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Love Poems About Hostel or Hostel Love Poems
by Keith Relf |
Categories: adventure, fear, history, hope, inspirational, life, loss, love, people, political, sports, war,

The Undisputed

The Undisputed

 I usually prevail when mostly other have doubts,

 as my hostel rival friends taunt, boo and shout,

 when they know my mind is focus on that title bout.

 I took the stubborn champ to the limit with a reserve

 of deadly impact of fresh crushing blows therefore

 had the ruthless undefeated champ dazed, shocked,

 and lay resting looking at my dancing toes as

 I exit to go ending the big show.

 2/15/11 by Keith K. Relf

by Mark Miller |
Categories: allegory, anniversary, feelings,

In Sickness, In Health

By Mark Miller 11/08/2017

Play of conflict snare trauma 
Beat's drum-head hold drama 
Soulful histrionic perfection 
Behind rear view devotion

Of hostel trap left hours and
Stricken rabble memoirs band
Vowing to love each other  true 
Punching in at chaotic shape hue

Disrobe a hate fueled romance 
In a strange loop  ignorance 
Discovering our nothing invention 
Meeting in chimneys label ashen 

Starring below I send telegram 
To agency Ground Control 
Wonder why so many had to cry
I guess they never got to say goodbye

by Lucas Chihinga |
Categories: love,

'Could've Been

‘Could’ve Been

It could have been us
Celebrating 10th month’s anniversary;
Not that it’s a complaint,
But a reminder in a bragging tone.

It could have been us 
Laying on a 2m hostel single bed;
Fighting for one pillow,
In a cold night of July.

It could have been us
Playing basketball Sunday evening;
On a rough outdoor court,
With rules of our own.

It could have been us 
Exchanging jerseys on sun dawn;
Watching the sunset,
Talking dirty in love language.

It could have been us 
If not for your boldness;
That intimidates my manhood,
Pushing me into loving a stranger.