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Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: grandparents, lonely, love, old, rose, sad love,

The Special Rose

She sits and rocks, so gently back and forth
Her chin leaning heavily on her chest.
In her hands she cradles, one flat waxed rose
And sighs as pain is swelling in her breast.

Her long grey hair, now tied up in a bun
Is what I see when entering the room.
I helplessly watch, her tear drops flowing,
They look like dew, upon the lonely bloom.

Slowly she looks at a picture nearby,
A glimpse of a smile creases her face.
Granddad with her, stand on their wedding day
With red roses, and a dress of white lace.

After the wedding, she said with a smile,
I took this one rose and waxed it back then.
Granddad had laughed at me wondering why.
I said, for the special memories when…….

And now this old rose, I hold in my hand,
Precious memories kept in my drawer
I pull it out remembering the day
When granddad loved me, and I loved him more.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Contest: Encounters with Flowers 

Poem Details | by Nathan Reger |
Categories: grandmother, grandparents, love,



I miss grandma’s house after school, grandma’s house after church, grandma’s house after a long days workI miss them because they remind me of my grandmaLemonade, cookie jars, jeopardy, aloe plants, banana pudding, ice tea, patsy cline and diet coke etcall have memories that make me think of my Grandma.

Grandma is always giving
Here take this pillow take some food “take what you want.”
She wants you to have it
She just wants you to be happy.

Are you hungry? Let me make you something.
I am not hungry grandmaI say.
Grandma says: Let me make you something anyway.

Straight to the point is her way
Stop chewing your nails stop eating so much chocolate
Your face is breaking out! No girl is going to like that!

She cries when we leave, and cries when we arrive
Tears of joy and sadness she cannot hide.

Three words that define her are
Self-less, supportive, and loving

Grandma is the rock in our family

I want to tell you

We love you!

Poem Details | by Sheila Van Zant |
Categories: age, caregiving, death, eulogy, family, grandparents, loneliness, lost love, money, wisdom,

Life's End

So they think your old and shouldn't live alone, maybe you're too frail to be left on your own Can't manage your own money or live in your own home, apprehensive you give up and take up the tossed bone So many years spent taking care of them, it's your turn they'll tell you and move you right in Deep inside you hope to turn back the time, your life's work was them sure it will be just fine Your full of anticipation life is going to be easier now Soon feeling like a relic lifted up and knocked down You have so many stories memories of days passed, feel like every story told could soon be your last They have no time to listen they heard it all before, tell you they'll talk later as they rush through the door Feeling like a burden wondering what to do, no one seems to care about the trials you've been through To them, your just repeating things already heard, but if they'd stop to listen your words are not absurd Everyone keeps talking about the day you will die, and who gets what & how your property will divide Not wanting to wait they reach out with dirty hands, to take what's in reach they can't wait for the end You start to feel decrepit and feel your life's a sin, it a bad situation that no one wins in the end You find yourself weaker something isn't right, don't talk to old friends feeling like a fright Every day grows longer you can't wait for the night, no one even gets it it's such a dismal plight You sleep and sleep and sleep to escape reality, your youth is long faded along with vitality Closing your mind eye reaching for your partner's hand, but alone in your bed, this was not the master plan The dream realm is all you see through the haze, you lift your eyes up & meet your lost love's gaze But please don't go too soon to that alternate reality, there are those that still need to hear the words you speak Stop dwelling on real or perceived infirmities or without warning, it will drain your remaining vitality When you think of death or of the dying that they speak, hold your head up high and breathe life into the scene Change your attitude don't die its not a dream the younger generation you still need to lead Hold onto your life and sow a precious seed, life is worth living don't lose it in a dream

Poem Details | by Wanda Daugherty |
Categories: absence, grandchild, granddaughter, grandmother, grandparents, i love you, silly,

Missing Kristen

Missing Kristen

Bright blue eyes that sparkle;
And gentle chestnut curls.
She dances through my heart strings;
My skinny baby girl.

So proud to be her Grandma;
Even though I'm kind of fat.
I chased her round my garden;
While she shouted, "I want that."

I miss her so this morning,
My skinny baby girl.
Though she's gone to Mississippi;
She's right here in my world.

She's in my broken what-nots;
In the pictures on my wall.
In the stains there on my sofa.
She's my baby after all.

My first beloved Grandchild;
Little keeper of my heart.
I am missing little Kristen,
Though I know we'll never part.

There's a bit of me inside her;
She's my Grandchild after all.
And  a bit of my dear husband;
And our families one and all.

She is so much like her Mother,
Yet also like her Dad.
Though she fractures my best china,
I will never call her bad.

We are always linked together;
By duty and by love
By the design of our great maker
Our Lord and God above.

Yet I'm missing my Granddaughter
Though she leaves me in a whirl.
My big-footed, darling Kristen;
My skinny baby girl

Poem Details | by Al Parry |
Categories: anniversary, baby, baptism, beauty, bereavement, best friend, birthday, boyfriend, bridal shower, brother, caregiving, celebration, child, childhood, farewell, feelings, first love, children, for him, kids, freedom, friendship, funeral, girlfriend, giving, goodbye, graduation, grandchild, granddaughter, grandmother, grandparents, grandson, happiness, happy, health, heartbroken, hope, identity, inspiration, jesus,


Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

Poem Details | by Perry Campanella |
Categories: community, culture, dad, daughter, devotion, education, family, father daughter, feelings, children, kids, friendship, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, husband, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, international, joy, marriage, men, mentor, mother daughter, niece, parents, poems, relationship, spiritual, teacher, teen, teenage, thank you, today, truth, voice, wisdom, world, youth,

Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when eighter-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: addiction, autumn, beautiful, beauty, best friend, brother, cat, celebration, change, childhood, christmas, cousin, dad, dog, fishing, food, football, grandparents, grief, halloween, happiness, heart, hero, holiday, home, life, little sister, love, mom, mother, music, native american, sister, write,

Family Grief Family Happiness

   Have you ever written anything without sub combing to tears ?
    My Family portrait in my mind , 2 older sisters , 2 brothers
        My Mother caring about all five in different ways
      Just with Mom & Dad there having the best of Holidays 
     My sisters laying out on the deck of river bank for 4th of July ~
      Listening to " Honkey Chateau " and all by Elton John
       music  a great memory ~Disco , Donna summer , Grease ~ Jaws !

     Dad's records to Tony Bennett , Hank W Sr, Count Basie & Louis Armstrong.
          The music  takes me home in a wagon filled with children and a dog "Lucky "    
      My Older brother , athletic , always fishing & hunting.
                 My younger , my Rock , Swimming and netting for fish,
        feeding our Fat cat Perch off the rocks patiently awaits her food               
       the yelling , slamming of doors ,  tempers Flare , passion 
         Our Parents , passionate love yet passionate Hate
        After being a Family of Seven , Divorcing their fate.
         Why did that show " Dallas " bring out the Divorce in all ?

       Scottish ~ Irish ~ French Iroquois ~ Cherokee  
                 No matter what the mix.Our curse Alcohol ~
          the  Screaming , Drinking , this memory I wish to shut the door on  
        Going to A & W or making Cheerleading ,The Bears of course~
             Excited in Chicago !  seeing Elton John in the Summer of 1976 ~
        Cubs ,  museum of Wax , Museum of science & History , Pizza !
       Expeditions of discovery ,little brother & I finding arrowheads on the Shore.
             Our Grandparents Faithful Celebrations ! Chiffon cake , Apple strudel `  
        Our Cousins on Holidays , going for ice cream cones , 
          scent of wet rain on oak leaves ~Before Halloween was bought in stores.
           ~ That is the Family I Love ,
                     that is the Family I choose to miss ~    

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, candy, care, childhood, chocolate, clothes, emotions, feelings, friendship, giving, grandchild, grandmother, grandparents, happiness, happy, heart, hope, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, love, niece, peace, uplifting,

Love Never Fades

There's a little history to this particular poemI know I wrote it when I was 11 or 12 years oldI wrote it for my Grandma Dorabel, who is today 90 years oldI also wrote it for my uncle John who had been taking care of her at the time; I didn't want to leave him out so I put on the letter: For Grandma Dee and Uncle John! I wrote this short little poem along with a drawing of a cat and some flowersHowever, I actually never sent the picture to her! My parents and I must have forgotten to send! To me that was unacceptable! I thought to myself today when I found the picture, I must send it now! The picture is now on its way to her, so I am happy she will at last receive it

---------------------------- You can send me a bouquet of flowers, You can order me a box of chocolates, You can buy me a fancy outfit, But flowers don't last, Chocolates eventually disappear, Outfits get out of style, Yet Love never fades, And it's the most precious gift of all

Poem Details | by sakshi sitoot |
Categories: granddaughter, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, i love you, love,

My Grand Parents

When we are with you, we always have fun, You make us feel we're your special ones! If we really need a hug or two, we know that we can always depend on you. Giving hugs is what grandparents do best, And you do it better than all the rest! Everything that my grandma does is something special made with love. She take time to add the extra touch that says, "I love you very much." She fixes hurts with a kiss and smile and tell good stories grandma-style. It's warm and cozy on her lap for secret telling or a nap. At 1 in the afternoon,It is always grandpa's call he asks"this to install??" My Grandpa is a wonderful man, Always believed in me, he knew that I can Wisdom of life, openly shared, Comforted me, when I was scared Here is a secret, and it is true- Grandma & Grandpa, my hearts belongs to you!

Poem Details | by Nicole Sharon Brown |
Categories: caregiving, childhood, dedication, devotion, education, family, children, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, passion, peace, people, philosophy, school, social, thank you, upliftingfamily, family,

Welcome To Grandparents Day

We would like to welcome you,
To our celebration created just for the people who,
Are significant members of our family tree.
We love you indeed.
You’ve guided us to achieve many goals.
We want to be like you.
Grandma and grandpa we hold you dear to our hearts,
And even when you’re gone we’ll carry your legacy,
On to our future members of the family tree.
Today we want you to view,
What we hold in our hearts oh so true.
We welcome and value you,
So sit back relax and enjoy the program
Designed for you involving your grand boys and girls.
Grandparents you make our world go round,
And we hope that you enjoy our gracious sounds.

Poem Details | by Terra Cossette |
Categories: family, happiness, love, grandparents, grandparents, , cute,

Grandma's Love...

Grandma, you are so special, your love knows no bounds.
 A room takes special warmth whenever your around.
You think I am cute and talented and maybeeven wise,
But, I know thats why all grandparents see through loving eyes.
Everyday with you is so precious, I'm so thankful for the time.
Out of all the grandparents in the world I am so glad that you are mine.

Poem Details | by Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack OMS DD |
Categories: adventure, anniversary, baptism, beauty, bible, birthday, celebration, christian, community, faith, family, feelings, children, forgiveness, god, grandparents, grandson, history, inspiration, inspirational, jesus, joy, life, love, passion, peace, people, poems, poets, prayer, religious, senses, simple, society, spiritual, strength, teacher, time, together, tribute, truth, wisdom, words, world,

US in JesUS

Before we were thought of or time had started, 
God put US in His Son’s name.
And each time we pray, you'll see its true, 
You can't spell Jesus without including US 
Were a pretty big part of His wonderful name, 
For US, He was born; 
And His great love for US is the reason He died
Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand 
He rose from the dead, with US in His plan? 
The stones split away, the gold trumpet blew, egospelexpress
And His resurrection was for US 
As JesUS left the earth with His wonderful ascension, 
When He felt there was one thing He just had to mention
"Go into the world and tell them it's true 
that I love them all - Just like I love you." 
So many people are Christian brothers and sisters, 
Don't all the others have a right to know JesUS too? 
It all depends on what we do, 
He'd like them all to know, 
But it all starts with US

RevSamuel Mack, OMS
Copyright   2011


Poem Details | by Jessica Thompson |
Categories: beautiful, giving, granddaughter, grandparents, love,



You are the wise one of the familyYou are the
giver and doer, and true believerYou shape us,
as we growYou are there for the good and bad, and 
all the in betweensYou play parts, that you already
played with your children, before usIf it wasn't for
you, the world would not be as sweetIf it wasn't for
you, we wouldn't know what family values meanAfter
all, you did instill that within your children, who 
in turn, instilled it into usAll the meals would be
microwavable or served cold, because there would have
been no recipes to pass along to the next generation.
Besides, you know Grandmas cooking, is always the 
bestYou are the prayer when things need a little help.
All in all Grandma, the world would be a cold, unfeeling
place without youSo thank you for all the things you
do, which are too numerous to listI love you Grandma.

Your Grandaughter

Poem Details | by David Dowling |
Categories: daughter, family, children, son, uplifting, love,

Talk to your Grandparents

There's something important I would like to stress,
as a piece of advice, from the top of my head.
It might sound small now, but nevertheless,
one day when you've grown up, it will make sense;
Talk to your Grandparents.

Ask them a question, another and more.
Ask them what this world was like before.
Inquire of Life, Love and of marriage.
They've been there, they've lived it, and would love to share it.
They'll talk to you gladly, if you lend an ear.
They may make your day, and you'll make their year.
It will be like discovering the best long-lost friends,
if you talk to your Grandparents.

There's something important I would like to say;
Visit, or phone, do it now, and today.
I promise the greatest of disappointments,
is time passing by when you don't know it went.
So don't miss this chance, before it's been spent,
to talk to your Grandparents.

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: dedication, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, love, marriage, voice,

To My Wife Grandpa Murray's voice

I wandered and travelled
Nor knew where I'd gone
Life became a problem;
T'was one long cruel song.

My problems seem to multiply;
They came from every side.
I vowed to find the answer;
by this I would abide.

I looked into nature
And tore apart my mind.
Then put them on the table
To see what I could find.

I found that I'de been greedy
and avaricious, too.
Whenever projects of mine failed
I put the blame on you.

I found that I was lonely;
I thought you didn't care.
But what I really didn't know
Was you were always there.

You tried to fill the void
That always was in my Life.
you tried to ease the sorrow
You've been a real good Wife.
                           Yvette & Grandpa Murray  
          From James Murray to , Janet Murray.his beautiful wife.
" In great respect of Grandfather Murray's poem he wrote for my  Grandmother Murray "

Poem Details | by Michael Campbell |
Categories: children, dad, grandparents, growing up, humorous, love, simple,


Running, leaping, wild,
Like a blur, my spinning, crashing, child.

Poem Details | by Feli Elizab |
Categories: family, granddaughter, grandmother, grandparents, health, i love you, identity,

Silhouettes don't speak

The way the light hits the ground 
leads to the sudden appearance 
of shadows upon your frame, 
and your wisps of white hair 
are made whiter by the sunlight

I stare at your silhouette, 
realizing that the more years go by, 
the more of a shadow 
you are becoming to me

We are distanced by generations, 
browbeaten by past mistakes 
and family secrets
You've learned to keep your words safe 
in the womb of your mouth, 
occasionally making use 
of the rolling "r"s 
of your native tongue

we are also connected by 
the language of poetry and ink stains 
that courses deep through our veins, 
by the Navajo stories I still see 
etched in the corner of your eyes, 
by the withered hands that have 
forgotten how to use a pen

And yet, it is not enough 
to have you sitting so silently
And yes, I crave more

So I walk towards you now, and 
reach for your hand
Silhouettes don't speak, 
and I don't intend them to, 
but they are always there 
to listen.

Poem Details | by Caroline Mawer |
Categories: childhood, family, grandfather, grandparents, grief, love,

My Grandad

My grandad was there when I was little;
My grandad would always make me giggle;
Telling jokes, stories and tales, my grandads love has never failed.

In Alder Street or at the flat, my grandads love, it was just that.

The market stall, to buy and sellI'd always love the tales he'd tell.
From cheeky children, to hagglers galore, you mess with him, he'd show you the door.

On Christmas Day, when I was small, he loved the games, he'd play them all.
Pass the parcel he loved the best, even when he wore a dress.

He loved my brother, yes that's you.
When he came to visit, he'd visit you too.
From birthdays and Christmas, even just passingI loved the sound of him just gassing.

He loved his whiskey, I would say cheers.
But I'm pretty sure he owes dad a few beers.

He loved his beard, perhaps too much.
He'd always stop mum from getting his cut.

He loved his children, his grandchildren too.
As for nanna, how could I forget you.
Well well nanna, what can I say.
You are the one with whom he lay.
After years of marriage, I know it's true, that grandad was, the one for you.

I've finished grandad, I've nothing more to say.
Except that I hope, you're proud of us today.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: child, children, family, grandchild, grandmother, grandparents, love, sister,


Joanna was the prettiest child with a fair freckled face,
reddish curly hair and a pair of big emerald eyes 
that sparkled with the purest sweetness and innocence...
and today still blessed with beauty, she shines! 

We resemble a lot in looks by letting modesty be our main virtue, 
and hadn't mother constantly taught us those godly, honest 
ways and equal love for everybody, we wouldn't ever exist
in such a false, uncaring world that has no rewards to accrue

Mother of two bright kids, and grandmother of four boys...
Joanna is their inspiration, and quite often she spoils them with toys,
but don't all grandmothers love those adorable toddlers...
when they quickly run to them, falling down and getting up at once?  

I am very thankful and lucky to have this kindhearted sibling
who shares my same qualities and desire for a happy living;
we both value life and show warmth instead of being cold...
haven't I walked side by side with a sister highly adored? 

Poem Details | by Shannon Martin |
Categories: grandparents,

A Grandparent's Love

A grandparent’s love is the greatest gift of all

A miracle has entered this world as a god sent blessing

And has shown us the greatest gift of life and love! 

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes…

A grandparent’s love you will always know


A little bundle of joy

A sweet little baby girl

An angel in disguise

You made our dreams become real


I thank the lord each day for the joy and love you bring

You are so perfect to us…

We wouldn’t change a thing

A grandparent’s love you will always know

Every day we watch you blossom and grow

We count our lucky stars

Because this is a love you will NEVER outgrow!

Poem Details | by Stephanie Galve |
Categories: christmas, first love, god, grandparents,

Seeing my youth

He comes again this year
With him my buried relatives
I welcome them with warm feelings
All day everyday for a month or more
Uncertain confusing it will be pretty bemusing

I see it everyday now
Video Game Consoles
Dress ups for parties
Christmas amusement parks
first love

Easily calling today
Nostalgia gnawing
Im choked up in tears
Non stop cold rain 
On top of the Christmas weather

My Papa's love
Enveloping me
Santa making it cheery
Lola and lolo visiting
Daddy and Mommy chiming in

Youd think it would be a boy
I thought it could have been him
Cruelly mistaken
Can never shake this feeling
Dead family never lost but painful so it seems

Noche Buena on the 24th
Media Noche on New Year
Parol lit all month
Simbang gabi 
All hope and peace

Without these we are lost
We must need these 
It comes every year
Dousing it wont work
We must need it because we live through it

But then wait, for sweetness
I hold dear to the living
Only solution to shake gloom away
More resplendent than sleeping it off with kerosene
I know that now, sobered, I see it much better

Poem Details | by Jonah Guinn |
Categories: age, devotion, first love, grandparents, marriage,

My Mama and Papa

My Mama and my PapaThey're good and kind, pure and refined
Sixty-three years together, their loves become genuine.
Like sweet expressions of art; Papa a poem and Mama a song.
With me, they share their wisdomI listen and see their words take wing.
This is their story, spoken through his poetry and sung through her song:
Once on destiny’s field, a confident Poem chanced an eloquent Song
By providence divine, the Jasmine intertwined with the Muscadine
A Ruff-neck blue-collar, beholden to a bride of serene waters
Two artists with a portrait in progressColored in Faith, in Trust, in Love.
One child comesAnotherThen twoDressed in his rhyme, kept by her tune.
Four paved paths; scented with sweet Jasmine, bearing fruits of Muscadine’s.
Their children are raised and grand-baby’s growA harvest, good and kind.
Their past has become distant, but that love so genuine continues on.
It sails over waves of struggleIt conquers, even in the brutal storms
Through the trials, the Song acquired her virtue and the Poem gained his grit.
Like royalties of time, Crowned with gray hair and cloaked in old skin.
To open-eared youth, they offer insight and share their understanding.
His wisdom speaks thru weathered wordsHer sweet song waters thirsty ears
Their portrait, is still being madeAn aesthetic piece of art, valued thru time
Sixty-three-year journey; their bodies display age, but their spirits are primed.

Poem Details | by MoonBee Canady |
Categories: child, childhood, children, christian, daughter, family, god, grandchild, grandparents, love, society, son, youth,

A Child's Training Part 2 of 2

(Prov22: 6 /  Heb5: 14  /  Deut6: 6-9  /  2 Tim3: 13-15, 16  /  Matt19: 13, 14)

- cont- from Part 1

And The Same Can Be Said
Of A Young Child’s Impressionable Mind
It Needs To Be Nurtured At Home
Or It Will Eat Every Junk & Stuff They Find

And You Can’t Let A Child
Follow Its Every Whim …
No Matter How Brilliant or Smart
Dumb Things Will Make Them Dim

But Parents Try To Remember
Just When You Were Young …
Didn’t You Just Want To Act Stupid
And Have Some Friends & Fun?

Every Child Needs To Know
What & Who They Can Trust …
This Is More Important Than That Job
& Making Big Bucks

Every Child Needs Guidance
Even If Parents Are Just Guessing
But There Is A Book of Instructions
To Keep Parents & Child From Stressing
(2 Tim3: 15, 16)

It Is A Compass & A Map
& Its Like Reading A Diary of  Confessions
Where Both Parents & Children
Can Learn About Real Life Lessons
(Matt4: 4  /  Matt19: 13, 14)

And We Need To Start Training Them Young
From The Crib & From The Womb
Give ‘Em Plenty Space & Privacy
But Know What’s Going On In That Room!

‘Cause Newsflash! … Now Hear This
When Children Get Wrong Ideas or Tears
It’s Up To Loving Parents & Families
To Steer Them Free & Clear

Yes, Newsflash! … Now Know This
Children Don’t Know Nuthin’!
It’s Up To Responsible Adults
To ‘Try’ & Teach Them Somethin’ …

Their Bright Little Eyes & Minds
Are Looking To Us For Advice
And We Have To Watch Their Little Heads
So They Don’t Get Infected With Lice!

Yes, Their Bright Eyes & Minds
Are Looking To Us For Advice
& There Is Not Enough or Too Much Time
That We Could Sacrifice

And Without The Rod of Discipline
Whether Spanking or Time Out On The Floor
Loving Communication Is What Keeps Them
From Being Spoiled & Rotted To The Core

Look – Grandmamma Used  To Tell Me
“If Everybody Is Sticking Their Head In The Fire
And They Tell You It Won’t Hurt …
You Tell ‘Em ‘You’re A Liar!’”

Listen, We All Can See That This World
Is Going To You Know Where In A Hand-Basket
But You Don’t Have To Let Them Group You & Yours
Into That Casket …

And When A Child Wants To Eat Candy
‘Cause It Tastes Good – All Day Long!
When You Tell Them “No!”
Listen … You Ain’t Wrong!

                        Written & ©:  7/16/2013

                        By:  The MoonBee

Poem Details | by Dana Young |
Categories: family, grandparents, life, love, nostalgia,


It stood alone upon the shelf
above the hearth, warmed by flame.
I'd gazed too many times to count
at those two inside the picture frame

Cut square from weathered wood of barn,
with rifts from age and gathered dust
that 1940's bride and groom
did send my mind to wanderlust.

She in white gossamer gown
with a bashful smile upon her face,
and he so proud in uniform
that flash in time could not erase.

Did they lie in stained-glass fields
stitched with verdant clover sweet?
Did they leave impressions there
their outlined forms pressed so deep?

Did they gaze up at crisp, bright stars,
sipping on strawberry wine-
on a swath of road at the fringe of town
with fingers laced, so firm entwined?

Was it a glimpse, or flourished span?
Did they meet by chartered fate?
Was that rose pinned in her hair
plucked outside his garden gate?

Did they attend gay affairs, and
stroll down a secret clandestine path?
Did they waltz to special songs,
listened to on photograph?

As I study now, deep in thought
these questions do not worry me,
for without those tow upon the shelf
my existence would never be.

Poem Details | by Gail Foster |
Categories: easter, food, grandparents, jesus, joy, love, religion,

Granny's Easter Buns

Grandad says that Easter isn’t funny
You won’t find him at parties
Dressed up as the Easter bunny
He’ll not be scoffing chocolate eggs
Or anything like that
He’ll be putting on his Sunday best
And dusting off his hat
For Grandad is an Anglican
Of serious intent
Does bible study when he can
And gave up cake for Lent
He says that Jesus died for me
And I’d best not forget it
But seeing as I’m only three
I’m sorry, I don’t get it
My Granny, now my Granny, mind
She has a different view
She leaves me little eggs to find
In places like my shoe
The smell of Granny’s hot cross buns
Is paradise and bliss
She makes me little special ones
Topped with a tiny kiss
Granny says God loves me
As she makes my Easter bonnet
With a smile as she carefully
Sews flowers and bees upon it
Let Grandad do religious stuff
The crucifixion thing
I’m only really old enough
For Granny, and the Spring

Grandad’s back from church now
Saying ‘Jesus rose for you’
‘Well, bless us all’ my Granny says
‘The buns are risen too’

by Gail

Categories: grandmother, grandparents, grief, how i feel, hurt, love,

Sweet Granny

Its now three nights past,
me turning four.
I hardly knew what happened later,
and my sweet granny was on the ventilator.

She lived strong,
even at the stupendous sixty.
My dad turned restless,
be it day or night.

The doctors said,
"Its too hard to settle things".
Many were those ailments and tender wounds,
that her body bore.

She hid all that pain,
and kept me happy even at the worst times.
She forgot those knee cramples she suffered,
when she ran behind me to feed.

Mom spent hours in front of the idol,
Wishing a speedy recovery.
But i never knew what would happen,
for those granny memories that haunted me.

I felt proud,
few days back.
I punched the stout big granny on her chest,
yet she masked her pain to keep me happy.

Now that punch,
is what gazes my sight.
ashamed, I am,
for all that i did.

Now for the doctors pamper,
granny turned fit.
I leapt four to five,
From my place to the hospital ward.

One tight hug,
and a flood of tears, I drained.
Tears rolled down granny's cheeks,
but i knew, they were seeing me happy#PSM

Poem Details | by Jen H. |
Categories: familygrandparents, grandparents, i love you,

The Greatest Story

I asked one question
But got more then a reply
I received a book
A verbal book
But the only way to get such a book
Is to ask a question
I know they will share
The stories built up over a lifetime
From the adventures
To the mourning
Each chapter told
With so much character
And when I asked my Grandparents a question
I swear I saw them glowing like an angel the whole time the replied...

Note:  Grandparents aren't just family, but they are filled with the greatest stories, and are more then willing to 
share! I love you Grandma, and I miss your stories.

Poem Details | by Hayley Garland |
Categories: childhood, family, grandmother, grandparents, home, love,


A thousand pictures adorn the walls
In a house where the memories remain
If I could make those picture come alive
We would dance and dance again.

Laughter stains the dim lit walls
Music still rings in the air
Quieter now, the feeling still stays
Of the days when there wasn’t a care.

The noisy bustle still hangs in the room
From the days when we all stopped by
And we drank and we laughed, we talked and we danced
Til the moon set high in the sky.

Sun flickers over the garden,
Where we splashed and we played in the rain
Emptier now, Quieter now
In the house where the memories remain.

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: grandparents, love, love hurts, lust, old,


Appeared to be a normal day,
At our University of the Third Age,
Grannies and Grandads writing epic lit.,
Forgot our hearing aids and blankets....
We walked away from our class,
Drank our coffees on the grass,
One old moll began this thing,
We cast off inhibitions and wedding rings,
Decided to have a grey love-in,
One last winter's love fling,
Before hearses the morticians bring,
We were all senile, obese and ga-ga,
The grey scrawny pubes made us ha-ha,
We gave the grandpas some thrills, 
We all forgot our cardiac pills,
The old boys were gasping for breath,
Moribundi, close to death......
So, appeared to be a normal day,
On the grass, after class, at U3A,
Love-in amongst the greys, 
It was grey liberation day!!!!!

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: devotion, dog, emotions, family, feelings, grandparents, love,

Suburban Decay


First glance,
On a Dullton day,
Golden years,
First glance,
eyes meet 
to dance.
Both so old,
Winter's fling
on summer's daze,
Languid heat,
even his dog trod slow,
shops half closed,
wishing weeds a'blow,
Suburban decay,
Going nowhere much today,
Rotted pavement,
Greet and meet, 
Their last romance,
Beyond first glance,
withering blasts 
from adult kin,
deleted to trash,
Golden oldies,
family misfits, 
thought so mouldy,
No trouble today,
Going nowhere much today,
dawdling along, 
in the Slowton,
Suburban decay