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Love Poems About Hosanna or Hosanna Love Poems
by Adeleke Adeite |
Categories: passion, religion, life,

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace is my soul’s sweetest story.
I found my faith in Him… at the cross of Calvary.
Amazing grace, my redeemer’s rhapsody,
I saw eternal life, listening to this melody.
Amazing grace leads my spirit’s saintly sound,
And raised my sinking soul from the gory ground
Amazing grace gave life its sweet rendition.
Through heaven’s spiritual gift, you brought redemption.
Amazing grace! The angels hail hosanna. 
Let me be in the blessed band to sing hallelujah!
Amazing grace! God bestowed glow and glory.
Love raised Christ from death to change my sorry story
Amazing grace is the spring of life and love.
It flows to man from that glorious garden above

by Bo Lanier |
Categories: heart, love, strength,


Isabella of Aragon sitting high up upon her
jewel stoned throne. Patron monarch of saints, 
scholars and the arts. Noble woman of the
heart. Isabella of Castile Spanish Queen
quiet surreal.
Well and he came to her with a bargain and
she believed in him. She was intrigued by
the thought of an old culture still 
primitive in nature. And what an adventurous
woman she was. And the ways of the new world
she did come to love!
Oh Isabella of Aragon sitting high up upon
her jewel stoned throne. Turning her eyes to
the villas and saying Hosanna! Gracious
Queen of Spain, Lady Isabella.