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Love Poems About Insect or Insect Love Poems

Insect love poems and/or love poems about Insect. Read, share, and enjoy these Insect love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Insect Poems.

Poem Details | by Robert Ronnow |
Categories: bird, humor, insect, love, men, poetry, wine,

Can poetry matter

In the debate between accessible and difficult poems
Poets' poems and poems for people
Only the single poem and private reader matter

Both kinds and anything between can matter or not
Solid or made of air, a vase or heavy clay ashtray
One word repeated or many like a lei

An acquired taste, like wine, and like wine
Not sustenance, yet men die with their miseries
Uncut without it, news and mere matter

I advise everyone to keep a personal anthology of poems that matter
Or not. Perhaps it should be novels. Stones, insect wings,
Feathers, Birds you've seen, People loved.

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: animal, funny, funny love, humor, humorous, imagery, insect,


One who is loved by bees is beeloved!

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: insect, lost love, love, marriage, planet, science fiction, space,

Call To Mars

Saving credits for a trip to the stars,
A cave at Alba Mons volcano:
Ancient secrets, flowing bars;
Greenish women, so Bueno;
Artifacts, old, Martian,
Calling me to hug.
Beetle auction.
Red dust bug.
Big brained,
Belonging to
Polka-dot fellows
Sexy ladybugs knew.
A rust-colored threesome
In waters that ran chilled and new;
But, air-thinned with delirium,
And a dusty marriage Mars did eschew.

Poem Details | by Mark Crone |
Categories: beautiful, christian, community, insect, joy, love, nature,


As the morning sunlight falls , 
On the dew laden flower , 
Workers stir within their beds , 
Blessing the minutes to the hour  , 

The drunkard stirs in wind swept streets , 
As babies demand their feed , 
Whilst birds and bees take flight in hope , 
A new day in search of feed ,

But as the sun does slowly rise ,
All this would seem to cease , 
Fear not it is only intermission ,
In the next show of natures peace .

Poem Details | by Mel Brake |
Categories: allegory, imagery, insect, life, love, mystery, spiritual,

And Along Came A Spider

Sometimes the wholeness of the universe
Comes along like a black widow spider
On a thin thread and stops in front of one’s face

From fear and dread
All time stops
As the eight-legged spider
With eighty-eight eyes stare directly

Consumed with death and obituaries
Sleeplessness nights and tragic endings
The black widow spider a symbol of eternity and 
life cycles like the center of the universe pauses

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: art, beautiful, bible, creation, insect, jesus, love,

Grylidae True

knees towards heaven                                                                                              wings draw praise hearts beat ground                                                                           everything that hath breath                                                                               *                                                                                 *                                               - love songs -True crickets,  Jerusalem crickets  and Jim Wilson | God's Chorus of Crickets - whether you believe or not everything that hath breath praise ye the Lord - Psalms 150:6

Poem Details | by Mel Brake |
Categories: dream, funeral, insect, joy, leaving, lost love,

Golden Butterfly

Life is like
a twinkling of an eye

Sure is the flight
of a butterfly

With 20 strokes
of its wings

three scores and ten days

only 8 happy moments

its life comes to an end

Poem Details | by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: cute love, food, funny, happiness, insect, nature,

Mukbang- ASMR, with Little Bee

This poem is in conjunction with the video above. Mukbang Asmr- Little Bee Enter my little abode For a special event a “ Mukbang” So many things to eat Toastie with tea Doughnuts Chicken and chips with coke This is so amazing, So delightful, so tasty Melts in the mouth Crunching and munching away For a busy bee like me This is so good Look and enjoy and take your time To watch me eat my meal. Amen.

Poem Details | by Leon Datu |
Categories: insect, sweet, , sweet love,

Sweet Love--AWS

ants scratching a rose

with letter fragrantly pressed

sugar coated dish

For the Captcha Contest of Judy Konos

27 Apr 2015

Poem Details | by Tahira Parveen |
Categories: beautiful, happy, hope, insect, love, sweet,

Caught on Camera

This poem is in conjunction with the video. 
Please watch if you may.

Caught you on camera Walking down my path As if I didn’t see you Coming to my door With your flowers Or are they mine But all in all A sweet gesture Amen.

Poem Details | by Christian Fuller |
Categories: butterfly, flower, garden, imagery, insect, love hurts, poetry,

Bug Life

Arms flailing at the sky
Body screeching side to side
Legs spinning with the beat
Looking light on my feet
Flying across the dance floor
Just to moonwalk out the door
Disco lights diminish your beauty
A few staggering steps between
You and me
But we will never see eye to eye
The closer you get the bigger your size
Dont step on me
Don't give me grief
Float away like my leaf
Because I know we cannot be

Poem Details | by Eton Langford |
Categories: death, heart, insect, love, memory,

Fond Memories

The lights that blinds the moth at dusk
Is like the elephant’s white tusk,
Which charms the eye but robs the purse:
A gentle animal’s great curse. 

Alike, when love by time is borne
Within a mind to duty sworn, 
Fond memories the heart enslave
And both are carried to the grave. 

Find my poems and published poetry volumes at

Poem Details | by CharRon Smith |
Categories: emo, girlfriend, heartbroken, humor, insect, irony, love hurts,

Too Single

I've been single too long Obviously That a mosquito is the only female that wants to take a bite of me

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: beauty, insect, love, passion,



                        Enchanted in beauty of red rose,
                        Mesmerized in romantic aroma,
                       Drone dreamed to drown in love, coming too close.
                       ‘Oh! My sweet heart! Oh! My pretty prima!
                      Hornet warned ‘Never venture to put nose.
                      Don’t dare. Thorns will prick closing love-drama.’
                     Drone buzzing ‘To kiss, to sniff pearly charm,
                     Thorny bruise, I will always welcome.’                        

      Ottava rima Poetry  Contest by Janis Thompson


Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: allusion, beauty, betrayal, first love, insect, irony, sad love,

Captivatingly Spun Curls

The princess’s beading pearls
A tempest of diamond swirls
Lace traps of widowed girls

Poem Details | by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: insect, satire,

I love crickets

I love wisdom of crickets.
they sing,
and dance,
only in absence of chickens.
Humans sing and dance 
to please even their grave diggers.

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, community, dark, insect, light,

to the Lighting Bug SHINES MY LOVE- -

to the Lighting bug- -SHINES MY LOVE My lighting bug, you ignite me to sight; The way you're blinking bright and soar; Parading my mind day in through the night; Always dreaming about the quiet lours; Let me compare you to a pleasant fly? You are more active, aghast and playful; Fast drought dries the cool nights of July; And moon pitch has the broadcast prayful; Blinking your shiny torso ever glows; Brightly flashing white and yellow grows; Now I must sway with a steadfast heart, Remember my last words whilst we're apart. 3/23/19 written words James Edward Lee Sr.2019©

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: animal, bird, fun, humorous, insect, word play,

Lord Love A Duck

Lord Love A Duck

Quacky little bird sound
When you hear it coming duck!
If farmer Ted is after you
You're running out of luck

Totin' shotgun and bird shot,
Son, he's aiming not to please
He's sneaking close behind you bird
You better hold your sneeze

Cuz your feathers are a tickler
Your bill is orange and bright
While the farmer is a stickler
He will sup on bird tonight

Lord love a duck!
Of him you mustn't run a fowl
Pain from your freshly plucked feathers
Will be enough to make you howl!

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, insect, inspirational,

BUTTERFLY- aromatic scents of God's Love

Out the side of my eye in my propel vision I spied Amidst the summer side In the flowers A small butterfly Aloft and lifted it hurries Fluttering upside down Ravishing the air if breaths around Sucking out the nectar from the buds Aromatic scents of God's love