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Love Poems About Kindergarten or Kindergarten Love Poems

Kindergarten love poems and/or love poems about Kindergarten. Read, share, and enjoy these Kindergarten love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Kindergarten Poems.

Poem Details | by S.Jagathsimhan Nair |
Categories: kindergarten, love, me, passion,

Another Love-2

Another Love

You hold me in thrall
Charm me with your demeanor
And draw me to you
Like a kindergarten kid 
Is, by a wayside puddle.

For: Chris Aichtner's 'Enter the Tanka' contest

Poem Details | by charlotte jordan |
Categories: childhood, family, inspirational, life, love, mystery, nostalgia, time, graduation, prayer, time, kindergarten,

Last Time Forever

A mother’s loving look at her newborn child,
Never able to relive that moment again.
For it’s the last time forever.

Walking into kindergarten for the first time,
Feeling so alone and afraid, don’t fear
For it’s the last time forever.

Kneeling in prayer as you are born again,
Living as a sinner no longer,
For it’s the last time forever.

Walking across stage on graduation night,
Nervous because it’s your last few steps as a “child”,
For it’s the last time forever.

Praying to God to help you jump the hurdles,
Seeing prayers being answered, never doubt
For it’s NOT the last time forever.

Poem Details | by L.C. Jarrette |
Categories: children, class, farewell, graduation, kindergarten, love, teacher,

Memories of a Chalk

Silhouettes fade as summer draws near
Yearning for their presence in this barren room
Rippling sounds of one's laughter cause me to tear
Awakens this reverie like scent perfume

The vastness I never thought existed
Past the hallways where we've spent our youth
Smiles of the little ones thus recollected
Pictures from the bulletins show love and truth

Just as my heart, the red apple sits quietly
Treasuring the bond of our love so pure
The hugs, fights, celebration and anxieties
Carves the path to grow and mature

Oh darlings, it pains me to say goodbye
So please keep this chalk to remember me by.

Poem Details | by VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER |
Categories: baby, home, kindergarten, life, light, love,


There goes my baby
Strolling the long way home
Light of my life song

Shedding Sunday now
Kicking remnants down the slope
Waiting for Monday

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love, school, teacher, teachers day, wisdom, woman, women,

A Wise Kindergarten Teacher

They were confident
 as they added their flowers, 
hearts and stars.

They were the dreamers, 
the doers, the artists, the doers, 
and they were mighty.

Their teacher was delighted, 
she gave them the pats and
hugs they sought.

Her words of encouragement 
gave them the bonus
 they needed, the love they were after.

They left for the summer, 
knowing they were the smartest children
 who ever were.

They were the mighty, 
magical, magnificent kindergarteners, 
thanks to a wise and loving teacher.