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Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: blessing, future, heart, hope, life, love, meaningful,

Your Love Redeemed My Faith In Hope

 Your Love Redeemed My Faith In Hope

Across the dance floor, your soft sashaying gown flew
with its bright waving gleams of silver dust and blue;
within that blessed gaze, lonesome heart jumped a beat
seeing those golden slippers on your dainty feet,
feeling love's welcomed arrows shot by Cupid's bow
knowing that most treasured gift would forever grow!

That cool June night we walked under golden moon's beams
with your heart and soul gifting love that so redeems;
this man that had lost heart and walked a blind path
death long ago condemned this soul to darkest wrath,
torn asunder joy in life that had been a gift
chained this spirit upon a black-ship set adrift!

Loss of my beloved I once lived blind despair
wading through this evil world's black pits without care;
her sweet love reminding me of Hope that was lost, 
found anew when your destined path with mine was crossed.
I saw the world with open eyes but could not see
Faith, till sight was laid upon fair beauty of thee...

Your rosy warmth danced with grace thawing my cold heart,
seduced by rousing rhythm never would we part.
My heart began to waltz and pallid pulse did race
as I saw charmed moonlight caress your angel’s face,
I longed forevermore to tilt your chin and kiss
your promising sunrise lips of heavenly bliss.

That early summer’s eve I took a leap of faith
willing to let go of my haunting lost love wraith,
I found with you the heart to fall in love once more
and glissade you in my arms ‘cross life’s ballroom floor.
Alone in love’s spotlight of golden moon beam’s glow
you have my whole attention for you stole the show.

Robert Lindley and Susan Ashley

(a collaboration)

June 27, 2018

My poet's note:  Yet again my dear friend I must thank you for your friendship, tremendous talent and collaborating with me to produce this wonderful poem.
As both Love and Hope are two of the greatest of treasures that mankind has.
This poem symbolizes the gifts that are given from both....
As always it is a true joy to compose with you and let our combined poetic voices be read.I hope this poem touches the heart and soul of many that may have lost hope in life, love and the blessings that the future holds for them.

Susan Ashley poet’s note:  Yet again, it was my tremendous honor and privilege to collaborate with with you, RobertThere is an abundance of beautiful poetry overflowing the banks of your heart and soul, my talented friend, and I wade in the lovely flow of your poetic words.Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of being your writing partner and for generously sharing with me in these wondrous poems of love, romance and hope; always hope - the common golden thread that runs victoriously through the weave of our writes.With appreciation, thank you for another exquisite poetic and artistic experience, my dear friend.

Poem Details | by Sabrina Niday Hansel |
Categories: absence, angst, cry, dad, death, depression, emotions, family, father, father daughter, fear, feelings, future, goodbye, grief, heart, heartbroken, heaven, how i feel, identity, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, loss, lost, love, memory, miss you, missing you, pain, parents, poets, prayer, sad, sorrow, strength, stress, urdu,

I Need Your Help Daddy

I’m tired
I’m Physically and Emotionally tired
I don’t want to be the strong one anymore
I can’t this time
I don’t know what to do Daddy
I need your help down here

I can’t get back in control of my emotions 
I’m having a hard time dealing with your absence
I’m having a hard time standing by myself
I need your help Daddy

I’m broken and lost without you Daddy
I need your will to want to carry on
I need your strength to over come this
I need your strength to stay standing
Your courage to fight back again
I need your help 

Please Daddy I’m at a loss
How am I suppose to do this
I need your guidance 
I need you to guide me back
To whom I was before
I need your help Daddy
I need your help

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: art, bereavement, body, care, death, death of a friend, dedication, devotion, emotions, farewell, feelings, future, giving, grief, heart, hope, how i feel, i love you, leaving, life, longing, lost, lost love, love, memory, miss you, missing, missing you, remember, sad, sad love, spiritual, strength, symbolism, tribute, trust,

Soul mates solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing
nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender 
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories 
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised 
pens - by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist's pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings
but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: absence, feelings, future, love,

There Will Never Be A Sunset Without Me Thinking Of You

There are long years to come ,and I know I would never lick fresh sweetness from the sugar of your lips Nor will I taste the salty tears of last goodbyes But my beloved... there will never be a sunset without me thinking of you I'll think of you with perpetual affection As I stroll by the river,I seek your reflection I touch you,I'd feel you through fragments of memories Memories of better times Of flowers and breeze,Vineyards and fields I touch you in memories that will never leave I see you,I see you with the eyes of a child born blind beyond the perception of shade and light I see you in the same way He sees his world, and lives each dream With a crazy sensation of intense hues above the spectrum of unrecognized blues And I love you, but how do I love you I love you with all that I was and all that I'll be I love you with my silence and solitude With my spirit's exhale,and all that is me I love you with the depth of where my heart resides Between what is real,faith,and where illusion abides I love you not with my flesh and bone But with a bleeding emotion that lives in my infinite soul

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: future, history, love, pain, philosophy, romance,

Love Notes in a Bottle

Love Notes in a Bottle

It came as a last meandering thought
How could I know?
Maybe a thousand years from now
On a far away shore
Would exist a lady of mystical lore
Reciting sonnets of medieval tales
In magic forests, dreaming of love
As I love
Who could feel a bond so delicate as a doves feathers
A pain so strong, like a tiger wronged
That to part would mean emotional low tides to come

That she could feel the loneliness of night
The scent of the morning dew
The feeling of rain upon ones breast
The smell of the rose
The view of the meadows
The Laughter as the children danced
The plea of one whose heart bleeds
The desires to capture love and yet remain free

Her eyes would show her ageless beauty
Her smile would hide her thoughts
Wrapped deep
Inside of old love letters

She would sigh
As I recited old prose
We would hand in hand repose
Knowing growing old is how it goes

Alas she is but an image in my mind
A thousand years till birth
Or even more
A fantasy, that lets me die in peace
That someone could love as I loved thee

You were my past, and my eternity
Lovers who never took flight
Broken wings, and broken borders
Boundaries never crossed
Kisses though we never lost

On every wind swept shore
I wander with the birds scouting overhead
As wave upon wave of desolation slaps my head
A woman is over there by the sea
She but a stranger in the mist
So not at all is she thee

A thousand years from now
On wind swept shore
Will she be forlorn?
Weeping for the likes of me
Whispering inside, he was here but a thousand years ago
Love letters telling loves desires
Inside a bottle and buried in sand

Alas is the ocean not made of ancient tears

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: august, beach, beautiful, cool, crush, deep, destiny, devotion, fantasy, feelings, first love, fishing, freedom, funny love, future, girlfriend, hope, i love you, i miss you, journey, joy, judgement, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miracle, ocean, people, places, romance, sea, sensual, simple, spiritual, water, women, world,


Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: best friend, future, heart, hope, love, universe,

Forever In Your Eyes

Fervent wish within your eyes speaking with realistic
Optimism, visible for hope for the future 
Reflecting exquisite dream-fullness of mystic nights in your eyes 
Ethereal, you are in this perfect world of ours
Volcanic and miraculous things happen with a touch of
Euphoria as we feast with whirling ecstasy in our souls that fights for ever
Refreshing, in such a delicate way that it seems too perfect

I imagine your eyes speaking to me as we venture through 
Newfound impulsive existence welcoming universe

Your questions always answered, like the waves coming in from the
Ocean, as we sit embracing on each other’s warmth, watching time pass 
Under a roof of celestial stars, until each dawn waxes and wanes
Rapidly breathing deep into the golden sand of our sandcastle

Envisioning our life together, willingly, and joyfully blooming spirit
Youth in a blink, as high in the branches rendering to fields of beauty
Extending to the golden illuminating rays of sunlight 
Safe, spacious, life binding with God’s sight


Poem Details | by Lyric Man |
Categories: desire, dream, fantasy, future, muse, mystery, romantic love,


I’ve got scribbles on my mind
Thoughts trying hard to find
Random echos in the wind
Of more than poetic friends

What is it with you and blue
A penny for your thoughts
And a kiss for just a clue
Can sapphire come from two

Raindrops like fingers touch
A falling silky, sexy rush
Sweet girl I feel your flush 
Oh my.Is that too much

See you clothed in evergreen
So deep beyond what’s seen
Beauty within.taste so true
Love breathes all over you

What if I.your morning mist
Cotton candy clouds, I insist
And that carousel of dreams
Everything’s not as it seems

That clown who said depart
Not the end but a new start
Your hand, oh look it’s free
New man.what if it’s me

Poems don’t always rhyme 
Chaos makes sense sometimes
They say, true love is never late
So l long anticipate and wait

~Lyric Man

Note: A collection of random scribbles.just for fun!

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: abuse, child, future, love, war,

Just Like A Child Without Borders

Just like a child I toss pebbles in the stream Each pebble is a wish Every ripple is my dream I dream of running freely my face against the wind Hear it's million voices and the cicadas sing. I dream of climbing treetops to a majestic world a world of happy faces where everyone 's a friend. I dream of sharing cookies with those we' ve made come poor I dream to share hot milk where we've created war. Just like a child I wait for falling raindrops to cleanse away dry mud Mud that turned in mountains of an untraveled path. Mud molding the borders so innocent can't pass Why do we refuse them when they are one of us ? Just like a child I forget the bruises all over my knees I dance into the moonlight along with flowing leaves. I return to my place with a kite still soaring high but cannot lay in my bed while others sleep outside. How can I be hopeful when innocence 's not pure When lonely tears are prescribed treatments without cure Just like a child I toss pebbles in the stream Each pebble is a wish Every ripple is my dream
Dedicated to the men, women , and children , leaving their countries, , their homes, trying to find a safe place to stay, to escape war , yet still behind boarders P.S - When I say We , I mean it - For our countries, our politicians, and our voices - We can do better.

Poem Details | by Kelly Deschler |
Categories: future, hope, longing, love, soulmate,

Someday, Sometime, Somewhere

Out there is a stranger that I
no, you don't know me now, but you.................will
just keep looking and eventually we will..........find
a winding road that ends with you
before these short years find their end....someday
that rarest moment will surely happen...sometime
with us finally meeting face to face.....somewhere.

"End Line Word" contest

Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: appreciation, destiny, feelings, future, longing, love,

Prey On The Moment

There is a moment that stalks my solitude
the one where my soul breaks from your absence,
it lurks with the confidence of apocalyptic attitude,
from my fortitude a firecry of absolute need attacks resistance
revealing your fingerprints upon my heart, patterns in somatic multitude
making lust an onslaught of obsession, soul ignition, kiss cognition, partner permanence, 
there will be no heart barter, no angle of defense, just you and me in beautiful exactitude,

I discover you everyday, the omnipresence of your love's mainstay
warm on the erection of my morning, leading me into creation,
I find your poetry in freedom's pain, where love and life play
and when pity drums a cold doubt I see your brave grin,
as the battles end with quiet fatigue you stay
strong and sweet, a promise pure within,
when night softens the body I lay
you take me to bliss again -


Poem Details | by Shuntae King |
Categories: faith, family, fantasyme, family, family, future, me,

Paternal Love

What i always wanted in life
Was an ideal dad
One who cared about family happiness 
And could cheer us up when were sad.

I always wanted a kind man, one who’s patient
And to him his family meant the world
I wanted a man to validate me 
By telling me i was a good girl.

I wanted a man who’s discipline 
Was never angry or severe
But a type of discipline 
That would encourage good conduct when we are far or near.

I wanted a man to tell me happy stories
And tuck me into bed
A man who always told me he loved me
And kissed me on the head

I still long to be hugged, kissed, and squeezed
But i don’t’ expect my future mate to blow my nose whenever i sneeze.

My childhood was a mess
And i had a dysfunctional family
It is the mighty hand of god
That has come in and set me free.
It is not fair to ask my future husband
To treat me like a child
But if expects to love him back
He must be meek and mild.

My future mate cannot play that role
Or undo the damage that has been done
But Jesus, my adoptive dad can fill this void
And through him my victory has already been won.

Poem Details | by Skyler Woods |
Categories: desire, future, i love you, lost love, missing you, valentines day, voyage,

Interstellar Love

I searched earth and my love was 
nowhere to be found.

Now I travel to distant galaxies searching 
for my love in space

where it's cold and there's no sound
Where could she be?

Is she in an alternate universeOne that's 
parallel to mine?

Do I have to travel through a wormhole? Is 
she in another

place in time? I asked the stars where can 
I find her and 

none of them could tell meI asked an 
alien sun but he gave

no answerHis bright unusual light only 
making it hard for me to

seeI asked every neutron star and every 
pulsarEvery nebula

cloud I've come acrossI even asked a 
supernova where she 

could beBut his answers turned out to be 
falseNone of the

constellation of stars seem to know where 
my baby isOrion

doesn't knowGemini doesn't know
Neither Andromeda or 

SiriusI'm in interstellar despair, travelling 
through the deepness

of spaceGoing from one universe to the 
next and hoping that one

day I'll see my baby's faceI don't know 
how many light years I'll

have to travelOr how many cosmic doors 
I'll have to knock onAll

I know is that the desire to search for my 
love beyond the stars will 

never be far from gone....

Poem Details | by Denise Hopkins |
Categories: allusion, anger, baby, beautiful, betrayal, birth, creation, culture, death, desire, divorce, dream, february, flower, future, grief, heartbreak, humanity, humorous, husband, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, poetry, rose, sin, trust, wife, wisdom,

A bloody Rose

Roses here, Roses there, bloody roses everywhere. February brings them to our life, while others hide a broken wife. Young girls dream of their shining white knight, when do you think they'll see, it's nowhere in sight. Single men try everything to be romantic, ask every young girl, they still haven't learnt it. While romance fills their heads, I'm aware of the last lives it brought to death. The rose is not this passionate flower, butt the very thing that causes humans lives to go sour. Nine months later, in mid of November, young girls begin the day they will always remember. With the babies cry with its first breath of life, There's a dad trying to work out how to tell his wife. A family is born, and a family is broken, this is all because, of that bloody rose. written 14th of February 2017

Poem Details | by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: art, cute love, future, happy, hope, longing, love,

Dare to Wonder

Dance to the rhythm of my heart
Can you feel the vibration?
Can you feel it from head to toe?
I listen…to your melody – a gift to unwrap
It’s a healing potion to this lonely man without a roof on his head
How can You craft such marvelous miracles?


Dare to wonder
What I’ve become…so numb
Dare to wonder
What I dream…not like some
Break free from wretched reality
Dare to wonder
How it feels to be…free!
Freedom has a high cost – it’s not free
Pay the price
Roll the dice
My prize to you is my love

You made me merrily sing from the start…
Can you hear me longing for you?
Can you elevate me above the disconsolate clouds?
I watch keenly at your performance – a dream come true
It’s GOOD LUCK in disguise – it took hard work, man!
How can you surprise me with your trippy talent?

*double chorus - both differentish* 

Dare to wonder
What I’ve become…so numb
Dare to wonder
What I dream…not like some
Break free from wretched reality
Dare to wonder
How it feels to be…free!
Freedom has a high cost – it’s not free
Pay the price
Roll the dice
My gifts of expressing inner love
Dare to wonder
What I’ve become…a naughty boy who loves
To cause trouble and what not
Dare to wander
In my eloquent dreams…wrapped up in wings of doves
I deliver it to you ‘cause you’re hot! 
Break free from plastic reality
Dare to wonder
How it feels to be…truly happy! 
Freedom is free – for us thankfully
No need to pay the price
Drop those silly dice!
My present to you is my peace I hand to you


We’ll rejoice all day long 
As long as we enjoy this song 
Dare to wonder
How I put it all together?
Inspiration is key – it’s like catching a light feather
And letting it float about in the swirling sky
I release my passion and write it down on paper
It’s merely a work of art –
It’s original from the young heart

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: feelings, future, love,

Is Our Love True

Gentle breeze blowing through an open window pane
Lying here deep in thought
Are you my forever?
Are you the one I have sought?
Do I really know you?
Is our love true?

The stars sparkling in the cool autumn night
My eyes flash to the sky
Do you wish upon a star?
Are you gazing up high?
Is my future with you?
Is our love true?

The sun rising over the hills
Bringing us a new day
Are you watching?
For us do you pray?
Is there only me and you?
Is our love true?

Playful songbirds high up in the air
Singing a joyous tune
Are you listening?
Does it make you swoon?
Are the notes played for you?
Is our love true?

My heart beating when I see your face
Such beauty I see
Are you watching?
Do you see me?
Do you picture me and you?
Is our love true?

Gentle breeze blowing through an open window pane
Lying here deep in thought
You are my forever
The one I have sought
I know this is true
I think I love you


Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: faith, future, god, heart, hope, love, valentines day,

Breath of Love

Sometimes in life it never goes as planned Into cul de sacs we turn behind us we leave Feelings and sadness dealt by life's demands Find that shining light, deliver us from reave To me that light appeared, not one but two Father God through his book, I entered Pasts burdens left behind, no longer askew My path of life now clearer, happily centered Forward I now look to share this romantic day Valentines as we know it, where hearts decide For they shall speak volumes in loving display Under Father God, for it's with his hand we guide This day has finally arrived, it's the morn, we Awakening with a kiss, cuddling, warming hearts Smiles abound aplenty, amidst silken sheets glee To forget pasts grief, welcoming our new start Holding hands in prayer we, to our Father God Us on this romantic day, blessed to each other To thank him, we grace, righteously we laud Breath of love now lives, no longer in smother .

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: future, love,

Don't Turn On The Lights

Don't turn on the lights
come back to bed
just, show me your soul
and every feeling unsaid

Let's start our future
come fill this night
you make things clearer
when you're holding me tight

The moon up above is lending her light
The stars are aligning, shining, ever so bright
A warm breeze is blowing through your soft silky hair
You're my picture of beauty as you stand over there

Come whisper your secrets
as I call out your name
bring me some comfort
and relight my flame

Don't leave for a minute
please hold my heart
together we're perfect
let's give love a start

Come be my future
come be my wife
come walk beside me
come share my life

Don't turn on the lights
come back to bed
just, show me your soul
and every feeling unsaid

Don't turn on the lights

Poem Details | by Keith Narne |
Categories: birth, change, courage, future, happiness, love, moving on,

Black en White Leaf

Tick-tack thy sound of the double-edged hands Stand strong with mother-nature's deep roots Big Ben wakes ye typhoon then started to dance Awaits for the sunlight to bear fruits Tick-tack thy sound of the double-edged hands The rain will come to wash the blood Big Ben alarm the dead men from the graveyards To a new seed of gain en love Tick-tack thy sound of the branches Checkmate—and time at rest

Poem Details | by argho chakraborty |
Categories: life, lost love, loveday, world, day, future, love, time, new year,

What the future holds??

He never knew what the future holds,
As he took the steps on the path unknown..!!
With a face that has a glow,
Little did he know there sits an angel,
Nothing like any man had ever known..!!
The first look in her eyes and he lost his heart;
The first words and the time turned slow,
He found the love he always looked for..!!
Days went by and he was happy,
Happy that he saw everyday who he adore..!!
The world was never this beautiful,
A joy that he had never felt before..!!

That day he was sad as he didn’t see her,
He walked alone with thoughts making him cry..!!
Then the little birdie sang,
It was in sweet voice of the Angel..!!
The day was bright again and smiles were back;
His soul was fresh, as his new life began..!!
Each day the birdie came with reasons to smile,
Love began blowing with the wind;
As if she had used a magic wand..!!
The first day of the New Year finally they met,
No one else knew just the two of them;
That day was the first but was their secret..!!
Never did he feel what he felt when she smiled,
With every word she said made his soul sooth..!!
Her touch made his soul rejoice,
She touched his heart the way only an Angel could..!!
His days started listening to her voice,
Every day he woke up early just to see her asleep..!!
Just be with her he did everything a mortal could,
A single tear in was enough to make him weep..!!
He loved her more than anyone he ever loved before,
What family? What friends?
He left all just to be with her..!!

Then, she fell in love..!!
In love with the one,
The one all knew always on a hunt for new doves..!!
She left the one, who left the world for her,
But, she fell in love..!!
No one to blame but he himself..,
He loved an angel..;
Being a mere mortal..!!
He never knew what the future held,
Now, it’s time for the final good bye..!!

Poem Details | by Darius Knight |
Categories: happiness, love, romance, thank you, future, love, me, i love you,

You're My Inspiration For Happiness

Do you remember the first time we locked eyes,
At first neither of us knew where our future lies.
We both thought the other was going blow the other off,
We both know we didn't start off that soft.

The moment I looked deep into your eyes I saw something,
Your eyes were full of passion, need of love, and determination for anything.
The second we had our first conversation I wanted you,
But I didn't want you in a sexual way, just the positive committed way.

You have that fire in your eyes and the heart of a warrior,
I was the battle and you won the war as a lone soldier.
The battle was for me lacking the ability to love again,
Your victory granted me the privilege to be in love without much sin.

My dear sweet love...I love you for who you are,
Not for what you're capable of or what's in the trunk of your car.
But I love you for the simple things that count,
Cause mostly it's the simple things in life people forget.

My future wife...I promise to give my all to you,
I would never lay my hands on you.
I will never lie, cheat, or break your heart,
And by the way...I already knew it from the start!

Poem Details | by J. I. Thomas F. |
Categories: farewell, future, love, nature, poetry,

The Poem That Will Never Be

It was conceived in quiet hope,
within the morning’s light.
But it died, as with the sunset,
and this rose in the night.

It was meant a chide to winter,
for stealing her away,
a curse to all the elements,
but that was child’s play.

For it is not the dark or cold,
that keeps her heart from me.
It never was poor nature’s fault,
though it took me long to see.

She wasn’t taken from me.
She chose to leave me here.
She wasn’t forced against her will,
to sprinkle me with fear.

But I am not afraid now.
My mind is clear at last.
I guess I’ve crossed that bridge, now.
Farewell, my ghostly past.

And I bid adieu to that sad dream,
where winter kept her free,
to inspire with love’s specter,
the poem that will never be.

23 March 2016

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: first love, future, longing,

One Glance

Spotlights illuminate the market square stage casting hints of light upon that lily white face sipping iced coffee at the corner café Music plays but my heartbeat drowns out the band wishing for just one glance just one chance just one look deep into those rich deep caramel eyes Oh, how I would love her Oh, how I be there for her just one look just one chance the smiles I would bring to my heartbeat you'd sing We'd walk holding hands together through life with God as our shining light stopping to smell the daisies, the wildflowers chasing the butterflies that roam free just you and me Oh glance my way let this be my independence day give my beating heart a chance at a lifetime of romance

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: age, angel, flying, future, life, love, time,

Flying on forever

Flying on forever

I’m flying on the edge forever,
Searching for a brighter future.
I can see the picture of an angel inside my mind
And now I have to find a way to meet her.

Burning out, fading away; love must come to save the day.
Shooting stars only crash into their own grave.
I will build her a house we can live in and age;
If only I could take her to it, then maybe things would change.

Some of us lie, some of us fly;
Some of us are living on borrowed time.
The future is not certain to be there when we arrive,
But the past is firmly in the past where it belongs,
So please just let me get on with my life.

We are in search of a forever love, forever more!
Fallen love angels who scorn are left behind;
Forever alone in fields of thorns, left alone to mourn.

There is a dust storm up ahead, so I must look my best,
Because when I do finally meet her, my love I will confess.
Eventually she will see me appearing through the mist; 
I cannot allow this chance of true happiness to be missed.

(C)2016 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by David Welch |
Categories: confusion, future, hate, how i feel, love, technology, truth,

Love-Hate The Internet

As a kid they said technology
would lead us to a better life,
and in many ways they are correct,
tech does many things right.
I suppose I was just naïve
to thing there would be no downside,
now I love/hate the internet,
there are a thousand reasons why…

I love that endless information
is just a single click away /
I hate that there is so much
that it overwhelms the brain.

I love that I can buy anything,
have it delivered rather quick /
I hate endless adds in e-mail,
trying to sell me something slick.

I love that every genre is there,
in every medium, and every type /
I hate that half of it hides viruses
that will steal away your life.

I love that video posting sites
bring old music to the crowds /
I hate the video ‘commentators,’
so inane, rambling, and loud.

I love that every point of view
has a place to makes its pitch /
I hate government and tech giants
always trying to censor it.

I love that every single interest
has a place to blow of stress /
I hate people acting like morons,
and then claiming they’re ‘oppressed.’

I love that you can meet others
who may share your predilections /
I hate that being ‘connected’
soon becomes a damn addiction.

I love that you can reach the world
from the comforts of your home /
I hate that this very same world
then never leaves you alone.

I love that a person can work
from anywhere on any day /
I hate that distance no longer
makes reality go away.

Of course it’s not like it is
ever gonna go anywhere,
we’re forever stuck in between
thankfulness and despair.
I guess the net will ever be
a both sweet and bitter pill,
I love/hate the internet,
and I guess I always will.

Poem Details | by Juli- Michelle |
Categories: absence, anxiety, endurance, fear, future, girl, love,

Hold On

Hold on I’m walking through hell for you Hold on Please tell me just what to do I’m walking in and over fire You’re walking somewhere in the light Where I want to… Hold on Don’t walk through this hell for me Hold on for the moment we both can be free Our future has not yet begun There’s fog up ahead and no future to see But it doesn’t mean we should run I promise this hell won’t go on for forever, and one day I’ll get to come home… Neither of us forever alone No you won’t be forever alone Hold on These trials God puts me through Hold on It’s so I’ll be worth more to you Sure we’re searching for each other And in all the right places too But have you ever wondered Why it’s not led me to you? Hold on I’m doing this all for you Hold on just a little while, and I soon will be All that you dream I will be I’m trying so hard, but maybe not hard enough? And maybe that’s why we’re not free Hold on, please, I’m sorry for all I’ve done wrong But how could you want me this way? Please don’t walk through hell for me No, never go through hell for me And someday we won’t have to say, "Hold on".

Poem Details | by Claudene Hiramun |
Categories: love, future, joy, love,

Love Affair

Love Affair

You came from my past, into my present but will never my future be..
You brought joy with pain, tears with laughter, oh - the memories..

I felt love when I heard your voice.
I felt guilt when I had to make a choice!
How could I not embrace what I once lost..
A passionate love affair! But at what cost?

I couldn’t breathe, my heart stopped beating.
My love, my life, is this really happening?
An unending road once travelled..
Desirous feelings are now revealed!

The love I feel for you was buried but not dead,
Kept safe in an aching heart, not fed!
This feeling of pure luminous pleasure..
Like a bitter pirate to undiscovered treasure!

You came from my past, into my present but will never my future be..
Thank you for the joy with pain, tears with laughter, oh - the memories..

Poem Details | by Bernay Block |
Categories: lost love, me, future, love, me, time,

Route: Broken Love

Our remaining time is ticking
the time we have left to be together
so give me one last kiss 
and turn and walk away
truth is my heart screams for you to stop
and turn around 
but the road splits here
the blue road that you have chosen
will guide you to a bright future
a future where I am not with you
so please for your sake
keep walking
and don't look back
please don't forget that
I love you so much
and that this pains me to let you go
but I'll stay here and stare at the deserted dawn

Time is slowly slipping away from us 
lets share this final kiss
the road splits here
our fate has been decided
the white road that I have chosen
leads me to a future 
a lonely future where you are not there
but I will never forget you
even as the dawn approaches
I know this hurts
but please walk away
don't ever forget that 
I love you so much
and that it pains me to see you go
but I'll stay right here and stare at the deserted dawn 

Poem Details | by James Inman |
Categories: love, marriage,

The Bride to her Future Groom

You are the spirit of my soul,
the rainbow that watches over me.
The daylight pales when compared to
the warmth of your beautiful smile
which fills my heart with your tenderness
and the joy that you bring to me.

With our union let this beginning
bring a new and brilliant light
that I will shine for you if dusk 
should fall and guide our way as we
embark, as one, on this, our life’s 
most grand and playful adventure.

I see in you my all, for the world 
is but loneliness without you.
With my hand in yours let our love 
bind us with joy, as we, together, 
watch our future unfold before us, 
loving each other more deeply each day.


Poem Details | by Edward Orozco |
Categories: adventure, devotionmemory, day, future, love, me, memory, smile,


Its been six years, and the foremost memory of her smile still shakes my heart
Sunny, Bright was the day, her hair was tied into a ponytail I will never forget
Full of life, yet shy she sat to her lonesome, and I watched in amazement
Questioning the future of what it would become, I loaned her a pencil, well a little part

The days followed a routine, and my eyes captured her in still framed memory to later see
I felt as if it was all meant to be, for she fit the perfect match to my soul
Litle by little she did smile and I fell in love with her smile, my heart it stole
To the day I cannot get over the belief that she is the one to keep me forever, and I plea

Timid I was, for such beauty dwells in her inner being, not to mention how gorgeous she is
I kept an open eye until one day she didn't return to her seat, she was gone
I felt as if the world had abandoned me, and I never even spoke to her, and already it was done
I begged the clouds and skies for her to return, yet only the memory of her joy came to please

Days went to pass, and nothing of her return I heard
Whom to question for a shy soul I am, I gave into the sad fact
Not knowing of what the future was, I didn't know how to react
I wept, like a child to my own shadow and my shadow did laugh at me so harmless to be a bird

Fate never laughed, for she came back into my life
Held my hand every step of the way, I love her with my all
With her by my side I shall stand tall
Paula, my love, my moon, my wife, her favorite color is purple