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Poem Details | by Gideon Cecil |
Categories: lost love, me, heart, sweet, sea, heart, kiss, love, me, moon, sea, sweet,

The Sea In Her Heart

Her heart sailed away from me into the sea,
Her love for me is just a fading memory.
I think of her love and faint to pray,
I trust in my God to show me the way.

Come back to me my love in the moon light night,
Embrace me once again for my heart to delight.
Come like the sea birds flying over the sea,
Come kiss me again for my heart to be free.

You are the young sunlight rising in the morning,
You are the brilliant full moon O my immortal darling!
I see you like the sea waves on the shores of our hearts,
Don't leave me and go for our souls to depart.

You shall be my eternal destiny until the end of time,
You are my divine inspiration in my sweet love rhyme.
Live in my heart and return to me once again,
Give me your sweet kiss to heal my heart's pain.

Let your love grow like a tree planted by the sea,
Fly away like the sea birds but come back to me.
Let your soul be join to mine as my everlasting token,
Kiss me forever more for our hearts never to be broken.

By:Gideon Cecil

Poem Details | by Aleera De La Keur |
Categories: angst, depression, devotion, faith, family, hope, loss, love, mother, sad, sisterpain, life,

Stronger Than She Thinks.....

She is a loving mother, 
 her pain is like no other.
Kids taken all at once away.
 A price too steep to have to pay.

Holds her head up high, 
 when all she wants to do is die.
She thinks her pain is masked, 
 but as you see, its no easy task.

She's strong and still fights, 
 even when they say she has no rights.
She dreams of seeing her kids, 
 trying hard to keep the pain hid.

She goes to court and really fights, 
 only to come home alone and cry at night.
Still, she continues this uphill battle.
 Her confidence, they constantly rattle.

Goes to work and tries to smile, 
 as her heart is breaking all the while.
Wish I was a much better sister, 
 who called and let her know I missed her.

I had my own tumultuous issues, 
 it was she who really needed the tissues.
I just had a crappy, low life man.
 By her side her family should stand.

Instead they all give her grief.
 Do they not see her pain will never be brief?
No, they all say they are sorry, but they're full of lies.
 Didn't they know it was her LIFE in demise?

A better sister, I'll try to be.
 Her back she never turned to me.
I hope she knows she's loved and cared for.
 Her smile I'd like to see more.

I know that's no easy task.
 But that I will still ask.
As they push her to the brink,
 She's stronger than she ever thinks.

A combined effort for Kristy.....

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: introspection, love, girl, me,



Saw a friend of mine the other day
He wasn’t in the mood to play
His face was sad his mood was low
I asked what made him worry so
“Well I’m in love “ the guy told me
"I met this babe--she's fine to see!
Her face is perfect legs are great
Her eyes are blue her hair in braids
When she crossed those endless legs
she dared me to sit up and beg
 I watched her sit down by the door
And knew I wanted no one more”

“And have you told her?” I had to know
“I call her every day or so
But she plays coy and stays so cool
It makes me feel like such a fool!"

“What other tactics have you tried?”
“I sent some daisies”  he replied.
"We watched a movie, went to eat
And oh that girl is really sweet!
I would give her anything!”
“Will you buy this girl a ring?”
"Of course not, she’s as poor as dirt"
Buffed the cufflink of his shirt
"Just want to play a little while
won't let a waitress cramp my style"

Left him sitting in the park
I hope that chick will  break his heart

Poem Details | by Illyanna De La Keur |
Categories: death, fantasy, lost love, love, passionnight, night,

A Deadly Kiss

The moonlight shined off her hair,
With beauty beyond compare.
The starlight captured in her eyes,
Too bad tonight is the night that she dies.

The pounding he feels in her chest,
Puts any doubts of this to rest.
The blood pumping in her veins,
Makes the hunger override his pain.

He loves her without compare,
But this night her blood she'll share.
His immortal heart will break,
Their first kiss sealed her fate.

As the hunger takes control,
The blood lust begins to take its toll.
As his fangs breaks her skin,
Her death does feed his sins.

His immortality made him pay a price,
No one ever said vampires lives were nice.
Now she's dead in his arms,
He swears not to fall for another's charms.

As tears of blood roll down his cheeks,
He holds her and doesn't speak.
At first this life was fun,
But now he vows to meet the sun.

Poem Details | by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, love, upliftingme, life, me,

Footprints Revisited

I once had a dream that I was walking by the sea.
You were in it to Lord as You walked along with me

We were watching scenes of my life as they flashed across the sky.
You told me how much you loved me as we talked there, You and I.

You said You would always be there and I felt so good inside.
We left two sets of footprints that disappeared with the tide.

Then some thing disturbed me as it came into the light.
When things got bad in my life there was only one set of footprints in my sight.

Lord You told me that You loved me and all I had to do was believe.
Why is it Lord that when things got so bad that you would turn and leave?

My precious, precious child You said that is something I would never do.
When you saw only one set of footprints that is when I carried you.

Poem Details | by Aleera De La Keur |
Categories: faith, hope, lost love, love, peaceme, me,


Its been two years since I sent you packing, 
 I don't want you, what part of that code are you having trouble cracking?
If I don't call you, ever, don't you think there's a reason?
 When I say, 'I'm through, I want a divorce.", I'm not teasing.

Days turn to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, 
 I'm done being used, taken advantage of, and shedding tears.
How dumb do you have to be to not get the clue?
 I don't call or come by, because I don't want you!!!!!

You'll never change, with your selfish, conniving ways.
 Lazy, addicted, worthless and bring home strays.
And I don't mean cats or dogs, I mean those nasty girls.
 To think where you've been makes me want to hurl

Quit calling, leave me alone, I don't ever want you back.
 You can't change my mind, especially since you have no tact.
I'm better off alone, than with the likes of someone like you.
 Any chance you had of staying my husband, you forever blew!

So go ahead, drink another beer, smoke a cigarette and suck that glass Devil's dick.
 The sound of your voice, the thought of you touching me, makes me sick.
Find someone who can put up with your nasty attitude and your far fetched lies.
 I'm making it clear, WE'RE OVER, so why are you so surprised?

Poem Details | by Aleera De La Keur |
Categories: adventure, devotion, family, funny, happiness, love, peoplered, stress,

An Old "Happy" Couple

Cherish me as I grow old, and am surely liable to forget things
 I know how interesting life is and the contentment it brings.
I know you'll make excuses to try and be miserable and even try not to go.
 Now just have a good trip, even though I know your stress will just grow.

White, sandy beaches and salt tasted air, with an ocean so cold.
 Aggravation sets in as we try to put our lawn chairs down to unfold.
Breathe, my love, its as simple as remembering the latch on the side.
 Surely, all you had to do is ask, I'm tired of your old, stubborn pride.

Finally, we get our chairs situated and I'm ready to bask in the sun.
 You ask for sun block and as I search, you assume I brought none.
Its just at the bottom of the beach bag, you stubborn old ass!
 And don't think I don't see you sneaking a sip out of that flask!

I turn bronze as I used SPF 40, you chose SPF 15, and look at you.
 Red as a lobster, mean as crab, and I'm enjoying the view.
I tried to tell you, but so stubborn, do you ever plan to listen?
 Probably not now, nor never, so your skin will always be red and glisten.

How are you supposed to relax now that you can't move not even a limb?
 Our stress free vacation, is as always, starting to look grim.
Oh well, aloe you up, and off to dinner we shall go and have some fun.
 Take some Soma, Lortab, and Xanax and you'll be good and numb.

An hour later and you're stress free, and mostly out of that pain.
 Good thing, because its in the forecast for Florida rain!
We'll hobble around the block and get soaking wet from head to toe.
 Knowing tomorrow you'll be back in pain and stressed so we'll have to go.

But its like this every year, we plan to stay, but I know how you are.
 One or two days of driving makes you stiff from sitting in the car.
It'll take the rest of our vacation for you to blister and finally peel.
 You're the entertainment in my life, and that's why I'm with you still!

Poem Details | by Illyanna De La Keur |
Categories: friendship, love, sadme,

Don't Cry I Love You

Trying to fill the void,
makeup all destroyed,
standing in your pretty dress,
hair all crazy and a mess.

Flowers are everywhere,
go over and take a chair,
watch the people walking by,
no one notices as you cry.

All here for the same reason,
it's like the changing of the seasons,
don't worry about me I am fine,
maybe you need a glass of wine.

All the decorations oh so fancy,
being here was never chancy,
flowers, music, and the candles,
hope it wasn't too hard to handle.

I loved you til the end,
I held you close my dearest friend,
now it's time to put me in the ground,
you were my best treasure ever found.

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, brother,


                             WHAT IS TRUE BROTHERLY LOVE

You’re gifted and inspiring
Words everpresent your showering
Receptive of God’s soft spoken word
Many want to be heard

Brother, you are without any doubts in my mind
So very humane and kind
Truly immensely gifted
A believer who never shifted
God has bless you
God continues to bless you
For all you do, let your light shine
Speak words of truths from the bible

May heavenly gifts be bestowed on you
Keep speaking the light that shines through
Such a generous and kind soul
I’m proud to call you my brother
May the peace and joy in your life surround you always
Keep in mind God got you as I do pray for you and all the other
Those other brothers of this world
Write ON Bro!!
Sight unseen you are chosen, your representation of..
I thank God and you for ALL YOU DO
America ask yourself the question what's your definition of true brotherly love
AMEN* Write ON Bro!!

Written words by
Robert Lindley & James Edward Lee Sr.2018©

***Most of the words conceived by God inspired naturally, but also some words comes from a private e-mail from Brother Robert Lindley to myselfHis inspiring comments lead me to compose this verse instantly… So here’s to you another blessed dedicationI admire and appreciate your gifts..Blessings and peace always***

Poem Details | by Kristy De La Keur Scoville |
Categories: life, love, visionaryme, love, me,

What I want

I want to feel love and respect
With someone special the need to connect..
I want to feel that I alone matter
That I come first and never be the latter.

I want to be someones love acclaimed
Not someone who is to be ashamed
I want a love that cannot be defied
One that will not hide.

I want to be loved for me
Not for what someone wants me to be.
I want to be accepted for who I am
For I am no meek mild lamb.

I am so much more than expected
And yes I do sometimes need to be protected
But will always throw down and fight
For all that I believe is right.

I am simple and complex
For some days I surely do vex
But I will never ever hex
Unless said someone is an ex.

From my love I want affection
No one wants to feel rejection
I want to feel like I am needed
Not like I am someone to be be heeded.

Can anyone really love me for me?
Will my heart anyone truly see?
When it comes to me is there any clue?
Who is my true love? Is it you?

Poem Details | by nandlal pancholi |
Categories: art, inspirational, parody, love, time,


Parody of Andrew Marvell's "to his coy mistress"
We have no time to waste 
Dear in Love let's make haste
I haven't time to praise your locks 
For my boss at my back stalks
And for sheer platonic relation 
Internet erotic sites I can't shun
And I have dates waiting in queue
If you dither
I will select any in lieu of you 
My glabruous love should grow
like your painfully maintained eyebrow
And yonder before us lie
A chimney-tarnished sky
Before air pollution retards our respiration
Let our breath mingle each other in unison



Poem Details | by T S |
Categories: love,

A love in waiting

A tale that’s been told since the beginning of time
Of a man and a women and love and a rhyme
As sweet as love is it sometimes tastes bitter
When stealing ones heart always look through the glitter

For her heart sings for you but still dances with him
You showed up to late and it all feels so grim
Sinking in despair you look for a sign
Hoping that somehow she'll throw you a line

The world thinks you’re foolish for choosing to wait
While her eyes have you spellbound your blind to your fate
Your heart is a ship that’s now lost out at sea
And she is the lighthouse that will help set you free

Or is she a siren who watches you crash
You’re a moth to her flame as you burn into ash
One thing’s for certain when together you shine
She's the wind you’re the sky and stars all align

Poem Details | by Thomas Rauens |
Categories: childhood, death, introspection, life, loss, lost love, timelife, life,

The Great Clock

The Great Clock

Like the sunrise in the morn,
A babe, a life is born.
For a child, the Lord’s own pride
The door of life has opened wide
Beyond the haze, without a sound
The mighty Clock of Life is wound
Ticking on, into the sun
Until one’s time on earth is done.

The child will have to learn to live
When to take and when to give
He learns to fear, to hate, resent,
But love will help him be content.
Of work and play, a footing’s laid,
Of pains and joys a man is made.
A man who soon will stand alone,
To show the world how he has grown.

But soon the Great Clock quickens pace,
And he looks upon a weary face,
Shining once, but shadowed now,
With sagging cheeks and wrinkled brow.
And looking ‘round him he will see
All has changed, not only he.
Mother, brother, sister, wife,
Beaten by the storms of life.

Beneath the hilltop sod is laid
Other loved ones, passed away.
Of tender feelings once held dear
All will someday disappear.
For Time, like the healing sea
Wishes all painful memories free.

For it is better to think of things to come.
Rather than of things which have come and gone.
For the past is dead, all life’s ahead,
And the great Clock, ticks on!

Thomas JRauens
(Written in 1968)

Poem Details | by Terrance Upham |
Categories: appreciation, inspirational, life, love, men, strength, women,

Strong Warrior

I’m a warrior I”m ready to conquer a warrior strong but not empathetic I never give up I’m a conqueror.Perfection to own self is the perfection of me.Perfect is nothing that’s just how it’s to be.Acceptance of a warrior the resilience ready to conquer the strength of own self Concord acceptance of own self now a Warrior survivor independent of CancerStrength as a strong man / woman independence is the freedom of choice..
Warrior to Conqueror every day one day at a time don’t have sympathy I don’t want your empathy.I’m a warrior strength is my gain my independence of cancer that’s my physical my conceptual is the strength of a system…

[ Interconnected ]
? ? ? ? ? ??
?®O?N~§ € £ F €º??

Poem Details | by randall graves |
Categories: faith, inspirational, spiritual, life, me, world, summer, faith, jesus, life, love, me, paradise, sin, summer, time,

Are you ready

Moments to Reflect
Are you ready?
Jesus is on his way and it will not be long until He arrives and I want my soul by His side because His love will set me freeHe is all in this world that I need, He is the air that I breathe and He lives within me He give to me a gift of life for all eternityJesus is the air that I breathe he is in every breath that I takeHe my life and the world to me so I praise Him daily upon my knees, He is life for all who want to live for all eternity.
So fresh and clean, like clear blue sky and a gentle summer breezes, He is what will always sustain me in my time of needHe caresses me like a summer shower, oh what an honorLike the air that I breathe, I have faith in Him sight unseenIn Him I place my faith unseen knowing that He is living deep within me.
He is every flower and every tree His present is everywhere, all around meThis I can see and I know He care for meHe gave His life so that I might be free of sin, loving Him bring true life for me and for all to see my faith is strong and I show it and in this I cannot go wrong living my life, His words as my guide.He bared the weight of this world big or small and sin was what it was called and He paid a debt that He did not owe for all humanity to find their way back home and to have life more abundantly  within His kingdom that is more precious gold with bless yet to be told.
He the One who can set you free, He all that you need, He is the air and the flowers and the trees, He the air that I breathe for He fulfilled my every need and that is why I worship Him wholeheartedly upon my kneesHe my Savior the One that I want to please serving Him faithfully in all that I do giving thanks down on knees because I know that He love me.
In His glory I will live my life, and in Him will find a peace of mind, and be with Him when I die living forever a new life in paradise by His side.

No matter where I go He like the air that I breathe so fresh and cleanHe always with me , living inside of me, oh how sweet the security living life full and sin free , because when He set you free you are free in deed.
Like a gentle summer breeze Jesus love caresses me and it for all if you ask Him to come inside of youIt is for all that can read His word is written please want you readCome have faith in Jesus and to can have life and have it more abundantly, walk hand in hand with Jesus in paradise for all eternitySo do not be left behind with the time comes.
Keep this in mind and close to your heart; Jesus love is sweeter than a spring rain and more loving that a summer breeze, can’t you see within the 
Lord our savior there is everlasting life for all who truly believeFaith and belief in Jesus is life guaranteed what more do anyone really need?

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: death, hope, life, lost love, love, relationship, love,

Broken pieces work

Picking up the shards of shattered you                                                                         Each jagged reflection staring back too                                                                     Anger turned from brokenness of heart                                                                             Mirrors only amplified the tears dart                                                                              As memories of togetherness flow                                                                                   A man in the presence of letting go                                                                             She sobs in a patch work of memories                                                                     Stitching  the old love letters the hurt flees                                                                   The smell of his shirts comforter of times                                                                    Each block sown with care as love's healing binds                                                            In mosaic's or quilt's this will transcend                                                                      Even after a death love has no end

Poem Details | by Jamie Yost |
Categories: betrayal, break up, conflict, goodbye, love, soulmate, wisdom,


You and me we've met before
Without thinking we opened Love's door
Time stood still light illuminated dark
Heaven bequeathed an undeniable spark

A fiery reunion of the ages
Passion fueled the turning of the pages
Instant comfort still a mystery
Karmic mirrors about to make history

Bubbles surface in the cauldron of shame
Undoubted truth glows in the flame
Standing naked for me to see
Remarkably, you look just like me

Vulnerable to our scars,wounds and flaws
We are blinded by the unrealistic nature of laws
A long journey down the path of pain
When will our soul's peace ever be regained

Broken hearts over secrets and lies
You will never see through these eyes
Failed divine intervention for the selfish ego
Time is up Time to let go

Certain of unfinished karmic debt
Remains remorse for the goals set
Goodbye with honor and gratitude
Happiness and joy shall not allude

Poem Details | by Jann Finley |
Categories: break up, farewell, first love, for him, lost love, moving on, relationship,

What I know

I saw with my eyes, the seasons they change
the waves come in and they go out again.
So I picked up a leaf and I wrote down my heart
a gift from me now that we’re apart.
I know that I want you, I know you don’t care.
I know that I need you; I know you’re not there
I know what I want can never be
because it’s too late baby  to say what I need.
So I whispered I love you to a cloudless sky
and wiped away a drop that fell from my eye.

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: passion,


             LOVE SIGNS

The husband sat beside his wife
That woman-- passion of my life
Her eyes were lowered but their shine
Betrayed her mind saw us entwined
She took a pen in her white hands
Caressed the length, across black bands
Brought the  tip near to her lips
Her tongue flicked out --the pinkest whip
And I, a pen from briefcase took
Swiftly bit it--her  legs shook
And so across the room we loved
But never from his side she  moved.
A  pen, so small,  a simple thing
became accomplice of our fling

Poem Details | by Jann Finley |
Categories: break up, cry, first love, for him, loss, love, memory,

What I know

I went to the ocean where we used to go, 
I sat on the cliffs and I felt the wind blow.
I saw with my eyes, the seasons, they change
The waves come in and they go out again.
I picked up a leaf, and wrote down my heart
A gift from me, now that we're apart.
I know that I want you, I know you don't care.
I know that I need you, I know you're not there.
I know what I want, can never be
Because it's too late baby to say what I need.
So I whispered "I love you" to a cloudless sky,
and wiped away a drop that fell from my eye.

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, husband, love, wife, autumn, love,

Autumn's Glow

A cool mist hovers o'er water lilies on the sleepy pond And bathed in declining sunrays is a blossoming bond of love Through the crowded park they go oblivious to noise around them Warm hands brush, then slowly lock, as heartfelt thoughts lay bear Sweet murmurings softly fall like autumn’s golden leaves Upon the grassy knoll beneath wise, old oak trees, listening While the crisp wind churns, envious, as he steadily blows Quite unaware is he, Autumn love has taken its hold While mischevious Cupid, chuckles with glee at his work, well done A perfect hit! Once two friends; now two hearts made one! Lost In their reverie, a beautiful world of their own Stealing kisses while watching the last geese fly home. ~*~
Written by Annalise For Michael's"Falling in Love in the Fall" Contest

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: love, me, passion,


IF EVER I LOVE AGAIN If ever I love again, I’ll start anew I'll find a love that has a tongue that tells me only true No tears will plague me through the sleepless night No haunting days will be my hopeless endless plight If ever I love again, it won’t be you You broke my heart, tore me in two For loving you I’ve paid the price-- Away from you-- my heart melts free its chains of weeping ice.

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: education, growing up, love, men,


(based on a conversation of letters from a Greek uncle to nephew 460 AD)

Dear young man, if it's love you seek
Beware that you don’t seem too meek
A woman says she wants a man
Who will be kind --meet her demands
But men who try to please with smiles
Are not victorious in life's trials
Lift up your eyes and look around
The bold men rule the sky and ground 
If you’re demure –you’re thought a freak
And women spread the word you’re weak
If you run scared or spurn a fight
You’ll find your bed an empty sight

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: love,


Suppressing something
beautiful is not feeling 
what all true hearts feel.

Poem Details | by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: sad, love,


Clouds of my mind
Chashing away the rainbow of you.
Monster realities casting shadows
Again and again and I am afraid
Of losing you.
I turn to run
But love blocks the passage to my escape
And I stay
And wait
For your return
Because I know you love me too! 
Soon the clouds disappear
And the monsters were never here!

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: love, me, wine,


         NO WINE FOR ME

No wine for me, I must most vehemently decline--
But, oh,  I wish your moistened lips were mine
These vintages he offered me are pale--
You are the prime intoxication I inhale

The wine you offer may be considered sweet
With it most meals would be gourmet complete
I could be sated it is true--
If my tongue could sing with aftertaste of you

So humor me and take a little sip of wine
Then I will make your rivulet of passion mine
For then your wandering lips have blessed this glass
and from you to me-- that afterglow will pass

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: allegory, death, faith, life, love, nature, religion, life, rose,

A true rose of Jericho

 I come whence I go the Lord alone knows 								            like this wheel in the sky this a true rose 									              without recognition rolling along  												done in the green Him alone life belongs 											in the dry what will be done prophesied 											weeping for love His children despised           									           marred  until  latter rain received         											 with one drop again we must first believe      										new life resurrection no longer weeds                      									with a certain dwelling place which is free                                                                                        		              these three agree so are we in this earth 										 drinking all we can until the new birth                                                                                        -  by john Beam based on Anastatica  The rose of JerichoA resurrection plant is any plant with the habit of reviving after seeming to be dead or of seeming to revive when being in fact dead.

Poem Details | by Victor Alexander |
Categories: adventure, beautiful, best friend, betrayal, boyfriend, cousin, fantasy, farewell, feelings, first love, for her, friend, friendship, girlfriend, goodbye, happiness, hate, heartbroken, jealousy, life, lost love, love, lust, youth,



He is young, handsome and got all it takes
To get involved with him, girls get tied to the stakes
Early in his age he set it off with one in a relationship
The love was fierce; both were wolves and none the sheep
Quarrel today and settle today; the relationship seem not to last
Sincerity danced to the lime-light; someone will surely get hurt at last
He ignorantly made her jealous and she sought a pay-back
She left him for his best friend but later sought to come back
Marriage and family ties got deep in line; too late to get back
The first girlfriend in his past.

So heartbroken and sad; he refused to show concern
The latest girl was so pretty and that calls for concern
She was his childhood friend he shared kisses with
Another relationship in line; amidst tares he took out the best wheat
It all started off so well, he broke the heart of her cousin
They were too close; the girl was close to his cousin
Childhood friendship an advantage thought this one will last
Unfortunately, the happy relationship came to end so fast
They lost it all: love, compatibility, friendship and in themselves a taste
The second girlfriend in his past.

Tired of relationships, he dived into friends with benefits
It was so sweet an adventure; to every girl, he got a benefit
He became so free and there was no love seen to be found
Nothing to loose as its just sex and the girls were always around
Tasting all juicy like Solomon’s pear; Complications in line he got scared
Frightened out his shoes; friends with benefit? He was no longer prepared
In the midst of storm; just like Jonah , he remembered there is someone so dear
The safest adventure is a relationship with her and there will be nothing else to fear
Difficult as of the beginning but she later came to terms and vowed to always be there
The third girl; presently in his present…

D' Poetic Beast

Poem Details | by mandy cabral |
Categories: dedication, faith, family, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, love, people, romance,

so so missing you

I count the hours, 
and I count the days.
Oh how much I miss you, 
to pass the time I even count the ways.

I miss your voice,
I miss your touch.
I miss your soft  hair,
And I miss the face,
That I love so much.

How to describe it, 
There is no way.
I walk all around,
In a permanent daze.

I long to feel,
Your soft warm embrace.
And to see a sexy smile,
Upon your face.

I will not sleep,
Won't close an eye.
Until I know you're home, 
Safe and alive.

While you're far away,
And I am ok
I think of you out there,
In danger and alone.

This is the life before me you've chosen,
And I can't change your mind.
You've found your inner bravery,
And now I must find mine.

I miss you so much, 
To the moon and the stars.
And this feeling will go on,
Until you're safe in my arms.

Poem Details | by chandru ganesh S |
Categories: lovelonging, longing, me,

I am in love

Shining is all that I am seeing or am I dreaming?
Killing my yesterdays, today you came breezing
Heavens are unbolting, smoothly I m dying in you
Shall it take anything! All my dawns are with your love

I m the longing breeze, amidst your swaying and blooming hairs
I m the rolling droplet of sweat, blushing to your eyebrows
My desires are the hanging tears on your butterfly eye lashes
My life is a dream longing in your black-pearly eyes

All my day I wish to hug you to my heart, hoping time ever lasts
Knowing your love is too sweet, I would kiss to taste your lips
A walk with my hands skimming around your hips is ever precious
Leaps for that you pluck your favorite evening flowers are my moments

On moon and sun, On me and my mirror, everywhere reflections are you
I m beyond depths to ever think of reaching where I were
I m damned in you, drowned in you, all I can get me back is in you
Before I discern, I m dissolving in you…….I am in love