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Love Poems About Horace or Horace Love Poems
by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: body, candy, for her, love, lust, passion, sensual,

''A cunning linguist is my Romeo''

A cunning linguist is my Romeo,
whose tongue has tasted ev’ry inch of me
ravenously from head to toe and—Oh!
in between—that I’m wet with ecstasy!
With lips on breasts, he kisses my firm nipples
first, then bites and nibbles on them like candy;
now wet with excitement, my genitals
beg for the strokes of his tongue to eat me.
Supine, I spread wide for him as his hands
prime my vagina—first the labials—
then my fluttering vulva—which expands
like a bloom for all of my man’s essentials.
      Then, his lusty tongue slays my ********!— 
       so I then beg for the **** of my Horace.

by Julie Grenness |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, destiny, god, heaven, love,


I contemplated, but not alone,
On an ancient poet's ode,
A lover and a scribbler composed,
"Nunc scio quid est amor...." Oh,
"Now I know what true love is....." No woe,
As I reflect on a spiritual road,
I ponder on, where pomegranates,
As venerable Horace did compose,
A love divine, true love, and never alone.......

by Merissa Poetry |
Categories: cute love,

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