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Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: boyfriend, fun, happiness, i love you, me, smile, sweet,

Ice Cream

''Like Ice Cream''

Having ice cream with you, 
Brightens the entire portrait in my youth.
Like catnip for a cat 
-- the     Reese's    fun never stops!
Like monkeys in a zoo, above a tasty sherbet treetop.

Ice Cream with you!
How sweet,  the imagery of 31 different treats 
Cold butter and  salty Placid water, with the works 
Amaretto peaches, and slushy sauce  --- twerk
Dandelion haven- above a marshmallow rocky road
Fireflies flicker around the fresh Lemon Drop Sky
A delightful sundae breeze on the crest of my tongue 
 Soft frozen chocolate dessert, nothing can go amiss 
Ice Cream with You!
So many to choose from, 
Savor the delicious flavor 
---of Butterscotch homemade rum

There's no other place I'd rather be
Lost Inside this forever hazel mint joy scenery 
The ultimate indulgence in one icy bite
A cream coconut cherry delight 
-served on the side with apple pie
In a cup, on a cone, my vanilla waffle boy 
Everything-- about-- you-- roams free 
like tubs of ice cream dreams

Listen to the sound of soft sprinkles cinnamon
The happy feeling that melts when you're around
I'm packing a giant scoop of Ice Cream from your heart

Adoring and Embracing Life
Every time you say the words
...I love you...


Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: best friend, fun, love, pets,

The Dog of my Life

Shakespearean Sonnet

I remember the day I picked you,
With your sweet little puppy dog eyes.
For my heart was searching for love too,
When I looked down and heard your soft cries.

Your brothers and sisters were running,
They were after a fallen clothes peg,
But there was a puppy so stunning 
Trying hard to get up on my leg.

Four years it has been since that moment
And I thank God daily for his gift
Each day you give me such enjoyment 
Your love has given my heart a lift.

Today I know as clear as can be,
I didn’t pick you; rather you picked me.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Sponsor Shadow Hamilton 
Contest: Pets

Poem Details | by Timothy Hicks |
Categories: adventure, crazy, cute love, fun, garden, grandchild, grandmother,

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree

You can see him now, dirty as a horse
that slipped in the mud, planting petunias
with that infamous shamrock thumb

(Irish from his Pop      Appendage from his Mum)

stopping every now - and again -
to breathe deep that fragrance
rich with pheromone nostalgia
just like Grammy Georgina used too do

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

I can still see her now, in her glory days,
with lovely lemon locks soaking up the summer sun,
rooted in that old-fashioned train of mind:
You don't stop your work until it's done!

(but a walking contradiction, just like her grandson,
..rose to her nose like ruby rebellion)

the tree doesn't grow solely from the ground

Water's an important player too,
especially from grandma's showering can

(laughing tears the shade of crystalline blue)

Course you can't forget those lifetime lessons either,
from dear ole Georgie, speaking with a sunny kind of seriousness,
about the importance of patience,
the fruitfulness of labor,
plucking up the surviving winters' courageous cucumbers,
blushing beets

the ground isn't just a place for our feet

Cause with her and I, we incinerate the stereotype:
young blood reflecting on infinity,
old knees dancing like she's got chipper chipmunks
for toes     giggles in the background like a photobomb
to the expected chapel silence

(it's not all peaches and cream though,
sometimes we get violent)

Orange slush, flying miles behind us,
at times getting grazed in the face
by nature's food fight

our feet between the squish squish of the crab apple

We were two peas, if you please, in a curious pod,
like a whimsical joke from a laughing God:
Me, the champion of her scallions,
the guardian of her garden,
leaving all sensibility befuddled
with an, "I beg your pardon?"

I wonder if she knew then the gravity of the situation,
watching mama scream bloody murder,
as I came into this world..

..was she scratching her head, lips curled, in questioning amazement,
just like Newton must have been, when developing his theory?
What d'you suppose they both were thinking?

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..

Written March 27, 2016
For the Cliche Contest Hosted by Silent One

Poem Details | by Sheri Fresonke Harper |
Categories: absence, adventure, dream, fun, growing up, love, success,

Both Sides for Me

The look of pity on the saleswoman's face said it all
my paint spattered clothing, however the jeans fit
just didn't have that panache, chic pizazz, tongue hanging
inspiration for desire a young woman out to have.

The car dealer took one look at me, led me to the far
corner of the lot, showed me the used hot rods
the beater four doors, the budget cutters like I'd rode
but I wanted glossy black, silver hood ornament, brand new.

Paint is supposed to sit on top of your nails, but underneath
is advantageous when compared to oil, to muck, to dirty guts
so I was a step on the ladder of the working man, 
I could even afford to buy hose, which I still don't wear.

There's something to be said for the over glasses, safety 
glasses look, white paper coat, something comical 
one supposes, but the purple overalls worn for skiing
which suddenly I could afford, made me my nephews joke.

At times I waited for a date who preferred the bar
called and said maybe later, because passion rumbled
between us when we kissed but I didn't want a flit,
disease, broken promise, I wanted to be embraced

Cozy now, body motion are promises and content
passion is beyond me, the bar on the patio in back
the hand I always hold a missing app that answers
more lonely than any mistaken wish that he'd be the one.

Stars, too, I climbed to them in my dream, climbed
the Space Needle and found my self with no safety net
I always avoided those climbs the dreams more nightmare
even though I do what I am told, to reach, to soar.

Sometimes now I wear black on gold dresses which fit
to the nth inch, so I can barely sit, hold champagne
to watch golden bubbles float against the elegant
white linen against starry night event, that's rich, success.

Dump it gladly for a romp on the beach, the missing
something like threads through a woven maze,
like an angel's hopeWhen I dump it all and seek
there's grace lying on the shores between the rocks

a pooled place where deer come to lick minerals,
boulders come unglued and sail down river
and think, maybe I could do thatMaybe I could
unglue all the expectations and rearrange the world.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: fantasy, fun, funny, holiday, humorous, love,

I Want Peace

I want a piece of chocolate cake
Oh and a delicious piece of cherry pie
I want a piece of that place called Fort Knox
With all those pieces I could afford a lot

I want a piece of that lady over there
In her haute couture she saunters with such flair
I want a piece of the clouds in the sky
I just want it, don't ask me why!

I want some tiny peace of mind
To have some pieces left to be kind
Then I can give you a piece of  Art
A piece I promise comes straight from the heart

Poem Details | by Francis J Grasso |
Categories: fun, humorous, love,

Love Me

Leave me alone you beautified 6itch ;
Oh ghastly and ghoulish playpen of a witch.
Vases of roses are covering your deeds;
Eloquent verses describe your sick needs

Many come calling but none ever leave; 
Even my dumb heart now wants a reprieve.

written 04.02.2016

Poem Details | by Dennis East |
Categories: crush, emotions, fantasy, fun, golf, i love you, sensual,

SPIDERS we can beat them

Have you crushed a spider lately - and left it in a pile,
And thought that you could leave it there - and go back in a while?
Then, on returning to the spot - to get it with a tissue,
And if like me – you found it GONE - we've really got an issue.

Could they be getting stronger - as I pressed with all my weight,
And it looks just liked I’d crushed it - but if acting, it was great.
It looked the part, except for blood - no screaming in my ear,
But laid there waiting patiently - for me to disappear.

I think the only thing that saves them - is the pattern on our shoe,
They’ve seen our souls have heavy treads - and know what to do.
For when our foot comes crushing down - they quickly form a shape,
That sees them safely in the gaps - and once more they escape.

It's either that, or they've evolved - into a stronger bug.
Who’ll one day soon, will grab your foot - and grip it in a hug.
They’ll lift you smartly in the air - and twirl you like a weed,
Then chuck you down the stair case - as they listen to you plead.

Then off to build a cobweb - that could catch a jumbo jet,
Or to trap a passing stallion - like it’s in a football net.
Or, is the answer to our prayers - to wear shoes flat and wide,
With smooth yet gripping bottoms - that leave nowhere left to hide.

So use your loaf and be prepared - and have a “crush rag” handy,
To squeeze them till you feel the pop - and make their legs go bandy
Though still the chance they’ve got real strong - so you should take some care,
Else, when you try to close your rag - they'll grab you by the hair.

Arghhhhh, I also bet they'll have a friend - who'll come out of the garden,
And you’ll have to bash them with a rock - make sure you choose a harden.
And finally, when home alone - best not to take a chance,
Be careful putting music on - I've heard, they frigging dance!!

© Dennis East

Poem Details | by Cool For Cats |
Categories: cute, fun, happy, humorous, life, love, parody,

Cool For Cats

(Parody of Cool For Cats by Squeeze)

I’m trying to look sexy ‘cos tonight I’ve got a date
I stare into the mirror thinking I’ve left it too late
This face of mine needs makeup if I’m going to snare this man
I hope that I can do it, but I’m doubting that I can
Behind me in the closet is a thing to aid my task
Decision made, I’m going to wear a sexy feline mask
Now I don’t need to worry ‘cos I know I’m cool for cats
(I’m cool for cats)

I'm driving like a madman ‘cos tonight I've gotta date
I glance up in the rear view and I see I need to shave
I skid into the driveway and I quickly run inside
Shedding clothes and dodging cats and never breaking stride
Looking through the hamper to find my lucky shirt
Every time I wear it, it always seems to work
That's why I don't worry cause I know I'm cool for cats
(I'm cool for cats)

I changed my mind last minute; thought the mask was way too much
Applying my foundation, lipstick, liner, rouge and such
Arriving at the restaurant I soon recognise his car
I look in through the window, he is sitting at the bar
My stomach full of butterflies, I hope he likes my dress
I’d bought it in the afternoon, hoping I'd impress
I’d teamed it with some kitten heelsI’m very cool for cats
(I'm cool for cats)

A couple shots of courage ‘cos this girl is just too much
She has blond hair, perky boobies and a super juicy butt
And ever since I met her she's all I ever think about
When I saw her open up the door I nearly gave a shout
She smiled and came right over and reached out for my hand
She squeezed it really hard, was she a woman or a man
But when I saw the dress I knew that she was very cool for cats
(She's cool for cats)

Wow this guy's a winner and he is the one for me
He's funny, smart and gorgeousHe's the best date there could be
I think he'll be a keeper, and I think he likes me too
And we will leave together when this dinner date is through
But meanwhile we'll have good fun as we eat and laugh and chat
And get to know each other with a little this and that
The girls around are jealous because he is cool for cats
(He's cool for cats)

Everything about her is cool enough for me
Even though she has a piece of broccoli in her teeth
I laid the charm right on her and told a joke or two
I think I'm going to get lucky, just between me and you
Walking to the car she whispered as she passed
Put the pedal to the metal ‘cos I like to go real fast
Now all the guys are jealous ‘cos my girl’s cool for cats
(She's cool for cats)

Poem Details | by Allan Terry |
Categories: appreciation, confidence, encouraging, endurance, film, fun, love,

got me thinking you love me

it like you care
i mean if you keep on
keeping on
i might whined-up thinking you
love me or something
I mean kissing and dance
getting those second glances
and the notes on my phone
I might whined-up thinking
you love me.
sometimes I think about
the way you might preseve me
and than I wonder if
I should look at you the same way
smelling your hair
acting like you care
it makes me wonder
asking myself what spell am I under
You got me thinking you
love me

Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: animal, children, dog, fun, funny love, love, pets,

My Puppy

My puppy sure loves to lick me
He thinks I’m a lollypop.
Every time I get home he attacks me
Then kisses me nonstop.

You’d think I was gone forever
When I just left the house for the mail,
He is right at the door when I get back
With a rapidly wiggling tail.

He wants to eat everything I do,
Mom says, that’s not good for a dog.
We want to keep him fit and healthy
So daily we go for a jog.

My toys are all tattered and ragged
My socks are his ultimate aim,
Doesn’t matter how much it upsets us
He thinks it’s all some kind of game.

I know he’s a bit of a stinker
That always wants to be fed.
But I sure am in love with my puppy,
Every night when we cuddle in bed.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: color, fire, fun, imagination, kiss, love, passion, romance,

Public Enemy -Over the Top-

******((Army of love))******

beautiful mattress
hot and riled explosive gift
nature at her best

***((Gone with the wind))***

the music
listen to the moaning wind
biting to the pain

******((Over & Over))******

the rainbow
fingertips touch a few drops
kiss of dew

*****((Midnight Cowgirl))*****

Texas scat, scat
puts it in, in the muddy hole
Cowgirls get it on

*****((rattle my bones))*****

taste my sweet spot
touch it, feel it, make it move
the earthquake

****((American Graffiti))******

their limbs trace, 
breathing accelerates
pulse race, excessively	

*****((Spice or Slice))******

haikus cake for two
hope you enjoy more than one
leaving you arouse


Poem Details | by SCOTT HARRIS |
Categories: appreciation, fun, life, love, relationship, soulmate, thank you,

Thank You

Thank you for being rock solid for me
Allowing me to simply be
Give me space to come crashing down
To sing out of key to smile or frown

Thank you for being willing to stay
Each time I tried to run away
Hold me, kiss me till it passes
When I stare through gloomy glasses

Love me cos I'm yours to keep
Hold me while I fall asleep
Let me go so I can move
Marvel when I'm in the groove

When my brain and heart short circuit
Read the manual on how to work it
When I'm rushing slow me calmly
Be my strength when I go barmy

Understand my every act
No matter how the odds are stacked
And when I want to run and hide
Open your heart I'll climb inside

When I am loving sweet and tender
Welcome me, reflect, surrender
Give your life right by my side
And love each second of the ride

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: fun, funny love, giggle, humor, people, silly, tree,

Out Pops - a collab with Olive Eloisa Guillermo

Two poets who couldn't agree Raise their voices to their loud pleas One wasn't able to stop His zip open, out pops! Haha, it's a pea, not the size of a tree ©JAFraser and OEGuillermo 15.18pm, April 07, 2015

Categories: fun, nonsense,

Spooks were making love

                  Spooks were making love their bones were clattering
                       Fresh in after death sex they were a prattling
                                 They missed the first session
                                   How to spook the passion
                 And slipped to their graves skulls down saber rattling

          Spooks were making love© Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty 14 November 2014

Poem Details | by Steven Clark |
Categories: crazy, kids, fun, funny, funny love, humor, humorous,

Driving My Kids Crazy

Driving my kids crazy
Every day and night
Because my mind is hazy
Nothing comes out right

Still, I keep on teaching
The foggy lessons in my head
At the end of all my preaching
There's but one thing said

"I know what you are saying...
You said that yesterday."
In their heads their praying
I will go away

Still, they do consult me
When they are truly stuck
But, if I get to wordy
They'll be out of luck

The message will start hazing
From their doe-eyed sight
This act starts with a glazing
Of eyes and face and light

I see their minds have left me
They are waiting out their time
And if, they ignore me
It is a small crime

I know my kids all love me
And I feel just the same
Still I hope they'd all agree
In this there's no blame

And so I may keep yapping
Each and every day
But If disaster's tapping
I'll be on the way

I just want to guide my kids
Not drive them away
As I watch them roll those lids
I see the end of day

Okay, I'll be quiet now
No more torture, pain, or strife
And if, you'll just show me how
I'll go e-mail my wife

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love, humor, humorous, myth, mythology,

Love Letter II

Dear Thor, I think we both agree,
I punched above my weight,
You’re a hot Norse god - and me?
A checkout girl from Yate.

My mates stood, gaping, gormless, 
When I said you were my guy,
See, that hammer’s SO enormous...
Such a help for DIY!

But as for who you’re friendly with,
WellTake that trickster Loki,
Alone with me, you’re sensitive!
With him, you’re just so BLOKEY!

And when you dressed up as a chick,
To steal Mjölnir from Thrym...
Your hairy legs, those frilly knicks -
I can’t unsee thatGrim.

And down the pub, the weekly quiz -
You’re just not up to scratch!
(Plus, you think that foreplay is
A doubles tennis match.)

SoHere’s the thingI met your dad,
The one-eyed war god Odin,
Now there’s a man! So strong! So bad!
My girl-bits were exploding!

He’s also God of poetry,
His flow’s too hot to handle!
And Valhalla could be home for me -
It just needs drapes and candles!

So, sorry that you had to hear
this from a talking raven:
It’s overOdin waved his spear, 
And now it’s HIM I’m craving!

1st April 2018
For Love Letter II Contest sponsored by Viv Wigley

Poem Details | by Lucilla Carrillo |
Categories: lost love, fun, life,

Shadows Of The Past

I wish I could slowly open up my veins and let all my blood fall at your feet. Than maybe you could see, how much I love you, but that is not to be - because your eyes are close to me. I wish I could tell you so many things of what you mean to me - but your ears are also close for meAs I am kneeling here before you and my life is slowly draining out of me, all I can think of is - memories of you and me. The days of fun and laughter that you and I used to share, when everything we did was new and everything was fun and the love I felt for you was from the bottom of my heartNow those days are gone and our youth has gone with themBut my love still remains the same If you could only hear and you could only see, than maybe you would know - how in life I'm slowly dying and all I have now are memories that are nothing but Shadows Of The Past...
08/09/21012 By Lucilla MCarrillo

Poem Details | by Jill Martin |
Categories: friendship, funny, life, love, cancer,

Chemo Fun

Sitting in the backseat ~ yackety
she drives like
    crackers ~ wackedy
speeding to the movies?
we can’t be late?
Driver ahead asleep at the
panic stop she makes ~ 5 seatbelts lock
But the 
backlash!.........flying wig
plops smack in my lap
Screaming fits of laughter all around.
Late to the movies after all,
    not nearly as good.

Dedicated to my friend, Kate.
Breast cancer survivor.

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: fun, love, passion, relationship,

Thrill Ride

Love unexpectedly came,
pulled up and swung open the door
Took me on a thrill ride,
and I'm loving every moment of it
Passion autobahn,
no speed dating restrictions
Scenic route of the heart landscape,
shifting gears with the love joystick
It's a thrill ride,
such a rapid romantic ride
What a rush.wind sweeping the hair
Hugging the curves,
throwing all caution up in the air
Don't mind the occasional speed bump:
those slick-paved spirited debates,
disagreements that test the limit of our patience
I love the coming together part,
as we enter the tunnel of love..
whooshing in the dark
What a thrill ride,
I'm having the time of my life
Now we're moving slow,
got the motor set on cruise control
Your eyes are telling me
where you want my hands to go
Revved up kisses taste like
chocolate sundaes at the drive-in show
Don't pump the brakes
on this thrill ride
Hug me closer at the bend
Lets take this lover's highway
further than we could ever go as friends

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: beautiful, freedom, french, love,

Rainbow of fun

I opened my love to a beautiful day, 
In rain, in hail, and cold,
And my heart ran off, to your open arms, 
To grasp, to nurture and hold,

With love on your pillars, reaching up high, 
Above all the love in the town,
My heart, in your arms, played like a child, 
Played with what it had found,

And that was a freedom for happy and fun, 
Freedom to do what I do,
To be a red balloon in a cluster of black, 
As I happily walk beside you,

Now, since our bubble of free is secure, 
We can turn our colours up bright,
And we can become the rainbow of fun, 
The beautiful rainbow at night.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: cute love, fantasy, children, fun, horse, joy, youth,


His mane is long and he is very proud
He neighs and roars and laughs so very loud
Always blissfully joyful as could be
Many funny stories he shares with me

My dearest horse loves day and night to prance
Forever asks me won’t you learn to dance
Whenever he decides to come to life
That’s when he asks me to become his wife

I stop I look I laugh and laugh some more
I know we would be happy to the core
Under the setting sun just him and me
But you should know that I am only three

Submitted in March, 2018

Poem Details | by jack cooper |
Categories: beautiful, blessing, dance, fun, heart, inspirational love, sky,


Dreaming of a love that won't pass me by
One that will reach to the heavens up so high
With a woman who makes my spirit dance across the sky
Who like me have not figured out all the answers why
A lady who is always willing to try
That is never going to lie 
When she looks me in the eye

A lady who understands compromise
Who is willing and wise 
A beautiful person inside 
Who wants to take this amazing ride 
To this love we can testify
It's the kind of feeling that wont you by

Together in life might our hearts take flight
Knowing We can do this night after night
On a journey, way beyond the lights
May our love endure what feels so right
Making our commitment so worth the fight
At the end of every day
We feel all the love come our way

When our hearts start to beat as one
Then, sweetheart, we will have won
Filling our life with so much fun
Never feeling like we are under the gun
Knowing a love like ours isn't coming undone

Letting our souls whisper 
As our love becomes crisper
When you open your eye's 
It's a beautiful sunrise
Up close in a way we have never seen
Oh baby won't you help me come live this dream

Poem Details | by JEAN MURRAY |
Categories: friendship love, fun, games,


Won't you be my Valentine
Even though we're past our prime?
Now our kids are up and running,
we could escape to somewhere sunny.

We've been neighbours now for years,
let's bring each other some cheer.
You lost your love, I lost mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?

Nights are lonely don't you think?
Instead we could be at the brink
of something new and exciting.
Isn't that thought inviting?

Life's for living I always say.
When the sun shines, make hay.
We could be so good together.
Please won't you tell me whether

you seek comfort just like me.
The kettle's on, I'll make tea.
I'll be yours if you'll be mine.
Won't you be my Valentine?


Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: dog, fun, joy, love, pets, sweet, uplifting,


June bug
Sweet love bug
Please don’t shrug
Or be smug
My precious darling pug
With you I’ll share my mug
When at my heart you tug
You’re in for a big hug
Let’s cuddle and be snug

posted on November 3, 2018

Poem Details | by Nina Parmenter |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love, humor, humorous, silly,

Reduced Service

I married the man who delivered my post... And now he delivers twice yearly at most.
4th April 2018 For Deborah Guenther Beachboard’s Epigram Contest

Poem Details | by John Crowe |
Categories: dance, desire, fun, love, lust, sexy, women,

She Is Sex

You watch her dance Your eyes focus in Face of an angel Her body's boomin' She's deadly serious About having fun She's nice and dark Kissed by the sun You see that smile The sideways glance You stare at her body Especially her hands She changes it up Keeps it fresh Poetry in motion Sex in a dress Laughing and talking A little romance She took me home My turn to dance

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: fun, girlfriend, love,

New Girl

Lemmie Jimmie is a playa!
Look at him smiling,
walking with his new girl
Why are the other pigtails all hating 
on LJ being so happy.
‘cause he caught the eye of the new girl
Watch Leonard James
affectionately always playing
with his favorite new baby girl
He a playa for sho’.
his high school sweetheart wife
oughta know

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fun, love, nonsense, silly, tree, vacation,


Fell in love with a coconut
The tree stood tall outside my hut
Love sublime at first sight
I thought I‘d have a bite
Lost both front teeth right on the spot

posted on January 17, 2019

Poem Details | by John Crowe |
Categories: fun, happy, love, sexy,

Come Baby Let's Play

There's something that happens When I hear your sweet voice Every particle in my being Starts to dance and rejoice I start smiling profusely Till my cheeks start to hurt And I get visions of you In your sexy nightshirt We're smoking and joking And having a good time When you turn a certain way I can see your juicy behind But it's your laugh that gets me And turns me on so I want to tickle you with kisses And rip off your clothes I don't need no perfume Nor some sexy red negligee Just a smile in your voice When you say "Come baby lets play"

Poem Details | by John Crowe |
Categories: adventure, dream, fun, love, romantic, sexy, sleep,


Laying around with nothing to do
My thoughts like always, all about you
Wishing that you would give me a call 
Telling me that you're not happy at all
You're cold and lonely and need a hug
Can I come over and give you some love
I hit the door running and jump in the car
Set my course by the moon and stars
Drove like a maniac through the night
And I didn't stop at a single red light
You answered the door in your underwear
And pulled me in as I stood and stared
You wrapped both your arms around me
Just like one of those koala's on a tree
Threw me on the bed and jumped on top
And slapped the cuffs on me just like a cop
Took me to the brink and left me there
Then rode me just like a rocking chair
Back and forth all through the night
And doing things that I can't write
And when we're through you're in my arms
That's when I hear the sound of my alarm
Then I wake and can't believe it's true
I'm still laying around just missing you