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Love Poems About Hostages or Hostages Love Poems
by Justin Bordner |
Categories: romance,

Kiss Risk

Your lips are so soft tonight
like young truth 
on the fingertips of my fantasies,
I know it's dangerous for you
it's dangerous for me too,
our hearts could become hostages
to ancient laws of Love,
the leather of the law may be applied
silk used to silence shyness,
we could appeal to the supreme feeling,

I slip the satin secrets off your innocent shoulders
texture of carnal cream cascading freely
to the flowering of your violet felicity
your hair feels like a feather teasing my ear
as I listen to the vocals of an inner yearn
reveal the rapture of a rose on fire -

J.A.B.  2020

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: longing, memory, money, perspective,

Greatest of Sin

For you
So sublime
My prolonged yearning;
Fond dreams of you, saccharine sweet
Lingering; embedded like a tattoo in my heart
If coveting you is the greatest of sin, I'd gladly give hostages to fortune

BRIAN'S CHOICE 11,any form,any theme
Contest Judged:  5/31/2020 (Winner: Honorable Mention)
Sponsored by: Brian Strand 

Writing challenge, January 2019 - Fibonacci Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Dear Heart (Winner: 3rd Place)
Date written and posted: 01/04/2019