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Poem Details | by James Kelley |
Categories: emotions, immigration, inspiration, language, life, love, uplifting,

Language Barrier

I couldn’t understand the language she spoke,

at least not all of it,

but the emotion pouring past her lips, 

the tears in her eyes, her clenched and shaking fists

enunciated more clearly,

than any piece of English Poetry I had ever read,

and grabbed me, held me still.

                   …In that moment, her soul was in my arms.

In that finite, tender breath of our lives,

she was my mother, my best friend…

but I could not console her

I didn’t have the words;

and my heart sank into the 

concrete between us,

wet with the pain of God’s rain

and her tears

                  …Were my tears

So, I simply opened my palms

toward her crouched form and 

spoke the only words I could 

fathom, that would be accepted

by a stranger on a dangerous street

"I am sorry, It will be okayGod will bless you."

I knew she did not understand…

"Lo siento" 

                  “que va a estar bien”    

                            “Dios te bendecira’ “ 

the words were as messy as the overturned

duffle bag at her feet…and fumbled, slowly

from my lips, as my knees hit the street.

Two strangers, cried in the rain,

knowing nothing of each other’s suffering,

and yet we shared the weight,

together, for those few moments;

the barrier of language was broken.

Love spoke for us 

-James Kelley 2014, All rights reserved.

…Love transcends any language


Poem Details | by Shaira Cawaling |
Categories: for him, friend, hate, hope, hurt, language, love,

Now gone

No good mornings
No good nights
You just know I'm fine
And it's killing me inside

Poem Details | by Taylor Graham |
Categories: loss, love, music, words, song, language, spring, april, language, love, science, song, spring,

Langue d'oc, a Micro-Paradelle

Your love song lapsed into ancient French that April day.
I only understood the words of spring and heartsore
lapsedOnly love and heartsore, I understood your ancient 
words of the spring-day song into that French April.

You fabricate my pauses into repetition, silence speaks
of ages strung to rhyme in love’s difficult service
you strung into pauses in service to agesFabricate of
love’s repetition, rhyme speaks my difficult silence.

We practice tedium of vows till language breaks apart.
As if art should aim at science, rigorous, quantitative,
rigorous language breaks tediumScience vows a part of 
quantitative practice till we should aim “as if” at art.

Till we lapsed into languageAs your ancient ages only
fabricate quantitative French strung to that difficult
practice, science speaks of tedium and understood rhyme

The spring in service of love’s rigorous vowsApril 
pauses, heartsoreYou and I, apartIf love should aim 
my words at day, repetition breaks into silence of song.

Poem Details | by Diana Bosa |
Categories: inspirational, language, love, silence, true love,


And the tower of 
Babel is destroyed within, thus
there is no more din;

cacophony of
mother tonguesEverything is 
silent now: the noise

is fractured, the voice 
is shattered, the sound is ruined
and at last, I hear 

no other sound of 
voice, know no other language,
but yours, the true love of mine.

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: love, passion, romance,

The Language of Love

Every day I wait for you to return from work
And it becomes a celebration in my life.
As the hours pass and the time approaches 
For you to come home to me, a smile
Appears on my lips and remains, along with
Memories we have blissfully shared together.

Our front door opens and I rush into your arms.
There is never enough time for us to be together.
My eyes are closed as your fingertips caress my face
Sending chills through my entire body, and I shiver.
The warmth of your love radiates from your presence
And soon my skin becomes flush with your kisses.

I wish we could remain forever in each others arms.
I love the way your eyes draw me in when I am across 
The room from you, they speak to me in the language of love.
We share the same love of music; songs that contain 
For us special memories of our times spent together.

The day you picked out our song 'Endless Love' holds
Such loving thoughts everytime I hear it play on the radio,
I remember dancing cheek to cheek to that melodic music
And my world spins encircled by those romantic moments.

Our days spent at the sandy beach lazing in the sun while
The sound of waves lapping the shore shared Nature's music.
We spent the afternoon until that first star appeared and like
Children we both made a spoken be happy forever.


Free Verse on Love - Poetry Contest ~First Place~
Sponsor Laura Loo

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: culture, language, life, light, love, science, time,

Dancing Through Poetic Treasons

linguistic evolution,
dynamic verbs, relational events
function through co-arising root systems,
nouns for actor and reactor,
co-arising preactive Ego-faith perpetuating,
dipolar reiterating
seasonal-sequential eco-health
regeneratively prime relational.

Systems are dynamic ecoverb phases,
to function systematically, reasonably, with pattern, is why "system"
ecosystemologically includes biosystemologic,
polyculturally polymorphic transregenerated 
as fractal-balancing ecological health-systemic.
You know, ionic and iconic dynamic DNA transcripts
of mythic-logical 4D WinWin CoOperative Spiraling Teleology,
like double-helix RNA-Elder technology, 
confluent with us DNA-wanna-play-nice
with Gaia's Earth Rights of Birth-thru-Death-thru-ReBirth 
optimal regenerative co-arising birth-canal passage
through Great Transitional Events and Moments,
as well as BusinessAsUsual Evolutionary 
slow-growth CoOperative Economics.

Culture likes each liveNOWlove,
both before taken over by anger
and after co-prehending fear of dualdark pasts,
notnot bi-delineating regeneration,
kosmic codex health recreationing prime-fractal-formed
Fullerian-bicameral-knotted mindbody
Nature becoming nurture-
ecoself-perpetuating bilateral Time 
positive/negative feedback-fold dipolar loop hypostasis, 
ongoing through Time's bilateral co-gravitational 
nutrient string 
back and forth toward (0) ecoEarthTribe-centric 
dialogical political and economic Creation PolyStory,
global cooperative health and safety language,
ego-nouns for ecobiosystemic balancing verbs.
EarthTribe organic members long to exegete 
Yin's RightLeft Balancing Exegenesis,
agapic-erotic nondual dynamite,
revolution thru great transitions,
as Wisdom muses thru great literature.

As is love, synonymous with synergy, Fullerian-fractal.
Loves, with their hates, are lives
are dynamic Ego-discontinuous verbal ecosystems,
with their own lovely and angry and fearful births and deaths,
their own childhoods,
and adolescent full-bodied spring,
and sometimes mature autumnal wisdom
follows diastolic-dialectic ecologosing younger adulthood
of bicameral polyenculturation,
spreading viral love verbs
far and creolic wide,
now going cooperative networked on-line,
wealth without walls.

Love functions synergetic-integral-unitarian dynamically,
what beloved longs for
as does belonging recall,
for longing is only able to see
the reverse face of love already nouned,
already known, remembered, labeled,
reconnecting belonging
with exegeting
regenerating viral-vital-vive-live with notnot-live systems of degeneration
dynamites of cooperatively regenerate synergy,
integral integrity absorbing competition's age of LeftDominant suffering,
unitarian universality of ecovalue 
nutrient enriched polycultural guilds of ecotruths,
viral ecocomprehension
bicamerally balancing life-function as love renouned.

like evolution of language,
draws in and out, down and up, dynamic verbs,
functioning with co-arising ecoRNAroot systems,
nouns for action and reaction,
preaction and self-implicating embryo
children of Ancient SunGod-ReGenerative Productive Branch-Yang-Worshipers
thereby feeding all those YinYin
notnot double-temporal bound
fertile feminist RightBrain dominant 
forested root systems 
of eco-neural-fractal evolutionary-thru-revolutionary 
ecosystemic cooperative 
economic as political compost-robust dynamite.

Or, perhaps that was Wisdom Literature.
I reiteratively interchange those paradigms.
I wonder why I am not alone in that,
in here,
as also there,
as now
is also notnot yet politically begun economically,
where my bicameral Left mind ends up
is where our Right-Balanced bilateral BodyElders began,
eco square-rooted
in binomial balanced ego/eco Earth's RealTime Prime
nutrient value regenerating co-arising Integral-Unitarian
Synergetic Commons,
Polyculturing Outcome Integrity.

AnthroMythos creation-story re-ligions EarthTribal Iconic Logos,
Gaia Goddess of EcoJustice, Rain, Water, Earth, Regenerate Fertility, etc.
we do our poli-economic hoky-poky,
as we turn our Earth-nest around,
upside down,
where BlueHeaven still moon lights GreenEarth
in full double-negative temporal-bilateral fractals
of energetic frequency and healthy compost-function.

like Wisdom Literature,
great nutritional ecotherapeutic reading for insomniacs,
but be careful of which nutrient-choices you make,
whether reading or writing
some are healthier than others.
Polycultural diversity is usually our self-optimizing choice,
more permaculturally tested and researched for full-octave balancing harmony,
full-color witnessed and time regenerated,
loved and metasystemically synergized
as nature rhymes with nurture
and reason rhymes with season
and Bucky rhymes with Lucky 
Plan ZeroCentric B/A Resonance.

Revolutionary Dynamics,
like evolution as ego/ecosystemic bilateral balance
of mythic poetic Timing, 
logos-muse of CoPresent Diastatic Now,
stepping firmly in our dance 
hunting past and haunting future Earth-nativity.

Poem Details | by mark escobar |
Categories: history, hope, life, peace, people, philosophy, love,

The language of migration

Despite the climate challenge with traffic congestion on the road,
there’s still a driving urge to go out and celebrate the Eucharist;
it’s a great deal of commitment to God who’s the source of life,
his language connotes an embodiment of love for our salvation.

Braving the difficulties in coping with the details of missionary life,
such as culture, language, climate, food and many others in foreign lands;
our faith gets tested, our humility gets challenged, and our identity revealed
and these comprise the foundation of being a missionary to other people.

In places where we learned to love the people of different cultures,
the need to adopt, acculturate, and realign to the mysteries of being a migrant,
continues to witness the movements and other signs of the times;
a world replete with endless search drawn from different human experiences.

It’s pretty common as a pervading theme across the passages in the bible;
the word migration that has a powerful connotation and rich in literature,
oh, as the holy scriptures say: “you shall not oppress an alien; you well know
how it feels to be an alien, since you were once aliens yourselves in the land of Egypt.” 

The advent of a wide range of issues about the struggles in today’s migration,
with varying reactions characterized by principles, ethnic and religious devotion;
a certain perspective is formed according to Christian beliefs and aspirations
that migrants no matter who they are, deserve respect and societal insertion.

Lured by the promise of work and better opportunities that await somewhere,
people across the globe try their luck and take the risk to cross the land,
it’s viewed with deeper reflections like those of mostly Catholic Irish who came by,
their large influx in this country of America during the height of potato blight.

True to form, this parallels the new waves of Hispanic immigration
along with Asians, Africans, and other migrant groups with their history and cultures
truly, it’s a cycle that brings out the commonality of human quest and ambition;
with assimilation and determination to maintain and improve their life situations.

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: beautiful, french, language, love, spoken word,

School I wish I could speak in French

I wish I could speak in French, 
Speak like I’m always in love
Just let the words flyFly out from my mouth
Fly out like a newly freed dove.

I’d say vous êtes la belle rivière dans mon rêve, 
You’re the beautiful river in my dream.
We could talk all day about nothing at all, 
I’d be the boat and you’d be my stream.

Even the numbers un, deux, trois, 
Would make learning maths sound mega sensual.
I bet the kids at school would learn every multiple, 
Learn them with each little decimal.

But the odd thing is that half of our language, to me, 
Seems already stolen from France.
Words like harmony, rhythm, surreal and portrait
Words like montage, cubism and dance.

So maybe it’s not the words themselves, 
That make for a delightful lovely chat.
But rather it’s how they're said, spoken, and woven, 
Sounding like music or just sounding flat.

So next time I meet my friends at a coffee shop, 
And talk about rivers, music and art.
I can keep it in mind that it’s not what is said, 
But that it is said from my heart.

Poem Details | by Jacob Reinhardt |
Categories: age, analogy, art, beauty, dream, earth, feelings, freedom, friendship, growth, happiness, happy, how i feel, i love you, introspection, joy, language, life, light, love, memory, metaphor, mirror, nature, passion, peace, philosophy, poems, psychological, relationship, science, self, senses, teacher, time, truth, visionary, voice, water, wisdom, world, write, writing, youth,

Who Am I

A new photograph floats to the surface
Playfully dressing up as the world around me
Hat, striped socks and all
Tiptoeing at the top for one last sweet moment 
Before sinking back into my ocean mind.

One after another they arrive
Single file,
Steeping my eyes in the world 
As the minds shutter, ever fluttering 
Strings together this conscious stream I play in.

My photographs fade in time’s wrinkled arms.
Joining their brothers and sisters at the ocean floor,
They hold hands and try to answer the question that is always asking itself:
Who am I?

Jacob Reinhardt

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, beauty, emotions, feelings, love, romance, together,

The Noble Language

The Noble Language

Tears from your eyes are so special and true;
They are real emotions from each eye,
And reflect a love so deeply renewed;
Our spirits soar high in the azure sky!

Our heart and soul are ever the tears’ source;
Our tears attest to love so rare dearest,
And keep our love so special and on course,
That I must be always with you nearest!

Our tears—the eye’s language ever noble;
They draw us together so close and one;
Our love’s so special and ever noble,
And our heart and soul together as one!

Love requires we dance together as two,
As Harmony pure brings divine love too!
Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
December 1, 2014 (Shakespearean Sonnet)

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: funny, love, language, language, love, i love you,

Multilingual in Love

Did you hear about Don? What a guy! On the pretty gals he had his eye. But he had zero chance with them allAt romance he kept messing up, for he was shy. In a language school Don then enrolled where he learned words of love, I am told. Of cute *senoritas he’d ask for *besitas. His tongue was becoming quite bold! The language of his newest dear he’d be whispering into her ear: With “Jet’aime,” “Querido,” “Kuss mich” or “Ti amo” - Through all Europe he roamed without fear. With his sweet words, he’d go on and on till he tired of a girl and be gone. And that’s how a guy named Don, once so shy, is now known as a famous *Don Juan. *senoritas = young ladies (in Spanish) *besitas = little kisses (in Spanish) *Jet'aime = I love you (in French) *Querido = My dear (in Spanish) *Kuss mich = Kiss me (in German) *Ti amo = "I love you (in Italian) *Don Juan= name for a womanizer (Spanish/English) For Debbie Guzzi's Bi-Lingual Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Stephe Watson |
Categories: hyperbole, language, love, onomatopoeia, poetess, word play,

Heart Love Speech

Heart’s Love Speech

My girl (archaic)
has my raincoat.

And I...
Well, I (adverb)...
have never been so -
Happy (pronoun).

To sit outside,
in the rain (verb).
Just me and (subordinating conjunction) Basho (pronoun)(archaic).

smiling (preposition)...
I’ve all but - “Yauoooosh!” (interjection) jumped in.

Poem Details | by Lori Lucas McClure |
Categories: love, music, passion,

Music, Language of Love

                                  Melodious melody of love
                               Lyrical language of the heart
                    Calling continually entwined in loves duet
                          Touched tenderly by life’s opera
                        Musical movements caressing the soul
                    Seraphic song  of the soul a sweet seduction

Poem Details | by Jerri Ward |
Categories: love

love in any language

love in any language
spoken straight from the heart
knows no bounds or barriers
it’s how the words impart
a smile, a hand shake
just one kind word
can erase all of the
boundaries we hold
onto so tightly
where would this world be
without love shared
together by all mankind.

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: funny, imagination, love,

English Language - 2 - Repost

Is it Proper to say I LOVE Ewe to a sheepherder?
Is it proper for a lumberjack to say I LOVE Yew?
Is the Poplar the most Popular of trees?
Yule be surprised  when there are no Presence under the tree

Poem Details | by Gokul Alex |
Categories: age, analogy, autumn, beautiful, celebration, creation, desire, dream, earth, emotions, farm, first love, future, girl, grief, growing up, happiness, image, introspection, joy, kiss, language, love, marriage, metaphor, mother, philosophy, poems, poetry, psychological, rain, river, sea, seasons, self, senses,

A Farmer's Eyes and a Sailor's Shadow

A thorough yield
On a farm field of far east
It took me time to realize
How far I am to my far east of coast

Call of my weather
Call of my winds
I sailed further and farther
To my naked coasts
Naive songs, Nimble rains
Nile of rivers, Nascent clouds

Reaching this far
I kissed my earth
Ground of my grief
Glory of my ghosts
Glad is those leaves
However scanty they are

Cast is my shadows
No longer they hide
My colors and my figures
They cast numbers on stars
Measure their light
Scope my winters
Scale my summers
Scanty my rains
Scuttle I wish my springs

Now let me see my greens
Their leveling heights
Their leafy gaze
Their spiderly gesture
Their primordial texture
Now let me be slow
In company of my greens

#Poem by +Gokul Alex

Poem Details | by Arlene Smith |
Categories: fantasy, love, romantic,

Universal Language of Love

Alabaster beaches, carrying dreamer's evening footprints, glisten heavenward.
Impatient Jupiter kisses lingering moon.
Neptune's ocean pulse quickens, rising slowly towards utopia.
Virgo's wondrous Xanadu yeilds zenith.

Contest: Sensual ABCs
Sponsor: Jade Puddifoot

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: feelings, love, passion,


                                Oh glorious Love,

                  No matter how fluent you may be in 
                                   All languages 


                     To express your blazing feelings, 


                 More eloquent you become when your

                        Lips are sharing, in silence,

                             Cupid's fiery kisses!  


© Demetrios Trifiatis
    06 January 2016

Poem Details | by Sukmawati Komala |
Categories: love,

The language of love

Come love
Please come 
Fill my desire

I’ll  beg for your present
till  you apprear
with  your sweetest  fragrant

anchor in my heart
with  your language

beautiful language

the language of love

let me
your romantic art

in sharing the joys
and appreciating  the griefs

life is about
knitting happiness and sorrow
into a blanket
of heart and soul

in sorrow
I understand
the value of a smile
and the priceless of a laugh

and in happiness
teach me much
how to care 
the value 
of each teardrop

~ (c) Sukmawati Komala
12 june 2013

Poem Details | by Rollo West |
Categories: love,

Language of Lips

So many kisses That will imply many things. A language of lips.

Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: education, travel, love,

Learn the Language

American citizens, no matter what their occupation, would love to go overseas for a vacation. For all those people who have never been out of the country, obtain a passport and book a flight There is so much to see. Go to Europe, Asia, or South America. For something more exotic, try Australia or Africa. There are many countries pushing their tourist industry. Take plenty of cash because they just love our money. However, before you go, be sure to understand what they say. Learning to speak their language provides for a better day. There may be thieves and shysters ripping you off in every way. They say if you speak two languages, you are bilingual. If you understand three languages, you are trilingual. If you speak only one language, you are an American. Linguistics is needed for each traveling woman and man.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: children, christmas, grandfather, happiness, hope, language, love, smile, snow,


Santa is the grandfather of all children,
he lets them sit on his leg and tells them many stories;
if they are sad, he laughs hard and promises them toys:  
they think is funnier than a circus clown!

Santa knows that some of them won't have a Merry Christmas
without a mom and dad who can buy them presents;
others are ill and need love more than dolls and trains
and for them he's got some special to make them smile for hours:
a sleight ride to the North Pole while reindeers wiggle their tails...
over towns, over clouds they fly to reach the land of Polar bears!

Santa is the grandfather of all children, they are the reason of his cheer
and he understands them regardless of their native language;
they hold hands and dance around him singing, " Jingle Bells"
How happy and proud he seems for that wonderful and precious patronage:
the innocence of the little ones who can and will build a world without fear! 
We can be like them by putting our differences aside and be true friends!

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: art, happiness, heartbroken, language, love, lust, vanity,


Charm is another form of seduction ,
it's in the smiles, gestures and words;
I have used them to my advantage as many did
without feeling ounce of remorse as selfish lovers,
they thought I expressed sincere love: when
I hugged them and whispered a sweet word!

Forgive me for my ways of Casanova too refined, a gigolo
learns this art by deception knowing that some hearts are weak..
until his secret is discovered and hearts begin to break,
" Lies, all lies he told!" Should love be taken to satisfy one's ego? "

Charm is another form of seduction
that lustful men use in their relationships with lovely women;
it's holding an umbrella for them when it rains,
singing them that love song that makes them dream...
and all they want is arms to keep them warm:
happiness is found in them while listening to sentimental phrases! 

Poem Details | by Sarai Virden |
Categories: dream, emotions, language, love, passion, rainbow, words,

Linguistic Dreams

Strokes of eloquence
breathe airbrushed scenes
painting my world in linguistic dreams

How tasteless bland these buds would be
If phrased thy love were unspoken to me
like honey barren of sweetened flavor
a silent, save-less savior

In awe
giving pause
grant witness your thoughts
grandiloquence such passion draw
as violent rage to sweet stillness assaults

Like Iridescent colors 
wrapped in transparent light
are the words of my lover
divinities descendant a lingual delight

If loosed a cellos strings 
an octave low 
an unworthy note
void would be the magic 
at the touch of the bow 

But No! 
I hear the heavens open
my soul spun in a rainbows glow
oration poised a symphonic token
of love as it was intended to show

Let my days grow ever old
bereft my riches in tow
but take not thy language of love for me
lest my light fade away for the woe

Simply pleading...
Don't go, don't go 
Thine eloquence to have and to hold

Poem Details | by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: joy, language, leadership, life, light, love, magic,


So much issues to think
and I never wonder why
it is a normal phenomenon.

But when people do not care
I will do my job
I will teach myself to love.

Sometimes I am to ponder
I am thought to learn
the things around affect me.

I do believe in magic
the magic of being nice
it’s always gives the best.

I valued life so much
that’s why I love people
and so I love nature.

I love you peaceLet's sail togetherLayag Sug! 

Poem Details | by Rosanna Tarsiero |
Categories: allegory, dance, language, love, relationship, word play,

Between The Lines

In an otherwise
morning, between the
roles we locked 
eyes, bantering 
mincing words, allowing 
futures, names, and
rebuttals to 
stem from our hearts 
unmuffled, and 

A fearless 
gig between the 
staves ensued, bringing
us to melt in a 
embrace of playful
reminders of our 
unmistakeable, unshakeable, and
unutterable bond.

In a twine of echoes and 
mirrors, between the 
statements you 
probed, between the
silences I 
listened, between the
changes you
questioned, between the
questions I

Between encounters we
ourselves speaking our
Angelic language, between the
sentences we read 
our souls so

Between the 
grooves I think, between the
rules you feel, between the
lines we just

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: health, humor, language, leadership, love, mental illness, wisdom,

Cloud of Knowing

I believe it was Buckminster Fuller
who first posited
a prime appositional,
like Yang and Yin,
but his was:
Energy is to physical nature
as Information is to metaphysically languaged systems.

if we were to add the Yin and Yang
of this positivist-regenerative observation,
we could further nuance regenerate with degenerate:
Energy is to cooperative nurturance
and, therefore, Entropy is to degenerative chaos,
as Information is to regenerative ecosystemic co-intelligence
as fractal ExFormation (dialectal decomposition, creolization, reversion, spacetime reversal, inside-outside)
is to dualdark bicameral ego/eco-systemic consciousness.

we might further speculate
that organic nature
convex (yang) unfolds
following RNA/DNA fractal-fertile deep-learning functions,
revolutionarily and syncretically co-resonant
bilateral concavely (yin) infolding,
back and in toward Left-Right ZeroSum ecobalancing embryonic climates
of regeneration OVER inside degeneration/denomination;

Three dimensional space
over one bilaterally dimensioning
spiral revolving
Yang/Yin flow and ebbing

should all the above make sensory-neural nurturing sense to you
as to me,
especially if also with you,
then this might help us understand why
those theologians
and teleologists
and ethologists
and psychologists
and ecologists
who open their discussions to the broadest cooperative points
of appositional dipolar compare and contrast,
such as Western PreMillennial Capitalist v NonElect
and Eastern PostMillennial Syncretic-Creolic NonDualist,
hypostatizing hypotheses of co-arising co-gravitation
are those most articulate
about this climate health revolution 
of Beloved Cooperative Communities
within wealthy interdependent bio-regions,
at these post-modern invisible in/ex-formational hands
of bilaterally balancing nature-spirit intent.

If we can learn to sing together
in resonant harmonies
of and for multiculturing creolic languages,
and we have and can do more,
must do all we can of such ecotherapeutic singing,

If we can learn to dance together
in flowing cooperative steps,
rather than competitive ecopolitical locked-up frozen marches
over and around each others' steps,
and we have and can do more
of this ecological flowing dance,
and must,
because we can,
then we can also use these same skill sets
for achieving more resonant climate-minds and landscape-bodies 
deep learning Earth's CoOperative PermaCulturing Opera.

We can each capture learning to grow into re-invested loving
as cooperative Earth-owners and Golden Rule democratizing lovers,
we do in fact already own and govern and nurture Earth;

But, apart,
divided by competing silos of monoculturing ecopolitics,
we own nothing but a future of further potential ego/eco dis-equilibrium,
Yanging against Yin
rather than YinYang-Squared-Dialectal WinWin
through our song and dance gaming wu wei
in-between full-octave harmonics,
midway opulence,
multiculturing-creolizing further revolutioning evolutions
of zero-sum ecopolitically resonant spacetime.

If we can sing and dance cooperatively
better than competitively
then we can also love  and learn 
and work and play cooperatively,
better than competitively,

We sound better together
as Earth's global gospel choir,
and look better too,
than we do as Earth's mutually mistrusting post-climatic decomposing
ashamed of our own rifle-aiming mess,
rabidly overpopulating pestilence,
instead of resonant opulence.

We really only have the one bilateral balancing choice
for healthy wealth.
I mean, who would choose pestilence
over cooperative opulence
other than a cloud of unknowing 
abused and neglected sociopath?

Ergodic dialectals
are ionic balancing binomials,
as good humors and climates
are ironic balancing ecologicals
and analogically dipolarish,
fractal deep becoming zero-sum co-intelligence,
hybrid nature-spirits
of each more cooperatively opulent ego/eco

We all breathe out Yang
and WinWin Yin in
this same bilateral double-binding acclimating way,
just as our sacred bicameral hearts
each and all beat diastolic opening
and diastatic to close cooperative/competing co-intensions
BothAnd together.

I believe it was Bucky Fuller who first LeftBrain languaged:
Ergodically reiterative energy is to bilaterally communicating physical nature
as Ionic-Bionic In-Ex Formation is to metaphysically languaged systems,
marching toward cooperatively responsible 
and responsive co-ownership
to and for and of flowing synergetic interdependence.

Poem Details | by Thump Drag |
Categories: fruit, language, love, nature,

The Silliness

Homey eyes of peasant stew
A cozy-colored mossy mew
Stony cottage, snowcheeks bleu
The forest fins for frosted fruits.

The warmest thought speaks crumbly bread
A partridge purr puffs through my head
That grants the grunkest grue a ‘Get!’
To packrat out the paquerettes.

Don’t see the speech I say with sneer
As something to be had with beer
Don’t bucker bricks of buttered bleers
And sift strunk talk through quandarous weirs.

The clothes and shelter of your mouth
Has cleaned my frame as cold as south
For queeks are quay, oh when you quoth
And yokel twirls are yaws of youth.

Clearings clean, as cream is crisp
With cluffs of clementine in risp
The grout of your cuts, freed of lisps
Your watch turns wandering whelks to whisps.

Sweet as sneezes from a lamb
As cozy as a Christmas ham
To jaunt with you with bread and jam
Is all I am, is all I am…

A blanket for the rawest nerve
A babe beyond the laws of earth
A smile sways the swooping surf
And gifts sweet goods of grinning girths.

Your hair? An electric guitar!
With sprinkles of suburban stars
Might smell of smelting lemon bars
Each strand a sacred seminar.

That hark the realms of Everfar!
And halt the helms of Neverare!
That licks the lich that leavens scars!
Screams “Non septimo, sempris quar!”

I believe you’re Good, I mean you’re blessed
With holy elks that guard your breast
Whose rumps remain on royal chests
And watch for wendigos out West.

A soul of Greyhound bus views darkly
Hushed in cornfields crumps so starkly
With windmills waning wicks so barky
Olive Garden oligarchies.

Clearings clean, as cream is crisp
With cluffs of clementine in risp
The grout of your cuts, freed of lisps
Your watch turns wandering whelks to whisps.

Sweet as sneezes from a lamb
As cozy as a Christmas ham
To jaunt and jibe with you with bread and jam,
Is all I am, is all I am.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: earth, language, love, math, science,

Gummy B's of Life

Love without Beloved,
Beloved without Love,
neither alternative could be
me without you
you within me
both equivalent would be We.

We without you,
or me,
this simply can not be,
we takes both equal ambivalently
Without me,
just you,
or me,
which We can not co-arisingly be.

I could not be me without you,
nor you without me,
as I, you see
we're not at home in silo-by-silo
confusing coincidentality,
poor performing economicality,
dismal absence of ecologicality,
teasing teleologically,
merely biological We.

If no MetaEcoSystem,
then no Me.
If no Me, then no exegetical
permaculturing Be.

If no Belonging,
then no longing.
If no longing, then no Belonging.
If no becoming, then not Being
en-double-lightening We.

If synapse
were not quite so closely haunted by relapse
deep learning might be as predictable
as gravity's self-creational

When East and West learn to divest of Other culture's absence,
as South and North learn to invest in Other culture's apartsense,
then Permaculture Design will co-redeem 
sustainable We
polycultural Planet
polymorphic economics
polypathic ecologic
as PolyTao Therapy.

Messiahs turn Left to Prophet Right
and CoMessiah Right to EcoProphesy Left
and back again
to revolution Earth ethics upside down,
with SunGod's cooperative rays on top
of Earth's economically rich pie charts
and global graceful synergy spread wide
warm watery reception,
challenging bi-generic tree-ringed contractions
of grace,
karmic abundance,
a Bun Dance away from eisegetical ignorance,
Ego's fancy prance,
of why when we each and all come together,
in love's full climaxing bilateral embrace
we turn our identities future side down
a pace
in this HereNow timely space.

We each come to redeem our Ego investment
born of Earth's long-lunged DNA regenerating narrative,
double negative binding Identity
creating SuperEco-Normic sticky Bliss.

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: abuse, education, fish, health, identity, language, silly,

Love Your Goldfish As Yourself

Feed your goldfish before you leave 
Love them as you love yourself
The bible tells us all fish are created equal 

Some people prefer baby guppies
Because their mouths move slow and oval
They are smaller and talk in pantomime
Can breath underwater
And even look like one another all the time

Never throw small things in the toilet
Bony creatures can get stuck when flushing
Fish go better in a soup
Don't tell them that
Or add too much seasoning without a reason                                 

Be truthful to your fish
Be faithful as you wish them to be
They swim about for a living

The Iliad and Odyssey are recommended reading 
For people, not aquatic types
Anything other than Greek might suffice
Goldfish don't speak Greek

Don't know about the Trojans either
Luwian is foreign and hard to pronounce
Too many vowels and consonants
Along with cuneiform and hieroglyphic characters
Goldfish are not conversant in such languages

We recommend leaving them in a bowl
Preferably filled with water 
That way they can grow old 

Don't confuse them with gray guppies
Goldfish are gold
Some say orange or red
Love your fishes any way
Like the good book says
….or was it the cook book?