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Love Poems About Firefly or Firefly Love Poems

Firefly love poems and/or love poems about Firefly. Read, share, and enjoy these Firefly love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Firefly Poems.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, beautiful, character, feelings, how i feel, imagery, imagination,

The Color Of My Heart

Sketch the sunset leaving today behind sinking in the footsteps of yesterday. And feel the ripple of all life combined empty your thoughts, take all but love away. Emblazon upon your mind, blue of sky gilded by the golden hue of sunrise. And capture a shooting star zipping by watching its beauty materialize. Blend the yellow of a buttercup's glow with the flickering flash of firefly lights. And walk the Earth, yet let no footprint show respecting life by honoring its rights. Mix well, until presumptions fall apart and thus reveal the color of my heart. (Sonnet) Dec. 1, 2018 Colour of my heart Poetry Contest Sponsored by: John Hamilton

Poem Details | by Jannie Breedt |
Categories: break up, divorce,

Glow worm

Velcro ripped and soda fizz
Velvet crushed Moroccan night
Nocturnal buterflies those flickering fireflies
Our winking spies like circling satelites
Coming together , we fissures of light
Delicious refrain  we split like  pomegranite
Love spinning round the  sun and the planets
Mortally chiselled on tombstone of granite

Hark ! Who goes there this Luciferous night
Its only I with my faltering lantern
Dragging behind attached little light
Fallen firefly - slow creeping glow worm
Mid air flight hangs the hateful things we said
Farewell this, heres lookin' at you kid

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: love, moon,

My Side Of The Moon

Slide on over to my side of the moon
where breathless breaths care to undress
stardust buried in lonely nights a calling
the steady glow of my hungry soul to guide  

Shine amid these lunar pools of wonder
bathe along with the firefly in pure delight
slow dance freely to the pull of my heart
where romantic nights dare to start

Slide on over to my side of the moon
come close and keep me warm tonight
take a stroll under a little slice of heaven
begging you to emerge and hold me tight

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: absence, desire, first love, growing up, heartbroken, jealousy, sad love,

Sad Love

Stocking soda....
Rising from the cellar
With an unfinished coda.
Poor, possessed fella.

Rising from the cellar.
Watching for her,
Poor, possessed fella.
The world a spinning blur.

Watching for her,
Elvis knees, gut fails.
The world a spinning blur.
Down the block she sails.

Elvis knees, gut fails,
Forever chasing light.
Down the block she sails.
A firefly in flight

Forever chasing light,
Until a darkness done.
A firefly in flight.
A madness on the run.

Until a darkness done,
With an unfinished coda.
A madness on the run,
Stocking soda....

Poem Details | by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: life, love,

The Light of Love

The silent light of love
Forms a halo above
And I a tiny firefly
With all my loving heart sigh
As it opens its arms wide
To accept me as a bride


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Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: lost, lost love,

To See The Truth

Firefly flights fight off nightly resistance
lighting up another gloom disjointed day
booms and busts shoot out into the wind 
honest tears turn over and just wait inside 

Fading off with scents of bitter almond
strange as that may seem to be  fading
magnolias setting off dire bursts of color
blinding the times  grasping back at me

Truth lies in the eyes of rightful beholder
knowing yes I'm in love  alone forever true
but broken the heart  held in faint quarters
heard calling softly to be pulled by the moon 

Poem Details | by Elektra Real |
Categories: happiness, love, nature, peace,

The Firefly

her eyes caught its light
firefly- in the curtain, trapped
the wind freed them both

Poem Details | by Louis Nathaniel |
Categories: beautiful, cute love, day, girlfriend, love, night,

AM Love, PM Love

Her eyes reflect blue of a clear daytime sky
And at night she dances like a gold firefly.

Poem Details | by James Study |
Categories: love, memory, nature, seasons,

One Summer

Summer eve affair
Firefly wonder with rhythm light
Sweet melon breath share

Poem Details | by Markkel Malloy |
Categories: love, romantic,

Moonlight Firefly

Like chasing a firefly in the moonlight
so beautiful, so elusive
the feelings I have for you tonight
so strong, so intrusive
your aura, an invisible bright white light
blindingly obtrusive
I cannot bring myself to plight
too bashful and reclusive

Poem Details | by Robert Andrew Lyle |
Categories: anger, break up, emotions, faith, hope,


In my deepest darkest hour
I could see a tiny light
So faintly it was flickering
Like a firefly in the night

Yet it stirred the hope inside me
As I reached out for the straw
That was my redemption
In that little light I saw

Even though it was a glimmer
It gave me the strength to see
That all the pain I’d suffered
Was there to build a better me

I let go of all the anger 
She had left there in my heart
Filled my soul up with compassion
For my lifes new found start

Forgiveness brought me freedom
And helped me to love again
Hurt was my pasts reminder
While my faith it kept me sane

Poem Details | by Ian Horn |
Categories: love

Oranged skied - forward eye

Orange bulb lit firefly, 
Silhouetted scaffolds delude my reticent pace
Speckling lights flutter to my grazing eye, 
Across a barren waste. 
Lonesome night breeze crispends forward gaze,
Tomorrow’s evening builds on and on to a swell. 
Hopeless hope listens less to reason, but only mad lovers craze.
Only by tomorrow’s touch will such emotions be quelled. 
Longing day falls onward, draining every ounce energy welled
‘til yet once more does my sight jump
to dim lit sky, lined by five lights, gas filled.
And cackling crow stands perched on former electrified stump.
What sorrow song do you sing?
Such sorrow to tomorrow, keep beneath your wing.

Poem Details | by Mohd Marwan |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, for her, happiness, love, miss you, remember,

You are choice of my life

For a long time,I
Couldn't remember thy.
It means isn't that I,
Have forgotten thy.

What I say about her smile?
It is like full-moon in the night.
When I try to forget my Firefly,
My heart beams with its light.

Don't be pride on your beauty.
It is given by only Almighty.
Doing your praise isn't my duty.
It is entirely fit for Almighty.

You are choice of my life
Without along you I can't alive

Poem Details | by Greeshma Jagan |
Categories: dream, growing up, love,


To my eternal love,
You have risen from the grave
Several times,just for me.
You are still alive
The most passionate love for you
Have lived in me
And still continues.
The occult power kept you high
When I myself was about to die
You made me live
Yes,I live for you,
For you,whom I have placed 
Above the stars,beyond this universe
You the firefly,I became 
A high flying butterfly .
When you die in me I revive you
Just you keep me moving every second.
The pain,the suffering and the passion
Is just for you 
Because I do believe I 'll reach 
You one day,of sure
My dream will be my reality 
I 'll conquer the land beyond stars. 

Poem Details | by Keturah Thorpe |
Categories: lost lovelove,

Moon Spell

Firefly Glow and Moonlight shine
I release my love on this sacred line
Invisible with an indigo glow
This web of love and life we constantly sew
Carries this message above
To you my love
And we meet in the moonlight 
In my dreams tonight

Poem Details | by TS Poetry |
Categories: love,

Love Letter From The Soul XLII

Ms. Sunshine, In and out, in and out hovers of infinity flickers, a pale moonlight firefly flight with the gift of sight out and in, out and in changing without challangeing within a chameleon entrusted to rearrange you say, you stay the wild your prey falling longing green to jade to aqua marine quality not rarely see dancing through the naked fields mouthing whispers, words wet Freudian slips moments held, never forgets the stamen of steam dripping, we're wet as clouds kiss us back I'm hers as midnight settles us down new day slowly sips Cristal wishes imbibed caressing me with her wonderment

Poem Details | by Rick Stassi |
Categories: beautiful,

He is There

when the lights go out
shall I fear darkness?
do I see childhood
and all of its dreams
with fences to climb
and creeks to cross -
a robin to spy upon
in its time singing unaware?

when the lights go out
I shall see warmth with
firefly-lit segments of
all moments that are good
which rest in my heart.
eyes of grace and a
heart of love embrace me
and there is nary time to fear.

when the lights go out
I shall meet all that
is eternal and know all things
as time and space are
instilled in my mind
and I know life
is good and all is truth
in a Father who is there.

Poem Details | by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: lost love, love, nature,

Firefly Stinger

Burn to the wick
Us cooperating in sync
Nothing more beautiful
Till you blow the candle out

Poem Details | by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, love, passion,

My Divali

No greater gift can be 
  than your festival of lights 
    which blister burst so sweet 
        shedding firefly skins. 
In silk-shod luminosity 
  enshrined the tombstone corners 
    of my darkest patch of soul, 
        drowning radiant pools around my feet. 
Fortune blessed the sapphire rays 
  loop moonbeam lariats and 
    tease the savage mooring, free 
        my aorta, dragged to dizzy brilliance. 
Whereabouts the holy jewels crust 
  the surface of a glistered grail, 
    which love infused now overflows 
        the milk and carbon glows predestined.

Poem Details | by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: humorous,

I Wish I Was

I wish that I was a firefly bright
I'd blink and blink 'til the broad daylight
To let you know that the time is right
To seal our love on this very night
And if you're pleased by this blinking sight
I'll hang right here in suspended flight
So my little arms can hold you tight
To show this world a beautiful sight -
Two bugs making love with all their might

For Viv Wigley's contest I Wish That I Was

Poem Details | by Dr.Hemant Vinze |
Categories: art, happiness, life, love, music,


The moonlit night
Bathes the earth with light
The twinkling stars
Sprinkle heavenly flowers.

The still, silvery water
Of the silent mere
With a garden of flowers
And myrtle bowers.

The breeze whistles,
The firefly glitters
Enticing the youth,
To revel in Nature’s Truth.

Aimless, theme-less whisper,
Engrossed in youth’s rapture,
With insatiable hug and kiss
O! O!! O!!! The Heavenly bliss!

Poem Details | by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: death, devotion, for him, heartbreak, loss, lost love, sad love,

Goodbye Love, Version 2

Goodnight, firefly, flap into
Oblivion, for a lover's light has vanished.
Oh, Romeo, wherefore this
Devastating doom?!
Bury me too, night sky!
Yield nothing in return.
Every forbidden kiss was never mine.

Let them find us bound together.
Over your limp heart I flap.
Vexation has overtaken us, grieving into eternity.
Each heartbeat falls heavy as I discreetly die over you.


Poem Details | by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, love, passion,


Be silent as the waters flowing, 
Gentle as their deep caress, 
Be wise and gracious, ever knowing 
Empathy and tenderness. 
Be beauty in a wondrous vista, 
Radiant as the firefly, 
Be to the stars an earthly sister, 
Exquisite to the naked eye. 
Be elegant and hypnotising, 
Magnet to this heart unbound, 
Be delicate, uncompromising, 
Fleet of foot and light of sound. 
Be everything that my behaviour 
Begs and pleads to rise and shine, 
Be one with me, my love, my saviour, 
Forever more be mine... 

Poem Details | by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: devotion, happiness, love, me, me, drug,


The day we met was unlike any other
I knew instantly you were my fire fly
the one to which all women would be compared by
the answer to every question that begins with why
an ethereal drug in which to keep me high
my love my life and heart beat
the reason to cleanup my life
the end to my rainy season and strife
the cure to my past and to my maladies
the light to cast a path to my future
my nurse and companion to heal me and mend me with suture
the illumination of the dark and lonely nights
my passion's spark my days anew
my window seat with a view
my firefly.

Poem Details | by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: beauty, joy, june, nature, night, sleep, uplifting,

Rhapsody in Black

Softly the night falls,
Shadowing vacant halls;
My recent morning glory, 
Now is nature's history.

Petals bob in warm air;
Tweets of a love affair!
Racy brook, moon gleam,
A time has come to dream.

Night creatures very gay,
As night owl hoots away;
All humanity in a swoon-
A firefly night of June!

Toad hops on water lily,
Stars shine on tranquilly;
All the world speechless,
As if it died of happiness!