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Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
Categories: age, lost, lost love, love, lust,

Blushing Rose

Hi guys, please go through my poem wrote by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare about imperial and blushing rose..

Blushing Rose 

Glowing in the early dawn,
Hey my beautiful rose..
Your aromatic fragrance has touched my soul..
Each and every united petals of yours vibrates me, making me alive..
O'wild rose, You stroked my heart!!

Falling on my face, You are the one who don't make deceitful pretences..
You are the one who endowed me a smile as a surprise..
Your charismatic posture embedded in a deep space of my heart..
O'delirious rose, You flicked my soul!!

Wrapped by disliking thorns and spines..
Loves the spirit you cheerfully withstand..
My eyes are desperately thirsty to have a quick glance of your tendered feature..
O'chaotic rose, You twitched my nerves!!

Your dusky red colour..
enamoured my entire body..
Enigmatic cheers on my lips..
I wanna kiss you forever forever..
Holding you in my hands, bending on my knees..
O'ferine rose u reached the highest peak of my heart!!

Amongst the bushes and raw grass,
My heart got connected with you..
Chromatically waving in an air..activating my sense
Inspiring me making my d-day delighted..
O'glimmering rose,trustworthily you ignited passion inside me!!

Glimpse of yours make me kinetized,my blushing pearl..
Freakly taking a deep breathe,my blossoming chics..
Flaming love in my heart i can offer you..
O'amorous rose, for that You have to be mine My Queenliest love.!!

Poem Details | by Christopher Thor Britt |
Categories: beach, love,

In Your Eyes

A summer’s walk on painted sand 
Along the beach at night 
The salty air may bring a chill 
But my arms will hold you tight 
I feel you look into my soul 
You see past my thin disguise 
At once the world just fades away 
Lost here in your eyes 
What life had I before this night 
Before your love’s sweet calling? 
No shade of peril to hold me bound 
My heart’s already fallen 
Your kiss that lingers at my lips 
Draws out a gentle sigh 
You bring life into this man who’s 
Lost here in your eyes 
In your embrace I find myself 
Lost in your sweet eyes

Poem Details | by shirin neshat |
Categories: absence, angst, care, change, confusion, depression, dream, emotions, family, fear, feelings, heartbroken, lonely, peace, pride, sad, sad love, sick,

Faded Life

Stuck in a situation, Not knowing what to do? Blocked from all directions, Tired of being sick, throwing and feeling weak, The people I thought I can trust walked away, I am tired of selfish people, I am tired of being alone and fighting this without any support, When this should be your responsibility too! All you want to do party and play, I am tired of facing problems one after another, I need peace, relax and have nothing to worry, Yet you bring hell to me! All you care about is you and your career, While I give my life and risk everything for us & baby, I give up my family, my car and now I am broke and homeless, And all you care about is you and your dreams, It bothers me how you think & blind to see, My dreams and goals for my life is in the trash can, You keep asking for respect yet you cant even understand your women, Without a cause there is no effect, I just wish you would understand that! This is not about who wins or looses! This is about us fixing problems togather as ONE!

Poem Details | by Andy Craig |
Categories: forgiveness, god, how i feel, jesus, love, seasons, spiritual,


Back on track with
my faithSometimes
I just feel ashamed,
chained down a disgusting

Why do I once again
slide away unsure if I'm saved?
I hold onto God's grace, a free gift
showing how much he truly loves

Christ alone is my cornerstone.
I could never survive this journey on
my own faith alone.

Poem Details | by Elisheba Yahudah |
Categories: metaphor,

Rivers of Love

red is like the petal of a flower
like rain on a sunny day small areas of showers
red is like pillow stuffed feathers to complete
the texture too soft and plain to see

red is like a tear that falls on the side of a face
wiped many times but without a trace
covered by the emotions of rivers part
red is the beat of a human heart 

close nit tight but never bitter alone
how comforting this red can be on the other end of a phone
listen to red and how red explains to thee
oh beauty through songs red has its on symphony

loud and peaceful red rings and beats 
the pace of drums in the Sarah Deserts heat
in the heat of the day red changes with weather
like curtains in a window red sealed letter

smelling fragrances associated with red
dandelions jasmines roses
red is like the senses in the soft canal of the nose and
every part of the soul

red is young red is old
red captivates its connection to us all
red kisses hugs expands its own call
sun rays red days

releasing its grace
red is red is today
a place were many will say
like meditation mind free kneel to pray

red is here red is every were
red pays attention and i never scared
let red be who red is called to be
red is definitely a description in me

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: desire, longing, love, passion,

Hypnotic Eyes

Hypnotic are your eyes in light
of sun and stars and luring moon.
Eyes crystal blue flame coldest night
then look away as lovers swoon.
Like them, I long to lose my head
and heart to love, not just a game.
Enlightened by a kiss, we'd wed,
a charmed new life with a new name.

My feet tread soft, my blood burns deep.
I scour for deeds to draw you near.
Unheeded, this beguiled soul weeps.
I've failed to sway your heart, austere.
Caress me with hypnotic eyes.
if love's a dream, I'll fantasize  

Written 2/10/17 for Form H Contest

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, betrayal, creation, hope, imagery, lost love, recovery from,

Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup

Cupid Pours, From Love's Golden Cup

Sad knowing thy heart was so bruised
Seeing deep pain in such blue eyes
Tragic, such kind heart thus abused
By deadly slashes in dark lies

Pray I, for soul's quickest healing
With a true love to soon arrive
For such brings, joy and new feeling
Pray again, thy heart feels alive

From this, my sad heart, words now poured
asked relief, thee sweet bird flown high
After flight of thee, wherein soared
Thy new love life, once gone awry

May Cupid pour, from Love's true cup
Truest of love's glows to cheer thee up

Robert JLindley, 2-23-2017

Note: I finally remembered to write using this new poetry form, as I promised in a comment to Suzanne made on her great poem using this form.

Not written for any contest....

Poem Details | by Elisheba Yahudah |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, for him, heart, i love you, i miss you, smile,

I can not help myself

I just can not help myself
How I feel inside for you
Rhythms flow ocean side sea mine for you
I cannot say to you I don’t need right here by my side

Favor brought us together
Destiny they collide
Ecstasy there to be told in all these lines for you
I just can not help myself 

How your words vocally make me feel
Your touch 
Your kiss
Your smile 

I miss all of you
Can you here me when I call you
In the spirit
Can you hear me when I lift up your name?

All the same
I release to you that I care so deep
So deep for you
I just can not help myself

How you are you!

Poem Details | by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: lost love,


Her eyes sparkled as if from wine,
But it was early in the day.
I could near feel her lips on mine,
But she made no effort to stay.

Her feelings hidden somewhere deep
Within her mysterious soul
She turned to walk as if in sleep,
And left me there alone and cold.

She had buried our only chance
Beneath some dark and hidden past.
As I looked on a dead romance,
And pondered the die she had cast.

Was it love that she had hidden?
What role was this I'd been bidden?


Poem Details | by Elisheba Yahudah |
Categories: best friend, true love, word play,


You know Yah and s it for me to feel this way
I felt some type of way
I don't want to mess things up

I never asked you to pass this cup
All I ask is for you to help me to press on
Moving on to the next chapter
In my life

How long 
What must I do
To be patient with this
A kiss I miss

On the sensual sensation of my lips
What do I say today
It seems so strick
I see you love me of course

Is it really dangerously in love
Matters drops on the floor
More information my diary is filling up
I never asked why

Never to pass my cup!

Poem Details | by Elisheba Yahudah |
Categories: beautiful, feelings, love, memory, sympathy,

Undeniable Truth

I just cannot help myself how I feel inside for you
Rhythms flow
Ocean sides sea mine for you
I cannot say to you I don't need you right here by my side

Favor brought us together
Divine Destiny they collide
Ecstasy there to be 
Told in all of these lines

I just cannot help myself how your words vocally
makes me feel
Your touch your kiss your smile
I miss all of you

Can you hear me when I call you in my spirit
Can you hear me when I lift name
all the same
I release to you that I care

So deep 
So deep 
For you
I just cannot help me self 

How you are you

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: emotions, love,


O HEART Tracing its symmetrical shape — claustrophobic butterfly wings, sensate sweep, with kisses my nape. The flutter of my heartstrings sing. Don’t break my wings of happiness, this bellyache ballerina, this lavender oil of sweetness, and lover’s splash of katrina. O pheromone pulse! Rapturous! A dance in the mirror with you — my slipper toes adventurous! Love’s over the rubicon queue. Lover , you trace my passion’s heart — if it dies, it will not restart. 2/5/2018< Early Feb Standard Contest/Brian Strand Hybronnet Form - 8 syllables per line *Katrina - pure **Rubicon - the limiting line

Poem Details | by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: beauty, dream, love,

A Beauteous Sight - Hybronnet

My eyes, they beheld A Beauteous Sight,
Before my eyes, it did shine like the sun.
I did see such beauty within the light,
Tonight, passion’s fulfilment would be done.
A woman did stand on Heaven’s bright plain,
Her temple praised by the Angels on high.
I knew Love it would forever remain,
When I did leave this glory in the sky.
Where you did stand, it was as bright as day,
Your glory, I did not know I would find.
But there you did stand, there you did stay,
A beautiful light held within my mind.
Now all around us, everything was still,
As now your sweetest dreams I would fulfil.