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Love Poems About Hair or Hair Love Poems

Hair love poems and/or love poems about Hair. Read, share, and enjoy these Hair love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Hair Poems.

Poem Details | by Charlie Smith |
Categories: imagery, love,

One Gray Hair

One last gray hair clings to my breast from times I held you in my arms. It speaks to me of one last rest but more to hold me with its charms. Remembering, and cherishing. I pray its grasp is firm and strong and holds my heart with relevance, to know with you my passions long for love not paused by circumstance. Fidelity, Serenity. 02/14/2018

Poem Details | by Chittaranjan Dey |
Categories: love, romance, me, lost, beauty, longing, beauty, hair, longing, lost, me,

Oh Your Beauty

Your beauty extends Into the heaven Whispering secrets of Happiness and affection. You look up at me and smile With crinkles in the Corners of your eyes. The smooth beauty of bare skin, Soft stroke of hair like feathers. I'm lost in the smell of Your hair & skin, Your eyes pierce my soul. Gaze upon me With those eyes again, I'm longing to be lost In your embraces. You are exquisite fire, A smooth burn of wild beauty. Your curly, long, light-burgundy hair frames An exquisite blend of exotic beauty. Your touch sends me over the edge, A longing which no verses can describe.

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: dad, love, autumn,

Take the ribbon from my hair

With the dawning of the day
like a fertile vine
which creeps amidst
the purple hue
of Tuscan fields
I yield my fruit
Before first autumn rain
I wait for you
Starved like a harvest moon
you come to me
Silk honey of dusk
A shadow,descending
in the cradle of my arms
feeding nectar from my lips
repeaning my soul
with  blazing fire
amuzing my solitude
On scarlet foliage-your kiss
In sleep your breath within me
~Dolce Vino~
Your fingers on my neck's nape
~Viola in concerto~

In sleep,once again in sleep
where eyelids close
to the bliss  of twilight dew
I see you

Dedicated to a great dad to our husband

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: feelings, grandmother, grief, love,

One Gray Hair

Her wrinkles were joy-flecked twinkled with facial lines brightly smile crunched. Her eye shade vague, but love sprinkled from decades of holding faith bunched. She prayed steady, her praise ready. Her giggle rendered me tickled. Her heart-ways raised me cherish-touched. Loving my Gram much, tears trickled the morning I found her death clutched. Not one gray hair lacked my despair.
March 10, 2018

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: age, anxiety, emotions, engagement, feelings, imagery, love,

One Grey Hair

I saw some concern on your face as you climbed into bed last night. And I felt your heart start to race when you snuggled up, extra tight. You seem madder, what's the matter? You found one grey hair out of place which you angrily plucked from sight. And you fear time's increased its pace, yet though you're worried, it's alright. I love your grey let them all stay. (Posie) Written Feb.14, 2018 For Rhyme Me A Posie - Poetry Contest By: Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: funny, gender, hair, silly,

All's Fair in Love and Hair

There was a man from you-know-where
Who liked his ladies bare, down there
He met a bald gal
Who said, 'Call me Al'
Showing more, down there, than just hair!


Lines 1, 2 and 5 - 8 syllables

Lines 3 and 4 - 5 syllables

For Bawdy Limerick PG-13 contest
Sponsor: Tania Kitchen

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: dream, funny, hair, life, lost, love, peace,

where has it gone

we had hair 
in the 1960s
where has it gone
we had
love and peace

Poem Details | by Careon Ferryman |
Categories: love

My Girl with Raven Hair

Residing in our dreams before
years we had not met
opening life's hidden door
hearts that had not yet

connected to one another
hearts being intertwined
emotions of a lover
secrets of our minds

sharing now of present life
thoughts of what could be
having shared sorrows strife
your my destiny

calling through the ages
no other can compare
loving past all stages
my girl with raven hair

Poem Details | by Trevor McLeod |
Categories: anniversary, beauty, dedication, devotion, farewell, girlfriend, goodbye, grief, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, pain, passion, relationship, romance, romantic, satire, sorrow, valentines day, women, hair,

My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

Poem Details | by Brenda Rose |
Categories: celebration, feelings, friendship, funny love, imagery, inspirational, tribute,

Claire's Hair Salon

Don't come here but please go there
For this is what I have to share
About our dear hairdresser Claire.
She'll never catch you in a snare
Because her prices are more than fair.

She will cut your hair layer by layer
And will not let your head go bald or bare
So there is no glare for us to stare
And she will help you grow long wanted hair.

In this verse I have been more than fair
And if I am not I do not care
For soon I will be committed or declared
I will end this with our love for Claire
Who always has an outward flair.

So there!

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, art, beautiful, celebration, celebrity, city, confidence, courage, creation, culture, destiny, dream, emotions, feelings, firework, first love, girlfriend, good night, hair, happy, humanity, imagination, international, jealousy, joy, love, metaphor, miss you, missing you, music, parody, poems, relationship, romance, romantic, stress, success, symbolism, today, tribute, true love, uplifting, world,


in the dream I had 
many appeared
extras plenty
but loved ones too

all had seen
that same dream
but only one got it
others had no clue

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: children, love, mother, nature, peace, , Lullaby,


Little doll with curly hair, how did God
Make you so fair? With big eyes color sky
And with skin as rose as a healthy child...
Fall asleep as you hear my sweetest lullaby!
The radiant moon has come into your dreams,
What can she offer you: if not moonbeams? 
And as you breathe, you resemble a cherub
That Rafael imagined to be you in that crib
When happy angels gathered and whispered,
" Little doll, gently lay on your golden head."
This nursery rhyme you will learn in time,
And sing it to yourself when church bells chime.

You'll long for a hand to caress your cheeks...
feeling its warmth while you will float on dreams.    

Poem Details | by gary dye |
Categories: beautiful,

Strawberry Hair-a love poem for Hillary

every time
I see you
are more
than the time

graydye 8-23-14

Poem Details | by Vera Duggan |
Categories: beach, cool, hair, me, ocean,

I love them both

In summer when the winds are warm
The sun it shines from the early morn
It's so nice to sit on lonely beach
Knowing winter's out of reach

It's nice to sit there on deck chair
And feel the warm breeze brush my hair
Turning my fair skin to brown
I love it when the sun shines down

But too I love those cooler days
When I can stay in doors, and laze
And wish for summer once again
As I in front of fire remain

Both these seasons I do love
I love sun that shines above
But still I love those raindrops too
I just love life I'm telling you

Poem Details | by keith baucum |
Categories: black african american, conflict, hair, love, romantic, water, woman,

The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the 
Ocean of her essences that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet aka The Brown 

Poem Details | by Abbey McDonnell |
Categories: beautiful, betrayal, feelings, fruit, green, hair, hurt, loss, lost, love,


Eyes green,
sprinkled with freckles,
Soft strawberry hair, 
Belonging to a baby face

One that's so perfect, 
will always be a dream. 
When you wake up,
your eyes can no longer gleam. 

I once loved strawberries 
Their smell, their taste.
I soon loved him,
and his strawberry taste. 

His presence was calming 
An aura you couldn’t ignore.
And his heart bleeds with kindness,
Rotting his mind that’s so pure

I can no longer ignore his lips that now taste bittersweet,
Leaving lies to dance on my tongue in a hypnotizing beat
His touch now burns,
it’s comfort  now gone.

Somehow he still leaves strawberries,
That will forever linger on my tongue.

Poem Details | by Sierra Cowan |
Categories: lovevoice, hair, love, smile, stars, voice,

When I fell in love with you.

When I fell in love with you.
Your smell was intoxicating.
Your hair in a tidy mess.
Your smile lit up the room.
Your smell was intoxicating.
Your voice was invigorating.
Your smile lit up the room.
Your voice was invigorating.
Your eye twinkled like the stars at night.
Your hair in a tidy mess.
Your eyes twinkled liked the stars at night.
When I fell in love with you.

Poem Details | by Keith Baucum |
Categories: black african american, hair, love, romantic, water, woman,

The Black Sea

Drowning in her black sea of waves 
tumbling down her waterfall of black curls
Docking my ship on her serene waters
unloading my cargo of thoughts and ideas
diving into the depths of her psyche 
swimming in the ocean of her essences 
that is woman
Written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven aka The Green Poet
aka The Brown Philosopher

Poem Details | by April Mitchell |
Categories: beauty, black african american, inspirational, hair, love,

My Beauty Still Grows

Oh this skin of mine
So silky and smooth
Deep reddish brown
Stares it ensues
These eyes of mine
So deep and so brown
Don't stare in them too long
Or in love you will drown
This hair this hair of mine
So curly,black,and fine
I am like a rare portrait
that no one can confine
Do i have a big head
I would have to say no
Just because some don't like my color
Doesn't mean my beauty doesn't grow
I will always and forever love me
Even if others don't
'Cause guess what
Just'cause you don't
Don't mean others won't

Poem Details | by Andrew Foreman |
Categories: anniversary, love, memory,

I liked her hair long

I liked her hair long
my bronze pennant in a slight breeze,

smiling face framed in the soft light
dappled skin through broken trees,

timeless smile hinted laughter
hidden under locks both coy and bold

as we smiled at our time together
secured now young and soon as old,

grasping hands
grasping eye
grasping at remembered moments...
as time just flies on by,

dreams last long as sunbeams
as a cloud moves to overtake

winter pallor'd dropping leaves
we took as much time as we could rake, 

sitting next to winter's hearth
hands clasped in a familiar tether

we welcome season's end 
life lived well and loved together.

Poem Details | by Sloppy Joe |
Categories: bridal shower, candy, december, desire, first love, gender, hair,

Soups only for the poor

Soup is only for the poor
But seriously I want more
If only I could drink the broth
I would kill an animal, maybe a moth
I need a spoon to eat this junk
I'm in a boat, a shark hit it, now i'm sunk
I'm living on the side of the road
But I've got soup, it's not too cold
Even though it's winter
I wish I could use a dang fork
Possibly even kill someone in new york
Soup should only be given to the poor
Maybe, soon, I might score
Then again, I live on the street 
I'm always getting beat up, always beat
That's why I need soup
Because it's for the poor.

Poem Details | by Jake A. |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, first love, for her, romance,

your hair was hanging down your back

Your hair was hanging down your back and hid
your shoulders, tumbling waves and rays of sun.
I kiss your pale and gleaming shoulder bid
with gold, the purest action ever done.
You looked as far as eyes can see across
the field and river, sighed against my chest
and then I heard you laugh and saw you toss
your head for love of fingers on your breast,
your eyes, my essence, stared at mine, I fear
the separation, ending what can say
my soul in words, I treasure, hold so dear
your voice, your giggle, tussled hair that may
have freedom streaking yellow, black throughout
the strands, their promise never will I doubt.

Poem Details | by Mohammad Reza Sh |
Categories: dream, love,

White Hair

Rainy Evening
Subway station
My gaze
You gaze
I stand
Go You
Tears I
Smile  You
You Proud gone
Quiet Slow
Standing Clocks
Shed tears
I've been waiting for years
Your are not
But I'm waiting
But With White Hair

Poem Details | by bahram sediqi |
Categories: for her, hair, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, love hurts,

my blond dream3

if the leaves see her they will stay green
her shiny  body is as soft as cream
shes on the top every thing is at the bottom
shes the only flower that stays in atumn
my heart silence had become screaming
the bitter ness of my tears,the sweet ness of her dreaming
if i couldnt reach her ever
i will burn in her fire forever
even till the last second i wont stop trying
i will try hard even when im dying
her love always makes me crying
her lovely dreams had made me a night owl
her dreams had filled my heart,my soul

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: angel, beautiful, devotion, family, love, marriage, wife,

My Gal, Blue Bonnet, Black Hair

My Gal, Blue Bonnet, Black Hair

My gal, jet black hair and a blue bonnet
writing her a golden little sonnet
Just a few nice words to sweetly say this
to the lady that gave truest ever kiss

Give kisses, many more, forever more
I long for and do happily keep score
Hold me so tightly in the deepest night
You glowing radiance , the sunshine's light

Morning brings the pleasure of you there
lights are bouncing upon your smile and hair
Day gifts your soft touch to lift me up
time spent filling our sweetest loving cup

My gal, blue bonnet and long jet black hair
you are my ALL, knowing you truly care!

Robert J. Lindley, 08-18-2014