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Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: feelings, love,

Deep Fondness

between lines i catch your feelings

Nayda Ivette

Poem Details | by M.P. Faries |
Categories: friendship, happiness, introspection, love, romance, thank you

My Fondness Of You

There's so much history
Of the many things
Said by you and me.

Reading on through:
The graying fondness
Begins returning to a colorful hue

I'm trying to stop believing
In my own daydreaming.
Yet when I am missing you,
I then see my mind as deceiving.

In a way, you're of the few
Who makes an old wish of mine
Become real and true.

Was once far down in sorrow,
Yet through your concern
I became more hopeful
And happier thereafter.

You seem so ideal
When it comes to what one
May long for.

Yet inside your mind
There may only be a closed door.
If only somehow,
One could be made yours.

Funny how you are able to discern
Through how I seem to be feeling
While changing my typing to my moods,
And which personality I seem to be.

So easy you are, it's relieving
When I'm allowed letting out all these
Bottled and secretly-kept thoughts and feelings.

Always seem to be listening,
So kind of you to even like my singing.
Wonderfully genuine,
Or at least you say so truthfully.

How would life be for me
If I never met you.
Thinking of it, reading on through,
Who knows what'd I do
If neither of us knew me or you.

Honestly I admire how you are,
But my conscience's told me
That not even wishing on a shooting star
Could make the wish to fall with you become true.

I accept this decision of mine:
I'm choosing to believe we'll be friends
Thick and through even the boundaries of time.