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Poem Details | by Kristin Reynolds |
Categories: computer-internet, dedication, friendship, losswords, me, heart, heart, me, i love you,

For 'Ol Tom Bell --Repost

Reposted tribute to MrTom Bell, as per Christy's call for all who had the pleasure of 
knowing Tom to write a poem for him:)

How is it that someone can touch
Your very soul,
Without ever having met 
Face to face?

How is it that my heart lies shattered
Upon this desolate plane
Without ever having seen the cause
For its breaking?

How can I put into words 
What I am feeling,
When my red heart that writes,
Is now cold and blue with regret?

You called upon me to share
A past, funny remembrance you penned –
(A bad day at the eye doctor's)
And I swear to you, I tried to find it!
But your long, Tom list of heart words daunted me…
And after a few pagesI gave up.
I told you this, and you tried again to show me
But this dumb blonde just could not find it…

Until now.

I searched and searched until it was found.

It took me until you passed
To read the poem you wished to share,
And man, is it funny!

You had me laughing and crying
At the same time!

I left you a comment
That you will never read –
And my heart cries for being too late.
It is now, and forever will be
on my Favorites list.
I want you to know how much I love
(And will forever miss)
Your true Tom Tales…

Your words brought your kind soul to light;
Your voice wrapped itself around
My heart like vines,
Baring the most beautiful
Laughing blooms.

I am honored to have met your soul, 
And called you friend;
Thank you for listening to my trials and life story,
And for all of your wise advice.
You were the strongest man I have ever known -
You inspired me to shine.

So how is it that someone can touch a soul 
Without ever having met 
Face to face?

Ah, for here, 
Within words –
Within poetry, we meet
Within hearts, where our souls
For a moment,
As one
Upon a page of
Pain, love, dreams, hurts, strengths, hopes, fears, and
True Tom Tales –

Thank God for poetry,
And for those we share it with.

Suddenly, all my troubles
Don’t feel so important now.
See? You are teaching me even now,

How to LIVE!

Because you just never know, do you?

You reminded me all we have is today,
This now – and I love you for that.

Rest easy my friend,
Where there is only love
And poetry spoken by angels…

Tom, dear - I will miss you more than words can express, your were strong 
beyond words...fare thee well friend, peace has found you at lastXOXO

Poem Details | by Abe Lopez |
Categories: computer-internet, girlfriend-boyfriend, love

Broadband ====== Lovers

ethernet courtship seperated by the sea keyboarding kisses

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: anxiety, internet, society, technology, teen love, teenage,

We have a problem: Nude selfies replace romance

“Send me a pic,” he sent with a smile, 
“Share what you’re hiding away.
You’re a beautiful girl, not like the rest, 
And you’re never ever even afraid.”

“Hmm, let me think, can I really trust you?” 
She replied as quick as she could,
“Sure you can,” he sent, quick as a flash, 
“My intentions are all really good.”

So she slipped off her top, behind a locked door, 
And numbly stood all alone,
And sent this guy, a photo of her, 
Her confused body standing at home,

And this is their life, for new teenage years, 
Pleasure removed from the dance,
Intimacy gone, replaced with an image, 
Nude selfies replacing romance.

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: confusion, future, hate, how i feel, love, technology, truth,

Love-Hate The Internet

As a kid they said technology
would lead us to a better life,
and in many ways they are correct,
tech does many things right.
I suppose I was just naïve
to thing there would be no downside,
now I love/hate the internet,
there are a thousand reasons why…

I love that endless information
is just a single click away /
I hate that there is so much
that it overwhelms the brain.

I love that I can buy anything,
have it delivered rather quick /
I hate endless adds in e-mail,
trying to sell me something slick.

I love that every genre is there,
in every medium, and every type /
I hate that half of it hides viruses
that will steal away your life.

I love that video posting sites
bring old music to the crowds /
I hate the video ‘commentators,’
so inane, rambling, and loud.

I love that every point of view
has a place to makes its pitch /
I hate government and tech giants
always trying to censor it.

I love that every single interest
has a place to blow of stress /
I hate people acting like morons,
and then claiming they’re ‘oppressed.’

I love that you can meet others
who may share your predilections /
I hate that being ‘connected’
soon becomes a damn addiction.

I love that you can reach the world
from the comforts of your home /
I hate that this very same world
then never leaves you alone.

I love that a person can work
from anywhere on any day /
I hate that distance no longer
makes reality go away.

Of course it’s not like it is
ever gonna go anywhere,
we’re forever stuck in between
thankfulness and despair.
I guess the net will ever be
a both sweet and bitter pill,
I love/hate the internet,
and I guess I always will.

Poem Details | by Bernard Chan |
Categories: appreciation, computer, internet, love, relationship, soulmate, tribute,


My mind
is the Internet.

Poem Details | by John Boak |
Categories: computer-internet, love, longing, love,


She sits there in front of her PC

Across the ocean and far from me

I know that it’s not really easy

Not the way we want it to be


But across the distance I feel her

Almost like I am with her there

I can really touch her soft brown hair

Her love is something that is beyond compare


My soul is longing for the final union

That sacred oneness, the spiritual communion

I would face the devil and his minions

Just to have our eternal family’s reunion


I know that our love will always be strong

Even through the distance we know we belong

She is the one, she is my hearts song

A love like ours could never be wrong


And now as I sit here in front of my PC

Far from her separated by sea

To the heaven above I cry out this plea

Dear God please give her back to me!

Poem Details | by Kristopher Higgs |
Categories: adventure, allah, allegory, angel, angst, animal, anniversary, april, art, autumn, baby, baptism, baseball, beach, beautiful, beauty, birthday, black african american, boyfriend, brother, business, butterfly, caregiving, cat, child, childhood, christian, christmas, computer-internet, confusion, courage, cowboy-western, dad, dance, dark, daughter, death, dedication, depression, devotion, life, love, sympathy, words, world, pain, light, light,


Who am I?
Am I defined by what is near in sight?
Am I defined by what I have done,
Or am I defined by what I could become?

Perhaps I'm of no use.
To him, or her, or I, nor you.
Or perhaps I'm too misunderstood to be defined,
And it is something like understanding that comes in time.

And if to the world I'm never shown,
Yet in my own light I've grown and grown,
And so I can know no happiness but my own--
The reason for my smile, to you, will forever be unknown.

I do not pray for the world to know my name.
For it and verse; the letters are the same.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads,
I pray his pain my words to keep

Should his eyes rain on my page,
Better tears than storms of rage.
And if a man should find his sorrow in what he reads.
I pray his pain my words to keep.

And if to the world you're never shown,
Yet in your own light you've grown and grown,
And so you know no happiness but your own.
Let the reason for your smile, to you, only be known.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: addiction, april, best friend, computer, confusion, courage, culture, cute love, earth, emotions, encouraging, environment, fantasy, farm, feelings, funny love, garden, happiness, happy, i love you, i miss you, inspirational, internet, irony, july, june, kiss, loneliness, love, magic, me, metaphor, nature, parody, repetition, satire, science, social, technology, tree, women, world, youth,


follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

Poem Details | by Poetry Aircraft Carrier B |
Categories: allah, anniversary, baptism, beach, child, computer-internet, father, me, heart, body, heart, love, me, time,

An Elegy For Noah Tuckwell

As tears flow from my reddened eyes
I can see what I have purely missed
As I look up to the dark grey skies
I will always remember our first fist

I sit here and think of your face
The first time I saw your light fluffy cheeks
I always wanted to lay my head on that place
Even when I was buried in my girlfriend’s twin peaks.

You never knew my love for you
I waited until it was too late
I often yearned for a way through
Both your heart and your front gate.

But now you’ve passed away
Slipped through my limp and lifeless fingers
But I still yearn for that fortuitous day
And the smell of your tobacco colour coat still lingers.

As I stare at my homage dedicated to you
I can feel a heart shaped hole called ‘Noah’
My body is conflicted, I don’t know what to do
It’s such a shame that you were found in pieces underneath a lawnmower.

So many holes, and opportunities now
I feel my body grow harder
For you Noah would only allow 
One hole to be ventured in farther 

As you led there erotically 
on the grass that day
with your legs so lovely 
I couldn’t take my eyes away

So I didn’t see 
The lawnmower draw near
The blades running free
And beginning to career

Ever closer to your toes
To impoverish your heart
I’m the only one who knows
How a love like this does start 

To think I won’t see you again
Striding majestically down the Bath Road
And, protecting your shoulders from the rain
Your little tobacco coloured coat

I wish I had been able to say 
All this to you when you were alive
I came so close once, that fateful day
When we were standing outside the Beehive

Your hair was golden in the glow 
Of the solitary standing streetlamp
Yet still, you couldn’t ever know 
My feeling for you or my heart would cramp

And now you’re dead you selfish thing
You’ll never hear me speak these thoughts
You’ll never feel me ‘flap my wings’
Or ogle me as I cavort

But now you’re in the ground
In the darkness and despair
But I have now created a mound
Where I can collect your hair

My heart is soaked in liquid salt 
My clothes cling to my body
Although I know that it’s no-one fault
Staring at you was my favourite hobby

Now it’s time to say goodbye
My lovely little pet
My heart still yearns, my eyes still cry 
Although we never met

Poem Details | by Harlow Yappen |
Categories: addiction, care, computer, conflict, desire, love,

The Internet Acrostic Poem

In most electronic devices
Now it's a must have
Total addiction
Every bit of information is public
Research is way faster 
No one needs it
Easier way to find information, just look it up
This is the thing of the future!!!

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, character, cheer up, computer, courage, culture, cute love, deep, desire, destiny, first love, for her, girlfriend, guitar, hope, i am, i love you, i miss you, imagination, inspiration, internet, loneliness, lonely, love, love hurts, meaningful, miss you, missing, missing you, nonsense, nostalgia, philosophy, places, relationship, science, science fiction, simple, technology, tribute, true love, wisdom,


teardrops appeared on my tablet
on both sides of the glass
mine on top
hers underneath,
shed from miles away

which was which
who was where
did not matter
any longer

real or virtual,
all merged into one 
- a brook of joy
running through the valley of time
destined for 
unchartered pleasures

Poem Details | by Roman Chebukin |
Categories: adventure, baby, baptism, beach, boyfriend, brother, cat, christian, computer-internet, confusion, dad, dance, flower, kids, forgiveness, january, life, lonely, loss, lost love, sports, success, suicide, teacher, teen, thank you, thanksgiving, tree, uplifting, wife, me, write, me, write,

Welcome 2013

Well we are already a couple of months in so i just wanted to say welcome
this will be a new journey for the both of us, so i hope it will be awesome
I will try to write more than usual this year, I promise:)
What would help tho if you readers would send me topics and stuff to help me write about things cuz my mind goes way faster than my fingers and i cant think of just one thinglolso thank you readersplz comment and tell me your thoughts.

Poem Details | by Tonytocaa Camacho |
Categories: internet, love, poems, word play,

Internet quill

Not yet
Abstract minds
Cruise to fuse
Words of
Cruise to fuse
Song to send her
Express a verse
Dancing lyrical
Up and down
In and out
Soul Reflections
In love 
From me 
to you..

Poem Details | by Loch David Crane |
Categories: funny, funny love, internet, relationship, sensual, sun, women,

The Cyber Nymph

The Cyber Nymph
Loch David Crane
August 18, 1997

Lie back--expose your belly ring		
up unto the sky.
I just hope when I get down close
it won't put out my eye!

That summer I was 48 
and she pert 25;
I left Prozac in the cupboard 
and Reality went Live.

I shoulda taken time to stop
and used the vorpal rubber
But 48 he couldn't wait 
to find another lover.

So while the Sun was merciless
to sand and skin and sea
"If she swells I'm sure she'll tell,
returning then to me."

I must admit I got her drunk--
I used her just for sex:
Blue and blond with freckles,
suntanned buns and pecs.

But she revealed computer skills
That took away my breath.
Her dancing cyber fingers sang;
I soon saw who was best.

Ol' 48 could bare compute
"Not very fast" she said;
"I've practiced years not to be fast"
gasped I, collapsed in bed.

Then the Sun warmed up the honey--
it dripped twice more in a row.
Ulysses' "rosy-fingered dawn"
beheld her frown, dress, and go.

That freshly-flossed feeling
reverberates my spine
A smile wells up from deep inside
and stays there all the time.

At play I watched this cyber nymph
on Netscape and E-mail;
Her eyes flashed, fingers flying,
shaking golden ponytail.

"You're kinda slow," she grumbled,
terrifying 48;
"But I like that in a man," she grinned,
making me feel great.

My old 12 color monitor
was not enough for her;
More movies, GIFs, and videos
flew by me in a blur.

But 48 he had a trick:
while she stared at the screen
I spoke in her ear, nibbled her neck,
and adored her like a Queen.

I kissed and bit and licked and squirmed
'til wrists and spine went quiet--
The way a mouse's legs go still
when python's on his diet.

And then the honey dripped once more,
the Sun was past its rise.
I felt its rosy hug and knew
that love was in my eyes.

I asked her for her address,	
she wrote with @ in code;
I said "I'm too old fashioned"
and asked for her telephone.

So when you dream, sweet 25,
tall cyber nymph of mine,
remember please old 48
who isn't past his prime.

And as the honey of the Sun
drips down into the sea
I'll recall my Cyber Nymph
and she will undelete me.

Poem Details | by Sam Ruby |
Categories: angst, art, beautiful, beauty, boyfriend, butterfly, caregiving, childhood, computer-internet, confusion, courage, cowboy-western, dance, dark, daughter, dedication, depression, devotion, dream, funny, girl, girlfriend, goodbye, growing up, happiness, humorous, inspirational, lost, lost love, nostalgia, peace, romance, romantic, sad, song, teen, time, uplifting, women, me, love, me,


Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, goI'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
yearsSomeone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down belowA magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

Poem Details | by Shiraz Iqbal |
Categories: absence, addiction, angel, beautiful, feelings, first love, for her, how i feel, internet, lost love, love, romance, sweet, teen,

Thinking of you

I wonder what angel feels like,
Cos it’s been years since I met you,
I wonder what you think of me,
Cos all I do is to think of you…
				                  I keep counting the seconds,
                                                  For you to ring me and say hi,
                                                  Feels good great just wow,
                                                  Am outta this world with thy,
You take me to new highs,
You make me feel low,
My angel my cutsie wootsie,
I think I am addicted to you, 
				               You are always here with me,
				               Playing with my memories,
				               A dream beyond words,
				               An angel outta this world,
May be someday it’ll be true,
May be someday I’ll be with you,
And in my eyes then you will see,
Everything that you are to me…
                                                 I know it's hopeless,
                                                 And you won't think it's true, 
                                                 But day in and day out what this friend does is,
                                                 Just think of you,
                                                 Yeah just think of you...........

Poem Details | by Aaron McIntosh |
Categories: deep, high school, internet, love, pain, spoken word, student,

Social Status Effect

Miscommunication, is fabrication of reality
When actually it’s a matter of perspective.
She was a standout, with a name similar to yours
With pure intentions, painful convictions but losing to her own dispositions.
Deprivation of her moral mentality structure crumbles
Caused by misadventures of her past life
Blighted with horrific memories
Tragic upsets that shake the very foundation of her soul.
Lead by the goals of our society
To keep the mindset that anxiety… controls you
But who understands?
Those who demand you to over expand your capability of toleration to your demons?
Pharmaceutical apprehension to be your companion in this never-ending struggle?
School systems have programs
That program you to say
Everything’s okay
Just get over it and move on
But you see there is no off switch to pain
No preset to reset her experiences
The hand that she felt
A seatbelt that would strap her into a horrible roller-coaster ride of misery
You see, there is something wrong with this picture
Its missing something
Maybe everything that she needed was a frosty before third period on a March afternoon
Or maybe, an almond milk macchiato on finals week at Delos across the street
Or even an acquainted silence of tears while she spilled her heart on the dashboard of your car.
She needed a home
No not a bed to sleep in with complimentary breakfast
A resting place
That’s laced with people who care to hear the response of how her day is,
Or how’s she’s doing in school
Or why is there scars on her…
Arms to be held in when she needs comfort.
Sometimes we’re the only savior that people see,
But what saviors are we when we’re preoccupied with our own self-indulgence of social media.
Temporary satisfactions from addictions ever going,
Distracting us from having true meaning in life.
We need to make a stand,
To withstand this generational curse.
Of carelessness of peoples pain,
But first, let me update my status.

Poem Details | by Catman Cohen |
Categories: angst, computer-internet, depression, introspection, love, music, passion, romance, sad, song-me,


I was born pale and invisible
In a world
Sees everything 
Everything, everything….but me

Invisible to your touch
And doubt you’ll like me very much
Am I alive?
Was I ever me?

I’m a non-existent cipher
A pointless empty zero
Never added up to anything
A non-existent cipher
Pointless empty zero
Tell me….what does it all mean?

And now I think I want you
Ethereal body
Oblivious mask
And now I think I love you
Intelligent lips
Painted in black

But no need to look my way
Or give me the time of day

Can’t be with you 
In this world
Invisible man 
Never gets the girl

Oh, no...

I’ll find where you are
And watch from afar
You will be felt by me

I’ll find where you are
And watch from afar
You will be loved by me

For life
Your zero
The day I die

Your zero….your zero


Poem Details | by Aimee Garside |
Categories: computer-internet, dedication, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, love, passion, romanceme, night, hate, love, me, night, giggle,

Internet Love

I sit there waiting to hear the ding, you arrive sending my heart in a spring.
We chat and banter, all night till the sun beckons and dances.
Is this really love, am I falling for someone that started out as a silly Internet crush?
The feelings I feel must be real because my whole body is engulfed with your entire 
We typed, we talked, we laughed, we fought, but at the end of every night I was 
always yours.
I hate you, you hate me, you tell me to shut up that would never be.
Everyone would laugh and giggle at our banter, it would look to them as if we 
weren’t together.
But in our hearts and minds we were always intertwined, within our love that made 
and defined this new stage in our lives.
The phone would ring, “hey babe” would be said and that one line would be enough 
to make me turn red.
Your voice it sings to me, I just wish you would understand how much you mean to 
I shiver all over and go giddy on the phone, it’s like you have me in your time zone.
It only ever happens with you, I swear this is true.
You must have some power over me because I’m never usually this “blue”.
The wink and look you give on cam, sends me in a flutter I try not to mutter the 
words that I think...........I love you Manuel to the edge of the world and the brink.
There may be so much space between us right now, but not for long babe, you will 
be mine.
I know this is strange to some people but it’s true I found love on IMVU and it was 
with you.

Poem Details | by susan mayes |
Categories: computer-internet, girlfriend-boyfriend, love, romance

Love dot com

A little something 
from his girl

A middle aged woman
With a young girls dreams
Was wondering just what
True love could mean

Friends said on lines
the best place to be
Looking for prince charming
Was totally free

A few strokes of the keys
And he was there to see
Prince charming indeed
There on the monitor screen

A message she sent
Along with a pic
A click of the mouse
Led him to her house

At last the meaning of love
has been found out
Now she finally knows
What every ones  talking about

Now over a year later
Every one can see
She found her true love
without paying a fee

Poem Details | by Pandora Poikilos |
Categories: computer-internet, confusion, funny, life, parodyme, world, day, internet, love, me, silly,

Call Me Silly

Call me silly
But I enjoy being on a beach with a good book
Minus the worry about chargers or glares on my screen
It's just me and my handsome hero, his beautiful love 
In that far away land, in the middle of that intricate mess.
And what is the point of a family meal when all you hear now
Are beeps of Berries or tunes of GaGas

Call me silly
But I prefer the pleasures of a snail mail letter 
In comparison with emails, pings and tweets
Instead of worrying about internet connection and hackers, 
I do not need to worry about the internet service provider 
Who can one day take away my precious memories
Just because his terms and conditions says he can

Yes, call me silly 
But these are my memories of love and failure
Peace and turbulence, that will be my gift to my children
The silly letters that my best friend wrote to say 
That he loved me for better or for worse and I believed
Without worrying that he may have another wife
That I will one day find through online Spaces or Books

Call me silly
But even as I am fascinated with the wonders
That the world of social media can give me
I worry more often about how I am misunderstood 
In a world of instant travel and friendship
Where rules do not exist
And when they do, are rarely followed 

Call me silly
But in a world where everything seems so easy
One click, everyone says
We spend so much time on the whole world 
Instead of on those who really need us
In a world where rumours are a trend
And truth is an afterthought

Call me silly
But why do people trust what this online world says
When all it takes is this, 
I have a secret you see, says this person
Let's listen, say another hundred or more
Who cares if its true? Who cares if it hurts?
Simply nobody you see

Yes, call me silly, if you will 
But I think this is exactly, what it means 
When our parents told us
Too much of a good thing
Can actually be a bad thing.

Poem Details | by KENG CHUAN SENG |
Categories: anxiety, community, confusion, innocence, internet, sad love, sorry,

All The Lonely People

All the lonely people, where do they come from…
All the lonely people, where do they belong…

These are familiar lines from a Beatles’  immortal song…
Makes one wonder why so many people feel lonely as in a song…

You have the telephone and the internet,  various forms of media chats…
Yet the media world is awashed with stories of lonely hearts and conned jobs…

Makes one wonders how a lonely heart reaches out for its counterpart…
How does one get started along the path of true love that matches hearts…

With all the false starts and puppy loves that catch many unsuspecting hearts..
Many a lonely heart pine in silence and in solitude, as time inexorably go past..

This latest article that describes  the profile of a typical lonely hearted woman…
Her biological clock in overdrive, on the lookout for elusive love as a woman..

A chance acquaintance over the internet and before she realises the danger…
She’s another  lonely hearted woman under the spell  of a suave cassanova  …..

The daily papers regularly highlight cases of internet love gone horribly wrong….
Fortunes lost and love betrayed, happened yesterday and money all gone …..

Such sob stories happened yesterday, happen today and will happen tomorrow…
Lonely hearted people, desperate for internet love are tailor made for sorrow….

When desperate clutches for Cupid’s arrows are fraught with unseen dangers…
Lonely hearted men and women, in answering their hearts they are endangered…

Fortunes are lost, they are soundly conned of their golden nest of savings…
All in the misguided belief that theirs is the only true love worth pursuing….

All the lonely people, it matters not where they are from...
All the lonely people, in looking for love they risk being conned...

Poem Details | by Courtney Courtney |
Categories: computer-internet, education, growing up, love, nature, nostalgia, places, song-visionary,


                ___________   _________
               /ohio ohio ohio) (ohio ohio/
              !ohio ohio   ohio( ohio ohio/
             /ohio  ohio   ohio# ohio //
               !ohio ohio  ohio# ohio//
             /ohio   ohio ohio)  ohio/
            (ohio ohio  ohio ohio)   (
                    -ohio    ohio-

Poem Details | by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
Categories: christian, faith, internet, love, spiritual,

Internet Angel

	One day
Social Worker came
Said, received a call about me
Reported someone harassing me
Answered, worry not, “I’m fine”
[Eternal] God’s taking care of me.

Couple of days
Police detective came, Katie
Interviewed me
Took a copy of Cris picture
Even his son’s picture
Very worried
Brought 2 Social Workers
I took a test, told them the truth
She said, “Oh…He got scammed”
Told them not to worry,” I’m fine”
Said depending with test result
They’ll contact me
Never heard from them ‘til now
Told them “Father Christ got my back”

Poem Details | by Red Fiery |
Categories: allegory, art, black african american, computer-internet, dedicationheart, fear, heart,

I pray for our love

The morbid fear 
in my heart 
Was restless with 
an unfathomable future 
haunting my accursed life 
Three years of slavery 
alone in the dark 
Shattered hope, 
Shattered aspirations 
A broken palace 
Now that you are here 
I fear nothing more than death 
I pray for our union 
A permanent HEAVEN 
My faith returns 
When I hear your words 
The verse now travells 
to my heart through the 
Wireless device 
I am lost in your arms 
I imagine your hands caressing my lips 
I am caught in 
those love making acts 
Sensuous and mesmerising 
Tranquil and tantalizing 
I pray that we meet 
I pray 
I pray 
I pray 
I pray 

Poem Details | by kasim ishmael |
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We don’t know what tomorrow brings
So we just can’t speculate
And it will make no sense
For us to just sit down and wait

The love we found today
We both know it’s real and true
All love with face some obstacles’
But love will always make it through

Some people will try to hold back
What they are feeling in their heart
When they know this love is a fairy tale
Romance Right from the very start

We are worrying about the future
Bout the unknown is like a blank page
But god can close the curtains anytime
Down on any one’s stage

I know a man who loves woman
He falls for her heart and soul
And his parents says it’s crazy
He’s too young and she’s too old

So they stop them from getting marry
Causing years of pain and sorrow
While driving he got in accident today
And they will bury him tomorrow

And the wound in her heart won’t stop bleeding
And every breathe she wish was the last she take
A little boy calls his dad, saying look, look ,dad
And they found her body floating in the lake

His parents was worried bout the future
Although they know it was unknown
But still they plant the seeds of pain
Now look what it has grown

Why didn’t they let them be together?
For today all that remains is sorrow
For trying to change the course of true love
They have taken away their tomorrow

For today they would have been married
And build a happy home of love
But now they are two lost souls
Forever roaming the world above

Some times one year of happiness
Is worth 100 years of being alone
For as long as two hearts are true
Forever the flowers of love will bloom

And as long as there are stars in the sky
And the waves must come to the shore
People of all different ages
Will be falling in love forever more

But what if tomorrow never comes
And you let today go
Then the real magic of true love
You will never get to know

Poem Details | by Thabang Ngoma |
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Google Love

Click, click mouse! 
Chitchat, nice!
Mouths shut tide hearts speak their minds
Congestion on the information superhighway
It’s a hard drive for my megabytes to 
To feed my cybertronic ego 
The fuel for my search engine
Update recent status, ‘Complicated’
Post a recent pic, 'Out jogging'
I love internet shopping!
It's safe...
To buy, I mean, to download love
No, not the lyrics to the song...the real thing
"Love defined is the will to", no, not the definition!
'Find love tonight'
You just have to Upload your life 
Entre: Age, race, height that’s the main thing
Love needn’t be a virus!
Just ‘Like’ my profile picture
I ‘Like, Like’ your pout
Similar tastes and trends are accepted 
Or rejected, don't be disgruntled
There's a whole database of lonely hearts surfing the internet avenues
‘Searching’ for companionship online
To find a match to ignite the passion
Google me!
Granted, so you can ogle me!
Exposing intimacy publicly in my own privacy
No to ‘no profile pic’
And no nude pics please!
Acting antisocial on social media
Invitations to chat rooms, 
Love on tab
‘Share it’
What’s your name?
Perfect match!
Love found...Entre!

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In this virtual world,
Where talking is chatting,
We connect in person,
And do actual socializing.

In this facebook universe,
Where updates are everywhere,
We dine and eat together,
Only for each other to care.

In this twitter atmosphere,
Where a tweet can create so much,
We converse under the moonlight,
Even in fights, we dont lose our “touch”.

In this youtubing and jamming,
Where all the uploads are essential,
We click our pictures&create our personal space,
To keep it so much real.

In the trending instagram&whatsapp,
Where moments come and go,
We hold on to each other,
And never miss a chance to grow.

Now when songs are enjoyed,
Alone on earphones with full sound,
We ball dance and sing together,
Till u fall into my arms on the ground.

When love shuts on-off faster,
Than a smartphone or a laptop,
Our eyes make our love intense,
With no editing,filters and crop.

When emojis show emotions,
Dp&status define the mood,
Our pictures define our real smiles,
Not busy posting favourite food.

Where ebay&amazon are the new,
Shopping destinations for all,
We shop together even though i get annoyed,
Roaming miles hand in hand in every mall.

In all the changing times,
In all the changing ways,
We remained the same,
And our love never changed,
We still hold hands,
We still shy with blushing faces.
“We finally found love,
In these hopeless places.”

Poem Details | by sangeeta saha |
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SPRING IN AIR, LOVE ONLINE                                                          20/02/13

Nowadays , life is so unpalatable and stoic.
So unnecessarily busy and eventfully hectic.
Young folks thus gather in a shadowy discotheque, to kill,
The retreating winter shedding its last chill.
The chirps of the departing migratory,
With massacred green in a concrete urban factory,
Welcomes the spring breeze, and the cuckoo melody tune,
That too so rare,
For a short term vacation, in a vanity fair
Some emotional fools and roaming vagabond,
Can feel the spring air and reminiscences their  fond,
And cry for the past and the long lost love bonds.
Beside them no one dares to mingle,
Their soul with the colour of butterfly  twinkle.
No one cares to see the young green boughs,
Dancing in a frolic of crispy air that jingle.
All is there, in the air, except love my dear,
‘Cause love is now confined,
In another little world so secure.
Where there’s no hasty rushing,
No meaningless blushing,
No hassled waiting, no worrying restriction.
Love is just a ready-made parcel, 
At a press of a small button.
Love messages, e mails , tweets, face books ,web cyberspace and profile update,
Takes all the bothering responsibility, does all the necessary tete-a-tete.
No need for time taking arguments,
No need for extra commitments
Sometimes, meetings could be arranged, but
Oh! Never in public park or in a hopeless garden.
It could be in a shopping mall or a cool coffee  den.
The gorgeous and the grotty,
All gather at a V-day party.
Those who are privileged,
Share their love with diamonds and wine.
But for others, not a single grape,
Is sour in a vine.
Everything is taken for granted,
Just simple and fine.
‘Cause love can also be shared,
Simply free of cost on line.

Poem Details | by Moira Cameron |
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Love at First Byte

I read the words you've posted on my screen; 
I lurk inside the Ethernet unseen; 
A token touch - all hesitant and new: 
My thoughts are reaching out from me to you.
A digital discovery is formed.
Two lonely lives, a linking now performed.
It isn't much - but smallest steps can do
Most wondrous things if we believe it true.
I do believe, and so open my heart; 
Put it on line, as online each impart
Ideas with such soft sentimental words
That touch the core, strike harmonizing chords.
But how I dream - a craving clawing clutch - 
To truly feel the realness of his touch!

February 27, 2016