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Love Poems About Horse or Horse Love Poems
by Paul Curtis |
Categories: love


When will I reach the main event?
I’m tired of dainty canapés
I’ve had too many hors d'oeuvres
They are getting on my nerves
When will I reach the Entrée?
When will I meet the one I seek?
My life long dining companion

by John Anderson |
Categories: love,

Forsaken when Shaken

Love's forlorn curt sojourn, forsaken when shaken
By trifle of qualms, charms and alarms
Withers on vine, no fruit to crush into wine
Besotted by starters, but becalmed when main course falters
How often love's hors d'oeuvres flop and scuttle main course and sweet dessert
The seeds of like, first sight thrill, and eye to eye sparkle and interplay
Sprout too fast and wilt in the light of day, 
Spurned shoots thrown down the gauntlet, deflate, die and get flushed away.