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Love Poems About Hospitable or Hospitable Love Poems
by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: inspirational, love, nature, nostalgia, peace, people, philosophy, places


A gem of a nation
An abode of peace
A treasure of empire
A haven of tranquility
A kingdom of treasures
An oasis of modern empire
A space of warmth greeting
A den of hospitable people
A neoclassical form of politics
A gateway to beyond comports
An avenue of understanding
An environment of treasures
An ancient Sultanate kingdom
An indeed pampering Brunei Darussalam

Bandar Seri Begawan
Negara Brunei Darussalam
December 30, 2008
Muharram 2, 1430

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: analogy, beach, beautiful, beauty, passion, patriotic, places,


Fall in love with the Philippines...
Pearl of the orient seas..
Known with its lustrous green forests..
Famous of it's soft to white beaches..

Fall in love with the Philippines..
Hospitable and respectable persons..
Lots olf activities to choose from..
Mountain climbing, camping, diving, surfing..
Choose, try and actively explore...

Fall in love with the Philippines..
Seemingly poor yet so rich in history..
All around you will see white to bronze colored Pinoys..
Nurtured by values and of traditions...

Fall in love with the Philippines..


by Sourabh Singh |
Categories: angel, care, fantasy, feelings, freedom, friendship, symbolism,

Let me live, too

When gusty wind of your love
Touched past my spirit
O dear life!
I have stood fast
On the bosom of earth
Like a banyan tree.
I have spread my circle
Of prop roots
To shoulder wide branches
Of my singularity.
With a prompt of finger
Now I can call you!
Taking a spangle of dawning sun
On your crimson forehead
Come under my hospitable shadow,
Make your nest, 
Perch it in the arms of horizon, 
Live like thrilling waves
Under the kisses of nasty wind.
In the blissful coolness
Of your beauty
O dear life,
Let me live too!

by aida melesse |

Come In

That thing
that can't go away
that earning
that hopes for a better day, 
That fantasy
that's free from the mind
that longing
that waits for your love.

Are you coming? 
are you half way? 
I am waiting
by the doorway
then you knock
when I have given up
gone inside
and locked the door
I hear your voice
but can't let you in, 
I feel your breath
in the stillness you bring
still can't let you in, 
Me in my empty room
you standing at my door
I know you are still there
Don't wait for me 
to let you in
just come in
and find yourself a sit
a place
I am not hospitable
when you know my weakness.

by wahab abdul |
Categories: truth,

My request to a root

I nourish a wish for long 
To enter into a tree 
So I frequently go 
To a forest deep 
At jet black night 
And touch a root 
And request it 
Even for a moment 
To take me in 
After all trees are not stone 
Neither they are jealous 
Or show their grabbing attitude like men 
They are judicious 
Sympathetic and full of love 
More hospitable for a man 
Than a man for a man 
Oh tree, even for a moment 
Please take me in