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Love Poems About Journey or Journey Love Poems

Journey love poems and/or love poems about Journey. Read, share, and enjoy these Journey love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Journey Poems.

Poem Details | by Honestly J.T. |
Categories: america, for her, for him, friend, friendship, growth, how i feel, international, journey, love, racism, school, social, together, truth, uplifting,

One World

Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up each other,
And know that we all care.
If we help our sisters and brothers,
There's a bond that we'll share.

©2013 Honestly JT

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: adventure, art, beauty, encouraging, first love, inspirational, journey, me, vanity, visionary,



I've found the fountain of youth
When I stumbled across the forbidden garden
Right in the middle of everything
Was what I imagined being a wishing well
I at once tossed a quarter into the sea
Facing down, puzzled as can be
I peeked in to ensure where it fell
I tipped over and that's when I saw my vanity
It was sitting there waiting for me
The reflection was before this day and age
I thought, what could this be?
With one drop on my taste buds
I knew I found the one true key
The most beautiful thing that can set one free
I reached in to touch the poetry inside me


Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, celebration, journey, love,

- Love At First Sight -

As the golden threads of silver, a mother protects her child
The path they will follow together, through life they leave deep footprints
The love that is shared will always shine its rays, nothing to fear

  (15-16-15 syllables)
- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
- Copyright © All Rights Reserved

- Published in the newspaper : 20.06.2016

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: august, beach, beautiful, cool, crush, deep, destiny, devotion, fantasy, feelings, first love, fishing, freedom, funny love, future, girlfriend, hope, i love you, i miss you, journey, joy, judgement, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miracle, ocean, people, places, romance, sea, sensual, simple, spiritual, water, women, world,


Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: heart, love,

The Heart's Journey

Should there be such pain in 
passion of the heart?
Or does the heart, 
simply by beating, 
know the boundaries of pain 
when it can no longer absorb any more joy?
The two seem intertwined at times, 
each exalted unto itself.
From euphoria to melancholia, 
the heart is on an endless journey 
seeking harmony and balance, 
yet finding anything but.
We torture our souls 
for the sake of love,
enduring countless curves,
on the road to the steep summit 
where a plateau cannot survive
the weathered storms for long, 
but for the season’s summers 
we exist.

Make Me Feel it Poetry Contest
Sponsor Becca Teagan
July 9, 2016

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: flying, journey, love, places, travel,

Fly To Me

Fly to me my love on the wings of hopes and dreams come and be my passion a lover's symphony Be my guiding star light show me all of nature's best come and be my pillow where my weary head can rest Take my hand and walk with me on life's ever winding road keep me safe and steady hold me in our home Let's sleep beside the moon tonight camp inside the corners of my heart be my one and only my desire, my love, my start

Poem Details | by Lyndsay Dupont |
Categories: childhood, devotion, forgiveness, friendship, introspection, love, passion, recovery from..., journey,

pseudo artistry

Blood that screams mixes with tears of fears,
Over your hypocrisy and useless years.
Fresh cuts don't matter - your attentions yet wane.
It's just too easy to shut down, I could end this pain.

But, escape artists aren't artists at all.

When life ends the real journey begins, the journey to be
Above imperfection and glorified weakness everyone sees.
Life trickles into the drain of the sink, wash it and pretend
The veil is burning off,but there is only so much fire can mend

Besides, escape artists aren't artists at all.

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: beautiful, humanity, journey, love, visionary,

Only In You I See

Tap dances on steps to sanctuary sites
glued to visions felt from glory's grace
only in you I see
reflected in orbs of watchful care 
dipped in mocha swirls 
as time slowly disappears
a sense of attention
focusing on more than just an outer me

Soft shoe shuffles within the breeze
wistful remembrance and dainty dreams
filling the fragrant air 
with a gust of evergreen
calling ever so calmly
for opened eyes and hearts
to harbor a frail humanity
and follow a simple way

Poem Details | by Besma Riabi Dziri |
Categories: heart, journey, joy, love, passion, spiritual,

Love Loud

Turn on the beats of the heart
And loud love.
The soul longs to hum
The tune of passion.
An upbeat aura of magic
Steering the ride.
An everlasting journey of love
Luring hearts to be on board.
A puff of spring breeze turning mild
Blankets of frozen feelings.
Breathe in the scent of love
Design a divine cocoon.
The music within is warm enough
To bloom.
Uncage fears and worries
Rejoice what of beauty
In can be filled.
Seize times of glee
And set the  soul free.
Turn on the beats of the heart
And loud love.

May 19th,  2018

Poem Details | by Tom Pen |
Categories: desire, i miss you, inspirational love, journey, love, repetition, word play,

Before You

Each day was a gift 
without you.
Every sunrise breathtaking
without you.
Music moved me 
without you. 
But ever since our first night, 
nothing is as beautiful         
without you.

* Poem Form, (to my best) is Epistrophe or Epiphora, but neither are listed as a form option. Feel free to suggest a fitting Poetry Soup Poetry Form. Until then, It's in the, “I don’t know” category.
Kindest regards...

Poem Details | by Guru Jad |
Categories: age, birth, journey, love, lust,

A Long Journey Made Short

Little Innocence was forged into the world 
A shrill Sound flickered around the expecting eyes
Laughter carved out of marble 
A statue thought to beat immortality 
Yet Fear had a surprise
It crept into the cradle with ease
Laughter was choked
Tears burst instead
And Sadness had a form
Evil found in youth a red soil
Jealousy marched with Envy
Lust befriended Desire
Until cupid threw a bunch of arrows
Adventure appeared
Excitement beyond description
A Thrill with no past
Sentiments were aroused
Pride threw some words
Ego played its part
And when Love meddled to defend its territory
The Heart bled in utter silence! 

© Guru Jad 2013

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: devotion, love,

The Soul's Journey

The sky embraces
The beauty of our love.
Unshed tears remain
Unreleased as in dark clouds
Filled with heavy rain.
The colors of the rainbow
Hold fast our secrets
Shared in separation
Forever kept safe 
In our soul’s dimension.
I hear your voice 
In whispers of the wind
As your shadow
Walks with mine
Hand in hand---
One day my tears
Will mingle with the rain
As I journey to your side
Once again.

© 2010 Connie Marcum Wong

Contest: Heart and Soul
Sponsor Kelly Deschler

Poem Details | by kash poet |
Categories: lost love, beautiful, beautiful, journey,

Standing by the Lakeshore

Standing by the lakeshore as I smell the scent of rain
your face drifts into my mind this evening again
each raindrop whispers into my ears your beautiful name
and reminds me of the words we shared years ago with them.

I remember close eyed you used to listen to their song
and with raindrops my fingers would start a journey long
a journey across your face upto the beautiful chin
those moments of love so precious I'm carrying within.

Scent of rain always open a secret door in my heart
your name is still there and will never depart
I know one day time will close that door again
until another evening comes with this nostalgic rain.

Poem Details | by W. Thomas Markham |
Categories: journey, love, romantic,

Watching the Sunset

Watching the sunset—
with our hands link together on the beach.
Purple ans pink light
ripple on the ocean
as if a possible future for us
from God.

Watching the sunset—
on our deck years later—
eating our fifty-year anniversary dinner.

Watching the sunset—
for the first time
without you
And I feel lost with without you.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: heaven, journey, love,

Silent Nights

The night held a cool northern breeze
Windows opened, the curtains fluttering in the air
I listened to her breathing, feeling her soul rise and fall
The heat of the night clung to me like her scent on my fingers
The silence was overwhelming
For the love I felt
I gazed out the window at all the stars in the sky
Thinking to myself in silence
I have a lovely star right here by my side

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: lost love

My Dream Journey

I'd long planned for this journey,
back to where we first had met,
and to the promises we made
that I could not forget.

I walked the streets in search of that
enchanted time we knew,
when all the world was young and it
revolved around we two.

The streets had turns I didn't know;
I was confused and lost.
The signs had all been jumbled at
each avenue I crossed.

Defeated, I retraced my steps.
The past I could not find.
It was then I knew, the path to you,
lies only in my mind.

Rambling Poet's contest

Theme:  Traveling to a place I had dreamed of.

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: journey, love, memory, missing you,

Leading Me To Sunday

Wasn't written in the scriptures you'd be found
twin bunnies hopping along side with the summer
little Ronny Johnson's sister tagging right along
stolen glances and secret kisses 
swinging together on the old tire swing
back before father called you home

That was then before painted memories
hung out on the front porch with lemon tea
refreshments sparkled a quite midnight sky
loving hands held in a most romantic way
warming hearts and projecting missed moments
waiting patiently for my Sunday to come again

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, conflict, creation, journey, love,

Love Love Love

There is but one thing between the distances
Sleeping gently on the clouds of calm repose
With nightly stars so far away we touch them 
But only with our eyes first meant for love
Knowledge gives rise to reasons why
We stay together by each others side
Working through the pain of being 
Alive and open to the unknown mystery
Let us go on an endless journey out to sea
Not end before the sweet is gone
On with a lovely song of trust and beauty
Landing at the harbor of your heart

Poem Details | by Davor Miljkovic |
Categories: dream, journey, love, moon,

Chasing you or myself

Am I chasing you
Or the moonlight of my dreams,
Like a pair of twins
Upon landing on the moon
I expect to see you too

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: deep, imagery, journey, life, marriage, relationship, true love,

The Eyes Have It

They see my fears,
        when I'm putting 
                 a brave face to the world.

They see my sadness,
          when I'm smiling
                  in all my photographs.

They see my anger,
         when I seem gentle
              and composed in posture.

They see my deepest secrets,
       memories, dreams, taste, passion,
            and everything that stirs my soul to the core.

Those beautiful pairs of eyes
     have been in the same journey
           with me for days, weeks, and years....

Date: 08/07/2017

Poem Details | by Mike Gentile |
Categories: cry, lost love, love, sad,

The Journey Of A Tear

What is the journey of a tear
Where does it begin
The thought that I may lose you
That you could leave

I feel these pools of sadness swell
As sorrow glistens
My eyes about to overflow
To not forestall

A single droplet breaks away
To realize its due
As heartache overtakes my soul
Torment rushes fear

No more to hold, my anguish flows
I still think of you
To sob away and feel my tears
Fulfill their destiny

Poem Details | by Mike Gentile |
Categories: dream, imagery, journey, love, spiritual,

The Doves are Waiting

My steps tread heavily 
They travel dream like streets so familiar
yet not

The blues and grays of twilight eve
fashion a shroud like mist

I walk with my companion
The din of the city suspended

Mortal fear, a difficult challenge

As I approach the corner
I hear only the delicate echoes of
fluttering wings

I look to my lover
Our eyes offer a silent goodbye

I must go

As I move, I see hundreds of them
dancing on air
Their song, a sweet chorus

I say
The doves are waiting
They’re waiting to take me home

Poem Details | by Dana Redricks |
Categories: appreciation, hope, how i feel, inspirational, journey, life, love,

Love Yourself

Author Dana Redricks
November 11, 2018

Love yourself, embrace 
yourself. Don't you know
You're are a gift 
from God. Do you know 
your worth. You're
one of a kind, a genuine 
masterpiece. You were
made for a purpose. You 
are irreplaceable. You
have something within
like no other, a hidden 
treasure, that makes
you special. Never put 
yourself down. You're
worth more than you
know. To yourself be true
and remember to always
love you, and the love 
within you will reflect 
back to others will return 
back to you.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: growing up, innocence, journey, life, love, youth,


in love
with the idea
of being
in love

youthful naiveté
eager and out 
to conquer the world
without a game plan

learning the game
the hard way
one hurdle at a time
one heartbreak to the next

posted on November 7, 2018

Poem Details | by Amy Rose |
Categories: child, christian, courage, dedication, devotion, education, faith, children, kids, forgiveness, freedom, friendship, god, happy, health, heaven, home, hope, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, love, passion, peace, people, philosophy, prayer, relationship, religious, spiritual, tribute,


One self