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Love Poems About Games or Games Love Poems

Games love poems and/or love poems about Games. Read, share, and enjoy these Games love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Games Poems.

Poem Details | by ... Gigno |
Categories: i love you, life, me,

No Games

I never should have let you go
You were trying to reach to me
Everything seems all messed up
And this life feels incomplete

I am asking you to share your life
Please tell me fears have subsided
Let me know if you can handle this
To give you my attention undivided

Just look inside to see me now
I am the real what is right
Larger than a physical romance
Next to you, beyond delight

I just needed a little more time
To try evening out this score
I am ready for our life together
To see what I'd missed before

You know I don't mean it literally
Because our love's never a game
I'll forever show you can trust me
Why I love you remains the same

Poem Details | by Collin Wolfer |
Categories: emotions, games, i love you, sensual,


You make me want to scream. 
You are clouding my brain. 
Your hair is thin. 
Your back cannot be seen. 
Beautiful... loving you is my sin-- 
Five hours that have been-- 
So slow, so painful, desert ridden. 
You are a permanent stain. 
It's not your fault-- 
That you won't go away 
It's not your fault-- 
That you are clouding my brain. 
I still love you. 
Every minute without you is pain. 
It's only been three days. 
I can't stop thinking of you. 
You make me want to scream, 
Because you are clouding my brain. 
Stop playing me like a game-- 
Before I go insane.
These antagonistic games remain the same.

Poem Details | by JEAN MURRAY |
Categories: friendship love, fun, games,


Won't you be my Valentine
Even though we're past our prime?
Now our kids are up and running,
we could escape to somewhere sunny.

We've been neighbours now for years,
let's bring each other some cheer.
You lost your love, I lost mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?

Nights are lonely don't you think?
Instead we could be at the brink
of something new and exciting.
Isn't that thought inviting?

Life's for living I always say.
When the sun shines, make hay.
We could be so good together.
Please won't you tell me whether

you seek comfort just like me.
The kettle's on, I'll make tea.
I'll be yours if you'll be mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?


Poem Details | by Shannon Taft |
Categories: best friend, feelings, first love, games, imagery, love, nonsense,

The Geometry of Love

They said if our worlds ever existed,
It would be in parallel.
    But when you gave me that sideways glance
    I turned my chair perpendicular to avoid the trance
    You cast on me.
    And with as upside-down as my life is now,
    My rubix-cube thoughts couldn't see how
    This was meant to be.
    Forgive my criss-crossed crooked gaze your way
    But my tangle-angle heart wants you to stay.
    And now I begin to see........
    Like two dusty snowball spheres, our worlds collide,
    And spatter beautiful flakes of brokenness
    On this universe of We.

    And now I begin to see,
    Our worlds are meant to be

Poem Details | by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: faith, introspectionme, hate, love, me,

Mind Games

I am in all directions
a multidimensional atmosphere
extending to infinity..........and beyond.

To know me is to know yourself
for we are one and the same

To hate me is to hate yourself
not that you do
but if you did
know we are connected
quite literally
bound in your subconscious
not that you would believe me

To love me is to love your Self
through infinity and beyond

I am in all dimensions
in Alpha I was born
in Omega I am born again

what am I?

Poem Details | by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: character, confusion, freedom, games, growth, relationship, women,

Love Mismatch

Our parallel lives never crossed
Love like this, a Paradise Lost
Together but never quite in sync
You never knew how bad I felt

You had me always fighting fires
Which left me drained of all desire
I used to take my cues from you
But now delight in things I do

Life is calmer, I feel at peace
Now that I’m beyond your reach
To think I thought you such a catch
Blinded by our total mismatch

Poem Details | by Diane M Quinlan |
Categories: best friend, children, first love, games, heartbreak, life, moving on,

Skip To My Lou

 best friend, children, first love, games, heartbreak, life, moving on,


Harmonizing rhythms
Rotations synchronize to
Skip to My Lou
My Darlings

Couples take up ends
Two turn rope 'required'
Like me with you

Two ends
One jumper
Take turns
Work ends timing.

Double Dutch
Double quick
Pavement recounts
All the licks!

Skipped times
Challenges anew
Missteps loose turns
Rope Splits
Stop skip

Mid crisis
Ends must be reunited
Another ‘Skip To My Lou’
Game starts

More to chance 
With knotted ends
'Jointed' again
Start the count-down
One, two, three,four, 
You missed stepped--- 
And loose
My turn!

Poem Details | by Jagdish bajantri |
Categories: art, beautiful, freedom, fun, games, i love you, imagination,

nail polish


 Is something special 
 happens when you read 
 this ?

 my hands are cold to touch 
 you,leavening my pen
 holding you fingers 
 biting your nails

 door of sky is open 
 with the paired of birds
 in the sky,stars are laughing
 on me with the rain of sparkle
 wind bewitching with the
 condiment  sentiments of
 our love by fire got on my 
 painting of our freeze moment 
 colors flow from the height of 
 mountain to a river to meet your 
 nail like a shine of it,

 smoke of my painting flying
 like a butterfly in my heart to see
 how your Nails
 are looking when you open your eyes 

 with love all 
 jagdish bajantri 

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: betrayal, emotions, feelings, relationship, sad, sad love,

The Games You Play

Promises of yesterday
melt like snowflakes in the sun.
Yet tears can't wash hope away
no matter how swift they run.

Love is a lesson in trust
but you don't mean what you say.
For your passion’s fueled by lust
and I’m feeling led astray.

Lighting hope’s funeral pyre
doubt turns everything to ash.
And when love is set on fire
it burns within anger's flash.

Time confirms what my tears say
my heart is in a sad state.
And love's merely a cliché 
that’s misused and out of date.

You’re no longer in control
I won’t play the games you play.
And in the core of my soul
I just wish you’d go away.

Poem Details | by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: addiction, games, goodbye, leaving, sad love, slavery, solitude,



I was hoping you would prove me wrong -
Under the ship’s sides the barnacles still cling -
I would have thought you’d never sell our song
But true to typecast, summer mothering -

You, too, proved to be full of guile
To love meant having, which ever was the worst -
In the quiet of my trust, so deep, so fragile
I live down the purple passage of remorse.

I’d sing you happy but you were buffoon
To my trammelled wanderings a parody
Set stiff in coupled rhymes to swoon
With the ecstatic rhetoric of equality -

So passion plundered, what’s left is my disgrace
My jewelled head tortured in your embrace.


Poem Details | by Sarah Casey |
Categories: games, love hurts,

It's not so bad

It's not so bad
getting used to those imprinted sheets
the cold when you roll over
hoping to stop half way

It's not so bad
dreaming afar,
lost in hopes and wishes 
without a clue where you are

It's not so bad 
scrolling through our pictures and fights
It's not so bad
that every time it never ended despite-
the fact that I never hear from you
and how your morals oppose mine
you test me every time

It's not so bad that I used to call you home
It's not so bad because now I know
that I've really got to go

Poem Details | by Rhoda Tripp |
Categories: games, love, lust, money, poetry, romantic, sensual,

Beautiful Transaction

He parlayed his handsome, Against her soft assets. He saw her and she raised him. Both folded, spent. He, a sure bet. She, a wild gamble. Together, a beautiful transaction.

Poem Details | by Zachary Ward |
Categories: beautiful, boat, cute love, deep, games,

Boat house

Her shining in the moonlight sky
Looking so nice
I held you close
She made me kiss her twice

Holding my hands under the covers
We were lovers
What happened to to the weather up there on the boat
It got cold

Oh the silly games we use to play
When I acted like I wanted you to stay away
Your kiss is like vacation sun rays on my skin
The way your eyes look before we begin

Could this be an angel I've been kissing
Her lips keep pulling me in again and again
Oh the silly games we play 
The games she plays

Moving her arms away from under my rib cage 
She's wanting to play chase 
Walking the opposite way
On top of the boat house as it sways

Poem Details | by The Melody Sings |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, lost love, love, science fictionlife, may, me,

The Hunger Games -Poem #2

Two wonderful boys
I am torn
One I must fight
One I may never see again

One my best friend
One I barely know
One I hunt with
One I must be in love with

One I spent my life with
One I may have no time left with
One who can't let me go
One who loves me so

What do I do
Do I have any choices
I don't think I do
I make my decision

One who I will
break the heart
One with who a 
new life I must start

Poem Details | by . daBomb™ |
Categories: lost love, love

"Head Games"

Can’t help myself to stop thinking of you.
How can you keep from thinking of me too?
Everything that you said,
Just to play with my head.
Well, it’s done and now I bid you adieu.

Poem Details | by charmane bellen |
Categories: feelings, love, sad love,

Games of Emotion

I'm just an option 
With nothing to expect but 
Thinks it is different now. 

Playful words of tongue 
I've fallen on my own game 
Want you in my life forever. 

I wanted you whole 
You only give me quarter 
You don't trust me, you said. 

I'm a player and we played 
Now I’m getting serious, 
You said no and left. 

Brokenhearted, still waits 
For your attention, 
Trust me to hold you. 

You give no care 
I know, I'm just an option 
The one you played with.

>>for my friend, based on his experience..hope the pain won't last long..

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: baby, brother, fun, games, love,

Get the Ball

Get the ball
Get the ball
Get the ball
Family legend has it,
that was my famous toddler call
Before I could walk,
and even barely crawl,
I was a baby bouncer
who loved to toss the ball
Big brother Michael
was my golden retriever
Get the ball
Get the ball
Get the ball
Look, I made my brother smile, y'all
Because the game is over,
once the ball starts rolling
down the steps at the end of the hall

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: celebration, fairy, fantasy, fun, games, love, time,

Chess and Zelda

       Chess vs. Zelda

I took one too many moves in chess
Then fell in love with Zelda
And in the end the games go on
Both king and queen maneuvers mate
To Link us to the past and Zelda’s grasp 
Then swept us up
In a twilight princess dance
Knights come out and castles move
To gentle ocarina tunes 
Of Time….in time
Pawns move up then side to side
Decide on bishops or a queen to kill
Behind Majora’s mask and hour glass
Our wills move on
Beyond the chess board landscape 
Windwaker takes the sails and breath away
And skyward sword advances 
It's only games
And Chess is fine 
But Zelda’s always in my heart and mind
She dances there forever

Poem Details | by PAT Adams |
Categories: funny love, games, kiss,

The Australian Kiss

Have you heard of a brand new bliss
An Australian Kiss is the wonder
It's just exactly like a French kiss
Except for the fact it's "down under"

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: love, passion, people, places, sensual,

He Fashions Loves Games

I know of a Highlander called James
Whose poetry fashions love games
So sensual they are
He never takes it too far
If you've read them, you know where he's aimed

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: anger, betrayal, games, irony, love hurts, lust, sad,


(Free Verse) Why do persist Playing games with love? Why do you create In others so much pain? Don't for a moment forget You reap what you sow In the end you get what you deserve 'Cause you are not inmune to pain So take it easy Watch your steps so carefully Love always has a way To make pain easy to bear Why do you persist then In hurting the ones, that for you seem to care Get off that foolish mentality of yours And give love its due chance to grow Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 aka ladylove copyright@2005 December,05,2014

Poem Details | by Amrit Raj Kapoor |
Categories: betrayal, games, love,

Chess: a game of life

A black for you a white I say

You had a chance now u stay!

I walked a step for silence echoed

You took a move , A Grey erode…

I walked straight you jumped over me

I stood in front for you to see

You beveled me to reach to the king

the way you killed my shields of wing

The king may be the one you aim

All he can walk is limited to a frame!

Twas your move, now no going back

You stop it all where I lack

If twas a game, well played!

If a mistake; checkmate!

One had to win for all you roared

I wish we’d stayed out of the board.

Poem Details | by Julie Grenness |
Categories: addiction, appreciation, fantasy, games, happiness, love,


Is loving better than Valium?
Yes, so good for the endorphins,
As into golden years we're a'morphing,
So, better than Valium is our loving,
My hair and skin are a'glowing,
Through the window you are going,
Any loving is good loving,
As my olden age is greying,
To my lover I'm imagining,
You are in my brain's imagination,
For guaranteed satisfaction,
So, is this good for the endorphins?
Yes, loving is better than Valium!

Poem Details | by Honcho Mars |
Categories: deep, for her, love hurts, pain, passion, romance, sin,

Deadly games we play

The deadly games we play 

She crept in my mind
Very slowly 
The effect of smoking cannabis
Her love sank in
Like the bite of a rattlesnake 
Only more deadly 
My own fault for provoking it
Taunting love I gave 
How sweet the taste
Upon my lips
Stricken by your venom 
Your way of loving 
Me in return 
They say love hurts
I would have to agree
Loving you is painful 
But yet still delightful 
I am like a shadow 
Returning at first light
At your door
You will find me
Will you let me in?
Desiring one more taste
Forbidden fruit 
My beautiful sin
Let the madness begin.

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: love,

Love's Games

I write him letters
Almost every day,
Hoping he reads them,
Will not go away.
Stay with me, I pray.

He sweet talks me
With loving words,
Then goes his way
Free as the birds.

He loves me.
Loves me not.
He loves me.

Love's games