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Love Poems About Hostilities or Hostilities Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, daffodils, feelings, imagery, imagination, nature, spring,

Full Of Possibilities

Spring arrives with daffodils
showers and unbridled joy.
And paints smiles on the faces
of every young girl and boy.

Beds of colorful flowers
mimic a tropical reef.
And wide eyed little toddlers
stare in total disbelief.

The heart of nature is freed
from winter hostilities.
For spring is a magic time
full of possibilities.

Gleaming with beams of sunlight
dewdrops sparkle like jewels.
And spring fever’s contagious
to dreamers and April fools.

Love is carried on the wind
in tranquility's embrace.
And somehow time seems to pause
as hope and warmth interlace.

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: allusion, angel, beautiful, bible, blessing, christian, faith,



When Elijah comes again,
We'll all turn the page of sin,
He is not the Lord,
But a voice of awe,
Heaven above, Earth below,
Fire within, ever to glow,
Divine life and love on Planet Earth,
Flames of gifts, new life to birth,
One vision and one dream,
Amity and no more bigotry,
One global fellow humanity,
Ceasing hostilities, such sin,
When Elijah comes again.

by Paghunda Zahid |
Categories: truth, universe,

How can we

We live in this world as if we own this place
We behave as if we are the masters of our fate
We talk, we walk , we act like kings
But every day, every single moment 
We are make aware of our bit
We have no power
We don’t even matter
We were sent without our consent 
Our lives will be taken without any warrant 
At one moment we are like gods
At another we are dust
Our mind, heart, pride, arrogance, attitude, love, loath, passion
Everything becomes dreck
Yet we fight, argue, hurt and squish others 
Yet there are wars, hostilities and masacare
Why do we forget?
How can we??