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Love Poems About Grandparents or Grandparents Love Poems

Grandparents love poems and/or love poems about Grandparents. Read, share, and enjoy these Grandparents love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Grandparents Poems.

Poem Details | by Al Parry |
Categories: anniversary, baby, baptism, beauty, bereavement, best friend, birthday, boyfriend, bridal shower, brother, caregiving, celebration, child, childhood, farewell, feelings, first love, children, for him, kids, freedom, friendship, funeral, girlfriend, giving, goodbye, graduation, grandchild, granddaughter, grandmother, grandparents, grandson, happiness, happy, health, heartbroken, hope, identity, inspiration, jesus,


Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

Poem Details | by Perry Campanella |
Categories: community, culture, dad, daughter, devotion, education, family, father daughter, feelings, children, kids, friendship, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, husband, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, international, joy, marriage, men, mentor, mother daughter, niece, parents, poems, relationship, spiritual, teacher, teen, teenage, thank you, today, truth, voice, wisdom, world, youth,

Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when eighter-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

Poem Details | by Nicole Sharon Brown |
Categories: caregiving, childhood, dedication, devotion, education, family, children, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, passion, peace, people, philosophy, school, social, thank you, upliftingfamily, family,

Welcome To Grandparents Day

We would like to welcome you,
To our celebration created just for the people who,
Are significant members of our family tree.
We love you indeed.
You’ve guided us to achieve many goals.
We want to be like you.
Grandma and grandpa we hold you dear to our hearts,
And even when you’re gone we’ll carry your legacy,
On to our future members of the family tree.
Today we want you to view,
What we hold in our hearts oh so true.
We welcome and value you,
So sit back relax and enjoy the program
Designed for you involving your grand boys and girls.
Grandparents you make our world go round,
And we hope that you enjoy our gracious sounds.

Poem Details | by Terra Cossette |
Categories: family, happiness, love, grandparents, grandparents, , cute,

Grandma's Love...

Grandma, you are so special, your love knows no bounds.
 A room takes special warmth whenever your around.
You think I am cute and talented and maybeeven wise,
But, I know thats why all grandparents see through loving eyes.
Everyday with you is so precious, I'm so thankful for the time.
Out of all the grandparents in the world I am so glad that you are mine.

Poem Details | by Michael Campbell |
Categories: children, dad, grandparents, growing up, humorous, love, simple,


Running, leaping, wild,
Like a blur, my spinning, crashing, child.

Poem Details | by Shannon Martin |
Categories: grandparents,

A Grandparent's Love

A grandparent’s love is the greatest gift of all

A miracle has entered this world as a god sent blessing

And has shown us the greatest gift of life and love! 

Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes…

A grandparent’s love you will always know


A little bundle of joy

A sweet little baby girl

An angel in disguise

You made our dreams become real


I thank the lord each day for the joy and love you bring

You are so perfect to us…

We wouldn’t change a thing

A grandparent’s love you will always know

Every day we watch you blossom and grow

We count our lucky stars

Because this is a love you will NEVER outgrow!

Poem Details | by Stacie Oldham |
Categories: cute love, grandparents, marriage,

A tribute to love

A lifetime of love,
How precious, how pure
Through trials and tribulations,
Their love was the cure.

Their love spoke volumes
Through actions and words
Like depths in color
Like wings of a bird.

They had passion and fire
Witj unbelievable chemistry,
God's miracle of love
Was forever blossoming.

Their love touched everyone
In its own little way,
The humor, the strength
And the ability to not sway.

Their love is our example
Of what God intended from above,
To them we celebrate

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: devotion, dog, emotions, family, feelings, grandparents, love,

Suburban Decay


First glance,
On a Dullton day,
Golden years,
First glance,
eyes meet 
to dance.
Both so old,
Winter's fling
on summer's daze,
Languid heat,
even his dog trod slow,
shops half closed,
wishing weeds a'blow,
Suburban decay,
Going nowhere much today,
Rotted pavement,
Greet and meet, 
Their last romance,
Beyond first glance,
withering blasts 
from adult kin,
deleted to trash,
Golden oldies,
family misfits, 
thought so mouldy,
No trouble today,
Going nowhere much today,
dawdling along, 
in the Slowton,
Suburban decay. 

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: funny, grandchild, grandfather, grandmother, grandparents, grandson, love hurts,

Lost the Remote in the Living Room

I lost the remote in the living room.
On Saturday.
My husband and I ran around looking and looking.
At first it was just the couch pillows, we were looking through.
An hour into it we had made what looks like a bon fire,
Tipping over couches, recliners, and such.
We broke a couple of tables.
Hey, wait, my husband reminded me.
Merlin was here today.
I called Merlin’s mommy, our daughter.
She said, "Oh, darn. We just found it. We thought it
was the one we lost a couple of weeks ago."

Merlin is our two year old grandson
Whom we apparently did not watch
As well as we should have the 
5 hours he was here.
He is going to have to
Leave his hoodie and
His diapers at home.

Poem Details | by Jen H. |
Categories: familygrandparents, grandparents, i love you,

The Greatest Story

I asked one question
But got more then a reply
I received a book
A verbal book
But the only way to get such a book
Is to ask a question
I know they will share
The stories built up over a lifetime
From the adventures
To the mourning
Each chapter told
With so much character
And when I asked my Grandparents a question
I swear I saw them glowing like an angel the whole time the replied...

Note:  Grandparents aren't just family, but they are filled with the greatest stories, and are more then willing to 
share! I love you Grandma, and I miss your stories.

Poem Details | by Hayley Garland |
Categories: childhood, family, grandmother, grandparents, home, love,


A thousand pictures adorn the walls
In a house where the memories remain
If I could make those picture come alive
We would dance and dance again.

Laughter stains the dim lit walls
Music still rings in the air
Quieter now, the feeling still stays
Of the days when there wasn’t a care.

The noisy bustle still hangs in the room
From the days when we all stopped by
And we drank and we laughed, we talked and we danced
Til the moon set high in the sky.

Sun flickers over the garden,
Where we splashed and we played in the rain
Emptier now, Quieter now
In the house where the memories remain.

Poem Details | by Brendan J. Simons |
Categories: cancer, loss, love,

Picture of My Grandparents

I watched her as she watched him;
Embraced in a lock of two long lovers’ limbs.

My grandmother holding my grandfather’s hand,
As each breath of his slip as if they were drops of sand.

In a dial whose demand is but spent supply of his time,
Stolen by the thief who is free to perform a perpetual crime.

For the Reaper grins with grim dimples in such imputative avarice,
Unfettered by false claims of such fellows as Lazarus.

And so I watch with horror as the most brilliant man I know,
Slips away from the man I call my very own Poppy Joe.

Poem Details | by Aaron McIntosh |
Categories: analogy, blessing, grandparents, inspiration, love, memory, wisdom,

Good Times

Antique couch on a
Maple wood floor that
Smelled as of an
Aged memory. 
Revealing and unraveling
Good incense of sweet 
Years of youth where
Not even death can
Old stories,
Timeless calamities,
Ever longing,
Sweet love now
Sealed with
Decades as lockets
Embedded on Front St.

Poem Details | by Nikki Reynolds |
Categories: childhood, family, grandparents, growing up, home, love, peace,



My memories of you are like a favorite song.
I think of you often and smile with thoughts of comfort. 
You were a safe haven from the harsh outside world.
That old storm door was the gateway to safety.
Your creaking floors were like music to my ears.
That old window fan never let us down on hot humid nights.
A family was held together within your tattered walls,
even at the worst of times.
So many years have gone by.
My memories are as clear as a crisp Spring day. 

Poem Details | by Tony Brady |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, blessing, grandchild, grandmother, grandparents, love,


Being beautiful beyond that of the physical form,
by the only way she knows to exist.

Her heart and her soul and her sacrifice,
even when in shadow are devils amidst.

Still she chooses to struggle to give,
because of love from a heart truly pure.

Even through times, unfair with their lies,
this woman continues to give more.

So I love her equally with all of my heart,
and shall forever remember her deeds.

I’ll pray for you and the rest of the world,
that you may meet such a woman,
and one day be as lucky as me

Poem Details | by Patsy Carter |
Categories: grandchild, grandparents, love,


Life is much sweeter and better than ever. 
For our grandchildren are the ones who keep us together.
.The love that they give us is better than gold.
We are so happy to have them as we grow old.

Just when you think that your life is not good
That's when a grandchild teaches you 
about unconditional love.
They are more  precious than rubies or diamonds
and anything in this world  they have  come to show us 
 that everything will be as it should

To have them here with us is a Blessing so grand.
I thank God every day for the touch of his hand.
Each day that we live is better and better
Because our grandchildren will always keep us together.

Poem Details | by Tom Burns |
Categories: death, grandparents, love, marriage, missing,

Love Named Eternal

"Till Death Do Us Part" - long ago both of us said,
And never lied, since you're right by my death bed.
As always, I am letting out a laugh in the end,
While you are crying and holding my hand.

Throughout all our lifes, to you, I never lied,
And our Love, named Eternal, has never died.
Some people think that Love eventually fades,
But we proved them wrong through many decades.

The chorus starts singing my farewell song...
Don't worry, my dear, nothing is wrong.
Yes, we may be now in different worlds,
But my Love for you still eternally holds.

Poem Details | by Andrea Reynolds |
Categories: childhood, family, love, people, thank you, me, me,


Grandparents are an angel wachting over me as I grow up
Grandparents make a smile when I am sad
Grandparents are my hero's for the rest of my life
Grandparents are my inspiration even when they passed onto heaven

Grandparents are there for me for the good and bad times in my life
Grandparents are the light in my eyes
Grandparents are memories from growing up
Grandparents remined me of what i did growing up

Grandparents love me for who I am and not what they want me to be
Grandparents can spoil me on holidays and buy mr gifts I need for school and 
Grandparents are the most important people in my life

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: blessing, family, grandchild, grandparents, love, pride, uplifting,


eyes lit up
showing off
photos of grandkids

posted on August 2, 2018

Poem Details | by Thaomi Pham |
Categories: grandparents, grave, grief, longing, lost love, love,

Times of Grieving

I kneel before her.
Met her when I turned age six.
May her poor soul rest.

Poem Details | by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, child, christian, grandparents, joy, true love,


What jubilant sight Grandparent’s delight Playing midst kid’s might Bonding moments’ height! Legacy so bright Heritage upright Love’s freedom-bliss’ flight Blowing age gap’s blight!
September 4, 2019 Poem idea was based on photo number 2. 2nd place, "Free Verse or Rhyme" Poetry Contest Sponsored by Eve Roper; judged on 9/8/2019.

Poem Details | by Brigitte Pace |
Categories: baby, care, children, encouraging, family, grandparents, love,