone wrong,
& you won’t be giving up after long..
You’ve been heartbroken 
Two many times:
From old boyfriends,
To lies;
Father walked out,
Baby killed by mistake;
Your mom has disowned you,
But she still shows you lust…
Everybody knows the truth,
The pain that you do not choose;
They see what you show,
But see me…
I, T’Keyah Wilder,
I already know…
You’ve raped and thrown from left to right;
Crying to yourself every night;
Everybody saying they understand,
But you know you’re the only
One who knows your pain ;
On this land…
It’s a matter of time, 
Before you kill yourself,
Stressing yourself,
Hurting you and everyone else;
Blaming yourself for,
Mistakes not purposely made;
Crying every time you feel like you just got 
You want the true love,
Love shown from the heart;
Coming from your big sister; 
I think you need a fresh start,
Easing your pain with nicotine;
I’m surprised you’re not 
Sippin lean…
I know it may be hard,
To forget about the past,
But there’s one thing;
I must ask from you and I 
Want this to last;
Promise me, you’ll try your best
To stress less,
& pray more…
Listen to God;
Put him above…
We’re not close like we used to be,
But you know I’m just a phone call,
Not far from you..
But I wish you’d  realize,
This too…
Stressing is not working,
Cause death, the devil, lies,
& fear are lurking..
Promise me;
You’ll try to be the best you can be…
Dear Little Sister from another Mister!
 RiP auntie bby ; djF

Poem Details | by Christina Holmes |
Categories: angel, baby, beautiful, beauty, birth, birthday, black african american, children, christian, daughter, dedication, faith, for her, hope, innocence, joy, little sister, love, miracle, mom, mother, mother daughter, my child, my children, poetry, religious, sweet,


Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

Poem Details | by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, black african american, bridal shower, caregiving, celebrity, childhood, christian, cousin, daughter, death of a friend, devotion, education, environment, father daughter, first love, flower, children, for her, kids, how i feel, little sister, me, mom, mother, native american, nostalgia, people, poets, school, spiritual, student, woman, women, work,

Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

Poem Details | by Kershnee Govender |
Categories: for her, goodbye, i miss you, little sister, love, pain, sister,

For my sister

At the age of two
In my eyes u grew,
From a baby to a teenager
And now to a stranger,
Its only memories that are left 
To such an extreme depth,
How do we depart
And make a new start,
Broken we are
That you are too far,
We never expected this day
And that’s all i am going to say…..

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: butterfly, candy, care, crazy, cry, culture, first love, for her, goodbye, hero, little sister, metaphor, poems, poetess, relationship, voice, woman, women, words,


She's the flour in the middle of a fertile desert soil
She dreams of my dreams when i dream she dreams dreams that we dream
She's a speechless pole
She's a footstep away from my soul
She dreams of my goal
She's my African queen
Her womb carriers the nation's poetry
She takes me back to my dreams in chains
I make my own God she believes
She's one minute past jealousy
She's the speed of an angry poem in the dark
The black paint building an arch
The spirit of a mic resurrected by a dead poem
Speechless pole stronger than cone
She's my poem
She's my poetic lyrical port
I can see by the blushes right under my rhymes
She's so beautiful she makes you read her repetedly
She's my poem

Poem Details | by Anna Hopper |
Categories: care, dedication, little sister,

I'll love you anyway

Very mysterious, no heart on her sleeve
Not what I know yet what I believe

Always I will love her, she can't rob me of this
Among things she stole, respect and bliss

God only knows, what makes her tick
I can't see inside Too stubbornly thick

Along with anger, always comes pain
If only I could shelter, umbrella the rain

You can lead a horse to water, but can't do the rest
The repetitive stabbing has wounded my chest

A boomerang, I will always come back
A post it note, complete with a tack

Signed, sealed and delivered Written in stone
Dedicated in hopes, our relationship, I will hone

A guardian angel, from a far
On the darkest of nights, that one shiny star

Like the weeds in your lawn, I won't let you down
Here I will stay until I am found

Poem Details | by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: life, love, native american, little sister,

My Little Sister

My little sister so wild and free
Always walking ahead of me
Never afraid to take any test
Papa’s pride, his little princess
You loved a brave as wild as you
And to this day you still do
But there was another who loved you so
And he stepped aside and let you go
You never looked back to see
Another loved him it was me
And now after all this time
The wolf has his doe
And the hawk is mine

Poem Details | by Sarah Frieman |
Categories: dark, grief, how i feel, leaving, little sister, loneliness, lost love, pain, sad, sister,

A Sisters Tears

Broken hearts
Black as tar
A sister’s love burned away
Forever replaced with irreversible hate

Reach for light before the night forever takes
Your soul away
Fight the night, seek the light
Sisters’ love
Can be an unbreakable bond

A soul slowly baptized
In Lucifer’s detestation 
Chipped away until only the shell remains

Once sisters bathing in the rays of life
Separated, in pain, for losing the way
One sister reaching for the other
The other sister stretching her hand down

Down into the very depths of hell
Were Lucifer holds her very soul
And basks in the very pain
He so easily created

Lucifer prince of pain
King of darkness
Walks among the broken hearts
Seeping in his blackened tar
Until the shell is all you see
And the soul is but a memory

Poem Details | by michael tor |
Categories: birth, sad love, , Lullaby,

Heaven knows the little sister you never knew

   She tearfully told him, "I'm sorry, but I'm pregnant." 
" What do you want me to do?" " I don't know!" 
" What would your mother and father think?" "I can't
tell them!"They were both teenagers in high school.
   Jean went to an abortion clinic and ended a precious
lifeShe then lied to her boyfriend by telling him, she
fell down the stairs and lost the babyHe was heartbroken.
They slowly drifted apartTheir terrible loss had torn
their hearts, and was responsible for their breakup
   The years went by and Jean got marriedShe than gave 
birth to a little girlShe named MaryMary had beautiful
blue eyes she was born healthy and was very beautiful.
   Jean bonded with Mary like loving mother's doJean
and her husband cherished MaryShe love playing with
her and dressing her upGiving her baths, and Mary
enjoyed playing with her favorite duckyShe sing lullaby's
at night and put her to sleepMary had a little peach color
blanket that she would rub with her little fingers, and go
to sleep with.
    When Mary was fourShe was yelling MOMMY! With a
big smile with open arms to give mommy a hug, and a kiss.
Jean felt an infinite love for her precious child Mary and
mommy became inseparable.
  One day as Jean was feeding MaryMary looked at Jean
with her beautiful blue eyes and said, " I love you mommy."
  Instantly Jean realized what she had done, years ago as a
teenagerShe fell on the floor sobbing uncontrollably! 
Thoughts raced through her mind thinking she had killed an
innocent child as precious as Mary." Oh what have I done!"
Sobbing, "I'm so soooorrrrryyyy!" " I'm so soooorrrrryyy!"
"Please foooorgive me!" She looked up at her baby and 
Mary told her mommy I love you mommyShe then got up
from the floor and picked Mary up and held her till her arms
were numbTrying to restrain her tears, so Mary wouldn't see,
mommy cryingShe then tearfully said to Mary" Heaven
knows the little sister you never knew." Jean then held her
baby again close to her bosom, releasing teardrops of her
inner pain, and begged God for forgiveness.

   9 /24/2015

Poem Details | by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: family, house, family, dog, home, dog, family, home, house, love, may, little sister,

A Happy Home

I've been musing lately about things that really make a home complete.
One thing for sure - a happy home is one with laughter and love replete!
'Twill be a place with affectionate parents who dearly love each other,
And blessed by a couple of kids - a little sister and her big brother!

A home ain't a home unless you have a faithful dog and inscrutable cat,
And a stoop on which to greet folks whereon lies a welcoming mat!
A grandfather clock to intone the inexorable march of time is needed,
And a fireplace with a cozy fire by which to reminisce unimpeded!

There'll be a library of classic tales with yellowed and dog-eared pages,
And a Bible that is read, having been handed down through the ages!
Displayed on the fireplace mantel will be pictures of folks from the past -
Folks from the family tree who set standards for honor unsurpassed!

There'll be a white picket fence and a trellis with climbing yellow roses,
And a huge front porch with a swing on which to enjoy pleasant dozes!
At the kitchen table, the family dines, discusses the day and grace is said.
Later the kids say nightly prayers before being tucked in their featherbed!

Marks to measure the kid's height mar the wall nigh the kitchen door.
Happy holidays and birthdays are celebrated that will add to family lore!
Though the dog and kids may create havoc as about the house they roam,
If I may quote Edgar Guest, "It takes a heap o' livin' to make a house a home!"

Robert LHinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
© All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Denise Hopkins |
Categories: baby, birth, chocolate, clothes, confidence, crazy, creation, cute love, encouraging, family, god, little sister, love, sister,


Sisters are meant forever, so they say only, I have a little sister god sent my way she is my friend through all life's troubles and my guide through the rough and shallow wails I didn't choose to love her this much but I did so, with God's almighty touch I have an older sister, God had previously sent but we never became the friends that we were meant so birth alone, does not bond siblings but the truth here is ever so clear I grew to love my baby sister dear many of brothers too fill up my heart but, still it's only young Tammy I can not be apart no one else has such control over my heart
22nd of September 2016

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: baby, birth, family, little sister, universe,

My Younger Sibling and Baby Love

Dedicated to My Sister, Liz, With All My Love
There was a time pre-Pooh Then, as now, life with Pooh I do not know what my known universe would do Without all the colors constantly shown by you Today, Pooh, you do turn fifty, but what I see Is the feel of you all curled up, snuggled so small And laying in my bed, asleep right beside me In day, you would constantly rumble and stumble; At night, lay as a pure, perfect, tender bundle You were completely the joy of promise and love; Totally the baby I had always dreamed of. Now, how I love the person who you have become! If being age fifty should ever overwhelm, Remember, to me, you are also number one. Like silk, your time spun extra rays of warmth and light That softly right and adorn my personal world, Where you always remain as my beloved girl. December 19, 2015 Contest: When Older or Younger Siblings 1st Place

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: love, sistersister, heart, heart, love, sister, little sister,

Happy Birthday to my Sister Sharon

June 22nd Summer unknown to me; My younger Sister Sharon Enters --- The World
Her Heart holds the secrets of the  universe , her mind Artistic : Pure-----   Receives
The gift of POETIC Knowledge: Roses are Red, Violets are BlueI LOVE --- Y O U
I watch YOU grow ; from crayons to the Golden Pen of a Legendary ------   POETESS
My pride in YOU , shines  through; my Little Sister the Impeccable -------    Laureate
I stand in the crowd, my Heart beating loud, my little Sister is being ------   Crowned
Her name, Poetry, the bust of Sharon Weimer inducted into History---- --    With Laurel
Placed upon Her head by her Loving, admiring brother; the Honored ----     Wreath
With all my LOVE Happy Birthday My  Sister, Sharon Weimer LOVE YOU--    Forever

Poem Details | by Marycile Beer |
Categories: inspirational, life, love, school, spring, winter, garden, school, spring, winter, little sister,

Ghosts of South Dakota part 3

                     There were seven Indian Government schools All built alike The 
one I'm writing about is Spring Creek He Dog, Soldier Creek and White River, 
Grass Mountain, Two Kettle, and Black Pipe were the other schools The 
Headquarters for these schools was at Rosebud, South Dakota
	On some summer evenings we were able to talk our mothers into 
hiking to the lookout tower We followed the ankle deep sandy trail road to the 
cliff north of the school.,  A canyon lay at the foot of the tower but we climbed the 
bluff I don't know why we didn't explore the canyon unless it seemed dark and 
sinister The footing was better once we reached the summit The closer we got 
to the tower the taller it grew and standing at the foot of the steps looking up was 
easier than getting to the top and looking down My mother didn't usually make it 
to the top because she didn't like heights But she didn't mind being left behind 
this time We never could get into the building at the top because it was locked, 
but we could climb the steps to the very last one Even my little sister managed 
to elude mom and followed us to the top
	From the bluff we could look down on the garden My aunt grew a 
huge garden and canned the produce for the hot meals served the school 
children We kids didn't work in the garden very often, but we looked for the arrow 
heads and fossils Which, I suspect the adults probably considered the best 
place for us.
	At the end of the road, living in shack, was Old Lady Grease I have a 
vague recollection of seeing her Tiny, frail, wrinkled and gray headed is all I can 
	In spring and fall we were in school in Kansas.
	It's Christmas now Cold and usually snowy We were in a winter 
wonder land.
	I'm standing at the fire escape window The ghostly pale full moon is 
illuminating the naked arms of the trees as they shiver in the wind, swaying to 
and fro as if dancers in a ballet I listen to the winter soundsThe frigid air 
enhances their sharpness The ax's thud echoes up the canyon as one of the 
Indians across the river chops another supply of wood One of his peers beats 
on the drum It is one-thirty am but the thin walls of the tents do not keep the 
cold out Day or night this chore must be attended to for survival.

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, best friend, caregiving, childhood, courage, feelings, for her, growing up, heart, how i feel, i love you, inspirational, journey, little sister, love, miss you, november, paris, relationship,


                    Michelle ~
                        my sister we have been through life suffered loss
                 you making conscience effort to make amends for past

                         Je Taime Cheri  ~
                    my sister finding her own path without orders 
                 never have I left your side knowing in time you will see

                             so proud to be called yours 
                    Michelle ~my sister
               Loving you always unconditionally 

              we all stubble and fall on this ridged road 
                      Michelle I love you 
                                    not enough told ~

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: africa, angel, art, beautiful, first love, for her, forgiveness, life, little sister, lost love, love, men, sad love, wife,

One Minute Poem

My eyes can tell your mind is lost in time/ 
But my time was killed by the timers of life/ 
My eyes don't speak the same language as those who peel onions to save their time/ 
I cry because I love with all my heart in time/ 
I feel my heart is diving in time of rhymes / 
So I stand tall in time to save those who confused time before their time/ 
My time sparkles flames of love in search of kisses until goodbyes do us part/ 
God Damn at/ 
My mornings will not promise you definitions of making love to a poet/ 
It’s time I define my own time because this time multiplies rhymes of electrified kisses Amplified by seconds that makes time/
It’s times like this that blesses a lonely poet with parental kisses/
At that time/ 
My time told me squeeze her butt she will like it/ 
But what if my time caught me thinking backwards I questioned my time when I time my timing/ 
Maybe this is why I can’t finish this poem in time/ 
Remember when I said I am scared to admit other guys are cuter than me/ 
Well I felt like my time was missing something in seconds that makes time/ 
That's cos my time is not any seconds close to reality/
My time is never close to reality/ 

Poem Details | by Denise Hopkins |
Categories: angel, care, daughter, heart, little sister, love, smile,


written 4th Feb 2005

D  is for all your "delightful smiles

A  is for that all or nothing attitude 

K  is for the overwhelming kindness shown within your eyes

O  is for the overwhelming loving feeling you give

D  is for all the Dora you watch, continuously
A  is for your abundance of energy you always have

H  is for the millions of hearts you are going to end up breaking

                      "Mummy's Thoughts"

                        So tiny and cute
                With a personality to boot
                     So loving and caring
           Your love is almost, overbearing

                                  with love


Poem Details | by James Long |
Categories: inspirationallife, sister, crazy, life, sister,

~ (~) ~ (Four Parts-Part #3) Dedicated in Love to My Little Sister ~ Tina Marie Haynes ~ (~) ~

My Sister when I was about 8 1/2, I am 38 now, passed away but before she did, she told 
everyone this.."I am going to be Ok, and will be with God..I will get a new pair of lungs and 
some wings to fly with Him in Heaven, and I will be His little princess..." On the day she 
passed, in the midst of the dust floating in the roomRays of light shown through that morning 
right on her on her bed, covering her, and I truly believe that God came and picked her up 
personally Himself that day, and carried her off to Heaven with Him...

Precious on her last litter had a kitten that looked, and I mean looked dead on herself..So 
we named her Princes..She was the most crazy cat I have ever known..and had an air 
about her that said to all.."Hey!" Look at me!" "I am a Princess".She was so very proud of 
herself for this, but never neglected her Mother's way, and was never disloyal to the family..
She always loved to play with us and her Mother (Chasing her around the house, daring her, 
and reminding her to play), because I believe this..She was just crazy about life.."Just 
crazy about it, and as grateful as her mother, and my SIster," because though my Sister, 
though she was very spirited about her conditionShe still desired to live her life just like 
another child her age would, and would carry this burden from time to time, as it would come 
to the surface, and make her blue, the fact that in reality, she could not..So princes would 
just fly around the house like a whirlwind, and would always come to land in someone's lap, 
or arms or beside you in bed purring or at the foot of someone's bed at the end of the day, 
and would awaken as lively and in a dead run, to do it all again the next day..We loved her 
dearly too..because of her adoring for her life itself..and the energy that she put into 
enjoying it..Because she too, had lost her little brother, a few hours after he was born...

She too reminds me of my Sister Tina, in this way..That life is sometimes a struggle, but is 
always evolving and always comes back to itself in time, and is always turning full circle..
and is forever advancing towards all in gratitude..and exists and moves abundantly, within 
itself and lives for this one passion...

Poem Details | by Insane Rose insane |
Categories: familysister, children, love, me, sister, little sister,


I have many sisters, but blood only two
I'd give my for them, if they only knew
we've shared our tears, seen eachothers fears
we've had our fight's, had sleepless nights
threw it all, I still only have two
oh ya they've made me blue
I've hurt them too
we have love and through the years it grew
my older sister, with five children grown
she's got a beautiful life
with many things left unknown
may the lord bless her, and never let her go
my little sister true, has seen many trails with out a clue
with three children almost grown
she's figured it all on her own
the lord gives many sisters
many to be shared, but the ones I keep to myself
are truly really rare
ask me if you dare
I truly deeply care
for what the lord has given me
I never can compare
not to any diamond, not even heavy gold
can come close to the bond that we have grown
and through our sister hood it shows
it really blows my mind how sistershow sisters loves not blind
we let eachother know whats really going on
we love eachother enough to be unkind
my older sister cute, I love her soul deeply I wish she wasn't so dreamy
little sister baby from the start, I can't tell now shes all grown up
a sister is so special I thought I'd let you know
I love them both so much, I hope they like this poem.

Poem Details | by Shirley Madeleine |
Categories: childhood, death, family, children, loss, sad, sisterlonging, day, love, little sister,


I was waiting for you
With an open arms
Your arrivals was such a happiness
That I was longing for
You left this world
Before you even seen it
This was the deepest sorrow
I ever had
It really tear me apart
I had so many dreams for you
That just gone with the wind
Without achieving anything
The bible says...
...never ask the Lord why
But, everything that happens
Happen for a reason
I never get the chance 
To tell you that I Love you
Neither to hold in my arms
I never had the chance
To prove to you 
That I am your protector
Your role model
A shoulder for you to cry on
Someone that you can rely on
I was so happy to receive 
A new born in our family
But the day that I welcome you
Was that same day that I say...
...goodbye, farewell to you forever
You now belong to heaven
May your soul rest in peace
You will always be love and missed sadly
May the Good Lord
Bless and keep you always

I wrote this poem for my little sister who died during birth.

Poem Details | by Nico Vivi |
Categories: best friend, childhood, emotions, feelings, first love, grief, growth, happiness, heartbroken, life, little sister, lonely, longing, lost love, love, miss you, thank you,

Celestial Mask

So many times, have I cried your name, and you do not answer. I know not your face nor your name, yet I only know you are a sir. Perhaps now married, perhaps still single, nevertheless, You are my big brother, the longing for you makes me restless. The labyrinth of my life, it is everlasting. Everywhere I turn, I find more sadness that becomes unbearable and strangling. I will keep my eyes open and wait for you, but even if you cannot return my feelings, please know, Us meeting was no mere accident, I believe God sent you to me to show, I needed a chance to change, a chance to smile! So those who like me now, they have you to thank, While, Those who despise me can kiss my derrière, Because I will not drastically change myself for them, so there! Don't you agree that it was fate? I could have met anyone else, but it was you who opened the gate. When I was alone, self-loathing because of how my relatives treated me, You comforted me and told me I could talk to you, and through tears, I can see, Wait for me..Please..We will meet once and for all, You are my savior who saved one child from the darkness that loomed over so tall. However, my heart is already the color noir and full of madness, corruption, hatred and sadness, But you have only seen the loneliness in my heart, the depression and suicidal thoughts, yet with you, the impossible was possible, it was my happiness... I shared my thoughts with a few others, but you are the first, the only one I truly feel comfortable not hiding from. Everyone else, for some reason, cannot be trusted or be burdened with this weight of incredible sum. But the reason I trust you the most, the reason I love you, is because you, out of all the people in the world, told me it was okay to..Be me... Everyone else after was far too late and by then, I would have been found dead in the sea. To cut out the heart that pains me, to shoot the brain that over thinks, to drown in eternal sadness or burn away the impurity of those who influenced me..To destroy it all and leave. That is what will happen, therefore, I cannot risk strengthening the bonds I have with others, for soon, I will disappear without a trace, because of what I believe. When I exact revenge on my family, I will be wanted dead and will have no further purposeI will revert to nature's soil. So, my existence will be a nuisance and though I will plunge everything in a hectic turmoil, I shall not regret a thing. May 1st, 2013; 5:13 pm