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Love Poems About Gender or Gender Love Poems

Gender love poems and/or love poems about Gender. Read, share, and enjoy these Gender love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Gender Poems.

Poem Details | by Cynthia Ferguson |
Categories: betrayal, confusion, cry, depression, gender, identity, loss, love hurts,

Through the mirror

So now I know
Life has played its part
I never would believe
that I could die
from a broken heart

No you can’t mend me
it’s been far too long
everyone will go
everyone has gone
everyone will leave
that God did lend me

I could only watch
then step aside
as it all just went
no matter what I tried 
the only thing I can say
was how hard I cried

It was a shiver in the mirror
A reflection of pain
Where the shadows of doubts
were cast and bent
Any old soul
or any message sent
Were at the end of the road
and who is left out

So now I know
Life has played it’s part
now I do believe
that I will die
from a broken heart

Poem Details | by Satish Verma |
Categories: life, love, peace, philosophy,


King of sex,
the third gender
or hermaphrodite,
half male, half female,
existing on margin,
beheads the creator
to propitiate the deity of destruction,
starts a genocide
to create a new model,
new world, sexless, moonless

How could you remain normal
when you were being robbed of every myth,
every truth?
And you were walking under the guilty sky
unmindful of the pouncing, long legged tarentulas
to bite off your elements?
All of your tongue?
And the heat will give up the slaughtered spring
dried up in eternal shade?
Within the memory will lie the pain
of million years?


Poem Details | by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: funny, gender, hair, silly,

All's Fair in Love and Hair

There was a man from you-know-where
Who liked his ladies bare, down there
He met a bald gal
Who said, 'Call me Al'
Showing more, down there, than just hair!


Lines 1, 2 and 5 - 8 syllables

Lines 3 and 4 - 5 syllables

For Bawdy Limerick PG-13 contest
Sponsor: Tania Kitchen

Poem Details | by Michael Burch |
Categories: atheist, christian, gender, god, gospel, jesus, religion,


by Michael R. Burch writing as Kim Cherub

She smiled a thin-lipped smile
(What do men know of love?)
then rolled her eyes toward heaven
(Or that Chauvinist above?).

Poem Details | by Linda Barr |
Categories: brother, funeral, inspirational, loss, passion, satire, heart, heart, love, red, rose,

This Human Heart

My brother is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. I still remember that day

His Human Heart He laid red rose upon white casket Tears were hidden behind dark glasses People are such righteous asses This question I just had to ask it A wounded heart will not outlast it This human life quickly passes This human dream was love’s excess Why was his love so very wrong? Gender doesn’t really matter Human dreams are still shattered He laid red rose upon white casket Was their love so very wrong? The question I just had to ask it His human heart still sang love’s song.

Poem Details | by kaotik kandee |
Categories: abuse, age, anger, brother, bullying, emo, family, gender, stress,

sibling Love

don't let me see you on my street 
or creepin through my window 
I immensely want your head hanging 
on my living room wall 

I plan to hunt you down very  soon 
So don't go making my chase easy 
I wish you were not a sibling of mine
I wish you weren't in my mind 

But your spying and childish games 
are grounds for me to go insane 
You must learn the hard way 
I really wish you would escape.

Poem Details | by Cynthia Ferguson |
Categories: gender, growth, identity, longing, love,

goodbye time to fly

I know now
That I must fly
But I got to get thru 
A needle's eye
It’s going to be tight
But I must try
If I’m ever going to get to fly

Some say 
Just get by
Take it easy
So you won’t die
It’s very hard 
But if you must try
Squeezing thru a needle's eye

I don’t
Know just why
Can’t let it be
Or even try
To understand
When you can’t fly 
The pain of the other guy

And that
I must fly
And get thru 
A needle's eye
It’s going to be hard
But I think it’s time
To say goodbye and fly

Poem Details | by Cynthia Ferguson |
Categories: appreciation, gender, growing up, love,

becoming of me

Here I go
into a world
Of pastel flowers
Pretty little bows
Petals off a rose
Perfume lingers
Here for hours
bouquets all in pose
beautiful moments
Seem like ours

Every room
Has a little bit of pink
Little bit of flowers
Smell of fresh apples
Springs morning dew
All wrapped up
Into the aroma
Of all my memories
Growing into a woman
Loving you															

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: cute love, funny love, gender, humor, humorous, nonsense, sweet,


A distinguish old gent picked up tricks.
      On Halloween, he went for a treat.
Laughing outlandishly
      He staggered up the street.
Hips swaying g-stringed a drag queen!
Penned on May 05, 2014.

Poem Details | by Cynthia Ferguson |
Categories: dream, feelings, gender, hope, identity, loneliness, missing you,

Just like you

I love watching starry skies
I know just how they feel
Shining in their heavens hold
But so far away

You can speak a million miles
Come comfort me today
I know each one is all alone
Just like being me

Shining on so big and bright
Loneliness there home 
They are here for me as gold
Warming tonight

For me to see my way
And never to lose sight
Of where I want to go to now
Your waiting arms tonight

Where you shine there all alone
Just like being me
Come comfort me today
With you I want to be

And do you, make wishes too?
And always wish to be 
With someone, who is from heavens heart
Someone just like you


Poem Details | by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: emotions, for her, gender, humor, woman,

A Woman

A woman is fire, love, adventure;
A cigar is only a smoke.

Poem Details | by Jerica Sanchez |
Categories: care, dedication, desire, dream, emotions, faith, feelings, first love, for her, for him, gender, girlfriend, happiness, happy, heart, how i feel, husband, i love you, inspiration, joy, love, marriage, men, miss you, passion, poems, poetry, prayer, relationship, romance, romantic, sweet, together, wedding, words, writing,


I call it a blessing from above
And I know everyone wants this to have
Everyone is looking for it
But only few can found it

I'm lucky I'm one of that few
And I've been blessed to found true love in you
It's like a dream came true
To be loved by the guy I loved too

To you,I felt the undefined happiness
For me,for all the guys you are the best!
And I want you to stay for the rest of my life
Coz' I really need someone like you in my life

I consider you as a blessing sweetheart
So I give to you my sincere HEART
I love you forever
And I hope that God will guide us to be together..forever

Poem Details | by Shadow Hamilton |
Categories: funny love, gender,

Mistaken Identity

Down around ankles were his trousers
as he caressed her he said wowzers
finding there no lady
it was all so shady
as he always seemed to pick posers

written 05/22/2014

contest Bawdy, Bawdy Bawdy Miss Clawdy

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: friendship, nice,


My neighbor can be anyone indeed:
be loving, respectful and friendly.

I have no specific type or gender;
knock on this door and it will open.

Gloria, the red-head lady is very nice:
she can't walk and complains about pain.

Robert, the tall teen is a-journalist-to-be:
riding the bus home we discuss writing.

I am lucky to live in lovely Linderwood:
it's a beautiful place where love lives.

Written on 9/ 12/ 2015

Poem Details | by daver austin |
Categories: animalslove, i love you,



when he wouldn’t eat
i knew something was wrong
and those helpless eyes
as though he wanted to tell me
he needed help    but no voice

when i met those eyes
something old as creation
burned across primordial fires
transcending species    gender

“though I love you    friend
though I know that you love me
it is time to leave
talk very kindly to me
whispering    patting my head”
This in remembering all our animal friends that have gone over the last nearly 60 years

Poem Details | by saadia syed |
Categories: gender,


Hijab, niqab, jilbab, or chador of ridah.
Draping eloquently the notion of obscurity with expressions so holy.
Living an invisible existence on screen of life.
Suffering in silence; and protecting honor of riwayaat daily.
Should I surrender the will of life, being, self, or khudi?
Don’t show, just hide: don’t feel, but survive.
Don’t love just subsist in this infertile valley.
Don’t cry,
You are a daughter of a contemporary,
Traditional, man of Islam.
For you life hereafter is the prize.
To find yourself when everything is hidden in the ideals of hijab
Is a miracle of love
It’s life greatest surprise.

Saadia Syed

Poem Details | by Roy Pett |
Categories: heartbreak, longing, lost love,

If only

If only we could turn back time,

If only you had given me a sign,

If only I had the courage been brave,

If only your soul I'd been able to save,

If only You know how Much you were adored,

If only our broken hearts could be restored,

If only I knew then what I know now,

If only we didn't have that awful row,

If only your illness could have been cured,

If only our love for each other was assured,

If only I hadn't made you unhappy I cried,

If only you lived my love and not died,

If only.

Entered in:- opposite gender love expression.

Poem Details | by Ame Val |
Categories: emotions, gender, international, pain, sad, social, voice,

Am I legal

Am I legal?
The law announced yesterday,
That being me is illegal.
For  every passing day,
The malady becomes more lethal.
I didn’t want this, If I got to pick,
I try every remedy, every trick,
But each coming morning I am more virulent, more sick.

They call me an atheist,
An abomination to any deity.
But I believe in god,
The immortal, the almighty.
But I am yet to find a religion in this world, that accepts my being.
That gives me love, for which I’ve been praying.
I have concealed myself so long, I could use some fraying.

And for the lack of courage or shame,
I choose to remain censored.
Till someone could comprehend,
Am I legal?; a question unanswered.

Poem Details | by Jerica Sanchez |
Categories: boyfriend, care, dedication, devotion, faith, first love, for her, for him, gender, girlfriend, happiness, happy, heart, heaven, home, house, how i feel, humor, husband, i love you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, kiss, longing, love, marriage, miss you, missing, poems, poetry, romance, romantic, together, words,


When I hear your name
My heart beats faster than usual
It's not that I am ashame
But It's just your name is too special..

Can't control the feelings
When I am with you
Can't stop smiling
When you hold me like you do

When you hug me then
I feel like I'm in heaven
You are a blessing from above
And you are the reason why I loved

I'll promise to love you FOREVERMORE..
And I will cherish you until the end of my borrowed life
And I will keep our precious memories as long as
we see each other in our next life..

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: change, earth, freedom, love,

- Watch Out For Cactus Needles -

Balance between love and limits
The relationship between power and love
No distinction between gender, ethnicity, age or religion
Cooperation between people and countries, gives strength
Let limits fall, allow the love to grow

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by Cynthia Buhain-Baello |
Categories: conflict, funny, gender, identity, psychological,

Sadly Confused

He said he was a "woman",

Just trapped in a wrong body.

When time came he had to pee-

Used the room.... for "Men".
All rights reserved~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~05.28.15

The Dodoitsu is a fixed folk song form of Japanese origin 
and is often about LOVE  or HUMOR. It has 26 syllables, 
four lines of 7, 7, 7, 5 syllables respectively. 
It is unrhymed and non-metrical.

Poem Details | by elizabeth alexander |
Categories: gender,

a woman ,not a bloke

Myself being in love with you
was just the wrong thing for me to
my heart was broke, I almost choked
I was a woman , not a bloke.

To be betrayed in the worst way
my fault, because I gave you say
my soul was bent and almost broke
I was a woman, not a bloke.

I was badly used and abused
my heart was blackened , and so fused
my life was almost gone, I choke
I was a woman , not a bloke.

Elizabeth alexander    21/3/2016

Poem Details | by Kim Merryman |
Categories: dream, love, people,

A Dream Most Worthy

I lay me down upon my bed,
      and lovely thoughts invade my head;
           elusive dreams at best.
Dreams of people no longer hating,
      hand in hand, not hesitating,
            to bless and to be blessed.

No matter race, religion, gender,
      love reaching out with touch so tender,
           we become united.
Alas, for now, it's just a dream,
      but surely a most worthy scheme:
            Brotherly love ignited.

For Broken Wings Two Stanzas Two Only contest
Tail-rhyme  aabccb ddeffe
Tied for 2 place

Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: conflict, love,

Love's Quiet World

This love, a quiet world within itself
This heart, will always abandon its rule
To kiss the new conqueror of oneself
A heart of a Queen, or court jester a fool
When tremors come willingly from the lips
And the world disappears between his arms
A soft touch to the mouth from fingertips
Brings my once guarded ramparts to disarm
This fiery world needs no translation
Exposes the soul to its heated core
Claims this burning heart with its salvation
To fuel the raging flames for evermore

Is love's warm treasure a good cause to flee
Or stand an offer, from a bended knee

contest...Gender Bender

Poem Details | by Randolph Byrd |
Categories: introspection,

Simply Flawed

The woman
 has always combined mystery, magic, and allure, we can only hunger for when together,
and remember fondly when apart.
Your power to enchant makes a man want to be better for you.
But a daunting task to maintain over time.
We are simply flawed, and attempts at showing love sometimes awkward.
Your capacity for love, needs to overcome the shortcomings of our gender.