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Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: dark, evil, fantasy, halloween, horror, myth, scary,

Medusa's Love

Medusa’s Love

Medusa is a hideous and vile creature of Grecian yore
Medusa, once a high priestess in the Temple of Athena,
Suffered Athena’s unforgiving wrath for violating her 
Sacred temple as she and Lord Poseidon made love there.

Medusa’s Love entices all of her naive human victims,
Up to that special mesmerizing moment of her icy shock,
As they end up unwittingly gazing into her evil, hellish  
Eyes and their bodies harden and turn to stone forever

You can never trust those Gods who relish in making
The plight of mortal man more challenging on Earth.
Once a perfect paragon of radiant female pulchritude,
Athena transformed Medusa into this mythic monster 

As if this life isn’t frightening enough, with the advent 
Of Halloween Eve and the cold, dark nights preceding it;
Medusa’s restless spirit as this grotesque Gorgon can be
Conjured from her lair at the entrance to the Underworld.

From the hissing and viperous serpents adorning her head,
To the ever-present shaking death rattle of her reptilian tail;
Medusa’s sneering and unholy visage paralyzes her victims
As her fiery and demonic eyes bring them a stone-cold death!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
(October 1, 2015) (Unrhymed Quatrain)

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: dance, dark, halloween, love, surreal,

May I Dance With You

May I dance with you now as ghosts ride by with the breeze,
     and that old witch on her broom flies on by past the moon.
While big, black cats with green eyes stare at us from the trees,
     we'll glide past jack-o-lanterns as we sway and we swoon.

This dark night sky is on fire with red moon's eerie glow;
     silhouettes of the treetops and house roofs hug the sky
as the spirits surround us, in the darkness we know
     we will dance, cheek to cheek, on this grand night, you and I.

Dance with me, come in closer as bats swirl all around;
     all night creatures are watching as I hold you so tight.
While owls screech, my fangs pierce!  I, Dracula, love the sound
     of enjoying my blood feast this great Halloween night!

Yes!  It is me, don't you see?  Dance is done!  I have won!

Sandra MHaight

~2nd Place~
Contest: Halloween Scare
Sponsor: Russell Sivey
Judged: 11/09/2017

Rules: 13 lines, 13 syllables per line 
169 syllables total checked with
~1st Place~
Contest: May I Dance With You
Sponsor: Galeo DS
Judged: 10/31/2016 
Form: Anapestic Tetrameter 

Poem Details | by JAN ALLISON |
Categories: halloween, humorous,


I hear the doorbell ring and I rush to answer it The heavy wooden door creaks and squeaks and groans My face is a ghostly white, you can only just see my eyes and mouth The children scream loudly and drop their bags of sweets in fright Terrified they flee down the path not pausing to look back I grab their sweets and quickly slam the door I dash to the bathroom Twenty minutes is up and its time to wash off my face pack Hee hee hee it works every year 5th October 2014

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: best friend, death, first love, halloween, lost love, love, spiritual,

The Visit

Go ahead, you freaking coward, I thoughtYou drove all this way, with your new 6" GPSNow you’re a bowl of jello who can't ring a bell? I took a deep breath and pushed the buzzer.nothingI knocked, softlyThe door opened, slowly....

"Joey Sliwa?" a voice said.

It felt good to be recognized after thirty-five years"Yes, Lana?" I said, smiling, questioningA touch on the arm and an awkward hugShe led me into a medium-sized living room with two, white-as-snow Shih Tzu puppies.

Sitting on a plush, microfiber couch with coffee and a baker's box of pastriesI was so drawn to this woman, I had to force myself to move away...The dogs sat upTheir attentive stares were.disconcerting.

"I can't believe I'm here," I said"I never would have come without calling -- but, your number was disconnected and you stopped communicating on your Facebook page."

"I'm flattered you were so concernedYou do know I have MS, right?"

"Yes, of courseI figured it might be something like thatI guess.I wanted to see you one last time before I dropped dead," I said, with a half-smileOur fingers touched and, yes, there were sparks.

"How are your kids doing," I inquired.

"Both grown and out of the houseThey're always badgering me to come live with them." She seemed lost in thought.for a moment.

"And, BobYou never told meWhat happened to Bob?"

"I don't want to talk about him," she said"He was abusive and a terrible fatherThat's all I'm going to say -- for now."

I moved closer and put my arm around herShe didn't pull away"Lana, you don't have to explain anythingI'm here to visit my old friend, who I love very much." There were tears in her eyes.

"You know, Joey, we can never be," she said.

The Shih Tzus' white-as-snow fur was no longer so whiteI felt a pain, and I was frozen in place.

"JoeyWhat's wrong? Can I help you?" I heard her speak.

"Can I help you? Sir, do you need help?" The voice of a young man"Dina, call 911."

I opened my eyesMy arm was outstretched, trying to press the buzzerThere were people around me who I didn't recognize"I was looking for Lana," I stuttered"Lana White?" The good-looking kid with the Burt Reynold's moustache took notice when I repeated her name.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"My name is Joey SliwaI was friends with your mother many years agoWe recently connected again on Facebook," I said"And, you're her son, DanielI saw pictures." I felt a tightening in my chest.

"My sister called for helpThey'll be here, shortly," said, DanielHe ran back into the houseThere were neighbors gathered around.

A teenage girl who was listening to the conversation sat next to me"Lana passed away three months agoIt was in all the papersAnd, it was a week before her body was discoveredThey found Goo and Princess eating parts of her bodyIt was just too horrible," she said.

One of the neighbors screamed at her: "Gigi, get the hell out of hereYou're father's going to hear about thisThis man is in no condition to hear that shit!" Gigi quickly left my side.

The ambulance arrived and they lifted me onto the stretcherThe last face I saw was Lana's daughter, DinaIt was uncanny the resemblance to her motherI felt light-headed from the oxygenThe cold ambulance air-conditioning made me think of brisk autumn windsI knew, if I closed my eyes now, I would be back in the living room with LanaSo, I did close my eyes, for the last time....

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: death, halloween, light, love, magic, spiritual, wisdom,

Crying for Light, for All Hallows and Samhain

Be still, can you hear the drum, the drum
Hear it beat like a heart in the heavy night
Hold on to your soul, for the dead are come
To look to the living for light

Ashes and sulphur, blood on stone
Lavender, lilies, and roses blown

Out of the mist, they come, they come
Through the slip of a stitch in the hazy veil
With their feet all bare, and their faces pale
The dead come, crying for light 

Lavender, lilies, and roses blown
Ashes and sulphur, blood on stone

Out of the past they come, they come
From the shadowy halls of history
From the battlefield, and the hungry sea
The dead come, crying for light

Ashes and sulphur, blood on stone
Lavender, lilies, and roses blown

Out of the earth they come, they come
From the cold of the grave at midnight’s bell
From the harrowing heat of the fires of hell
The dead come, crying for light

Lavender, lilies, and roses blown
Ashes and sulphur, blood on stone

Out of the dark they come, they come
With their winding sheets and their cobweb hair
With their violent curses and innocent prayer
The dead come, crying for light

Ashes and sulphur, blood on stone
Lavender, lilies, and roses blown

Out of their minds they come, they come
Who are lost in the maze of space and time
Who are seeking the grace of a love sublime
The dead come, crying for light

Lavender, lilies, and roses blown
Ashes and sulphur, blood on stone

Be not a-feared when they come, they come
Be as still as you can, and touch them not
Show them the way to the light forgot
Love them, and let them be

Be gone

In to the light they go, they go
To the glow at the end of the tunnel’s gloom
To the source of the scent of the rose’s bloom
In to the light they go

© Gail Foster 30th October 2016

Poem Details | by Winged Warrior |
Categories: funny love, halloween, humorous,

Scary-Tom Dick and Harry

There once was a few chaps named Tom, Dick & Harry
Who for Hallows Eve were frightfully scary
For they were trying to undress
A woman you might guess
And scare the pants off of Mary.

So the silly spooks Tom, Dick & Harry
Who in their own way were ready to marry
So they each had a turn
Distilled with heartburn
To see who could pop Mary’s cherry.

Now who was the one to win over this cheeky chick
For they all tried really hard with a prickly trick
But Marry had the last laugh
When she gandered the scary staff
At the monster of Tom’s Harry ______.

...the last word is 'stick'...geez! people...come on now lol...all in good fun!

Scary or Spooky poem
Sponsored by: Tania Kitchin

N/A for contest

Poem Details | by Judy Ball |
Categories: funny love, halloween,


It seems head witch Della,
Had a yen for a fella,
Who considered himself a catch.

He thought to woo her,
And then just to lose her,
But in Della he'd met his match.

Although she was smitten,
She's no new born kitten,
And she's been down this road before.

Knew he was a user,
Had heard his accusers,
And this little witch knew the score.

It wasn't long,
Before he sang his song,
To another who'd caught his eye,

But she too was a witch,
And a bit of a snitch,
And told Della they shared the same guy.

He'd thought he'd keep her guessin',
But she taught him a lesson,
And never a tear did she cry.

Her heart filled with anger,
His life now in danger,
She'd cast her spell by and by.

His pleading she rejects,
For he is an insect,
And she won't forgive him his lies.

Now all who see him,
Refuse to receive him.
He's no longer a man, he's a fly.

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: addiction, autumn, beautiful, beauty, best friend, brother, cat, celebration, change, childhood, christmas, cousin, dad, dog, fishing, food, football, grandparents, grief, halloween, happiness, heart, hero, holiday, home, life, little sister, love, mom, mother, music, native american, sister, write,

Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr, Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate.
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix.Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: funny, halloween, hilarious, humor, humorous,

Count Dracula's Love

Count Dracula’s Love

Count Dracula’s love is blood—sweet and bright red, 
And he wants to bite your neck while you’re in bed!
Seeking his next eternal bride on this All Hallows’ Eve,
His “undead” bite makes him happy and isn’t a pet peeve!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
October 25, 2015 (Clerihew)

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: addiction, death, desire, drink, fantasy, food, grave, halloween, imagination, love, lust, magic, mystery, night, romantic, sensual, sexy, sick,

desiring the Vampire

                 It was the Southern French window blowing open 
                    he came in the night no word spoken 
                The eyes so sensual and piercing me as if nothing matters
                     he is all I think of now as each day I grow weaker

               I will soon die unsure of my fate 
                  my life I will give to him a offering I ask him to take
               This man so desirable with dark eyes and hair
                  even if he is not a man but a beast 
                I no longer care I submit to the last drop of blood

                 As I lay with a cotton white gown in a locked room 
                   I throw my rope of Garlic far to be seen 
                 Nothing can stop this now longing and lustful 
                      feeling like I'm in a forever dream  

                    I wait for him too enter 
                       I wait for him
                                  willing to die 
                               I wait losing my Religion
                                   The Vampires offering am I              

                 " For That Archaic Poets contest " Shanity Rain 

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: autumn, beautiful, change, creation, dance, death of a friend, desire, environment, fantasy, first love, halloween, heaven, imagination, love, lust, magic, moon, mystery, nature, night, nostalgia, october, passion, senses, sensual, sky, weather, wind,

The witches winds are blowing

 The Santa Ana's are here, and the moon is clear
There is a mystic in the air that whispers in my ear.
  Is this a peaceful feeling or does it carry fear ? 

What is the passion and hot fragrence of orange blossom that is pulling me a different way , as if this power has been sent only by a Witch of the finest of White Magic, only to calm the Blue Soul I have known my whole life.

 I feel a passion that is running through my Veins like the  power of water itself
As if the Moon itself were instructed to warm the air that is blowing It is not a new moon , it is not a old moon , it is a moon that appears only in ones lifetime to gaze at

 By seeing and feeling the very power of this Moon you will dance your way to Heaven with happiness of what is yet to come.
The Stars around this Moon are unique as if they take the presence of every loved one you and I have lost 

The Witches winds with the warm glowing of the moon, as if I had never met you before , are blowing with the frangerence of Orange Blossom or Magnolia , from a distant past of The South.
As if I know we have been together once before , a Moon such as this In a peaceful , lustful state of Bliss.

 There is something comingis it something I have always known or wanted ?

 What is yet to be known is as intoxicating as the Santa anas that are running through my body.
 As if i have been struck by the power of light , as the powerful moon I gaze at in the Night.
It is piercing my soul with it's only Truth, 
                                            Shanity Rain 

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: child, confusion, death, faith, fear, funeral, growing up, halloween, home, horror, image, international, life, loss, moving on, mystery, river, sad love, spiritual, suicide,

The River home

It was a home on the river we lived
It was the ghost of a young man whom had taken his own life.

I still remember the vision of him walking by me with a blank stare 
We,  as a Family of  seven , moved into this river house 
Panoramic views right out to the river , I should mention

I was home alone as a child , looking out at "The Julia Belle Swan " as she went by
Upstairs in that room as I saw a figure walking by , with very nice features , auburn hair 
I thought he was my older brother , a handsome young guy 

Then I realized the young man was not my brother , a  apparition he appeared
He was not there to scare or frighten , 
the message I believe he wanted to shed light on, so clear.

He walked right by ,then disappeared through the window, out to the River

The Ghost knew I could see him , a gift I have been given
when I was a younger child of five , I had once died for a short timeI was lifted by Jesus in Heaven Death is not for us to decide

Later in the years we moved from that home , every home we lived in had a story 
or a presence of its own My Mother had told me later , a young man took his life there

 Keep fighting your way through life and its despair , 
you are important to someone whom cares  If you feel alone and want life to end , Please pick up the phone , call anyone ,  call for help , call a Friend

"This is not fiction , it truly is a gift I have been given "

Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
Categories: adventure, angel, baptism, beautiful, best friend, career, caregiving, celebration, crazy, cry, depression, desire, devotion, dream, emo, emotions, family, feelings, flying, future, god, green, growing up, halloween, happiness, happy, hate, heaven, horse, how i feel, i love you, imagination, joy, magic, missing you, mountains, ocean, peace, rain, rainbow, relationship, sky, smile, song, together, trust, truth, water, weather, wind, world, youth,

Aviated parachute

A short poetry of Parascending by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

                                                Aviated parachute

 Parachute parachute you flying so high.
 Like an eagle you swing in the sky.
 Flourishingly Waving in an air.
 Your skill astonished me, Take me away !

 A play of lustrous rainbow colour.
 Cascaded by a Blushing rain.
 Sensing the rhythm, flower‘s crimsoned.
 Making me feel excited, Take me away !

 Inspiring me as you without wings swiftly aviate.
 Fortunately you have a flying glance at this amazed beauty of the earth.
 Give me one chance some another day.
 Move me away, Take me away !

 People will greet me, when myself Joe will be lime lighting in the sky.
 Viewing the artistic magnifying creativity, beautified by arduous earthborn 
 mortalizing persona‘s.
 my itchy feet, move me away, Take me away !

 screaking high, conveying regards to almighty and pray for celestial peace.
 Ohhh my spice jet please take me high.
 For the god‘s sake make me fly.
 Take me away or else I will die !


Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, brother, death, love, memorial day, miss you,

Halloween night

Dearest brother in Heaven
I pray for you always
especially this time of year
as you are so very sadly missed
In everything we say and do
you live forever
inside peal drops
In a part of our heart's
held very precious dear bro
Every prayer 
wishing you happiness 
filled with joy dancing 
with the angels  

My brother drowned this night pulls  heavy in sadness Halloween night whilst on holidays with his children in Majorca a sad family time of year

Poem Details | by kj force |
Categories: addiction, autumn, cat, character, dark, devotion, emotions, funny, halloween, humor, imagination, love, october, pets, poetry, sleep,

Thoughts from the Mind of a Blogger

It was a chilly morning in paradise...

Autumn was already here...

A time for strange things to happen, as it is that time of year...

She was up most of the night, doing a write....

Regarding some hubs and her series titled "Legend of Fred "

Ahh the questions she had..rolling around in her head..

Were “where were her readers, her followers “ her Hubbers...?

They had all seemed to like what she wrote in the past..

But lately her hubs were falling so fast....

She had written articles on health and life..

perhaps she had targeted too much strife...

Maybe they wanted to read about food..

But when you're not a cook, that would be kinda rude..

Oh, will wonders never cease ?

So she decided she'd get some zzzzz's

She lay in her bed, not moving at all...

but breathing quite deeply, as I saw the covers fall...

So I stretched my muscles and walked ever so slow..

So as not to wake her , then I spied her big toe..

Sticking out from the was such a temptation..

And with me having such a" foot fixation".however...

She needed the rest , so she can finish her quest..

I have some thoughts of my own...

that I would like to share in a poem..

And I would be happy to help her.but..

I don’t think the world is ready for me...

as I am a BLOGGING see

So I will close for now...everyone have a great

I'm off to seek something that has a tweak and a squeak..

Poem Details | by Jennifer M. |
Categories: halloween, love,


A Lovers Charm..
A Merchants Ring.
A Bullfrogs Heart..
A Black Bats Wing..
In the cauldron, 
to simmer and swell.
I raise the Goblet..
and cast my spell.

Actual spell:

Poem Details | by jonny sance |
Categories: halloween, happiness, how i feel, joy, love, rap, romantic,


First there was fireworks
then there was stars
couldn't think of anything else
but her smilestars struck stars
and all I can see is the
glow of her beauty;
with rain instead of sunshine
it was all so divine

rhyme scheme: abcbdeff                  date submitted: 7/30/16

Poem Details | by Troy Jeremy Nelson |
Categories: education, history, introspection, life, loss, lost love, music, on work and working, on writing and wordsme, people, halloween, me, people, time,

wanna come thank me for getting bin laden shot america

or do you want to tell the person whose first name is sang by sinead o connor
middle name is sang by fred durst
and last name is mentioned by fred durst

do you want to tell me, the person you just spent 13 years mad at
singing and dancing to my misfortune
and rubbing your happiness in my face as you exclude me from sex

do you want to tell that person whose name you plastered all over your war
that he had nothing to do with surviving it
do you want to tell that man
Troy Jeremy Nelson
who just lost everything 17 times
to start over
that he was not your allie
in whatever that was?

let me put your name alll over a war
and then wait for your enemy to show up
and ask you
what does that guy got that i don't?

everything now
you murdered my grandpa
you murdered my friends
you murdered my sex life

and you sang and danced to my misfortune to the tune of your lies
pretending i was your friend called an alibi
you didnt bother to even try to keep alive

do you want to come telll
Troy Jeremy Nelson
that your country just did that too
that thats not what happened?

Im not sure how long your going to live that lie
the thousands of people concerned and involved in that persons endless
and i mean endless nightmare
might just come tell you what has been making them cry.....

Happy Halloween tho

oh and p.s.
next time you put somebody else in the middle of your war
to play the victom of that person's nightmare
you caused
take notes to pass into the future
as to what is about to occur
to you
may be a life lesson
to history

Thank you for not caring (sarcasm)
thank you for not answering my letters (sarcasm)
thanks for going the wrong way, in the wrong direction, to do the wrong thing
that whole time i kept pointing out a drug ring blackmarket, you people didnt care 
about (sarcasm)

thanks for calling me a liar as to what has taken place in my life(sarcasm)

so whenever you are free to hand me a bunch of things with your smiling face, and 
names all over them
to make me feel better for the way you treated me
singing and dancing to the sound of getting away with murder
for the miracles youve stolen

my big brother doesn't like to dance around and play house, pretending to be 
someone hes not
in a singing competition, racing against his sense of fear
do you want to come tell the man just tortured by malpractice
with his name on your war in your music,
he had nothing to do with winning it?

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: beauty, death, desire, fantasy, halloween, horror, love,

All Hail Medea

Mossy vines served as camouflage for a decaying headstone.
The inscription is illegible, but that matters not to me.
At this centuries-old grave I place flowers and moonstone --
As requested by my ethereal savior, friend, lover, devotee.

My first visit to Gravesend was via historical daylight tour.
Another attempted escape from a dreadful loss and daily boredom.
This landmark cemetery predates America by 100 years or more.
Yearning for comfort, I sensed only a dead-strewn auditorium.

Though the feelings persisted, I dared not reveal my plight.
Breaking from the group, I chanced upon a hidden burial mound.
Sitting on a slate stone, a tweeting bird subdued my fright.
Then a silence did ensue -- and a whispering from underground.

A mist ascended in the form of a desirable, raven-haired beauty,
Who ingested my pain and angst, diluting my secrets in oblivion.
Her voice was the sweetness that called my cells to sync-duty.
She smelled of paradise and her kisses raised a dead compulsion.

Meeting clandestinely as the summer turns to fiery autumn-rust.
Medea (her name) asks to be released from her purgatorial strife
By way of dark spells, old magic and a curious blood-crystal dust.
On this Halloween night, I will transmute ghost to fleshy wife!

The ritual begins as most rituals do: serious, focused and grim.
Within the pentagram, Medea fluctuates -- in all her femaleness.
She comes to me warm and steamyI hear a chorus, a siren hymn.
I'm enfolded in the marvelous lure of a dying-to-eat.succubus!

August 7, 2016
Camouflage Me A Poem - Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Jennifer M. |
Categories: halloween, love,


I cast this spell..
For those who love.
Who share it freely.
Like our Lord above

I cast this spell..
For peace not war.
For beautiful smiles.
A baby to adore.

I cast this spell..
To help you see.
There is a light..
in you and me.

A baby's sigh
A kiss hello.
We all want Love..
this I know

So I raise this goblet..
..and cast the spell.
To be in Love..
where lovers dwell.

Potion for spell:

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: cry, dark, death, halloween, hate, love, red,


Strobe lightning flashes
when midnight strikes home
Blades of grass whistling
signals the brutal winter wind
that follows harshly
Shady shallow creatures
crawl out of their shells of unfinished business
Growls of hunger rising to wails of one banshee cry
She calls out death warnings
so loved ones --"Be aware!"
A lost soul roams the land of the living
In shadows
She sees through her red misted eyes
The worldly vices
devouring darkness
the heart burns wrenching
In your haunting shrieks
Distant drumming war
looming inside battlegrounds
Memories fall back in time dungeons
opening gates to past nightmares
Overflowing with treacheries and calculating minds
Justice only works on one side of the coin
Flipping the truth --"Freedom is gone!"
In a fleeting moment
a thought howls in revelation
Love could stall an action
deeply pains the heart that has gone cold
Governing rule sheds teary clouds
knots start twisting inside
Embroidering a story within a story
paints a transparent veil
Damaging a system where lies corrupt and poison brews
To occupy someone's space falsely
Death must surely follow
Buys them a future right without destinies spark
Spawn of emptiness drains good fuels fire
You’re every dark entity that hates
The Light of who you are shines faceless true and true
So envy crowns nothing in the end
Unrhymed Ballad style in 8-line stanzas
a co written piece with myself and Angeline Lim 

Poem Details | by Yvette Lisa Ndlovu |
Categories: angst, dark, death, lost love, halloween,

The Final letter

Dear Lover...

I struggle to gulp
the scorn you poured.
My mouth parched,
desperate for a sip of your love.
A taste of your lips.

Your engagement- an abomination.
Our relationship still floods
the plains of my memory.
Surges storming in my inner soul.
Questions bamboozle my mind.

So, your affection was a mere hoax.
I, the halloween freak?
Your tender touch, in fact a thump?
Our turgid, rose in bloom.
A flaccid, comatose weed?

I cherish our unending summertime
I crowned, knighted& sainted
your passion.
And you scorn me?
My Love, make no attempt to flee.
I will find you, her and your fragrant bliss.
A reeking carcass I will leave.

The pathetic yearning for the 
warmth of your suave flame,
Is dead.
And the need to draw blood,

..with love, 
Your Real Bride.

For Dictionary fun...#1...Delilah`s words contest.

Poem Details | by Max Corvus |
Categories: change, cute love, gothic, halloween, romance, , Lullaby,


She lay on a black velvet bed,
With black roses engulfing her face,
That face so pale as moonlight, her lips red,
A mirage she is, waiting for his embrace,

So silent, a shadow, he enters the chamber,
With silent whispers, so sweet and so deep,
He walks up to her bed, his form grim and sombre,
Caressing her head says he “sleep my love, sleep”.

She raises her head and asks him to dance,
His wonder too strong; he takes off his cape,
And harpsichords play a moonlight romance,
Intertwined they dance as the moon shifts shape

His lust and her lust about to reveal,
In a tight embrace with him she shall stay,
Her virgin body and her mortal life he steals,
Changed and cold she is, forever such to stay.

Mortal she is not, he can hear her newborn heart,
Now when he is of her kind, death can’t tear them apart,
Two black shadows woosh into the night, ready for their feast,
She is his countess, and he her lover, the beauty and the beast.

Poem Details | by Winsome Miller-Rowe |
Categories: color, devotion, emotions, funny love, gothic, halloween, scary,

Midnight Romance

How bright your eyes of cerulean blue
Look out from your porcelain face my dear
I saw those ivory teeth and I knew
That crimson blood would be flowing right here

Your cloak matches your obsidian brows
Absinthe is the green the grass we lie on
Love burning like charcoal as we carouse
Making our love last way before the dawn

Your sable hair reminds me of honey
And I crush my lips to yours oh so soft
I  know that this is better than money
But do you agree? I noticed you coughed

Ash of roses the color I evoke
Before leaving you in a puff of smoke

Poem Details | by Lee Nguyen |
Categories: lovebaby, halloween, baby, love, , cute,

My Everything

My baby your so perfect, your so very adorable,
I love having adventures, 'cause your body's so explorable,
Your my bright sunshine, every part of you is mine,
Amazingly beautiful, looking great all the time,
I can't lie but your awesome, your my little angel bunny,
Super cute, super sexy, and my girl can be funny,
Your the apple of my eye, i don't need no other fruit,
All i need is your love, and your laugh that's oh so cute,
I'm so sorry baby girl, let me compliment you on your hair,
It's so soft and cuddly, like a warm ol' teddy bear,
What the heck is wrong with me, i forgot about your skin,
So soft, and so smooth, and not a hair on your chin,
I love you so much, your my little baby bumpkins,
And we can get freakier, than a pair of Halloween pumpkins,
Baby you mean a lot to me, your my little cheeky monkey,
And your always smelling good, not a day when your funky,
You taste super good, baby your my cherry cake,
And your filled with sweet things, so you won't take long to bake,
We can have ourselves a baby, it won't take long to make,
I'm so gentle with your heart, i won't ever let it break.

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: fantasy, holiday, imagination, lovehalloween, star, evil, love, star,

Halloween Costume Ball

Hairy eyeballs hanging from a wizard’s crown.
Arachnids sprawled on his black sparkling gown.
Ludicrous marks scar his face beneath a frown.
Luscious blood dripping very slowly down.
Opulent jewelry shaped like bones.
Worn around his neck amid creepy groans.
Ecstatic bats wait around for deadly moans.
Eerily suspended from their master’s belt.
Nonchalantly walking, his evil presence is felt.
Coming down the stairs was a star bejeweled queen.
Overcome; such beauty he had never before seen
Stunned into submission by her piercing eyes.
Trapped by love’s intrusion and compassion’s cries.
Unveiling beauty, cajoling pleasant sighs.
Miraculously transformed his evil heart; love flows.
Enticed by the moment, together, attraction grows.

Bedazzled by the grandeur of the Halloween Ball
Altruism curiously sealed love that fall.
Laughter filled the man with the eyeballs on his crown.
Loved by the queen in her star bejeweled gown.

© October 15, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by jamesp kail |
Categories: love, passion, romance, halloween, kiss, me,

A Hallowed Kiss on Halloween

Theres a thinning between the realms this night.A time and place for souls to cross the Great Divide of Life and Death.If mine broke free and chanced to pass Your way,would You feed on it,feel the need of it as You took My breath away?Would You fill Me with Your own in kind?The one I hunger for.While I felt Myself fall forward fastly and everlasting as our tounges fought playfully and passed it ba
ck and forth.Would You give Me Yours to keep in place where Mine once was , so as to keep it safe?Theres a thinning where I lose Myself.Felt free and bold as I shiver from Your lips on Mine.No thought of anything but the moments cold , as this kiss which freezes time.As I would hold You on this Halloween.I would hold You Hallowed For Now and Evermore.Cleaved to Body,Heart and Soul.I hold this Moment in This Kiss We Shared This Very NightA Hallowed Kiss on Halloween by James Patrick Kail Wednesday October 31 2012

Poem Details | by Robert Pettit |
Categories: halloween, love, love hurts,

I Fell In Love With a Vampire

You might think there's something wrong with my head. I believe in the existence of members of the living dead. She only comes out at night, and never walks in the day. The trouble is, I know she died last May. This pretty vampire has cast her spell over me. She says I am just her type, positive AB. When this creature bites my neck, it feels so kinky. She always leaves much more than a hickey. With her long black hair and dark eyes, she is one I will take. Please don't come near her with silver bullets or a wooden stake.

Poem Details | by William Smith |
Categories: beauty, halloween,

Three Witches, A Love Story


Three ancient, rotten, horrid, witches 
just awoke from their daytime snore,
These evil, reeking, damaged, sisters,
Cursed the land for thirty-five score.

As they hobbled down stairs 
they stammered and coughed,
Till they reached the edge of their crock
Twas a potion they brewed
for their youth to renew, but
needed life to finish the stock.

Through a door left ajar,
Came a kitten quite small,
It purred staring at the old bat.
“come here my sweet
and I’ll give you a treat,”
Said the hag to the innocent cat.

The witch struck out her hand
caught the cat in her grasp.
Climbed the stool to the cauldron and then,
The young cat growled and bit,
clawed her hand, scratched her tit
then it lept from the old hags domain 

As the witch shrieked in pain
she spun round with a scream,
Her old shoes tangled up in her cloth.
In the cauldron she fell, 
With a sound straight from hell
 As she slow became one with the broth

Now her sisters did hear 
The commotion and came 
To the aid of their sister in need.
When they looked in the pot, and  
Realized what they’ve got.
They were moved by their personal greed.

So they each grabbed a cup, and 
From the pot they filled up
Their tankards with some of the brew,
“To our sister” they cheered as they fought back a tear,
Then they drank of their dead sisters’ stew.

The pain started slow, from their head to their toe,
Then grew hotter, and harder to bear.
As they each writhed in pain,
Screamed again and again.
And begged mercy from all that could hear.

After while one awoke, 
Slithered out of her cloak
Saw her hand and couldn’t believe,
It was young once again, but
Not as young as it’s been
In her prime, that she couldn’t conceive.

Near the pot lie her sister, 
Still asleep not a whisper,
As she hoisted her up from the floor,
When she lifted her up past the rim of the pot
Then she screamed as she slid neath the gore

The witch thoughtfully stirred
Sister stew, undeterred,
Put her cup in the brew to the brim,
She drank all she could till the pain started good,
Then she fell back and writhed in her skin.

When she finally came too, 
and her hand forth she drew
With a glee she could hardly control,
Was her hand soft as silk, wrinkle free, white as milk,
And the locks of her hair black as coal.

Twas her beauty she sought,
From the brew in the pot.
And she glanced round the room past the door.
Where she saw the small cat,
Purring soft staring back,
At this beauty right there on the floor

Then she said to the cat,
“Ah my love I am back”.
And with that the cat started to grow
And it morphed to a man, young and strong lean and tan.
And said, “love we really must go.”

So, they grabbed some old boots
and some shawls from a box,
And they dressed as they stroll down the lane,
Then the witch turned her head, 
Under breath, something said,
And the old house just burst into flames.

Slipped his hand round her waist,
Cupped her breast, brushed her face
Then he muttered, “I’m starving for meat,”
Never fear, no my dear,
I’ve heard school bells today
There’ll be sweet tender children to eat.





Poem Details | by Brandy uptain |
Categories: fantasy, funny, holiday, halloween,

Why I Love Halloween

Halloween is favorite time of year,
Time to face and conquer your fears.
The ghouls and goblins come to my side,
I catch a glimpse of Frankenstein and his bride.
There are vampires about,
The werewolves raise a raucous and get loud.
The witches stir up their brew,
The grazillas gather their entire crew.
The elves are so timeless and beautiful,
And the pumpkins sure are fruitful.
The zombies arise from the dead,
And the ghosts walk among us again.
The pirates are once again sailing the high seas,
The pepper makes the chefs sneeze.
Darth Vader can conquer the Earth with his Death Star,
And we can travel back to the future in an awesome car.
Iron Man,
Can save us all again.
Captain America can save the world dressed in tights,
As creepy eyes light the night.

The Hulk can smash,
And the black cats can give you a rash.
Mike Myers can give you a thrill,
And Jason can make you scream so shrill.
Freddy can keep you awake,
While Jason keeps you from lakes.
The bats creep from their caves,
The princes always save the maves.
Romeo can wed his Juliet,
In a ceremony no one will forget.
So when you think of Halloween,
And alll it can mean...
Think of fairy- tales coming true,
And hopefully Halloween will be special for you too!