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Poem Details | by Heather Ober |
Categories: love, nature, me, light, light, me,


It's so dark outside, my eyes can't distinguish where sand meets waterSomehow, dusk has come and gone, plunging the evening into darkness
But even as my eyes yield to this opaque absence of light, my other senses heightenI can hear the crash of waves as they abuse the shoreline, sending foaming water up the beach in icy streamsI'm lulled by the sound of polished pebbles colliding like marbles as they recede with the wavesI can feel the sea's cool mist against my face, taste its salt on my lipsThe scent of seaweed drifts on the breeze in gentle wafts - and then, slowly, the faintest whiff of smoke  

I glance over my shoulder, where a tiny dot of light penetrates the darknessIt's a beacon on this cool night, and I walk slowly toward it, digging my toes into the soft sand with each step.

dim moonlight peeks through thinning clouds-- fire crackles
He's still there, stoking the fire, feeding the flames until the heat is tangibleThe air wavers between us like a veil - a line I want to crossHe stirs up clouds of smoke, stirring feelings within me as I watch his busy handsI wait patiently for him to notice my approach, and when he does, my breath catches.
rainbow flames burst from seasoned maple-- blue eyes sparkle
I watch golden light flicker across his skin, softening the lines of his faceHe abandons his task, moving around the fire until he stands before me, smiling as if he knows my heart is thundering in my chest He waits for a painstaking moment to passThen he kisses me with toasted marshmallow lips, pulling me down into his lap to watch the sparks rise like fireflies into the breathless night.

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: daughter, grandson, love,

Sweet Child Of Mine

     As I watched my daughter playing with her son, I couldn't help but see myself in herI still think of her as a child, but I guess parents always see their grown children as babiesMy daughter is a reflection of me in many waysShe calls me her hero, but I'm the one who is proud of herA tear rolls from my eye as I remember all the struggles we facedGrowing up as the child of a single parent, her life was a harsh reality 

      I didn't know how to care for you, or how to handle your cries.
      I wasn't sure what to do until I looked into your innocent eyes 
      The first time you woke in the night, you scared me half to death.
      My heart was filled with such fright, I could hardly catch my breath
      I fixed you a bottle of warm milk and rocked you until sleeping.
      I touched your hair, soft as silkI held you close in safe-keeping.

     My daughter left for a meeting in the middle of an atrocious stormHeavy rain had been falling all day with outbreaks of thunder and lightning"Love you both," she said, as she hugged me and her son, then rushed outI was left with my adorable grandsonCuddling him close and watching him play reminded me of times when my daughter was his ageLife had been a struggle: she had been a lively infant but I'd almost lost her from a series of convulsionsWhen she was nine, she decided to run away, but only got as far as the front yardThen there were the terrible teens with the silly boyfriends I had to threatenShe had matured into a beautiful young woman, a wife and mother, and an influential and inspirational adultWatching her grow up had been filled with trials, but also with much love and delight - I would not have changed a thing.

      You were nearly lost to me, and I would've never known
      the angel you would be, through the years you've grown.
      Your younger years we spent together flew by much too fast.
      A boyfriend dressed in leather?  Thank God that's in the past
      Who would you become, when into a woman you were grown?
      One day to be a mum? Would you have a child of your own? 
     My grandson fell asleep in my armsI didn't want to put him down, so I held him close like I used to hold my baby girlHe looked so peaceful and innocentI was shaken from my reverie by the wind as it rattled the windows and drove sheets of rain against the panes With each flash of lightning and crash of thunder,  my worry grew I gazed at the clock and realized my daughter had been gone for more than five hoursShe wasn't answering her phoneThe intensity of the storm filled me with a sudden fear, just like the fear I had when she was young.

                                            baby in my arms
                               I will keep you safe from harms
                                         the rage of all storms

                                          now I fret and stew
                                daughter, what's become of you
                                         what more can I do

     I felt so helpless, trapped in the house with the babyMy palms were starting to sweat so I put him down in his cribEven if he wasn't here I wouldn't know where to look for herI started pacing, emotions switching between fear and agitationI started to panicWhat if something had happened to her? What would I do without her? All those fears I had when she was a child came back to meI had to get hold of emotionsI couldn't panicThen the door opened"Sorry, MumThe weather was too bad to drive home so I met a friend for coffee, and my phone lost its charge."  A sense of relief flooded through meI held her close, just like I did when she was a child.

                                     You were my angel as a little girl
                                     Ribbons to tame your unruly curls
                                     Then you grew up much too fast
                                     into a lovely woman, a bonny lass.

                                    Now you have a child of your own.
                                    Before you know it, he'll be grown.
                                    A grandson to hold upon my knee,
                                    Thank you, daughter, for loving me.

Freestyle Haibun: Prose, Couplets, Senryu and Rhyme.
Collaboration between Lin Lane and Silent One
December 10th 2015


Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

If, My Darling

If, my darling we dance again with memories
of smokey eyes from the scent of love that lingers
in thoughts of yesterday when dreams were found
in passionate moments unrestrained from the world
lost in wrapped limbs of illusion that watered
our flower's bloom in the meadow of our soul
where wings were found to carry us to shaded realms
of wondrous passions that coloured the rainbow
crossing the landscape of our hearts in glorious beauty

to meet a lover
yesterday was a stranger
we will meet again

contest For your poetry journal
sponsor...Dear Heart A.K.ABroken Wings

Poem Details | by James Inman |
Categories: longing, love,

My Destiny, You

Deep green, the trees move slowly in the breeze, as I pass through this lazy wood The day grows cool with the taste of snow in the evening twilight The leaves caress my skin like soft feathers as I move in measured pace past the longing wings of the forest My travels have left me gently fluttering through this lost landscape of solitude, bereft of soul and lost of body, when there, I saw you Your gentle rosy cheeks peeking timidly from behind veils of verdant foliage Drawing closer I gazed upon your demure countenance Your soft perfect petals warming me and, you, coyly gazing into my eyes You gently weep your desire as I draw near, but to pluck your fragrant flower would undo me; so, I must return to my path and leave your tears untouched I travel the road that leads my heart and leads me to beauty and love  With no destination to my final journey,  I know this road shall return me to you.

dancing leaves of green
hide perfect fuchsia petals
longing dreams of you


Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: feelings, heartbroken, inspiration, love, mother, strength, success,


PARALLEL AUTUMN SURPRISES A ferris wheel of no return, she stood with rosy cheeks so fair; both day and night just wide rocky bridges of light and darkAll she needed was bulb of fresh start.Three months pass after the love explosion happened, her pillar of strength taken for independence sakeOnly candles of hope she has; slowly, slowly losing its glowHer eyes were a train flood of crystal tearsHer heart jailed from loss but needed to be freed for the sake of a budding lifeShe opens her door day by day beaming a sunshine in her faceHer chest-buds bloom so gracefulHer tummy grows a robust breathing sphereParallel autumn surprises bring her to a sandwich salad showcaseA year passed, in a fragrant natural lair with the light bowing down on them, she planted a kiss on her baby's lips. Teardrops held long tumble thunder listless from her eyes of rest and quiet yet, her steady voice whispers a storm... Forlorn rose maiden exhaled- cyclic shudders: wells of regret like a ruined garden where blossoms frown, green leaves too, turned brown. Her life blossomed amidst earthquake break of failures, true love she finally receive-- it pardoned her wrongs. Bright twinkling stars tended safe the narrow path as silhouetted liquid moon cajoles her long bittersweet escape. Her heartstrings strum endless: her abounding joy! Upon hopeful eyes mirror, the sparkles of her infants tears... ______________________________________________________________________ ***Haibun Freestyle 08:34 pm, November 24, 2015

Poem Details | by Heather Ober |
Categories: family, love, mother,


She looks so fragileHer posture, usually so straight and confident, is hunchedHer eyes - those brilliant sapphire-blue eyes that captivated my dad thirty years ago - are a tear-softened turquoise behind black-rimmed glassesShe stares blankly out the window, seeing something I don'tWatching memories, perhaps

My mum, the strongest woman I know, looks breakable

the old cherry clock ticks away broken heartbeats -- splash of crimson wine
I sit beside her and place my hand over her smaller, trembling oneIt's the only comfort she will acceptShe is my motherShe is supposed to be strong for me, not the other way aroundThat's what she would saySo I sit beside her helplessly, holding her tiny hand She has lost her mother tonightAnd I can only hope that, someday, I will have a child to hold my hand when I lose this woman I love so dearly.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: dream, heartbroken, love,

Heartache Pages Turned

Young and naive from a distance her heart leaped to its highest peak
On his terrace he'd sit lips utter words if the pages could speak
Her eyes showed ruby red as held flooding tears, so very weak 
Quiet and steady she kept silent cries to touch his naked cheeks

secrets from afar
            immune to the world around
                      enslaved hopes of love

Under shadow of garden trees among a gallery of crimson azaleas, she strolls
Portrait of beauty at my fingertips, to caress her goodness, oh so slow
She flees when stealing a look upon her ; does one follow or just let  go?
Burying thoughts in a book and just glance down to see her beautiful glow

silent eyes wander
          stroll alongside hand in hand
                  heartache  pages turned


Poetry Contest : Form H - With A Theme 
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Poem Details | by john sensele |
Categories: poems,

Love Slipped Away From Me

Love rang my heart where I rebuffed her advances, hoping to heighten the longing love felt despite my fickle indifference, complacency and obstinationLove walked away and stoutly locked her door hermeticallyI rue my puerile procrastination...

Love slips into longing 
hearts quiet, unheard, unseen
until it vanishes.

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: family, granddaughter, grandmother, love, spiritual, wisdom,

Grandma's Gift

I wake to the sounds of laughter and lively music (jazz, I think) flowing free from the empty tenement down the hallThe smooth harmonies and upbeat tempos expand to fill every corner within meIt’s an early Saturday morning in spring and warm enough to leave my sweater hanging in the closetDaddy reads the newspaper headlines, a ring of cigar smoke encircling his bald spotMy younger siblings are spread out in front of a black and white TV screen watching Felix the Cat, and I stand at the kitchen sink rinsing the breakfast dishes, still listeningI am almost twelveAs the oldest, I’m expected to help Mama in the kitchenMy blue eyes usually ride the sunbeams while I washI also greet the cloud sculptures, carved from my imagination, as they blow byToday, the kitchen curtains are drawn, and only soft, morning light filters throughI tap my feet and continue to wash, losing track of time while staring at the panels of tiny yellow flowers

When Grandma floats into the kitchen, vibrant and carefree like a butterfly, I feel her thereShe asks me where my head’s been, knowing the answer but choosing to snap me back into the reality of dirty dishesBefore I can speak, she picks up a sponge and starts washingShe’s never far away when I need herI am, what she calls, the keeper of her gift - the only one to receive her sixth senseMy mama calls me foolish for believingShe says there’s no place on this earth for a girl with a head full of impractical dreams and hopeless plansShe wants me to grow up proper and civilized, but Grandma knows meShe understands that my mind and feet are always on the move – twirling, skipping, and dancing to my heart’s latest songGrandma encourages me with her love and acceptanceWe feel the same spirits on the wind, we listen to the guiding whispers of our ancestors, and we know the colors and music of our souls 

As I finish washing the last dish, Grandma starts to dryI look down to see her toes tapping to the same rhythm as mineI ask her if she hears the music, too, already knowingShe doesn’t answer; she just smiles lovingly with her wise eyesShe never complicates life’s truths with unnecessary explanationsShe speaks to my soul without a word from her lipsIf I live to be ninety-nine, I’ll never stop believing.

I brush my granddaughter’s hair
and look into her blue eyes
like mine - full of deep secrets,
she’s ready to share.

*Prose ending with a dodoitsu 
By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, 11/21/15
for Scott's Haibun Free-Style Contest


Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: age, brother, lost love, love,

Hidden Gem

For a long time my brother in law,Jim, and I ,  were not close Politically,   I was mostly liberal and he, a strong conservative Some say politics doesn't matter, but in our case it seemed to color our personalities.

Then, a  few years ago after we had shed our political skins as times changed, and suddenly became open to each other Sure, shared interests but more as we grew  older, not quite affection but a quiet understanding.

spring run
his shadow
always behind

After I was placed in adult care, he visited me several times a week, usually with a  
capuccino in hand which he knew I loved I learned respect and admiration for the real Jim He had a  hidden depth that was not easily expressed or perhaps easily understood.

hidden stream
so clear
stone bridge

I remember from geology class:  Scratch any stone to see its true identity.

dark river stone
doused in light
sun colors

I felt that in the end he was turning to gold though I wonder if  he knew.


Poem Details | by Heather Ober |
Categories: love, seasons,

Snowy Love

a modest snowball spirals through the air-- burst of laughter
As soon as I see his expression, I know I'm in troubleI usually have terrible aim, so my success is a result of pure luckI watch his body stiffen in surprise before he wipes the snow from his shoulder and turns toward meHe tries to keep a straight face - to be intimidating - but of course his lips twitch until they stretch into his trademark grinShaking his head, his sparkling eyes say, You're in for it now. Swallowing another laugh, I turn to flee, but he's fasterBefore I know it, his arms have encircled my waist and I'm being tackled to the ground.
a heavy snowfall softens the frozen ground-- two breaths mingle

Poem Details | by Ajitha Sharma |
Categories: beauty, daughter, i love you, , cute,

My little princess all grown up

Serene are my thoughts as I paint you sitting there all pretty in white, with your favorite doll, serving teaIt makes me smile as you tell your doll how to hold the teacup right (just as I taught you)“Stick the pinky out”, you sayWith your china cups and saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug, sconces and jam, you may make a very pretty Victorian lady!

Princess in pure white,
pouring out hot flavored tea,
Here, come sit with me.

My heart lifts at the pretty sight you make and my smile is a little wistful as I recall the squalling bundle you were in my armsHow soon time flies by! Are you the same little tyke that kept me up all night? The one who made me run around the house trying to force a morsel of food down your little throat? The walls were your drawing board, each new design I committed to memory before I erased!

Down-turned eyes so coy,
sweet picture of innocence,
playing cute doll games.

I know I cannot keep you forever, your battles are not mine to be fought! I cannot shield you from the big, bad wolf forever, my little lamb! You need to test the strength of your own wings against the harsh windYou have a right to your own life, your own pretty nest you will build! The power of a mother’s love, however, will keep you warm and cozy wherever you are!

Fledgling dearest, who,
tomorrow may leave the nest,
but in spirit, mine!

Ajitha Sharma
31st October 2015
For Oil Paintings 1-2-3 contest (2nd Painting)
Sponsor: Eve Roper

P.SMy first attempt at a haibun, sorry if there are any mistakes.

Poem Details | by James Inman |
Categories: family, for her, happiness, love, marriage, relationship,


We met, a brief moment in time, a passing encounter, a long goodbye From the beginning it seemed only goodbye, missing each moment before it passed, longing for time,  Tick, Tick, Tick, the sound of your heart beat, your golden eyes, sad eyes, shadows haunting me, your form cast on cottony clouds, the silvery beast stealing you, the time is gone We are gone.

silhouette on glass
your image lingers in me
sweet bird fly away

We are together, time passes, but I see you..again Beautiful island, reflections of you, mountains, beaches, cascading falls, all are you Exotic beauty, mine for a moment, walks in the forest holding hands, lost in the trees laughing, white skin bronzing in the sun, soft skin, supple and smooth, pineapples and strawberries and passion..fruit,  I leave We are you and me...again.

only thoughts of you
sadness is my companion
what poor company

We marry!  Love, joy, happiness, our time has come, together now, my dream, our dream fulfilled We are we.

our time has begun
you and me now so much more
together as we


Any poem trashed in a recent contest-9th Place
Broken Wings

scott thirtyseven

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: conflict, faith, humanity, islamic, love, peace, religion, remembrance day, society, war,


Our world is in constant conflict, the Islamic State seeks conquest;
every country that loves freedom must face this threat and win.

We have seen the recent carnage in Paris:
bodies covered with blood strewn
everywhere; these threats can lead to a war 
that will involve many countries.

We can't delude ourselves that in all nations there always be peace;
keep a vigilant eye and spot who wants to inflict death and harm.

Will this Christmas and Hanaka be celebrated
with the same ardor of the previous years?
Don't ever lose heart: expressing your faith
will strengthen the bond between you and them.

Rome, the heart of Christendom, welcomes people of all races and creeds;
but doesn't impose conversion on others: it's the free will of loving hearts.

If peace is to prevail: a Christian,
a Jew, a Moslem and an Atheist
must live peacefully and greet
one another: how hard can it be?

Constant hatred leads to war and bloodshed: there are no winners or losers;
we all pay the prize with the loss of lives: what if we loved and never fought?

Written on 12/20/2015

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: betrayal, lost love, sad, universe,

Off In The Distance

DISTANT THINGS CONTEST Sponsor: John Lawless Detached from my beliefs I carried your burdensI thought our love was for certainI was reserved for a heart so givingYou were my reason for living; a relief of madness that encircled my mind daily…nightly…dailyI needed you back thenI craved attention from auras of white and sunbeams of goldTruth be told, I thought I was the one for you, and you walked off through the distance into the darknessSpace doesn’t seem to be far enough, and the stretch of the moon seems too closeFor you were the one who meant the mostI miss our vows that were tenderly swornYou so cold and me so…warm. thoughts fading away needing me wasn’t your plan off in the distance Pretending to take care of my heart just seemed too much for youYou fell apart with my words so trueYou sat there and gave a message I couldn’t handle to hearWas your plan to fill me with fear? You seduced me into your universe marching off into the nothingnessI think it was your impulsivenessI reflected on last week’s conversationYou stood without hesitationMe begging you to stay and you running far away, pleading me to leaveI was left to grieveOff into the light I was shining and all of a sudden you cursed a blackness shadowing my radianceI was left in silenceI miss our vows that were tenderly swornYou so cold and me so…warm. too much to handle no room in your universe off in the distance Tears flowing and no more hearts glowingMe betrayed wishing you stayedSo absurd how you intentionally lured me through the caves of broken heartsYou left with outspoken scarsUnderneath the shadows you journeyed into your own realmI was left overwhelmedCouldn’t you try just one more time? The poetess inside me just didn’t seem to rhymeWas I too blind to notice your leaving? I only wish it was me you were retrievingAfter conceiving the way you wandered away, my memories notice the days following up to your disappearanceI was left wallowing waiting for your remorseful clearanceI miss our vows that were tenderly swornYou so cold and me so…warm. tears of betrayal leaving me was too easy off in the distance Date Written: June 10, 2016

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, mountains, nature, passion, universe,

Island of Fantasy

Island Of Fantasy Contest Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron I shared a margarita with you as we tip-toed through the sandy shores of Beautificia IslandNo one in sight…just me…you...and the gentle current rising up toward our anklesFair mountains full of purple hues shedding a tiny shimmer of sparkling pinkSkies laced with light blue with yellow streaks floating across the small cabana made of bambooIt was our cabana with only room for twoWe shared so much in twenty yearsThe heartache and loss, but most importantly we shared refreshing joy and contentmentPure pleasure of romance and enjoyment us on our island hues of romance lingering cabana for two Walking out hand in hand we noticed pineapples lined up along the beach leading us into a tiny hutIt was different than our cabanaIt held chairs matching a candlelit table with enough food for a kingdomA deep red lantern hung above us as we delighted in our mealThere was no one aroundIt was as if this night was made just for us as a gift from the universeWith sweet whispers of secrets and hands held under the table we sat and raptured in each other’s eyes. warmth from the lanterns grateful gift from universe soft secrets whispered The night led us into the sights of a beautiful sun setting in the westThe sparkling pink hues from the midsummer's day mountains sprinkled above usLike lightning of yellow we sat and pondered on our life we created out of loveIt seemed like yesterday we were passing glances in the halls of high schoolStares lasting seconds feeling like hoursThe first time you spoke, my heart melted and as time grew I knew you were the oneAs the blue moon arose, I leaned on your shoulder and smiledThis island reminded us of the fantasy we created through two decades of love pink sparkling sunset glances of love at first sight fantasies of life Date Written: June 6, 2016

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: love,

From My Heart, With Love

     I thought of you today I think of you every hour of every dayI remember how tender were our moments, how sweet was our loveAlthough we're no longer together, I'm writing you a love letter because I still love youIt's said that a signed love letter becomes an autograph of affectionMy affection fills pages and pages of poems that you will never readI write of things I no longer have the chance to say to you; words of passion, fear, anger, but also of our dreams and the times I hold most dear.

memories I hold
   flow within my broken heart
       we are far apart

     We shared so many dreamsI remember the song you wrote for me, 'Eternally.'  You played it for me when first we metYou had no idea how I struggled to hold back my tearsI was torn between watching your face as you played, and your fingers as they caressed the keysI imagined them moving gently over meI drank in the moment, thirsty for you Was I imagining that you loved me, too? No, I knew your heart loved mine, even before we came face to faceI remember the day you took my hand, kissed my palm, and knelt on one knee "Yes," I cried, and I saw the tears in your eyes for the want of me.

memories of you
     of your eyes and your laughter
          love ever after

     Love was the greatest gift we gave to each other, but it's supposed to endure all things; eternallyI remember the night we stood gazing at a million stars in the Colorado skyYou wrapped your arms around me as one fellHow sad to think of a star dyingHow sad to think that now, when I look at the stars, I feel your arms around meDo you think of me and remember? You asked me to write a poem about the fallen stars, wondering where they go when they dieThe last line was, "Heartache is elusive to the human eye." I no longer believe that to be trueI see my heartache each time I look in a mirror and your reflection is not standing next to meYour head does not lie on the pillow next to mineYour arms no longer hold me as we sleepOur eyes no longer gaze into each others, but my heart still holds you with each beat.

memories of us
     gazing at the midnight sky
          one more fallen star

     I'm sending you my autograph of affectionI've signed it, "With love." I fold and place it an envelope, addressed to the home we once sharedI'm sealing it with my tears and adding it to the othersThey're tied with a crimson ribbon, safely kept in my desk drawer.

one more love letter
     written by my broken heart
          you will never read.

November 14th, 2015

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: emotions, engagement, heartbroken, lost love, sad love,

not just another haiku

She had come to know him as her hero
They met on a cloudy day as sunlight tried
filtering softly through the pine trees that 
surrounded her mountain home, casting 
charcoal shadows on her swimming pool.
She rented her home to him with joy as she
moved her last boxes into her compact car.
She was happy to be moving in with her 
beloved boyfriend thirty miles across town.

it rained hard that May
presage of future events...
black clouds lingered low

The first few days were blissful as his young
sons adored her and even began calling her 
MamaTwo and four, precious little red heads.
But to her heartbreaking dismay he was not
ready to move on with anyone, and had issues 
she could not help healHe demanded she leave
with no where to go.

a cloud burst poured down
in torrential tears and storm...
divine light appeared

She returned to her home and prayed her tenant
would understandHe was upset at first fearing 
he would be given notice to moveShe only asked
to move into the one room pool house to keep
from being homelessWith tears streaming down 
her cheeks and a broken heart she related 
her story as he listened with empathetic ears.

roses bloomed in the
fresh fragrant flower garden...
hope bloomed too that day

July 13, 2017

Poem Details | by Hansteven Selfa |
Categories: color, cry, how i feel, hurt, love, rain, rainbow,


It was a rainy Wednesday, a lonely nightI was sitting on a wooden chair inside a coffee shop, savoring the aroma and the taste of the newly brewed beans of my AffogatoAs I looked outside, the sky was caliginous, no hint of sunlight was foundThe clouds were as heavy as my emotionsAnd slowly, tears began runningBoth from the clouds and my eyes.

Before I lived in
A dark and awful planet
'til the day we met

The bell rangYou opened the doorThe squeaky sounds your wet shoes created got the attention of everyoneAnd when you tried to escape embarrassment, you stumbled and I knew you were panicstrickenOur eyes intersected, and for once, I found myself laughing at you
You ordered a MacchiatoAnd because there was no available seats anymore, you asked me if you could sit with meWithout saying, without approval, you sat opposite to me.
From there, our novel beganYou were the paper, I was the penAnd the ink, the ink was love.
Every Wednesday was our dateIn the coffee shop, in the third table on the first rowI would order Affogato and you MacchiatoEverything was always like the first time we met, except the skies were filled with colors of the rainbowAnd from there, it made me believe, that every after rain there's always a rainbow.

We are like colors
Glistening when touched by light
Shimmering in sight

And thus, our relationship continuedFrom months into years, we almost hit a decadeAlmost
If only you didn't lie to me that you're already marriedIf only you didn't lie to me that you already have two daughters and a sonIf only you didn't make me feel like a mistress chasing youYou made me feel what we had was like a rainbowThat even though we had fights, at the end, colors would still shine upon us.

Like rainbow in sky
Every after rain we see
Fades simply, slowly

And so I was the pen and you were the paperYou're already lacking, and the ink that kept us together was already blotting


Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: age, allegory, appreciation, funeral, grandmother, love,


Poor Granny always wanted the entire family to gather in a reunion!  And not just immediate relatives like her children, "the Fab Four," but also all nieces and nephewsOld neighbors and teachers who had taught her children, she wanted too!

Naturally this got old as she was after a while It was very hard to get us together, as we had our own lives to live Still we would try sometimes try, but inevitably some always could not attend.

These absences would cause her sadness for weeks, then she would start planning
the next one Of course, the same thing would happen over and over again!

She was over 90 when she died alone and stii clinging to her somewhat outdated feelings to the family that loved her dearly.

all gather at her 

Published (9/2015) Cattails

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: beauty, creation, image, irony, jesus, love, truth,

The perfection of beauty

As old as the beholder all that He made it was very good                                                   then multitudes of similitudes throughout the ages of grace                                                    some fair to be as close to the original some lost in their own vanity                                             from garden of His pleasure to the pleasant to make one wise like a flaming sword                          the selfish beauty mark because of the reward lay bare their own shame                                            but for His own graciousness a promise given to one day restore                                                             the innocent virtue of beauty upon one came the violence blood and gore                                                        reclaims the defamed to but on course those from whom worldly beauty had swayed                                        no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty                                                             that we should desire himbut perfection's beauty loved us                                                                                to the end and one-day beauty will again be very good
egotism's display
but pure Love is not in vain
the promise well kept

Poem Details | by Thomas Martin |
Categories: allegory, child, fantasy, love, science,

The E T

Zena hailed from the Zeta Reticula star system and she
was bored with the military’s handling of her Day after day of
interrogations and discussions for weapons or space travel.

barbed wire
she yawned wondering if it was
to keep her in or them 

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: seasons,

Spring's Love Affairs

As the continuous rain trickles from the roof and the gentle breeze stirs the
wind chimes to play tunes, a bird warbles chere, chere, to a lady friend
who answers cheer.The rain is cold and uninviting to humans but birds must
ignore such a small inconvenience to love affairs and courtship

in the distance a truck's motor hums rain 'pon the road sings
Their chirps to each other get closerOne has moved into the Holly Bush about ten feet closer to the one bird in the Pear Tree The gentle breeze blows cold mist from the rain upon the old lady in the rocker out on the porchShe shivers and writes a few more words in her notebook..
gentle breezes touch silent wind chimes metal pipes a love affair starts
The poet retreats into the warm, dry and comfortable homeShe thanks God for a few minutes to enjoy the creation and the creator..
aromas of food cooked for lunch lingers in silent rooms

Poem Details | by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: holiday, husband, love, war, wife,

returned Valentine


her heart's overwhelmed
as her Valentine returns
from Afghanistan

In cahoots with the local mailman, Airman Louis Patrillos hides out-of-sight as the postman returns the special valentine his wife had sent him Then quickly Lou appears, announcing,  "Honey, I'm Home!" just as she bursts into tears 

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
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Nicholas-Poetry Writing 1 Haibun Contest

It's a love that last's a lifetimeA sincere attraction to all that is good from the both of usForgetting all the broken promises from yesterday's leftovers and tomorrow's fear of the unknownFrom the way you play with my hair at night, and the tender kisses before bed, I am drawn to you like a magnet to it's forces of natureBeliefs in our days to come has brought me to a state of delightful pleasure, and  it will always be that way for us...

                         magnetic forces
                             companionship all our days
                                   I believe in you

Expressing my affection has always come so easily for meThe scent that you carry, and have always carried, reminds me of the day we said our vows at the alterIf not for you, I don't think I would ever be able to tell the difference between passion and hurtTwenty years ago, we shared that first lookThe look that set in motion a beautiful friendship and remarkable connection we share...Our song from 1996 still rings magic in my soul...a pretty tune of beauty and romanticism.

                         your scent a love song
               two decades calling our name
        you believe in me

We have that flower...the one that portrays our vivid appreciation for each other's uniquenessFor I am your flower and I need you to nourish me for all the days of my lifeThat's what lovers do...We start off as tiny seeds, then the root grasps the earth for stability and the stem encompasses the bud...our strong bud blossoming into a life of delight and joyAt times I wonder what my life would be like with out youI mean if God took you awayThere would be no more dry eyes within meSo now the paths I take will be vibrant with a reflection that manifest's itself into a magnificent streak of lightIt would be our light, and we would radiate through out the universe...

                         our celestial star
                               flowers blossoming for you
                                   we believe in us

Poem Form: Haibun
Meaning:A Japanese form of poetry that consists a section of prose followed by haiku.

*I enjoy the haibun poetry form because to me, writing prose has always been my favorite form of writingI think it's beautiful to read a stanza of prose followed by a short simple haikuIt separates each other, yet compliments each other at the same time.*

Written By: Laura Urbaniak
Date Written: December 8, 2015
For the contest, Poetry Writing #1, sponsor, Broken Wings 

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: love, spring, daffodils,

Revelations In Spring

     No more coats and woolen mittensIt's a time of new beginnings, when a dormant world awakens from Winter's slumberThawing snow becomes dancing brooks, quenching the thirst of Mother Earth Birds feather their nests, trees bud anew, flowers open to bloom, and so does the love within my heartThe breath of Spring gives me reason to sing as I confess my love for you.

     Clear are the frosted window panes of glass.
     Winter coats and mittens are stored away.
     Visible are the blades of fresh green grass,
     As I feast my eyes on this sweet Spring day.

         Daffodils bloom, buds burst on maple trees.
         Trickling streams flow to a raging river.
         A songbird's sweet trills waft upon the breeze 
         I thank Spring for being such a giver.

             My heart also sings of love now unbound,
             But I would be guilty and thus remiss,
             If to you, the one my dear heart has found,
             I'd not bestow upon your lips, our first kiss.

                   I find it hard to breathe on this Spring day.
                   Because you have taken my breath away

November 18th, 2015
Haibun Free Style Contest

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: life, nature,

Love Affair Begins

As the continuous rain trickles from the roof and the gentle breeze stirs the
wind chimes to play tunes, a bird warbles chere, chere, to a lady friend
who answers cheer.The rain is cold and uninviting to humans but birds must
ignore such a small inconvenience to love affairs and courtship

in the distance a truck's motor hums rain 'pon the road sings
Their chirps to each other get closerOne has moved into the Holly Bush about ten feet closer to the one bird in the Pear Tree The gentle breeze blows cold mist from the rain upon the old lady in the rocker outon the porchShe shivers and writes a few more words in her notebook..
gentle breezes touch silent wind chimes metal pipes a love affair starts
The poet retreats into the warm, dry and comfortable homeShe thanks God for a few minutes to enjoy the creation and the creator..
aromas of food cooked for lunch lingers in silent rooms

Poem Details | by Anil Deo |
Categories: allegory, career, creation, jesus, love, marriage, student,

Jesus Is Creator, Savior, Priest and King

HAIBUN 20170408
The Holy Spirit has led me to Jesus, the Messiah, called Yeshua ha Meshiach, in the Old Testament prophecy of a SaviorWhat the Jewish siblings saw in part – and the first disciples were observant Jews, as was Jesus – the Gentiles see more clearly over the centuriesThis is true of me, although I was neither Jew nor Christian but Gentoo: the British sometimes took Indians to the colonies and listed them as “Gentoos” in the shipping logsI surmise that term indicates, “Gentile who is Hindoo.”
Love reached from heaven Love failed; Love sent a Savior True love needs a Third
I do believe all religions may have some Truth; the OLD & NEW TESTAMENTS are God’s Complete Love Letters to humanityNow, combined, the type and shadows of person & promises in the Old, become demonstrable in the New, TESTAMENT, during and since Jesus walked on earth.Romans 1 admits that through General Revelation all peoples & tribes get to know of a Creator God, though not His names or Triune NatureThe latter truths become clear in Bible verses as explained in the Gospel of John 1:1 (See Hebrews 1 & chapters 5-7, that show Jesus as Prophet-Priest-King)Shadows of earlier “wisdom” are embodied in ChristNeither Jewish temple (for animal sacrifice & offerings) nor the priesthood of Israel, are needed nowI hasten to add that Jews remain crucial for the Second Coming of Jesus(Space doesn't allow me to say more, here)As Coming King in full regalia, Jesus won't be disguised as a human, or baby in humble conditions, anymoreWe await His GloryMaranatha.
Hindu Triune God Is a type – Jesus - humbled HimselfSaved Eve first!
I used “Eve” instead of ADAM, above, because Eve fit my syllable countNo offence intended to God’s other masterpieces: women. Unless we concede God (of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is Creator, Elohim) but also El-Shaddai, Adonai, & YHWH/Yahweh, we will fail at everything & in love/marriageUnless we created ourselves, we ought to study why God includes us in His Plan, with specific roles! Why does Jesus want to be a part of everything? Do U wish to know all about ones U love? He is a co-student with youthHe's with the victim of abuseBe holy & see Him manifest.He is the missing Person in every marriage that failsUsually husbands & wives exclude the Designer.He ensures love becomes Agape LoveAgape love heals, forgives, creates! (c) A.Deo.4/8/17I sing of Glory Behold LORD Jesus!

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: family, farm, grandfather, love, memory, nature,

A Songbird Climbs

In breaths of morning dawn the generations before would drift through my mindA legacy of gold and silver in depths of the dawning rise and in a picture book of vivid yesteryears I would climbFrom the feathered pillow to the creaking oak floor, across the hall to the kitchen where the steamy coffee I would pourDrowning in my coffee gaze a sweet reflection of Grandpa's face, deep beneath the creamy clouds with one raised brow, hair silver brown.

through the aged window
upon the swaying wheat field
a songbird climbs

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion,

Our Liveliness

Is there ever a day I don't think of you? Many thoughts and desires cloud my mind. Your essence with mine manifests itself into a breath of fresh air. We luminate a radiant glow towards the falling star we created so long ago I repeat last night over and over... I recall our sweet kisses with candles lit so bright The only thing we'll ever know is our arms wrapped around eachother, knowing our... -liveliness will last forever. my breath, just for you holding eachother so tight radiance aglow Your hands so strong swaying gently through my long brown hair. We reminisce about the good ol' days in high school. Opening my locker and you peeking over to catch a glance. You...hoping I look back at you... me...praying it will continue... The only thing we'll ever know why we stayed together, is knowing our... -liveliness will last forever. beauty in our past so young, beliefs in true love alive in our hearts Date Written: January 14, 2016 Written By: Laura Loo