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Poem Details | by Gerald Kithinji |
Categories: life, love,


Alas! Mankind 
Is preoccupied
With living
Not loving

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: faith, inspirational, love, peace, time,

God's serenity tree

Not all fruit ripens at the same time                                                                                         
but it grows on the same tree 		                                                                          
Like the green herb seed with in it's kind                                                                               
with healing leave's increase's come with eternity

Poem Details | by Lara Wash |
Categories: love,

Rekindled Love

Love and second chances
They noticed each other’s alluring glances
So they decided to advance
To this place called romance

Will love strike again, probably not
But they agreed to be friends
While they both were hot

Love is like lightening
One bolt and you’re down
If it strikes again you won’t be
In the same place to be found

Even if their minds tell them there’s a possibility
A rekindled love is often seen as instability
Sometimes doubt and sometimes hostility

So they weighted their feelings on a scale
He said they should take it slow as a snail
She said she felt it would be like a fox
Chasing its tail

So they departed and went their separate ways
He exhaled
She flipped her ponytail
And they never used their rear view mirrors to look back at yesterdays

Poem Details | by Michael Smith |
Categories: courage,

Where Love Should Be

It's not the granite 
Nor the words upon it
What lies below
Or behind it
That defines
But, an emptiness
Of this life
Where love should be

Inspired by the Grook bog 2/11/13

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: lost love

Love rejection

Emotions are concentrated in three places
They muddle up the brain 
They are evident on all faces 
And its heart that feels the pain

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: lost love, love


Love is the prison of the heart
It captures you in emotions
Its intentions are honourable at the start
It sometimes ends as a deadly potion

Poem Details | by awoh kingsley awoh |
Categories: lost love, me,


It is time to go home
Though you are so dear to me
But Fidelia, you are brute
You drank too much men

I remember, how she teased me,
How she used to lull me with kiss
I left a portion of my humanity on her lips
Now am dying,
Now am going home

Dear love, why must i be betrayed;
All i deserve was to be loved
I reached for knife
Curving my skin with pains
Painting it with blood
In the pool of blood
I sobbed,
She left me in disarray
Why Fidelia..?

awoh awoh

Poem Details | by Anindya Mohan Tagore |
Categories: hate, love, truth,

Famous Last Line

Naked Truth Grook

We are very civilized people
We hate nudity and banned porn
We cover everything - even the naked truth
Rape is prevalent - but, we do it in private
Only the poor children can be found naked here
Sorry, we could not cover them all



2nd Part :

Sorry, we could not cover them all
Our tooth and claws
Greed, hatred and all other flaws
Being human is not that easy
Excuses given - life being busy
Even, when you hate
I can't cover my love for you - Mate


Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: allegory, faith, hope, life, love, uplifting,

The Greatest is Love

The three fold chord not easily broken              Faith hope and charity will never fail      							           
what do you weigh?

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: christian, jesus, life, love, missing you,

Religious Affiliation

The unhappiest minority, with no authority                                                                                                                       Do you think that is odd                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       When no one will listen and you won’t talk to God                                                                                                                                I hope you don’t commit suicide                                                                                                                                               then again you probably think the stats are a lie

Poem Details | by erica mcgee |
Categories: loveday, me, day, me,

their love

You had me fooled 
Thinking that you only wanted to befriends
But when you told me that you loved me 
I was embarrassed on how to feel
All I could do was frown
Then you asked me to marry you and all I could do 
Was cry.
With tears of joy I read to you my loving vows
And you read me yours.
After the day I said I do I promised to 
Love and cherish you until the day I die
And you hopped that the day would never come.
But one day I was feeling terrible and you 
To god hoping that this wouldn’t be the day 
That we would have to say goodbye.
Four  days of agony and pain for the both of us went 
By and one that fifth day I got up and was feeling swell

After the two were married for 39 years they both 
Died together with no painThey loved each other for as long as 

Poem Details | by Marie Harrison |
Categories: lost love



At my highest point of love,
I thought I’d never be anointed 
with love’s oil of disappointment.
Now in the sweet sugar sand that ugly line
has been drawn with anything but kindness,
the thin line the runs somewhere
between love and hate,
that’s blind-sided me.

Poem Details | by Balveen Cheema |
Categories: lost love,


                                                            Lost Out

                                                  You learn what true love is
                                                 Only when you have lost out
                                             On everything you have truly loved

                                                         February 13, 2016
                                                       Sponsor: Silent One

Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: lost love, love


No such thing as love
Until someone injects you with it
It feels fluffy, you fly to heaven above
Take it away, you hurt and life you want to quit

Poem Details | by Bryn Murphy |
Categories: angstheart, heart, love,

What did I do?

my heart is twisted
I can't breathe my heart hurts too much
I love him so much
what did i do wrong?
what did i say for him to be mad at me?
I miss him
I love him
he is the love of my life
I want to cry, but i can't
my eyes are glistening
my heart is twisted
my stomach is turning
I'm heart broke
I don't even know what I did wrong
I love him

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: allusion, beauty, christmas, humorous, sad love,


A drop lost in a flood                                                                                                                                                                      did you notice

Poem Details | by Gregory Golden |
Categories: imagination

Love Laughing Loud

Love laughing loud
At the devil's

Poem Details | by Allan Terry |
Categories: appreciation, basketball, beach, beautiful, boyfriend, cool, i love you,

like love, dat foo reel dough stuff

whoomp, whoomp whoomp!
e'er night like dis
and I do love you
cause we special togetta
me and you we like
diamonds and gold
like sweet nectar and kisses
we just right for each otta
I mean love
real love
the kinda love yo bouis get jealous of
then they get all involed in yo business
and cause ya'll to depart
than ya'll get back tugetta and she breaks yo heart
I mean than ya'll get o'er it and than they come back again
acting like they neeeed you
try'na be yo friend
I luv my gul
and she know that right
I buy her candy and shrimps and steaks
sho'  ya right
ripple and wine patches
that fooreel dough stuff
we smoke fatty cigars
and drink that aqua stuff
sparkling wine and my misses
towel laid on the ground
sunning in the evening
kiss when know one's around
I gonna marry dat gal
I gonna speak I do to the preacher
me and my girl
a ful length feature

Poem Details | by Robert Ludden |
Categories: desire,

Cyber Love to the Melody of a Cyber God

Words of tenderness
were passion-filled
across a thousand miles between them
as the heat inflamed their senses.
Almost as a reflex they reached down
to touch themselves and knew
that distance disappeared as magic--
knew delight as liquid formed
between her thighs and from his own,
a sentinel alert.

Caught up and swept away,
all time and space was gone as well.
Their hunger stirred
and surged within them, threatening
a spasm they could not deny, until
it burst upon them as its own creation
of a universe for two, established there
within the sweetness hovering.

Eros smiled, 
assumed the person of their deity
unknown before, and having thus bestowed
a sacrament undreamed,
brought home their astral flight
and just above their astral kiss,
departed in the night.

Poem Details | by John Beam |
Categories: love

awesome one loves you

Death could not do you part                                                                                        
Likened  to heart beating man                                                                                           
The only God that loved you to death                                                                             
Lived to tell you about it                                                                                              
Jesus Christ still is the plan                                                                                        

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: allusion, beauty, dark, depression, grief, lost love,


I came in the name of He who gave you breath.
As certain as the emptiness of time,
as hopeful as your life, and meaningless as death,
I came to stay.

No holy water, no exorcist's demand,
can quench your thirst; your need for all I am.
I fill your head with things not meant to understand,
I came to stay.

I breath your name, tormented you may seem,
and sleepless is your night, I fill your time.
I am the joy of life beyond your dying scream,
I came to stay.

I came in the name of He who gives you death.
I am the calm and blinding of the light.
Forever part of you, I am your very breath.
I came to stay.

© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet